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UNGLE SAM—"A Hi&h Standard is Re*
quired of Any Gat arrh Remedy That Has
Been Endorsed by so Many Trustworthy
an^f Prominent People.**_
It’s the thoroughly modem and scientific system of load
ing and the use of only the best materials which make
Winchester Factory Loaded “New Rival” Shells give bet
ter pattern, penetration and more uniform results gener
ally than any other shells. The special paper and the W in
chester patent corrugated head used in making “News
Rival” shells give them strength to withstand reloading,
1 mil - —SI ■■■ ai ■ i ■main i niaiifiTi i i
Prices F. 0. B. NEW ORLEANS.
Cost of Containers Included.
In Barrels, about 50 gal
lons.30c Gal
In One-Half Barrels, 20
to 30 gallons.35c Gal
In Shipping Cans, 10
gallons.37^c Gal
In Shipping Cans, 5 gal
lons.43c Gal
In Shipping Cans, 1 gal
lon.oOc Gal
Send New Orleans References or Cash
with First order to avoid delay in
shipping. Beware of Substitutes
and Imitations. Order Direct from
Congo Gnat Oil,
Anti-Fly and
Stops Flies and Gnats and cures all
sores caused by same.
Sent to any responsible party on
condition that one-tenth of the pack
age may be used to test, and if not
found effective, remainder may be
set aside, subject to our order, and
we will advise disposition, making
no charge for trial quantity used.
Those who pay cash in advance,
can make same test, and have tbeir
money back if Congo Gndt Oil is not
in their judgment, the best made.
Our files holds hundreds of voluntary
testimonials like these:
Phoenix, La. June 8, 1897.
It. McWilliams,Ltd., New Orleans.
Gentlemen We take pleaure in stating
that the Congo Gnat Oil is the best prepar
ation for the purpose we ever used. It is
indeed the only effective protection acainst
gnats and flies that affect live stock of plan
ters situated on the lower coast. We have
in the past season used similar oils that
cost four or five times as much money as
yours, but they were nut in it compared to
Con*o Gnat Oil.
%f\ R. McWilliams, Ltd.
Store, 342 Camp Street, NEW ORLEANS, LA
... ,, II , initial-I ......
Conviction Follows Trial
When buying loose coffee or anything your grocer happens
to have in his bin, how do you know what you are
getting ? Some queer stories about coffee that is sold in bulk,
could be told, if the people who handle it (grocers), cared to
speak out.
Could any amount of mere talk have persuaded millions of
housekeepers to use
Lion Coffee,
the leader of all package coffees for over a quarter
of a century, if they had not found it superior to all other brands in
Purify, Strength, Flavor and Uniformity?
This popular success ol LION COFFEE
cun be due only to Inherent merit. There
In no stronger proof of merit than con
tinued and Increasing popularity.
If the verdict ol MILLIONS OF
HOUSEKEEPERS does not convince
yon of the merits of LION COFFEE,
It costs you but a trifle to buy a
package. It Is the easiest way to
• convince yourself, and to make
LION COFFEE is sold only in i ib. sealed packages,
and reaches yon as pure and clean os when It left our
Lion-head on every package.
Save these Lion-heads for valuable premiums.
_JMH___.: ' /1^
pi Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Use M
Mention this paper Vix. 15—05
CHINES. Stnnderd Goode
i Only, Free ('OLtnlcdue to
i Denlere. BLELOCK
i MFG. CO.. 913 Locum
I St., 8T. LOUIS. MO.
How $100,000 Wa3 Stolen From a
Stage Coach,
In the first quarter of the past cen
tury it became necessary for^tht
Bank of Ireland, at Belfast, to send a
large sum of money in notes 'to its
branch of Armagh to meet a special
requirement there, the amount to be
remitted being almost £20,000.
Only two courses were open to th*
management to effect this, one being
to send a special messenger in a pool
chaise and the other to Bend the con
signment by the mail coach. The lat
ter was the mode of transportation
The coach left Belfast on Monday
Wednesday and Friday, at 12 o’clock
noon, returning from the archieplsco
pal city each Tuesday, Thursday and
On the previous afternoon of the
day in question a stranger called at
the coach office and booked four in
sldo seats to Armagh, paying for
them in advance. Just prior to the
starting of the- coach two men only
[ put in an appearance, explaining that
the other two passengers would join
them en -route at a place beyond Lis
burn. The mail coach was in charge
of John Byers, and old and trusted
servant of his employer and the pre
mier “whip” on that coach line.
The leathern wallet containing the
notes was handed to him by an offi
cial at the bank, who instructed him
under no circumstances to lose sight
of it till it reached its destination.
T-Tq /lull* rro rro offoot t/-v Vi! n inctmo.
tions, placing the wallet in the front
boot, as it was called, underneath the
driving seat, and where the coach
“dined,” having his dinner brought
out and eating it on the box.
When the coach arrived at the ren
dezvous beyond Lisburn the two in
side passengers’ conferes were not tc
be seen. After waiting a few moments
both guard and driver said it was im
possible to wait longer, and the two
Inside must either continued .their
journey or remain behind. After some
demur they chose the latter alterna
tive and retraced -their steps toward
I Lisburn.
When the coach arrived at Armagh,
to the horror and consternation of
those in charge, it wtss discerned that
the wallet containing the consignment
was missing. The cloth in the inside
has been cut, the hair stuffing remov
ed and the dividing panel between it
and the boot had been sawn through
and the wallet abstracted.
The whole robbery had been care
fully planned. After abstracting the
wallet the thieves replaced the panel
and stuffing and sewed up the cloth
again, so -that should any one go in
side en route no disturbance would
be perceptible. It was ascertained
that the thieves obtained conveyance
in Lisburn drove to Belfast, where
they negotiated the notes for a draft
on Glasgow, made their way to Don
aghadee, thence to Portpatrick, and
eventually to Glasgow.
They were never captured, and to
the present day it has remained a pro
found my-stery how the information
was obtained that the remittance w»s
to be forwarded.—Tit-Bits.
FITS permanently cured. Noflts or nervous
ness after first day’s use of Dr. Kline’s Great
NerveRestoror,$‘itrialbottle and treatise free
Dr. E. H. Kline, Ltd.,931 Arch St.,Phila.,Fa.
The inventor of the tide table never saw
the sea in his life.
Ladles Can Wear Shoes
One size smaller after using Allon’s Foot
F.ase, a powder. It makes tight or new shoos
easy. Cures swollen, hot, sweating, aching
feet, ingrowing nails, corns and bunions. At^
all druggists and shoe stores, 25c. Don’t ac
cept any substitute. Trial package Free by
mail. Address, Allen 9. Olmsted, LeKoy, N.Y.
France’s national debt exceeds Russia’s
by one-third.
Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup lor children
teething,soften the gums, reduces infiamma
tion,allayspaiu,cures wind colic,25c.abottle.
Greenland has less than 12,000 inhab
lamsurePlao’sCur.) forCiavi-nptlousave 1
myllfethreo years ago.—Mrs. Thomas Rob
eins, Maple St., Norwich, N. Y., Feb. 17,193)
Eight thousand marriages are annually
dissolved in Germany.
Gold is found in Wales and is worked at
a market profit.
Itch cured in 30 minutes by Woolford’i
Sanitary Lotion. Never Fails. Sold by all
druggists, $1. Mail orders promptly filled
by Dr. E. Detchon, Crawforosville, Ind.
The Indian rhinoceros is slowly becoming
Taylor’s Cherokee Remedy of Sweet Gum
and Mullen is Nature’s great remedy—Cures
Coughs, Colds, Croup and Consumption, and
ail throat and lung troubles. At druggists,
25o , 50c. nnd $1.00 per bottle.
Smokers Forbid Smoking.
Between puffs from good Havanas,
one of which was in the hands of each
member, the Memphis, Tenn., legis
lative council passed an ordinance the
other night which forbids smoking In
the rear of a street car or in any pub
lic place where a placard is displayed
forbidding It.
Hra. S. W. Marine, of Colorado Springs
uegun to X ear me wont-xfoan's tvui
n«y Fills Saved Her.
Mrs. Sarah Marine, of 428 St. Urain
street. Colorado Springs. Col., Presi
dent of the Glen Eyrie Club, writes:
“I suffered for
three years with
severe backache.
The doctors told
me my kidneys
were affected
and prescribed
medicines for
me, but I found
that it was only
a waste of time
and money to
take them, and
begnn to fear
that I would
never get well.
A friend advised
me to try Doan's Kidney Pills. Within
a week after I began using them I was
so much better that I decided to keep
up the treatment, and when I had used
a little over two boxes I was entirely,
well. I have now enjoyed the best of
health for more than four months, and
words can but poorly express my grati
For sale by all dealers. Price 60
cents. Foster-Mliburn Co., Buffalo, N,Y.
Hides It Because of a Mere Shadow of
an Old Race Instinct.
{ have sometimes seen a dog bury
in the ground a bone for which he did
not seem to have any present need.
[ have always understood that he did
this on the principle which actuates
a provident man to lay up something
“for a rainy day.” This may be,
though I have never known a dog to
dig up the bone afterward; yet some
persons tell me they have known him
to do this. 1 should think the dog
must be hard pressed by famine that
would attempt to gnaw a bone cov
ered with clay and dirt, as this bone
must bd after being buried in the
ground. If the dog hides it away
through any such provident fore
thought as this, it must be the slight
est remnant, a mere adumbration of
a former instinct of his race. He does
not pursue this practice in the steady,
methodical way in which an ant or a
bee or a squirrel lays up a stock of
food against a time of need. With
him, it is only a fitful and rare oc
currence. His long domestication and
the ages through which he has receiv
ed his food from the-hand of his mas
ter, have obliterated largely the sense
of this necessity from his mind, if
he may be supposed to have a mind.
The fox, when he has had the good
fortuno to capture several fowls at the
same time, will, it is said, secrete
such as he has no present need for
under a bush or behind a log. I
remember that in Rowland Robin
son’s nlensant hnrtk. “Rnm tnvpl'R
Boy,” a young fox is represented as do
ing this: "He began burying the leg
of a lamb in the loose earth, but de
sisted when he saw the eyes of all his
mates were upon him, then unearthed
the half-buried treasure and sought a
new hiding place.” I do not under
stand that the wolf has this food-hid
ing instinct. Gilbert White of Sel
borne says in his quaint way that he
had “some acquaintance with a tame
brown owl” which, when full, hid, like
a dog, what he could not eat.
“The origin of most of our domestic
animals,” says Darwin, “will probably
forever remain vague. But I may here
state, he continues, “that looking to
the domestic dogs of the whole world,
1 have after a laborious collection of
all known facts, come to the conclu
sion that several wild species of
Canidae have been tamed, and that
their blood, in some cases mingled to
gether, flows in the veins of our dom
estic breeds.” He mentions a dog
whose great-grandfather was a wolf,
and this dog still betrayed its wild an
cestry in the fact that It never ap
proached its master in a straight line
when called. But which species of the
Canidae from which the dog may have
descended has the food-hiding instinct
or habit I have nowhere seen stated.
—T. J. Chapman, in Forest and
New Bread-Making Process.
"The good housewives of this coun
try,” said an official of the state de
partment the other day, “will be in
terested in a report recently received
from United States Consul Mahln at
Nottingham, imefeard to a newly in
vented process for making bread, the
chief virtues of which are that it re
duces time and labor.
“As is well known, most of the time
required in tne ordinary process oi
making the staff of life is in the prep
aration and treatment of the dough.
After that has been mixed and knead
ed it must be left to rise, a process
consuming anywhere from four to 12
hours, llpder the new process, it is
said that this new operation is re
duced to one hour’s time. The pro
cess is as yet a secret, but it is said
to require no additional plant or ma
terials the desired effect being pro
duced by the action of temperatures.
At a recent practical demonstration,
the bread was made up into dough
ready for the oven in 59 minutes, and
the batch of 25 loaves was produced
from the raw flour in two hours and
35 minutes. The flour was weighed
and the number of loaves compared
with the number produced by the or
dinary process, an<i it was found that
under the new process eight more
quartern loaves than usual were pro
duced from a sack of flour.”—Wash
ington Star.
Rats in the Service of Science.
“To enlist rats in the constructior
of telephone systems may sound em
pirical to the electrical engineer, but
wa have it on the authority of Sound
Waves that the familiar pest has been
found a valuable assistant in this
work,” says The Scientific American
Supplement. “To stimulate, however,
it is necessary to intrdfcuce his tradi
tional enemy the ferret. Then the
process is simple. The subterranean
tubes for the reception of the cables
having been laid, a rat is let loose
at the starting point. Having run a
little way, a trained ferret, with a
string to his leg, is turned in aftei
him. The tubes run into manholes at
intervals, and the rat, furtively glanc
ing back, sees the glaring eyes of his
arcn-ioe rapiuiy approacning. y in«
end of the section of tube the rat if
either overtaken or, falls into tht
manhole, and then another rat is re
quisitioned to run the next block. At
the end of each section the string is
removed from the ferret’s leg, and a
small rope, which is then attached tc
the other end of the string, is haulec
The Jap as a Fighter.
There is no state in existenct
whose soldiers would encounter the
victors of Port Arthur in eQual num
bers with any certainty of victory
Indeed, there have been incidents ir
the siege, like the storm of Nanshai
or of 203-Meter Hill, which have com
pelled experienced soldiers to doubt
whether the Japanese are not the fin
est soldiers in the world, and whethei
Kuropatkin is not right in demanding
a grand superiority in numbers as th<
first, indeed the essential, condltios
for any victory by the troops undei
his command.—London Spectator.
. . - •
In the last 25 years Chile realizet
about $300,000,000 from her nitratt
mines. Senor Valdez Vergara calcul
ates that in the next 20 years the out
put of the nitrate mines will excee<
$450,000,000 in value.
The Frtiaont Mate Law.
The duties of the present Interstate
Commerce Commission are to correct
all discriminations in railrond rates.
If it finds that an unjust rate is in
effect, the railroad is notified. If it de
clines to change it, the Commission can
bring suit in Court aud if the Court de
cides in favor of the Commissioners’
finding, the railroad must obey, or its
officers may be brought up for con
tempt of Court and summarily dealt
with. ____„
Seme of the German health Insur
ance companies have found it a pay
ing investment to establish sanatoria
for tne care of their consumptive pol
lc -holder?.__
Could Not Shut Kye* to Sloop—Forty
Bollo on Head—Spout BlOO on Doctor*
—Baby Grow Wor»o—Cured l>y
Cuticura For Sfc,
'A scab formed on my baby’s face,
spreading untd it completely covered her
from head to foot, followed by boils, hav
ing forty on her head at one time, and
. . I_ 1 _ fT*l_ 1_ otartoil
to dry up and it became go bad she could
not shut her eyes to sleep. One month s
treatment with Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment made a complete cure. Doctors and
medicines had cost over if 100, with baby
growing worse. Then we spent less than
fo for Cuticura and cured her. (Signed)
Mrs. G. H. Tucker, Jr., 335 Greenfield
Are., Milwaukee. Wis.”__
The Kternal Famininr,
Grandfather, doing some carpentry
work, and finding he heeded some
screws, sent little Mary to the hard
ware store to get some for him. When
she got there she could not remember
the word “screw.” At last she said:
“Grandpa wants some nails with ruffles
Beware of Ointments for COarri That
Contain Mercury,
asmercury will surely destroy the sense ot
smell and completely derange the whole sys
tem when entering it through the mucous
surfaces. Sucharticlesshoula never be used
except on prescriptions from reputable phy
sicians, as the damage they will do Is ten fold
to the good you can possibly derive from
them. Hall’s Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, O., contains
no mercury, and is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucoussurface3
ofthesystem. In buying Hall’s Catarrh Cura
be sure you get the genuine. It Is taken in
ternally, and made la Toledo, Ohio, by F.
J. Cheney A Co. Testimonials free.
Sold by Druggists; price, 75e. per bottle.
Take Hail's Family Pills for constipation.
••Tody's” Avalar.
Johnson was compiling the diction
"Yes,” he explained, “I’m trying to
collect a few words for the circus pos
Starting with “aggregation,” he hunt
ed for polysyllables.
First 10 who clip this notice and send to
Montgomery. Shreveport N shville Knoxville.
St. Louis. Waco. Little Rock or Ft. Worth
may. without giving notes, pay EVERY
CENT of tuition out of salary after
good position Is secured. If not secured
no pay reauired.
If not ready to enter you may take
lessons by mail FREE until ready,
which would save time, living expenses,
etc., or complete at home and get di
ploma, 1). 1*. B. C. Co., has $300,000.10
capital, 17 bankers on Board of Direc
tors. and TWENTY Colleges in THIR
TEEN states to back every claim It
makes. Established SIXTEEN years.
Clip and send this notice to-day.
/- 'V
Spencer’s Business College,
Greatest Business Training School in the
South. Biokkeei'lng 3 months. Chvrtter's
Electric Shorthand, most v onderfol discovery
of the are. Your money back if yon ra-inot
write 125 words per minute after 6 to 12 weeks
Mates Full Quart Best Lianid Bluim.
lft years on the market. Ask dealer, or we
will send by mail package upon receipt of 10c.
In stamps and dealer’s name.
Bridges-McDowell Co., Louisville. Ky.
Ay r m caru trick. Five i«rd* held at
NtlV the tips of Angers Instantly disappear;
cards Immediately produced again fro“ P1*®!
performer desires. Full lustructionssent by mall foe
3 Sick Headache 3
Stimulates the Liver, cures Biliousness,
Sour Stomach, irregularities of the Bowels.
A NATURAL product, prepared by oon
eentration; a genuine natural water.
Crab Orchard Water Co.,
Louisville, Ky._
Color more good* brighter tod faster colon than toy other dye. One 16c package colon ellk, wool and cotton equally well and la guaranteed to give perfect re
j odta. gak dealer py w* will tepd poit mklM Me* Writ* (or tree bgoUei-How to Dye. Bleach aadJIU Color*, MOHBCE PBBSJIQ- PaloartUn. Mb.
1 >
That in addressing Mrs. Pinkham you
are confiding your private ills to a woman
— a woman whose experience with wo
man's diseases covers a great many years.
You can talk freely to a woman when it
is revolting to relate your private troubles
to a man—besides a man does not under
stand—simply because he is a man.
Many women suffer in silence and drift along
from bad to worse, knowing full well that they
ought to have Immediate assistance, but a natural
modesty impels them to shrink from exposing them
selves to the questions and probably examinations of
even their family physician. It is unnecessary.
Without money or price you can consult a woman
whose knowledge from actual experience Is great.
Mrs. Pinkliam's Standing Invitation:
Women suffering from any form of female weak
ness are invited to promptly communicate with Mrs.
Pinkham at Lynn, Mass. All letters are received,
opened, read and answered by women only. A
woman can freely talk of her private Illness to a
woman) thus has been established the eternal
confidence between Mrs. Pinkham and the women
of America which has never been broken. Out
of the vast volume of experience which she
has to draw from, it is more than possible
that she has gained the very knowledge
that will help your case. She asks noth
ingln return except your good-will,and her'
advice has relieved thousands. Surely any
woman, rich or poor, is very foolish if she/
does not take advantage of this generous
offer of assistance. — Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.
Following we publish two let
ters from ft woman who accep
ted this invitation. Note the
First letter.
“ Dear Mrs. Pinkham:—
“ For eight years I have suffered something
terrible every month with my periods. The
pains are excruciating and I can hardly stand
them. My doctor says I have ovarian and
womb trouble, and I must go through an op
eration if I want to get well. I do not want
to submit to it if I can possibly help it.
Please tell me wbat to do. I hope you can
relieve me.’’-Mrs. Mary Dimmick, 59th and E.
Capitol Sts., Bennir.g P.O., Washington,D.C.
Second letter.
‘ Dear Mrs. Pinkham;—
“After following carefully your advice,
and taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, I am very anxious to send you
my testimonial, that others may know their
yalueand what you have done for me.
“ As you know, I wrote you that my doctor
said I must have an operation or I could not
live. I then wrote you, telling you my ail
ments. I followed your advice and am en
tirely well. I can walk miles without an
ache or a pain, and I owe my life to you and
to Lydia K. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound.
I wish every suffering woman would read
this testimonial and realize the value of writ
ing to you and your remedy.”—Mr*. Mary
Dimmick, 50th and E. Capitol Streets, Ben
ning P. O., Washington, D. C.
When a medicine has been successful
in restoring to health so many women
whose testimony is so unquestionable,
you cannot well say, without trying it,
“ I do not believe it will help me.” If
you are ill. don’t hesitate to get a bot
tle of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
Compound at once, and write Mrs. Pink
ham, Lynn. Mass., for speoial advice—
it is free and always helpful
B 1,000 Gallon Cistsm, (18 #0
1,550 Gallon Cistern, 21.40
2,100 Gallon Cistsm, 25.53
Cypress, Sash an d Doors very cheap
Wire Screens and Doors cheap.
K. F. LBWia dfc CO., Limited
SIS 1-1 Baronne Street,
Send for Catalogue. Write for Prices.
Gin and Mill
Supplies . . .
B. J. Robinson’s
Vlok.burd, Mia*
Removes all swelling in 8 to ao
days ; effects a permanent cure
inioto 6odav«. Trial treatment
given free. Notbingcan befairei
Write Ot. H. H. Green'* So..*.
Soeclalists. Box b. Ailin’*. Ga
55T $3.50 SHOES 8S..
W. L. Douglas make* and sells more
Men’s (8.50 shoes than any other
manufacturer in the.world,, »10.000
REWARD to any one who can disprove this statement.
W. Is. Douglas 83.50 shoes are the
greatest sellers in the world because of
their excellent style, easy fitting and
superior wearing qualities. They are
just as good as those that cost from
(5.00 to (7-00. The only difference Is
the price. W. L. Douglas (3.50 shoes
cost more to make, nold their shape
better, wear longer, and are of greater
value than any other 83.50 shoe on the
market to-day. W. I*. Douglas guar
antees their value by stamping his
name and price on the bottom of each
shoe. Look for it. Take no substitute.
IV. L. Douglas (3.50 shoes are sold
through his own retail stores In theprln
clpal cities, and by shoe dealers every
where. No matter where yon live, W. L.
Douglas shoes are within your reach.
“ I have worn W. L. Douglas fSM »hoes for
years. and consider them equal to any 16.00 shoe
now on the market. They have 8™
satisfaction.” — Wm. II. Andersohy Real Estate
Agent, Kansas Ci/p, Mo.
Boys wear W. L. Douglas $2.50 and $2.<M>
shoes because they fit better, hold their
shape and wear longer than other makes.
W. L. Douglas uses Corona Coltskin jn his
e,50 shoes. Corona Coll ts conceded to
the finest patent leather produced.
Past Color Eyelets will not wear Brassy.
W. L. Douglas has the largest shoe mail order
business in the world. No trouble toget a fit
*>« dta“V»rPiX».S5rHto for
Illustrated Catalogue of Spring Styles.
W. 1. DOUGLAS,Brockton, Hsm.
United States Government is spending
$10,000,000 on New Naval Station, adjoining
which we offer 100 lots to first lOOpurchasers at
low price of $125 each. Send $5 to-day and
secure best unsold lot. Balance $5 monthly.
New electric railway building through pro
perty. $50,000 viaduct, many factories and
improvements building in same neighbor
hood. Their completion w 11 advance prices
live hundred per cent. MEXICAN GULF
LAND COMPANY, 909 Hib. Bank Bldg., New
Olerans, La.

You want only the best
Cotton Gin
Ask any experienced
Qinner about
Pratt, Eagle,Smith
Winship, Munger
We would like to show
vou what thousands of
life long customers say.
Write for catalog and
testimonial booklet.
Continental Gin Co
Charlotte, N. C., Atlanta. Oa.
Birmingham, Ala.
Memphis, Tenn., Dallas, Te*.
C Potash ^
is necessary for cotton to produce
high yields and good fibre.
Write for our valuable books on
fertilization; they contain informa
tion that means dollars to the
farmers. Sent free on request.
Write now while you think of it
to the
I blood, wind on the stomach* bloated bowels, fool 'mouth, headache, indigestion, pimples, I
pains after eating, liver trouble, tallow skin and dissineas. When your bowels don't move I
regularly you are sick. Constipation kills more people than all other diseases together. It I
starts chronic ailments and long years of suffering. No matter what ails you, start taking I
CASCARBTS’today, for you will never get well and stay well until you get your bowels I
right Take our advice, start with Cases rets today under absolute guarantee to cure or I
money-refunded. The genuine tablet stamped CCC. Never sold in bulk. 8amplo and I

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