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I'1'"'. "V""" 1 salt-springs) in groat abundant
Slly to suggest to the honor- not beCn properly appreciated
f.i, tho Secretary of State, that in httJ the urd iUouqutit
ftli iho Secretory ot Btatev tboc in IM tha u5dcrwgnccf U.
event of Texas remaining in the a t0 ftI,udoBlo t(0
( "La of mi independent rower, trnd0
whirli wnuM In
111 -n irom tlio very strict i. i c .1 .1 ir o
irtublanco ol tlw people and tho in- by lhu annexation of Texas. The
tutiona of the two countries, many great ftid and facilities which Texas,
cstiousof conflicting interest, the a8 an illlcgrul part of lhis Unio
diustment of which will bo most dif- mignt rcn(lcr t0j0 aavcnlurous tra.
rJ. j ..mfnL It would hn im.Li-. ...l .
! cult ami ur, who, m caravans, penetrate
ssiblo for tho poodIo of Texas to from Missouri t0 ganta F d fa
n(rarau . , . gvnorai 10 uiu iniana iruue 01 tne u.
JL of foreigners and sepcrated States, with the countries bordering
;o, hasj tender to tho honorablo tho Secro- Anfnr;tk phc on ti public qwr, Ht
. Nortarv of Stato renewed asHurances urday moral" between Col. A. M. Young
IlCCCfl- of his most distimniUhcd rnnMidnrtt.''eNhaiitofthis plw, and Isaac J. Norton JCqr.
iiiimnrn fur ' ' ' tht latter wu shot doid on t!io flTound with a
o 1 . -v, nitu uv vuuuuiva UUIUUI1IIU
il. ah l.ir nnlir imnmrmMii I m . ... w
one anoww j 1 uuginuij on Ul0 iaCinCi have all been left un-
It may -fairly bo predicted that 'explained: , and the undersigned
local authorities of the two Pow- throws himself upon the courtesy of
!d come into frequent and voi- the honorable the Secretary of State
iusion. The administration i desirins; him to believe that, as he
I'ltV WIIIIIU UU llltVl UIHLU UI 119 nfl Q nnf-r-VAW mfA nnr a t -4 ;
-t " 1n J . V 1 n fit-". V-k-rkAM a
ncncltiescvauuu, uu, w.ogciwi- oi such a treaty ot annexation b t : " v"v wu-i
J entanglement ofinsdictions upon Texas might propose, but confined lT much xtement below. There
frontier, it is tearcd that public himself to .the submission of the pro- Tf f"1"1 uch " w"
would not 1)0 Well sustained. diin.,te,lf Brt l,A h- hrt.Ll. anticipated by all th. who were tired of experi
( To the. JI05. John FoiuiYTir
Secretary of State, of the United
t , States.
' BtPLE Y..
THUIWDAT":::::::::::::NUVE.MBER 167lC37.
Below will be fouml the re.urna of the late elec
tion for tins ounty, except one precinct, which
justice woum ni uu ouaiaiuuu. position'itselt, so he has not thought
...M hn iniDracticable for either fit
,'owcr w viuuu-'C ti iviuiuu interests involved, but has merely
and should the tariffs of tho two coun- subjected them to a general, and, he 5hri,
;s unit' ut. " uusib, u uttuuiu reviuw.
.l.inr lint flm nnfnrrmnnnt nf T .1
ments, although on no occasion have we ever seen
greater exertions made, than the friends of both
. t . i ' 1 !
parties exAlstted', yet would ay that Claiborne and
r -
li-en wre nbt running. . The Chickasaw Un
ion says "ifiiMeaprs. jClaiborne and Gholson had
been candidates; we have not a shadow of doubt
,cn nfliliiim but tho enforcement oft In florin o th! nnnor th nninP,
" " 1 nnA nnAm,ln, lo.c L: " j i V TT" we have not a shadow of doubt
,1,5,1106 t v,u u...u. Mgneu appeals tome nonoraDIO . tne that the votes given to their opponents would have
-hM nnssib V SCCUrC tllC lUSt COIlCC- Srrpf.nrv nf Stntn Jinrl roToi-fiurr Viim I. .... . ......
tuuiu . . . - j wuj, ocen consiaeraDir reduced
..nfifrnstom-hOUSC UUtieS. to thn rlnfmlo f lh hictnrtr M' tU
Thr lindcrsiuticd. ill disCUSsinST this Tnxinn rnvnlntinn hnrnin sof fnh
ducstion, begs to call tho attention of asks in the name of national honor
i j .nnKilJn ilir ifnrrtnrv rf fcitntn 1. 1 !
inc ii"'1"1 ""' v. j vt uui uuuiiiiiiij, uiiu jusucu 11 a nation
to tk fact, that the annexation of whose career has been marked like
Tnvns WOUld eilSUrC tO the U.S. tho that nf Mnin hv n pnnctnnt vinln.
complete command of the Gulf of tion of the most solemn treaty obli
Mcxico. There is no point on the gations by a series of the most licen-
hole coast ot tnat magniliccnt sea tious revolution by a most shame-
mnrfiadlllirat) VSUIietl lO inenumose tn nrnsfimfmn n! tlm livfic th ihpr.
if a naval depot than Galveston, and ties, and the property of her, peo-
they had been
pocknt piftol, ' ii li t!ie furmrr was badly wounded
with a Howie kuiie A this case will have to un
dergo a judicial examination, we shall forbear
stating any of the particulars.
4,A Lady's Friend" will bo attended to in our
NVe tMs week occupy u larger np.ace than we
ntend i!,wi! li Mr Hunts communication to the .Se
cretary 01 ante oi tne Lmtd mates, on the an
pexation of tlie two republics.
The weather has been unusually warm for tho
Ulunn Ail limn Ir c m (n.n kAt. c 1 .
morning we had a s'tcver of hoil, sinco when, the
weather has become sonmlhinj colder.
North Eastern Boundary. '
The Portlanr Advertiser gives
ine ioiiowing miormrJion respect
ing matters and things" away down
We learn by a gentleman direct
from the seat of difficulty that tho
Lieut. Governor of tho Province had
after reaching homo with Grcelv or-
on to tno line tor itsdetence and that
an order for moro troops had been
desj etched to Halifax. Part of those
candidates-tins a neat way of acknowledging itr0ops have already marched toMad
a defeat. The fact of. the case is. AWm. Clai
borne and Gbolson were eo badly boaten in Ponto
toc count- awi the Union's boasts heretofore, that
it did not even; insert the votes polled for C. and G.
If these gentlemei were not candidates, why were
the mails 1 aded with extras in favor of those gen
tlemen, and opposing Prentiss and Word until the
very last mail before the election! Yet those
gentlemen C. and G. were not candidates!
Mr, Al'iNutt run m Uus county both as a Bank
run on both sides from his , general acquaintance ,
and hia gentlemany deportment
For Govoknsk.
'. J. Morgan ' ' '
b. S. Prentiss
T.J. Word v
C J. F. H; Claiborne
iH.J. Ghclson
i,i :iuJ .KCRFyAmT ot State.
. , S. Browa.r, j,., , :, r-.-
B. W, Be
numerous tribes ot the Camanch
ps and other savages now accumula
ted on their frontiflr. nd it is auct
ioned whether a thing would so
impress tl minds of the Indian war-
"ofS With a nA rf out Imwnp na
we union of the' two people, whim,
even divided and sinlehanded, they
round to be invincible in arms.
a he undersigned most respectful
ly TeDrfisnntc nt,si .u-
cretarv nf StofQ ;
i. . v N" uiai tu kills paCl
w ooes not presume to have presen
ted all the inducements to the union
J w two republics. Ho has not
,i . vjui iu irusposs upon
ine attention of thn
cretary of State, by an extended de
JJ ot the resources.of Texas or of
r mutual benefits involved hi a
TO"? Of annotntmn t. - ,
luaKu he country comprising va
JWe, miens of silver andlead: im-
r.Afi normnctthp. laws ot nation and tne
rights of mankind so signally deserv-
ied. ''-t.?' vi - '.v.
In conclusion ; the i' undersigned
most rrinf.rrfiillv hfPs leave to con-
-y- - -
lrratiilatn the honorable the Secreta
ry of State upon the spectacle oxhib-
so honorable a commentary , upon
the excellency of the uovernment
At hia rniuitrv. viz: a sovereign.
I - J
free, and warlike people iresn irpm
the field of their , own victories and
glory, seeking to surrenderi their na-
uonauty as me pnuo piao . a
mong the United States to become
participants oi ine wisuom vi , u
laws, and the renown of its arms., ;
. Tha nnilersiffned minister Dleni-
K)tcntiary and envoy extraqrdinary
rhA rnmihlic of Texas apologizes
to the honorable the Secretary . of
State of the united states tor tne
3. Philiips , t
U. U. Fall. '" v"" .
! AVDlTOB or Fvii-ie Accovhts.
''"-IM illory '."
A B. 8noVrs?l ! J";
1 'Attorset Gbnkrsl.
'Awt.'-F. 'Collins xIh;.; . .
:;mJ. Thompson ! 5,5 '
i.it f ' ' . ; l ' - STAT SATO. '..
' II. Q. Mitchell , , i
Haml. Matthews ( (
, v; , LEOIStATlBl,
V M,coiuns; ,;
' '' .W.-MoMly- -v---.:--'
LiJoUnsonv.,!,!..;-', r.-Vr? .
t8.p4oror i ; V' ?
:t STMargrovs -' V -1
, , , CiacurT Court' Clerk.
H. W.tricklin " '
. 1 Probate Clerk.
, 129
situated as it is, in the midst of inter-pie, and, in short, by every sactionvti-Bw
uuuauiu biuivo vi ... Diuun ui ijuiiiiiy tiuu viUuivv ruuuiueu in me i "wn w o lew uiuiYmutti8i oauuers was run as
I - 1. ! 1 : J C ! . . L t! 7 ''-, ;: . . ..
irar in Tin un uiiiiL uiiu uuu uul'u lor mssinrv m iarivtrmna nna not tnorn. a wni? ana as a aemocrat both: rr immnsnn urna
I II v wm vitk m , aaw w wax V O , - 1 u
ca, as it were within sight of tho ve- by forfeited all claims to the respect
... r i ...i.l1...!.!.!, I.a.. i.i .
rywresiouiui wiuuu miujt were cun- oi tne uovernmenis oi civilized na-
stnictorl. This COimtrv havinr nlrna- tinns? l.nnlr frt hor nntinnor1 in.
fdj a vast interest to protect on the 'tcrruptions of the peaceable citi-
...v -wu.. v. .uavvrj iVtia VI IIIUUOII UllgagtTU
Oliccntrated trade of the West, at in tha imnrnvn.rnan.ts nf thair nstattfi
ew0flnans.nf Alabama, ftt Mnhilt 'nnn in thAntiml acrcrrnnAivomnnt rf
, , , ... uv.uu,. eguiu'vuivil. v.l
and of the Florida cities, would find the Mexican emnire: tn hnrHemoli.
in the DOSSCSsion of Texas, the means tinn hv milifnrv fnrnn nf f h rnnetitu.
of occupying a position of decided su- tion of 184j to her bloody war of
V..1WJ .uu nuiis mo uuu uAtei uiiiiauuii uuuet l itsiuciu can
and it is questioned whether even ta Anna: to her butchery of those
the DOSSessinn nt Cllha vnillrl hrintr ir'illnnt Trvinnc whrt cnrrnnrlismrl
with it those facilities of coruroriiug their arms under the sacred flag ofl
uvvuim" ill VtlWIt I1V 11 VtWiUUIlS IJIIIILI11IUIIII1 131 WVIlll'Il Limn I I w w,m
of a rival Power, which would accrue were guarantied ; and pronounce,
uiu aiiiioivu ui u lining vi ii iijc uiiuiuuiy ui iici Hiisurcua cuu
the United States to the line of thcltles to beanv lomrer considered, the
Rio del Norte. underRiarnerl will not sr.v n nntinn nf
T. ' . . .c it i i P. ... .
ii is most rcspectiuiiy suggested responsibility, but even ol humani
whethetr the annexation of Texas ty. The undersigned however far-
"uiu iiui cuinnuuiu iu uusuru uie uears to continue mis appeal su
peace of tho Indian frontier of tho relevant, and nnrhans so : unneccssa-
two countries, and thus extend to ry. to the due consideration of the
the farthest Tho
ries of civilization and the protection world will do ample justice to the
and liriviln
vernment. Bv her admission into incr to visit unon the heads of the re-
too Union, the present Southwestern 'creant tyrant and his captured
states could be easily protected from host that retaliation which their offen
E. Bailey ;
:'.5' W. Carter ? -' '' K
(M . J. Siddal J,i ' ;:$: . '..
i .';'.-,' f -ir' , Sheriff. :
; ,W;, Henderson s
, , J.H, Glaze :. .,
v, (I, ,,,, v, Prorate Jidoe.
h. i
A im..ab'i Mrt Pnf irrrno
''8;pryor ''': :! J
nce 8trata of iron and coal, and treat length of this 'note and begs
' ' '.' M ,.'. .... ', ..,',.. ' ' .. .
l: ' Daniel Griffin "
, .' G.W.Ragan. .
M ,! ' CoUNTT ScivETOR.
S'. ,? J. M. Cowan r. --.
; J.kMaier
' 1 T. J. Bailey
; ?.P.G.King
. Rahoer.
' 02
5 437
awaska. We learn further that when
news of the arrest of Greejy reached
tiouiton a party ot about thirty cit
izens started from Houltcn to arrest
McLaughlin the Sheriff but were a-
bout an hour too late ho having pas
sed the line with Mr Greely in his
custody. When the news of this at-
. a i i n i .
K-iiipt rcciuiitu r uuuricion me troops
.1. . 1 . .1 . n F
wno were men on ine print oi march
ing to Madawaska boasted that they
would nave rescued McLaughlin c- ,
yen if they had been obliged to march
in to the centre of the State We
think that matters in that quarter
are coming to a crisis and we
hope that our State will be as bold
in defending her rights as the sub-
IC -7
jt;cii3 ut vii vu xjl nan i in asdcriJIJg
Orders having now been issued (or
the arrest of the Commissioners who
are to lay out the road from the Aroos
tic to Madawaska: tho Govornor of
tne Provinces anticipates a brush
with the citizens soldiery of Maine.
and is preparing for it.
Administrators Notice;
The Stale ufMstistippi I "TJirTHERE VS
Tiuuak Countv: vW Jolm P."
Wotibrd, deceased, late of the county of Tippah
annulate aioresaia, raie bis certain last ui
and Testcmcnton the 10th d ty of August in the ,
year ofotr Lord 1 836, and thereby n-uned and ap
pointed Benhmin Wofford senior. Vm. M. Wof.
ford and Isabela Jf, Wofford his true and lawful
Executors: and whereas Letters 7'estementarv i-
sued on tlie 19th October A. D. 1837; to the a-
bovo named Benjwn Wofford and Isabela N,
Wofford. in due form ofhw: Thcte are therefore
to notify and request all persors indebted to said
Estate to make immediate payment; and all hav
ing demands ttfluilJSt the Estatn must nrspnt
them properly authenticated w 'thin the time limi
ted by law or they will be forever barred. Thia
the 4th day of November in the year of our Lord
1U37. UliirSJ A3I1A WUr f OKIJ Snr.
'.. Executon. . :
X. 16. 1837. , . 14-4w - i ,
ii u. leu conili & Co.
v. , -
! T6uiville Ky.
fnUE subscribers would inform their friends
and the pullick generally, that tliey are
now reckivimr andvonenin? a lSr.w and Spi.tnmn .
.Stock of Sprino and Scmmkh COODH, of the la
test style and pattern; comprising all the, articles
usually kept in western Dry Goods Stores. Their
Store is on the South west corner of the Public
Square, where they would be pleased to see their
friends, and all, those who wish to buy goods. ' As
they are resolved to sell lour
lor Casll, or on the usual time to
punctual men, it will at all times give us pleasure
to show osr Goods. To look will cost nothing
Irhiim: give ui" ran. k. j, f , . , . .
...... KlHiF.HH A: Y(H G,

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