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' " "" " ' Ml '"ill"
' ' '
tammmm ,
j i
IF ' i if I
4 i ....... r. 4
I would, that my dys of sojournr, wf
And death had inflicted i:i8 Umij.JkvUi1 V.m
, Ho that, I might tie land of mftiher V explore '
Xor, be push'd from tho huntJ, they will
; Is it true, that erelong t mei 0;t my lov'dl.om
.11 tho, -...1 . .
wi t-uufarmeow, tint to it belong;
And over the forats of Arkansim
aVhea, amde, the enchantments ofyouth haveleon
- 1
Vcs. sure I must leave the sweet place of my lirth;
With my heart full of sorrow,. march to the west
Whilst my boka and iA,,i ..i.t: .i.
(I must smother the grief.thtft it breeder, my iVesst
1 mast shoulder my blanket niy pushcushj iml -run,
.inU, away io tne toruets of Ar'arsiS movi;
And sigh, when I look at the glorious bright sun
N While I think that it shines, on the land that I love.
stick " says Uncle Joshua.
It WiirriV '. A . . i 1 . .
.. t iut iur a uug ' WOUia JUSl
as sjoii daro bito a I ot puddin as to
i i. . i a .
u;k- uiucrai. - ai:U so we all con
ceded that the best way was to use
rinn bn.siwe and- it has been a
h sson Vo me ever siure.
How as to (hit, message, every bo-
atin himself from an) class or portion
of the people for if it warn't hr "t'u
people" or all classes on wheso ear
nins he lives ho would not have u
shoe to his foot or n shirt to hi ; 1.
who on airth is "Undo Sam" n
- via
his own hook unless he means to
. .
Vet fo oft as the sun hall career o'er my Iwvl
And with h
It may bring
And u3way
tho worst of times may rr ,0 , .v .
as much as cold and H j . vori
, crrrt7, J guc 4 that fo !
I don't hnovv sartfn .1.. i70ff
notion-and if so I the -the Gor
menris mistakinin crackfnnP 2'
LAW aild S) forti. rind that Iin x U "Iterate
Lfcn I !J itii'ii in. .urn. . T I .
.... ,.y umii nuui iniFi i nave on y oho word mnrn
thejcoplo v.it, iter loan to em as o- to Unclfl Sam-and that ilZ!V?
t ier fiLfi t i f,r A, .,.,.,1 . .V u,dl ,ss 0t lo U
, " V,; 6 1 i,U!rwy-i" wuvumnv.-ni talk too muchnf4
ll.e sii'ar ami r.fdinff and sen ivhat jli d i.o unc..,., ,.f n., t .. ' , . ' .7.m . "m tfaA
nuw .as 10 niib message, every bo- put on a cock'd hat hi;c Ilonapai t or
uy t' i.ik? ho knows wijat it means, sjme sich hind offolks and say he is
.3, a:iJ r.l! that part on't that has any of "Tho Government," aiul his word is
U!k.' "CiJl.Wi AiCM ill' rir.lni nU, nt it it Law ' Anil c.k fixrtl o.wl I. 'ii
CiJi.wj-.JicM-nf'-riraiir about it is
' v r. l'rittv i;;j.!ch fcvrrv
O0iV fiVi; 'f;WS If. l-irfi.' iI.ivm Tut
li'uf aih'i mv wav: I know lr i. L
WiiV'S tWO aillS lo a nmvh.i, t J;it. 'I oiuuc if f I.
ll f hnvn fimn I inni . l.!r.': , rT.
. 1 1 1 . . . ...
tOi7 7; Lut if on the nnnlrarvT
it wcn't bold water, and ain't Found
(loctrnc 1 wcn'i y .0 1 Mr nn mm ;n
all Downingviilu will go it. Every
body Says th.ll I havo hparn umnl-
J-M' .....I I 1 ... V.
u iiu tvn y i i;y iS talkm ot no
ii.:.. .1.. . . .
wi'Tii,... i 1 i- , , r. . 3 uu. Miui; luuiftiii 11 wt uiti stop there nnJ .
grit I J, i and advise every body use his fiddh strings M, he couln'nt if V Jt in other immrr " rtfl not
Lhmliiya var,e of i anker Doodle or ,Hi . W aint -Uncle gJS
oir.u 1 "God save th r Kn. r' .tiw,. n .. t.iT i . an fl-
- - v,vUiu w, ,i;in. in mm "Unclo rar
I "Uou save the Kmc" hojIht. Tim ! . it rtflu Knnl) . 1 I
v.,uuui i u lf5-lMUTa I) 10, It is t in nonr. n v
of a man so Jong ns bo mcmbrrs 'and no mater how much Vp2TP
irk ill- II 1 f . . . . j?atll
not of a parf
e of the hull people and nay try to Fcperato himst-If iK
,. , . uwmr" . v .i r ,y ,,-,uy is latKin ot no- noi 01 a partv on y nd tho Iin miv'nle vonr lt u;m .'pw
llOUt If. i !P, fir-l U.Lf-.l: It- il ', l!.t n . .1 i- 1 .. . l
I'll dream ofthe Stag that I
An;! of the large buff'low
And oftime8 in fin
And think to myself, that I sea them again.
I.nfeux Homo.
fndian name for hut or houss.
flndian name for child. f
From the New Yok Expr7ss7
Major Dowmng -O.VTiir ATnssicE
Nigh the wreck of die Two r.dJies
m R,0CKAWAr, Sept. 11, ISM.
To hncle Sam.
ir.. 7,i i 1
t ff jnenw. 1 nave been
KFyou wont see 'so long a one cam
ir. ...... ..,,.11 . . I . C O
i .ni,; f.ull HJ loii as tnnu Ltmaur
raiivt's folks keen 1 ho tniifin rnrru
next mistake is it .says. a, leetje ; too
foin and from bottom to top
- i Irom t!io middle on't hoth wn vc
: 1 ro.rd ii over iast as a .nm
j " Vil-
cr ?y a lojr, aud draw'd chalk lines
ma .square on't, and sharpen'd
niy n:c, an-3 boran to chin off. It i
more than a day's job, and I don't
h.i,-.-.t iK T .
.uiu.v 1 can promise in thi3 let
1 ter, to do more than git tho bark off
( i.a a tnac7 ioriT message, scein that
it speaks of ony one matter- but
tiiis comes from our rrrnni ftiira r
i . , , cj.m,. .iva in tu-
hco usm sich long words, and strinein
on 'em together like ingions, when a
lew short ones would tell th
I remember one day when I was
to hum. Uncle JosL tin nrt . I..
n fir &" w "Hinr
from Washington, from a friond of
, niMii wnonad gone there to ask tlie
Mineral to make Uucle Joshua Post
master. He told a long story about
the delay and thatthn (?
sick and that the doctors said he
w.isoiti0 "conwaLesenl" "Con what ?
, iea Aunt iabby. - "Why conweJ
csent," said Uncle Sovk, rabbin
his spectacles. "What in natur is
tnat comnhihft niv " 0ci,j a
IVabby agin. "I don't know," says
Uncle Joshua, "but all I hope is it
aint tho name of a new party it is
onoor tothcr, I am afraid and if it
is the latter, we must all brush nuv
, and tn
vyuntttnt'suil as S-KDl
soon as possible, or I shan't git my f
fice,' that's sarting'' and nst'thcnl
ramo m, and it was well I did, c
. JJncIrt Joshua would a bad all Down
Mffvillo rall'd to .1 1
the hull Jackson partx would have
gone right over t th 1 mwcllrsmU
,n no 'tine. Ta as soon as i
ten d Lncle Joshua whntwae tun
, --. . . wo mv; . ttlU
meaning of the word was and that
thev don't son tvl-v ini, A ... dM'H
who arc calfd on beca . wl S lwZL3 "7
carn.d property , ray ,ho WIOTC:
siionld also be held u,, as enemies of,il yc., want any further ad i
, . "iwjo.-o.riwi u ioo mum ioiks as niantffot any nronortv kirh kiiul rf frAla . ' b
peopl,: and S fcr Z"LIl S 1 it . .A bM m guardiaL'
-r .c-u.o , .anv u mi ny oi your estate and children ami tr
some folks nrmtv rrmnh l, r.. ...i w"irtn,aiiu to.
I. i-i pi v vua- laivu uootl car 01 your Widow if voir
kerdid ofhisdog-nowwhat on airth It one; th kind of fohfs an L7
can a rich man do w ih I.. w.. . . dre
. - uiwiici nt, iiiu i uy uiav not Iin sw anmi
m lh,s eountry? Does he pile it npUaiwtnd don" Card aSn
inmid and silver n h s rllar 1V, i. 1 V" .. . ara a.mil."
he if ho has got anv moihrr-wir i Ln,i nM iL : K ' . 5
! e,' pitti l uiiwirns 01
the people, and as "sass fr.r tU .r.
OUffilt tO be .V7.s?v fiir h .l m
t-onsress bean rio-ht nrt t i.
rujcneriment. first
jand see how that will work and the
din tne Message over from top to ? S how t.hat wil1 work and o
ttom and from bottom to ton-. T l T sce is the Mob folks
. o -wti mina
that haint been sennrnletl
goinonover8 years from' a . ffoocl
u.uuu in is year ot "The Govern
menC routed riffhi ofiT
pig nas got noit. 1 don't like to see
.. nut
himZlTn C'aT . ,n ana P1? nbor tOMmnchfor
Z Z . ,m m, Ke nis em-this business at home isboacr
'i 7 "ar-"u' " 110 Keps ituas bad as it is called Man n cu'stia
movm lie loans it nut in
i , w.wi, wiuvuiiiu apo llortl.'o,' w :m
ml u 1'iuspei ny it ne acpciui on t, a man who owns alee
Cat! tlCJ I) it Kir lift nrncnnr Kir I .. .. ! . . .
- , z-'o wo unices ue
desarvns it nnrl if T ,i .i..
, t , W. : v" ",1U oul "iai
llfi Ii OhA tnlLo .l9 ,T . i
vnn uuii i, uusarve io lose
ineirs they shall have the printin of all
my letters for nothin.
The next mistnlfA io ;
..v, i0 .a tUiUu lfW
severely asrin tho Rmlra h.wi
i all consarns of'iho ar,,-.,.
""IU l Cm. I Khniiifl ! I
now who first ask'd(to bu-comtvetrd
'tr he prospers by general tail, to i, a hiM.rfi,
prosperity lie don t very often want
iiceandifhe W.Mhn m L I . "
. o , "" mm mm,
i was ony tho Doctor's vsan of gyin
uiner.il was '; 7... .....
, Hell," Say$ he, "I'm gW it's r.o
H'OrSO. tiir l'tS .I'lmrvl rv,n" TT!
. i . . iyi, fxfi.or.
V . me I,amo of a party; hu
y uamr UIQ HI tllO m.Tl savso
'c it cc; urvcarnnimt or, "t'io
liaiiKSf iur Kindle perhaps can
answer this and tell us who sent him
inuna among tlie banks some four
. . . H . mi .
jaiS me banks to he, sure
havo got a pritty bad name jist now
and nstso iIia ru ..i, i . j
i i i Huaivui s UOff
got u bad character and come . near
weiossoinis iito hv it. ln'o
said ho would not Jjill him, "but I'll
live thee a bad t.nmo mk,. j
..? . , ' "tiM ugi
mvv:i una arorone got round
tan corner the bovsr ll nrfr Kim ,:.k
.sucks and 8tontis--.W.. mad
A'gv' prt thofoll s scampered, and,
mi mu womn slam'd thedoorsshot:
ll"u nponall over with
I . . uj lyr
: n it. riio river and as soon a
;'' !o;v tr Water and sw.-m-iJie a
uuuk r.vorv bodv ston'W o.l i
by. Aid;:stfoit willbe with our
xjuiian ii,t!V Will (ti nHof . '! .
;nd then a good many folks will sav
so. iiUrft thiVJc if tITMi
?wrw M a, 3tr HVg, says ready to
-ffton better' in plain Eiihw
onwdlesfnV is jest no word n all.'?
i was afraifl."
the hidrafoby.- Hidraddle-
u,ty espe'e.-a;? - .r Ii - ....:
. , ' )-v '-' III
m nl n, .. i . ... . ,
i : w:is mm, without roardit. I is ua.
jr v-m ,nf af conrtnr,s'i;.,.as le
d ;1 ;t -; e!J ag s Avita tua IJ-ii- d t-,
ii nn.
Th!irroiii'stmitJiL-o4aTi c .
lever made is when he folks of separ-
oihceand if he did ho could'nt buy
nnn nnr illm...il.... -
.vi igji tjliiV IIUIIJUI-
ihe 3Icssago is partly full of the
us into our pre
sent troubles and is ony true on that
point as far as it goes but it don't
inl ine nun story. Ir I had tell'd
that story of Zekel Blgiows's watch
"wizztng" so and bepnnin jest ar
ter it bewail m ;. Cii'va wmM
know to this dav what
but I began at tho beginnin on't
t . I .,IM.l I. r t . a. .
uu in u now AOkcl twUvh'd out
me oaiiatice wheel or " 7r,vr," and
at had been
going as true as the ttdes for tw.-m
Vfinra u'n i J.
j uru enui, and
soon went to smash and jest so it
was in K'iir nnd thr tivirLM
their uktcnern lest about thn M
time and "?izV2" awnv ct a
did. J J uu
IM tl! moreahont thia
.ilf nvi vuui :
and in mynuxt.too I'll try and ex-
'rtfr nnd a f.rotty important' one tjj
ami tnat isahut'Vtrrilf? .V..v.V
l. mix consider'd b, tty. tl.an .vi;.r..
.V ..A'.s it is a lontstirv t islicw
I nt ''bank b?.':Sn is a mnlf , nn
uaaziiug ous.ness and that t'io msst
dangerou- part is fa ver y dilT r nt
iiaiur ana tnatru -ur Ucnks could
WOnt fflVO a Worsft vntn fnr (4.n
best interest of his nonntrv. limn If u
lived on the nv nfnn Ifi
his earnins talkin nnlttirenrwlrlrintrm
vil J1JAU1
whiskey at an rlerrinn. Thia
a. aaij u
- w v uiivf,j err. i j lii ii: ;iiii i nr ii
you dont find it so in practice then I
atnt vnnp A.iV..1 i
j; DowNTivnM;
Downingville Militia, 2d Brigade
tfoseph H. Kilpiitrick.
A T'l'KlXErat LA W.
Wll.h attoml the Courts or.ippahTWw--minTo.
Pontotjwr,iinf A.iiil Ail U.
,7 - w vj. .m'f ail
siii .ss em.rustrd to his cr,t) rvil.1 oe promptly atr .
tenddd to, his office is in RipJ-y. r
liicfmrd Hates
No. 1, Wjrr7ins k Garners'Row. : '
. . CtncxmwMi, OAi...
v,31, 1837. . 1-Gt , y
. . .. ... .v v.B.kt.7 ,vu ;u
git along easy ;nuf if it was otdv
their own l:ak hilsfocy bad t
to s'mw -n Jf son how it comes
about thit hirb suspend paying sp--cio
and ;vimay be as sound as ever
wo shall then see that is ony on",
frinir morn thnn nn .
. - -w... miij umri mill"
brought about this state of things it
was -oyer action" of prit.ite ban
leers corporate bank bills now in'
TUE UlPLiiT TAS8CR1PT. , ,.'
Pulluhed every Thursday Morning, by '
aves E. M alktr, Editor & Propncton
Tr.:;.v. Per year, paid in advance; $4 00'
i'kid within six months, . ' 4 60
If ilehyed until the end ofthe year,' " 5 00
the time fal.s xiicd for, will bo considered a
'maffemint. ' . ; . i
TVi 1. irvpr rl!avintiniMs1 nnti'll .11 trniirfl.t7ei Ut1
2 J ' .UVU U .. VI,. w.i . , . . ... 0
settbd, except at the option ofthe editor. ,
ftt-Iet.t rs addressed to the editor, to ensurt ,
t ntior, i..ut la pert paid. .
A DVERTif rxii'MTS inserted at one dollar tor c-
rrrv t.jji.c linos or lens. Ihr the first insortioift ai
U?y cents for ttoh ccntinuance. A liberal dedoc-
All advertia.'menf8 not marked on t?wn tb
number of insertions, will be continued until; fcrbii
land charged accordingly.' . V"; - '

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