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Titc Chancellor fold (ho triilli tor
mro. Tlio olh'co-hoMcrw Imvo had
:h good n timo in the Tronniiry nn xo
,n:iny cat in ncuhhonrd. A. Jottrn
Cor it pointful ofVir Halt, Pot viol'
Washington Dor. 15.
Tli IIouho of Iteprcscnntivc, af
ter mora limn a weck'n delay, have
at last turned their intuition to tho i,, sarnim on tho potato ilovotion
President' annual message. It was 0f foclinj: assumed in tho openum of
point and xpirit, inado a vigorous an
inuH on tho MeMHngn tho general fi
nancial policy of tho government
and on the committee of Way and
jioiin. Mr. uixihw caren homing
at all ahout Cnmhrclcng'tf modifica
tion. lie objected tho proposed re
ference in toto. And ho went at
largo into his it asonx. In tho course
oi nis remark no tone neci nun imo-
takon unthH morning, in Committee t,0 Message. I In then took a rapid
of the Whole, lor tho purpose, of re- view of tho condition of tho country
ferenco to tho dillercnt Nanding Coin ,u tlio beginning of tho Kxtra Session
mittccv, ami then cavo rise to an
exceedingly interesting and animat
ed do hate.
It is very manifest, from this day's
"proceedings, that tho opposition
members of Congress havo tho full
est ponso of tho responsibility and
dignity of their position. It is their
part now to endeavor to "ivo a still
and drew tho attention of the House
to tho remedies which tho Adininis
tion proposed for tho accumulated
mischiefs which had been brought
upon tho peoplo that sovereign pa
nacea tho hub-Treasury System
inoro patronage and power for tho
Executive collecting tho public
dues in specie taxing tho peoplo to
more elevated tone to tho feelings of! procure gold and silver giving the
too people a more defined aim to
the general tasiro for improvement
and true reform a ilictiuct oxpros.
sion to the great principles which u
nito all patriots in resisting tlio de
signs of the Experimenters and Spoi
lsmen. Tho rcfcrcnco of tho differ
ent parts of tho message affords a
proper occasion for accomplishing
these purposes; and I rejoice to in
form your readers that it was seized
upon with eager energy, and so im
proved, that if tho discussion is conti
nued with the same spirit . and effect
with which it has been begun, it will
. have no small influence in deciding
the fato of this administration. This
discussion, so far as the Opposition
take part in it, will cmbodio they de-
sires and tho determinations of the
people, in regard to both the meas
ures and the agents of their gov-
. ernment. They will tell why the
country will no longer endure the mis
rule of "the party and in bold, man
ly language of freemen, speaking
with the voice, and armed with the
authority of a freo people, they will
remind the Executive that he holds
the place, to which he has been ele
vated, for the common good; that it
befits not the President of tho United
States, to lend his authority to the sel-
fish purposes of a faction; that he
. docs hear the reply to his appeal to
public sentiment, in the. decisions at
the recent elections: and that if he
should at this time have an opportuni
ty of renewing his appeal in federal
. elections notwithstanding the accursed
enginery of electioneering demorali
zation which lie and his myrmidons
may bring to bear upon the weakness
of some classes and tho dependence
and fear of others ho would find the
spirit of American people aroused to
such a manifestation of determined
principle . and resistless power as
would sweep the corrupt faction and
oligarchy of officeholders from the
places they have disgraced and where
they brought only mischief and dis
credit, on tho country. Tho battle
was begun on tho motion to refer that
portion of tho President's Message
relating to tho. finances, and. tho safe
keeping of the public money to the
Committee of. Ways and Means.
When this point Was reached in tho
series of resolutions offered by. the
new and aspiring Captain of the train
hands, Haynes of Georgia; 3Ir.
Wise and Mr. Cambrclcn rose at
the samotimo. The latter firsi caught
the eye of iHr. Adams who was in the,
chair, v Ho suggested to M. Haynes,
a'iiiodification, so as to refer ail' the
Messago relating to tho re-issuing of j
the. old notes cf tho Bank, of the Uni
ted States, to the Committco on the
Judiciary ; which was concurred in
In' Mr Hayncs. v,v..- r I'.
,-iur VViso tnen ontamcu tlicj uoor;
nndfinj aiij admirable speech,, lull of)
people rags and paying the public
officers in specie the divorce of the
from banks and the
placing the safe-keeping of the public
monies in tho hands of men appoint
ed by the Executive, and removable
at his pleasure. These Were tho re
medial measures offered to a distress
ed peoplo! They were passed by an
NATE; and sent down to the House.
Here, however, they met their fate
They wcro laid low. by tho public
virtue oi the Mouse, never to rise
AO aim i
Mr. Wise demanded of tho party,
to say, whether the Peopjo had not
sustained the course of tho. House?
llavo you not been instructed? said
he. If not, what means that shout of
triumph? that roar of arlilierv? the
jubilant strain that have fallen upon
our ears? oir, saia ne, they are the
.1 w
rejoicings oi tne reopie, who, a short
time ago, were in sackcloth and ash
es, but who now see the day of their
deliverance at hand.
"Will not the President yield?' he
proceeded to ask. . "Will .he not o
bey the supreme will? He professes
to comply with public sentiment,
nut does fie relent? INo! he hurls
back in our faces his impudent peti
tion for power and patronage which
the People hava rejected and scorn
ed and trampled in the dust?"
I have not timo nor room to dwell
upon the cautic and successful manner
in which the distinguished Virginian
exposed the trickery of tho Message
its miserable attempt to draw pubHc
attention from the great question of
finance and raise false issues; the of
fering of that poor boon , the special
when every man must see that
it is liable' to all the objections 'which
have been established against the
Sub-Treasury System and the effort
to give the impression that all other
system of finance had been condemned
at tho last session while tho Sub
Treasury scheme was only post
poned. .
Mr Wise averred with entire truth
and challenged denial that had a di
rect cote been taken uoon tho Sub-
Treasury Bill that pernicious 1 mea
sure would have been rejected by
a majority of nine at least. - .This
shows how futile- how ridiculous is
the prctenco of the Message that
the moasure was only put on.
This intrepid and eloquent repre
sentative , thon commented upon the
reasons of the President for persisting
in tho second recommendation of the
Sub-Treasury System. All the Exe
cutivo's arguments resolve themselves
into the two positions that tho system
is now inheautiful operation! (in de-
spito of Congress remember) and tiiat
.1 11" M1..I I 1 1 11
mo puuuc win uipugn ,ueciueuiy.'.a-
jrainsf the scheme has , been c biassed
by money. Mr Winodwdtoii tho lut
lor point with great force tho fiMiluud
moKt ntrocioiiK libel that tho people
who opposed him nnd hi contempt!
bio financial xcTiemoH intuit hnve
been bribed? ornijted by ho
many million of banking capital.
And truly Mr Editor thin cry of the
President of tho npoils of men about
bribery and corruption only hIiowh how
bronzed are their forehead. It re
minds mo of an anecdote ofSheridau.
An acquaintance who had nnonofno
great repute for honesty meeting tho
wit one day asked him, "havo you
heard of my son's robbery ?" "No,"
replied Shoridan, "I have not heard of
yourson's robbery, and do praif tell
mc who it is that he lias robbed!"
Tho clamor of tho administration
party invites a question quite as ug-
Mr Wiso concluded by declaring
hisopposition to tho proposed reference
to tho Committco of Waysand Means
because tho majority of thai Com
mittco wcro committed to follow tho
lead of tho President. Six out of the
nine members he said were Loco Focos
Destructives pledged advocates
Divorce. He Wanted a free
and fair Committee! not a set of men
with whom the principle considera
tion will bo how they may best ac
cord with the will of the President.
Tho debate was continued with
point by Mr. Reed, of Mass. who
made an admirable speech. Mr.
Hayns. of Ga made a poor figure in
reply to Mr. Wise; Boon, of India
na, attempted to rescue tho new lea
der but his colleague, Mr. Owini?,
gave him a severe rap over the knuc
kles for his pains.
Duncan of Cincinnati, the forlorn
hope of the party, rose to speak; but
Cambreleng thinking his forces alrea
dy sufficiently beaten, black and blue
induced him to possponc his speech to
another day, and moved that tho
Committee rise, which motion was a
greed to.i
Before tho Blouse adjourned Mr
Adams moved that the uso of the Hall
be given to the Hev Mr Wolfo to
morrow who will deliver an address
at eleven o'clock; The remarks of
Mr Adams on making this request
were eminently b eautiful and eloquent
and highly complimentary to the Rev
erend Missionary. The request was
granted D.
The Abolitionist and Van Buren
Loco Focos appear to hang well to
gether. Thev havo lately instituted
a "specie curre ncy" of copper, of
which the following is a description:
On one side is a negro woman, knee
ling, in chains, surounded by the mot
to, 'Am 1 not a woman and a sister?'
On the other, a wreath, with "Liber
ty,'l838," and "United States of A-
merica." These, pieces are calcula
ted to produce much mischief, and
we advise all to be on their guard,
as the probability is they are intend
ed to circulate in tho slave States.
Columbus (Mis.) Argus.
An Indiana paper states that a
white female was lately discovered a
mongthe Indians in that State who
had been stolen by them CO yoars a
go, when she was only five years old
sue was visueu oy two brothers and
a sister who recognized her by marks
on her body; but no entreaty could
induce her to quit the savage lifqand
accompany her relatives. She had
had been married to a Miame chief
who dietH and left her with seven
children. She had forgotten her mo
ther tongue," and conversed with the
visitors by an interpreter. C. Gaz.
Arrest.-Wo understand that a
captain of a ; vessel from James river
bound to Boston, was arrested in
Hampton on Tuesday evening last
having u negro man fr,n .
ty county on board nf I,:-B
eantain and negro were L,i
"'TINATK DlNWLrTl.t or Tin s
., Hvrrri, 1
rim iilwofihnuhimaiflHiu.
of tho solar system has u
fijljM Nnn.Ui CuJ
philosophers. Wi,.. x!1
inon planetary niiri, !... . .H,6
for jho social IntVrf
w avert tne catastr,.,.!. !
great was tho rejoicing vlc""
rout mm vsU "tn Hid
power of conservation in our
constituent phenomena! hm J
why should It bo painnjl?
pennananceisvisiblo nowliJ
us; and the fact of Zt T
intimates that in thn .BvV
u-nmi, r.K r. ' 1,10 ex.
wi k..v, juuire uncvolvcd'
uws uiu in siore.
ni. .
refcred to would gi,f. Hm
ryofthosohrorbo :
wnicii havo fuim
ux,u uwjucis uiui ineyin,,uu
InrinoHlntnnm.r 11 .. "VHl
date of a plant perhana t U J'
its prolonged life; and Nvhen the
dividual dies and disappears fresh
VITfmil fTrmcs ctifm,. ? .,
.-e -...wnjuiHg irom lh0 J
monts which composed it. Mark!
but tho cradle of the
The broken bowl will yet be hesj
ana oeautnui by the potter and avJ
of joyful note will awaken m,n j
oven tho silence of the day urn.
wnai mougn all should pass? W
inough tho close of this epoch in
history of the solar orb should
accompanied as some by as s!ra
fondness have imagined hvthfirli
lution and disappearance of all M
sinning spnercs! Then would J
universe not have failed in its fundi!
but only been gathered up andn
ed away those functions bcin" co
plete. , 0
That gorgeous material franra
Wherewith the Eternal bath adon
and varied the abysses of space bi
an instrument by which the myria
of spirits borne upon its orb may
told of their origin end educated
more exalted being ; and a time e
com when tho veil can be drawn
side when spirit shall converse
rectly with spirit and the creatu
gaze without hindrance on iho efli
gent face of its Creator; but, evi
tben no not in that manhood or ft
maturity of being, will our frciti
vault be forgotten or its pure inhab
ants permitted to drop away. The
reality may havo passed, buttheirr
membrance will live forever. Tl
tenderer and more hallowed, that tl
grave has enclosed andembaliw
C.7 -
their objects: and no heigth of excel
lence, no extent of future greatnes
will ever obscure the vividess ofthi
frail but loved infancy in which,
walked upon this bounteous earl
and fondly gazed upon these far-
orbs, deeming that they whisper fro"
tli nil Krirrlif okmlnn . li ri f !lin(fS I
Ul lllk UUUUV9 IllO i,iui"-
man's immortal destiny!-Nicw
architecture of the Heavans.
r : : 'nj
Donna 31anah. the UueeBOir'
tugal, has been blessed with an K
to her throne. The Royal wj
been named Don Pedro dTAlcanA
Mariah, Fernando, Miguel,
Gabriel, Gonzaga,Xavier, Joab,Ajj
tonio, Leopold, Victor,. Francis
sse, juiio, meiio, oao
Gotha, de Branganxa, Burbon. J
A hint to the Clergy.Vr. W
says that many a man runs nw
against a pulpit wbo might have
A..iint corvine at i
plough tail. 1
Tho whigs are mad with joy.
t V (J

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