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So; 12. ' '
i.w -i --v ;- -i yrt MnnwacrjMijigxri.aa ni
Ripley, Misslss-bpi, Tharsday MorninffvNovember , 23837.
une, io give, us u buuuu cun
6hould differ from thuold Uai-
M'S fainky it should not hold
t Voters of Tippah County. jCrcator. Even did no resembL.;.
J Ctrnx&sv' iCxist.it would be easily . accounted
I have '"been 'induced to be- f0T in the gradual disappearance of
a Candidate to represent you ,a languages, particularly iavored in
legislature of the State. T he;lhis instance by' the wandering hnl-
Je I have assumed, demands!18 of the people. Where aro the
a frank avowcl of my political jSaxon,.tho Irjsh,,die old, dialects of
ngnts on the subjects which meiwtn ot Europe. .
jffitatc the country. In my o- Nearly all the oborgines haven
a3tho establishment of a Na- tradition of the deltjge, ac rnrlj: -,in
ir.lUxK is the best means atimny cases most pe i . .':! v,ni. the
1 I - -
tunical account: a;;.. li.Miy some,
tribes processions take place after the
manner of the Jews, and with simi-
m ' i i II.. I I A 11
Jistatc, nor should foreigners bo;iare"ns. a weu executed scul
l.k directly or indirectly to jpturp exists anions; tho Mexicans re-
mck'm it; such an institution I -presenting Noah afloat on the tide of
vc,wou!d afford a sound currcn-jlhc deluge, approaching a mountain
tho whole of the nation with awnoso t0P appears above tho water,
;h in each State; I am opposed d near it also is a femal ehcad.
nnanv Banks in our State:! r.m lcre is another illustration obvi-
orofono State Hanji, and its 0,lslv referring to the confusion. of I
:hcs, as many hr: urhes as ne-jWnpiages at tho tower of liable. . -rv.
The most i.v.ncriant thing (,r ! athcrn girt was dug up in the
villcome before. tho Logislattirefstjofvry ancient date; on opiv
Session, ri!! bo r!ic location vf which lour verses from the bi-
Vew York, 40,000 of wioii ure o- iDrafta;- which was agreed to.
vcr sixteen 'years of age.
nivcrsitv oi tho state, which I h wereiound written on papyrus in
be in favcr cf some healthy si I- Uobrew cliaracter. Three of
t.as lar north' as posL-iblo. -There 0;(,cc arti ow in possession
rthcr subject, respecting the U-jf a coljege. Ysb's wo believe. This
Bank; 1 am opposed to thaiW,,s evidently wont as an amulet or
. I think this bank originated inform, in tho same manner that in
loutb, 'among the wealthy farrn-;811 passages in the koran are en
answer their own purposes inry-vpd on Mvoids, or written on slips
wild schemes of speculation, iof paper and carried about tho per
! legislate, I want to legislate foron, by tho followers of 3Iahamt d.
jot as well thv fich, or I do notf Tiio 4,high . places" of. scripture
Oct. 2nd.
In the Houo of Representatives
on Monday l)-t.'2nd, the Senates
resolution to adjourn the 9th, was ta
ken up r amended by subsituting the
Monday the ICth instant, and passed
by a vottrof,yeas 153, nays Go Mr.
Sergent ' continued his remarks on
the suiject of a National Bank.
In the Seiiate on 'Monday, Mr,
Bayard and Mr. Wright spoke upon
the feub'i rcaf iiry Bill, and on i iies
day the bill passed . a' third reading
by a vote of 25 23, We annex the
yeas, and nays on the scv?r;il amend
ments and on the passage of the bill
as amended. - , , ..,
r The question "was - then taken on
the amendment ' of Mr Calhoun
which was decided as follows;
to legislate at all: Follow Citi-iy be found in numberless mounds jVnh tor Ql
isuou-o uko io nave visiter " "Bl' aucuiumg w uw musu Tho quostionwasthen taken on tho
tiis have prevented me from ;sition would m.ike them places of ob
jso. 'servation, Ruins 'of the most sn?er-
tomy political principles I hr-jdid tcmplosiu Mexico, give its jdains
to that party of pollutions wholaoasPect of a fallen icrusdrm.
leraselvcs democrats. A Roman helmet and a Latin in-
icre is a report in some pans oiVS(;rrt'''1P' di-covercd in (liferent
bounty, of my saying if elected. 'piivts of tho country, mn-ko known to
nted to put somo of our three poril, ?? t hateenturios perhaps before the
r..- i ' i
lunu, to mo clearing out oi tiic
hatehic River; such a report-is
idlcss, I never thought of an;
uld I be your choice, I can on
Christian era, a citizen of Romo had
trodden upon this soil. This merely
proves that a communication existed
between 'this continent and tho old
woiid- which is proved also by a
misc an honest and faithful dis-!?"'- number, of other facts.
e ot my duties, and a sincere
ion to correct principles.
.24, 1837. .
From theN, Y.Sun.
and American Aboricins
1 neither had time nor room
pursuing a few days since, our
lotico of the similarity of Jew
Aborginal traditions, the co
'woin their customs, languag
' , to detail the following parti-
in which tho supposition of
'-eu origin ot the American
is very strongly supported.
ng they will not be found whol
"0 and unprofitable, even to
is feci no particular curiosity in
gWy interesting question, we
eded to state a few of the most
nent and remarkable facts that
)een gathered on that subject
1 a few years past.
5mo tribes of North America,
rds Ilalelujah and Jehovah
tered by the same Indians in
Ration to the Deityand the
tern tbeir true Hebrew sound,
1 ls Allelujah and Yehooah.
rds in which we should most
llIy, look for , a conformity in
e those which apyly to the
The art of embalming was thorou
ghly understood by somo of the Ken
tucky tribes. A cavern filled with
mummies, cvicrated. and dono up
in folds of linneh prt scisely like the
Egyptians, and even the . threads
Mvi teu m the same manner, were
Idibcovorcd by the early settlers,
whoso utiliarian spirit converted
them into fuel. Tl.' v were evident
ly ancient, a;d ix.p.0 of the natives
could give any account of their ori
gin. Some fragments only have been
gathered recently.
Phoenician and Lybian hierogly
phics have been revealed, and ably
elucidated by, C. F. Raffincsquc.
These characters are of the pictoral
kind, the earilestkind of written lan
guage. A hand, an eye, a feather,
&c stand for different letters. -Jf
the Phoenicians reached this -tinti - v,
either by accident, or bv .reukuiy
concerted sea voyages, riiigai. nit the
fsralitcs? The course of the lost
tribes, by a land journey, up to tho
sources of tho Euphrates, and then
due East, would bring them, in the
stated time, ; to Behring's straits,
where they could pass over easily. . .
Air. Morris moved an amendment
excluding the receipt of the notes of
liunks which issue notes of a less de
nomination than fivo dollars.
Mr. Strange" moved an amend-
jment making the proposition read not
less than ten dollars. w
The amendment of Mr. Strange
was agreed to; yeas 24, nays 20.
The amendment was amended,
was then agreed to,
No further amendments being ot
;fered, the bill was reported to. tho
The question then being on the a-
mendments, it was taken in gross,
and they wcro agreed to. ,
lhe question was then taken on
ordering the bill to a third reading,
and it was decided in the athmative,
as fallows:
Yeas Messrs. Allen, Benton.
Brown, Buchanan, Calhoun, Clay of
Ala.. Fulton-(irn'ndv.IIiihhard.Kincr
YiAs-Mcssrs Allen Benton. 'of A In . I
Brown Buchanan, Calhoun. Clay ofjPearce, Roan, Rob'nson, Sevier,
Ala; Fulton. Grundy Hubbard, King, Smith of Conn., Strange, Walker,
of AtorLW.Mdrns, Niles, Norvel, Wall, Williams, Wright, 25, v:
Pifrco,Roane,Seyier.SmithofConn Nays Messrs Bayard, Black,
Strange,, Walker, Wall, Williams Clay of Ky., Clayton, Crittenden,
Wrxrbt, Y cun;w2d. tavis, Kent, King of Ceo., KnbhL
McKcan, Nicholas, Prentiss, Preston
liivos, Robins, Smith of Ind., South
ard, Spenee, Swift, Talmadge, Tip
ton, Webster, White, 23.
'i'he amendment of Mr. Calhoun
autiuTizes the receipt of specie pay
ing bank notes, under certain restric
tions, until tho year 1841.
The Mississippi election consum
ed tho time of the House of Repre
sentatives on Tuesday. It was de
bated at length by Messrs. Haynea,
lade,lill:nghast, Howard and Lin
coln, but not disposed of when tho
report closed. V '
Claiborne and Gholson of Missis
sippi were admitted to their seats in
tho House of Representatives, for
the whole term of the twenty fifth.
Congress, by a vote of the House
on Tuesday night, of yeas 118, nays
101. .. . - , ;.. " s
In tho Senate on Wednesday; the
Sub-Treasury bill passed a final rea
ding by a vote of yeas 26, nays 20.
A resolution to authorize tbo Post
master General to demand Express
Postage in advance, and a bill regu
lating Attorneys fees were discussed,;
Some sparring took place in the
House between Mr. Adams and Mr
Camberelengc, on the question of a
National Bank. . The resolution do-
Mvs Missrs lavard, P.'atk,
Clay of Ky Crittenden, Kent, King
of Geo,, Knight, MtKean, Nicholas
Prentiss Preston, Rives, Robins,
Robinsoiv Smith of Ind., southard.
Swift, Tallm-ube, Tipton,
amendment offered by Mr Rives;
which was decided in the negative as
n lows;
Yeas Tcssrs Bayard, Black,
Ch.y of Ky Clavton, Crittenden,
Kent, King, of Geo,, Knight, Mcke
an, Nicholas, Prentiss, Preston, Rives
Robins smith oflndsouthard fepenco
Swiit I iilhimrifrp. I inton. VVp.hstfr
......... " O - 7 -I 7
White 22.
NAVsMessrs, Allen, Benton
Brpwn, Buchanan,' Calhoun, Clay of
Ala,, J Fulton, Grundy, Hubbard,
77 f - - y r '
King, of Ala,, Linn. Lyon, Morris
Niles, Nor.vol,.Pearce, Roane, Rob
mson, Sovjer, bmitluof Conn, strange
Walker AVall. Williams. Wright.
Young, J6i.v- ' '
Mr Benton moved to amend the
hill by striking cut the whole and in
serting a substitute : which requires
the S ecretary, of the Treasury to in
vest the public revenue in the most
convenient corporate banks as special
Mr Niles called for the yeas andu ;-ring it to be inexpedient to cstab
nayson theamendment ofMrBenton !; h a National Bank, was taken up,
1 . .. I .ma- ci . .1 r. i
and it was oeciaoa in uio neganvu avr i:ij lur. oergeam raovea hs reier
Single blessedness.--There ; are
72.000 unmarried females in the city
Ybas fssrs. Bayard,: Black,
Clay of , Ky,, -Clayton, Crittenden,
King , of Geo,, Knight, McKean,
Nicholas Prentiss, Preston, Rives,
Robinson, Smith of Ind,, Southard.
SJ- iniA Swift fntm'iflfTA irTinlnn
fibster, White 21.
, NAYSrMessrs. Allen, Benton
Br6wn, Buchanan Calhoun, Clay of
Ala. Fulton, Grundy,Hubbard, Kent,
King of - Ala,, Linn, Lyon. Morris,
Niles, Nomlje, Pe.arce, Rean, Rob
irisou evier,muh ofConnlyStrange,
11 vw IIT 1 - 1
ence tr tho committee of the wholer
for tho purpose of a more full and
free discussion upon it. Mr. Cam
brph'ng objected to tho motion, as did
Messrs. Glascock of Geo., and Clark
of N. Y. Mr. Adams4 moved to lay
the resolution on the table, but with
drew his motion, Mr. Cambreleriee
expressed his surprise that the gentle
man from Mass. should wish to char
ter a company of counterfeiters, ,; as
he had declared all bank officers end ,
stocholders to be.
The Treasury Note bill was de-
Walker, WaU, Williams, Wright and bated at length, by Mr. Biddle, Mr. 1
Young. 27. v jRobertson and Mr. Thomas. ; The '
' Mr. Buchanan moved an amend-ilatter was speaking when the report
mcnt, requiring a mode to ba prcsen- closed.
ted for the payment of Treasury' In the Senate on Thursday,-iu&

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