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W. L. Douglas
...fc,. Z, s $4.00 Cllt Edge Line
cannot t equalled atony price.
JULY 6 l8r6.
,,Capital *2,500,000
fl nnn REWARD to anyone who can
V>IU)UwU disprove this statement.
If I could take you into my three large factories
nt Brockton, Mass., and show you the infinite
care with which every pair of shoes is made, you
would realize why W. L. Douglas $3.50 shoe*
cost more to make, why they hold their shape
lit better, wear longer, and are of greatei
intrinsic value than any other $3.50 shoe.
L. Douglas Strong Made Shoo* for
tMen, $2.50, S2.GO7 Boys'School £
Dross Shoes, $2.50, $2, $1.7B, $1.50
CAUTION .—Insist upon having W.L.Doug.
las sl oes. Take no substitute. None genuine
without his name and price stamped on bottom.
Fast Color Eyelets used ; they mil not wear brassy.
Write for Illustrated Catalog.
W. L, DOUGLAS, Brockton. Mas*
gives woman some of her most
miserable and wretched hours.
Along with the backache, gener
ally come headache, waist pain,
falling feelings, irritability, nerv
ousness and the blues, Have
you these periodic ai troubles ?
If so, you may knov that they
are due to disease of some of
the most important organs of
your body, organs that should
get help or, in' time, through
weakness, will wreck your
health and life. Help them to
health with
t-A Says Mrs. Blanche E. Stephanou, off!
M1228 S. 42nd Ave., Chicago, ‘‘I suf
rafered miserably for five (5) years fed
O with a constant pain in my back and | j
right side and although n;y husband kJ
P| employed several of the best doctors gS
in this great city, not one could give
pj me relief. At last ! took Wine of i
|-‘s Cardui, which relieved my pain, pre
fcj vented an operation and restored me
p§ to health.” It is a wonderful cura-,
y five medicine for ail womens’ ills.
„ Try it. *C 3
At a!! "racists $!.C0
■ - !
' - - ... v ii-*
Bctr!? I Or. At Dru/glm
Tea Leaves Used Again.
“There are some men,” said a
health officer, “who buy from hotels
all their used tea leaves. These they
dry and put on the market again ai
fresh tea.
“As a matter of fact there is stil.
a good deal of strong tea—plus a good
deal of tannin—in these used leaves
They make as black and bitter a
tirev as the greatest tea fiend would
want to drink. But such a -brew is
unwholesome, for the percentage ol
tannin in it is much larger than ii
an ordinary cup of tea.
“Used tea leaves are easily made
to resemble fresh ones. They are
dried on hot iron plates, the heat of
which curls them up nicely-, giving
them a natural appearance.
“A cup of this second-table tea re
freshes you tremendously, but after
ward your mouth is drawn up as if
you had been sucking alum.”—Phila
deiphia Bulletin __
Tendencies not Systems.
The words "individualism” and
•socialism” define tendencies rather
than concrete systems; for, as ex
treme individualism is not to be
found under any form of government,
30 there is no example of socialism
in full operation. All goverment being
U1UI C iCOO 0W/JH4i0i.Vp( wjivu
tion, so far as this subject is con
cerned, is between these who regard
individualism as ideal, to be ap
proached as nearly as cireumstaiices
will permit, and those who regard a
socialistic state as ideal, to be estab
lished as far and as fast as public
opinion will allow.—From William
Jennings Bryan’s “Individualism ver>
'us Socialism’’ in r^n'iiry.
Curlom Resu ts When C tCed Drinking U
Abandon. <1.
It is almost as hard for an old coffee
toper to quit the use cf coffee as it is
for a whisky or tobacco fiend to break
off, except that the coffee user can quit
coffee and t-ke up Postum Food Coffee
without any feeling of a loss of the
morning beverage, for when Postum is
well boiled and served with cream, it is
really better in point of flavor than
most of the coffee served nowadays,
and to -he taste of tie counoissfeuc it
is like the flavor of flue Java.
A great transformation takes place
in the body within leu days or two
weeks after coffee is left off <nd Pos
tum Food Coffee used, for the reason ,
that the poison to the nerves has been ,
discontinued and in its place is taken a ,
liquid that contains the most powerful ,
elements of nourishment. (
It is easy to nake this test and prove
these statements by changing from cof*
fee to Postum Food Coffee.
"There'* * mwa.”
Wild Beasts and Birds Quick to Dis
cover When the Law Protects
Them.—Ability of Animals to Take
Care of Themselves When They’re
Hunted by Man.
“The taming of animals, and es
pecially our common birds and mam
mals, is by no means such a mysteri
ous art as many persons suppose it
to be,” said G. Alden Lorlng, who has
Served as field naturalist for the
United States Biological Survey and
the Smithsonian Institution. “Most
animals respond quickly to kind treat
“Once assured of our friendliness
they seek our company, build their
homes near ours and visit our
grounds in search of food. Sometimes
they become so confiding that the#
enter our houses, take food from our
fingers and even perch on our hands.
“But if we hunt them and do all we
can to destroy them their attitude to
ward us is just the reverse. They
take to the open fields and forests
and are ever on the alert for danger.
“Probably there are no better illus
strations of the ability of some ani
mals to take care of themselves once
they understand that we are their
enemies than the cases of the red fox.
woodchuck and common crow. Here
we have three creatures that have
been persecuted from the time when
the country was first settled, yet
within the last decade, despite the
wonderful improvements In firearms,
traps, etc., their numbers have not
become smaller in the least, while
others of greater strength but weak
er minds have been exterminated.
“What has been the result of the
warfare against these animals? It
has served to make them specialists
In the art of self-preservation, and to
day Br’er Fox and Jim Crow have
the reputation of being two of the
smartest creatures living.
“It might surprise many of the
Central Park visitors to know that
the little bunnies that take nuts
from their hands and perch on their
shoulders while eating them are so
fearful of man in many other parts
of the country that without the ut
most stealth and caution the hunter
cannot approach within shooting dis
“Why are the squirrels so tame in
Central Park, and so shy in other
places? Simply because they are fed
in one place and hunted in others.
If the Central Park squirrels were
hunted, they, too, would become wild
In a remarkably short time.
“To a certain extent the same is
true with all animals—we make them
our friends or our enemies. That
animals are quick to discover and
ake advantage of a closed season has
men proved by the deer in the
Vdirondacks and the Western States.
All the guides and mountaineers who
,ive in a deer country must protect
their gardens with wire netting, else
the deer would soon ruin them.
“As soon as the hunting season
opens and several shots have been
fired few deer are seen near houses,
and from that time until the season
closes til y are as shy as hawks.
“To appreciate fully what can be
accomplished by protecting animals
we have only to turn to the Yellow
stone National Park and compare the
habits of the animals living there |
with the habits of their kin who live
in the country just beyond the boun- j
iaries of the park. Most striking of '
ill is the change that has occurred
n the habits of the bears that have
become Uncle Sam’s wards.
“The sportsman who has hunted
bears in the Jackson’s Hole country, '
just outside the park, knows that |
Bruin is one of the most difficult of
all large game to approach. Both his
sight and his hearing are defective, j
but if you wish to get within rifle
shot of him you mush take advantage
af the wind, else he will surely get
scent of you and your chances of see
ing him again that day, unless you
have a pack of good bear dogs, is
small indeed.
“But in the Yellowstone Park,
where hunting has not been permit
ted for years, the bears have lost all
fear of man. They have become so
tame that it is one of the sights of
the park to visit the garbage dumps
near the hotels and watch the bears
feeding in the evening.
“Some of the huge good natured
brutes get impatient as the wagons
carrying the refuse barrels approach,
and without waiting for the drivers
to dump the barrels climb into the
back of a cart and in their efforts to
appease theier hunger tip over the
barrels, with results that do not add
to the dignity of their appearance.
“Yet the park bears do not at
:ack man—newspaper stories to the
contrary notwithstanding. The worst
sin charged against them is the oc
casional mixing up of a camper’s out
St during his absence.
“Other animals in the park are al
most equally tame. Mountain sheep
saunter up the slopes as the tourists
ipproach, occasionally pausing to
look back. Large bands of elk divide
in order to let the stages pass, and
in the parade ground of the fort and
;he lawns about the hotels mule deer
feed without displaying the least sign
if timidity.
“In Biscayne Bay and on Lake
Worth, Florida, the winter tourists
lave recently begun to feed the
scaup ducks that winter in the South
n immense numbers. It is a com
mon sight to see small pleasure craft
passing in and out among the flocks,
he tourists tossing bits of food to
he ever watchful birds which scram
ile for it. Sometimes they even
swim alongside the boats and take
'ood from one’s hand.
“These, remember, are the same
lucks that a few months later will
)e on their way to their Northern
ireeding grounds. Ask a hunter on
l.ong Island Sound how close you
:an get in a skiff to a flock of scaup
lucks. He will tell you that if you
ucceed in sculling within long
hooting range of a flock once out
>f twenty attempts you will be doing
“Last year a law went into effect
bp.t prohibits the shooting of ducks
after the first of January. The result
was that in many of the small vil
lages situated on streams and rivers
ducks spent the winter within a
stone’s throw of houses along ths
bank and in many instances Ihe resi
dents actually fed them.
“Circumstances sometimes cause a
bird or a mammal to commit acts
that it would never do under more
favorable conditions. For instance,
last winter severe cold weather clos
ed Cayuga, Seneca and other lakes in
New York State and deep snow cov
ered the ground.
“The gulls were compelled to seek
the open rivers, and the crows came
to the bams and the suburbs of the
cities and villages. The pangs
of hunger seemed to dull their sense
of fear to such an extent that they
were willing to risk being killed
rather than starve.
“An animal loving Justice of the
Peace who lives on the banks of the
Susquehenna River in a village up
the State came to their aid. From
December until the weather moder
ated he ran a free lunch counter on
the edge of the ice within fifty feet
of his house, and fed several crows
and a flock of gulls that called daily
for their meals.
“But it is not necessary to wait for
cold weather to tame animals. Anv
one living in the country can, by plac
ing food at a distance and gradually
bringing it nearer and nearer the
house, draws the birds and animals
close to his sitting room window.
Then by patient waiting a few of
them, the chickadees, white breasted
nuthatches and squirrels, can be en
ticed into the house, to be educated
further, according to your will.
“If you befriend the birds and mam
mals in this way you will soon dis
cover that much heretofore inex
plicable influence over animals is
simply the result of kind treatment
and knowledge of their habits.”—
New York Sun.
Cooked Hen Fruit Also Said to Be
G. Nicholson, in commenting on the
report of hens laying eggs with han
dles, said:
The article in today’s Tribune re
garding the man in Newton, N. J., who
had succeeded in producing eggs witn
handles, convenient for eating, etc., is
extremely interesting, and while it is
very wonderful, it is right in line with
other discoveries being made by sci
entific men, notably Professor Bur
bank in vegetable, and Professor
Loeb in animal, life. And right here
in this city a professor of chemistry
in Columbia college, who is a friend
of the writer, and whose modesty pre
vents his allowing his name to be pub
lished until later on, has for some
time been experimenting with fowls,
somewhat on the line, however, of
hypnotism, as is done on human be
ings by Professor Quackenbush.
Every farmer’s boy knows that hens
are very susceptible to hynotic influ
ences, and it is quite common in the
country for boys to hold a hen firmly
in their hands and looking cross-eyed
at it the fowl will soon begin to look
cross-eyed and go about for days in
that condition.
The first experiment made by the
Columbia professor was in feeding to
hens pepper and salt -mixed and hang
ing before hens salt and pepper boxes,
so that they could be plainly seen, and
in a few days the eggs produced were
ail seasoned ready for use. Going
still further in the matter, he fed the
hen on comminuted ham, and the
next day the hen produced an egg
which, on being cooked, could not be
distinguished from the ordinary ham
and eggs as served in restaurants, ex
cept that it was all together, like a
pancake, and it then occurred to him
that possibly by applying the direct
rays of the sun to the hen it might
produce a cooked egg, and after ex
perimenting by putting the hen in a
glass box and exposing it to the sun
the hen produced a cooked egg, and
although these things may seem re- j
markable to the unscientific mind,!
the professor went still further, and
reasoned out that hens could as well
produce two eggs per day as one. He j
therefore fed the hen on Sulphur and j
lime, and also contrived a box with a
spring bottom, so that when the first
egg was laid it was dropped to a cush
ion below, and then the hen, as usual,
turning around to see the egg which
she had laid, and it not being visible,
in less than an hour produced another
complete egg, but it is only fair to say
that it was of the common variety,
and not quite as large as usual, but
the professor thinks within a reason
able time he will produce an educated
hen that will lay cooked eggs with
ham, or other material, and all ready
for use.
We may say that arrangements are
being made to patent the process, and
that a company will be formed which
wouia seem 10 nave great possiDiu
ties.—New York Tribune.
Half-Deaf People.
“If you are deaf in one ear,” said the
boiler-maker, "I don’t care about giv
ing you a job.”
“Why?” aswed the applicant.
“Because you can’t tell what direc
tion sounds come from. Hence in a
place like this you would be in great
“How do you know I can’t tell what
direction sounds come from?” the ap
plicant demanded.
“No person deaf in one ear,” replied
the boiler maker, “can do so. A mail
deaf in one ear will look behind him
if a gun goes off on his right He
will look up in the air if a child
shrieks at his feet. He -will look wild
ly in front of him if a locomotive
whistles in his rear. A boiler shop
is no place for such a man.”
“I knew I was like this,” said the
applicant, “but I didn’t know all half
deaf people were.”
“They all are,” said the boiler-mak
er, “and my shop is no place foi
them.”—Philadelphia Bulletin.
His Lurid Style.
The Lady Interviewer—And you
brought that lovely parrot from the ill
fated ship? What a beauty? Does it
talk at all?
The Sailor Man (embarrassed—H’m.
E-r-yes, quite a bit, mum, bat pot fer
pWilercfttipp! ^Brooklyn Life,
Latln-Amerlca Swamped by Foreign
Loans—Colombia’s 4 Cent Dollar.
The foreign debt of Colombia haa
been in existence for elghty-threo
years, eayg the Monthly Review, dur
ing approximately forty-aeven ol
which no interest waB paid. The cor
responding figures for Guatemala*
Honduras aid Venezuela respectively
are seventy-eight and forty-eight, sev
bnty-eight and Beveny-two, and eigh
ty-three and forty-one.
Costa Rica and Nicaragua have
benefited by Intervals during which
they owed nothing to the foreign
bondholder. Nevertheless the external
debt of the first has been in default
for thirty years out of forty-seven,
While Nicaragua paid nothing cut lor
forty-nine years out of sixty-six.
1 Salvador neglected her share ol
the old debt of the Central Ameri
ran Federation from 1827 to 1860.
With the exception of a single lapse
her subsequent record is good.
End she now occupies the happy posi
tion of having no regular forelgu
Santo Domingo began her financial
connection with the outside world by
h loan issued In 1869. She has since
'then off and on been In default for
about twcuty-two years.
Some two year3 ago Colombia is
sued from a protracted civil war
She has since lost Panama, while tht
expenses of the war were met by the
short sighted expedient of issuing
forced currency. As a result ene now
finds herself saddled with a debt in
notes reaching the enormous total c.
j nearly $850,009,000.
At one time the rate of exchange
for the paper dollar touched 25,009
per cent. But by legislative enactment
the parity between gold and paper
was fixed not long ago—in respect cl
Government transactions—at the rel
atively moderate figure of 10,000 per
Even this means that Colombia’s
dollar represents only 2d., or 4 cents;
and the brain whirls at the thought
of the equivalent In currency of tho
£81,000 which she will in future
have to pay each year for the service
of her foreign debt.._
Or, Biggert Huckleberry Cordial Never
To cure Children Teething, Bowel Troubles,
tto. At Druggists 25c and 50o per bottle.
Iff one 'of "the "English towns' which
opened an employment bureau for the
unemployed a month ago, only four
applications have been received, and
one of these was from an out-of-worli
Beafnea. Cannot Be Cured
by looal applications as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. Therels only one
way to cure deafness, and that is by consti
tutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an
inflamed condition of the mucous lining of
the Eustachian Tube. When this tube is In
flamed you haven rumbling sound or imper
r.. \_: — a —i 41- -ol„ l
Deafness is the result, and unless the inflam
mation can ha taken out aud this tube re
stored to its normal cond tion, hearing will
be destroyed forever. Nine cases out of to >
are caused by catarrh, wbicb is nothing but a.i
inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
tVe will give One Hundred Doiinrs for any
case of Deafnessfcaused by catarrh) that can-'
not be cured by Hall’s Catarrh Cure. Send fo.
circulars free. F.J.Chrnex <fc Co., Toledo, O.
Bold by Drugclsts, 76c, •*
T ake Hall’s Family Pills for constipation.
From Dreadful Fains From Wound on
Foot System All Hun Down—Mi
raculous Cure by Cuticura.
“Words cannot speak highly enough for
the Cuticura Remedies. 1 am now sev
enty-two years of age. My system had
been all run down. My blood wag so bad
that blood poisoning bad set in. i bad
several doctors attending me, so finally 1
went to the hospital, where I was laid
up for two months. My foot and ankle
were almost beyond recognition. Dark
blood flowed out of wounds in many places
and 1 was so disheartened that 1 thought
surely my last chance was slowly leaving
jne. As the foot did not improve you can
readily imagine how 1 felt. I was simply
disgusted and tired of life. 1 stood this
pain, which was dreadful, for six months,
and during this time 1 was not able .to
wear a shoe and not able to work. Some
ane spoke to me about Cuticura. The con
sequences were I bought a set of the Cu
ticura Remedies of one of my friends, who
was a druggist, and .he praise that 1 gave
after the second application is beyond de
scription; it seemed a miracle, for the Cu
ticura Remedies took effect immediately.
L washed the foe with the Cuticura Soap
before applying the Ointment, and 1 took
tne Resolvent at the same time. After
two weeks’ treatment my foot was healed
:ompletely. People who had seen my foot
during my illness and who have seen it
lince the cure can hardly belie e their
iwn eyes. Robert Schoenhauer, Newburgh,
N. k Aug. 21, 1905.’’_
The Egyptian Exploration Fund
workers have unearthed in the oldest
part of the ruins of Thebes a complete
chapel to the goddess natnor. a nre
size figure of a cow remarkably well
sculptured and with its colors and glid
ing still fresh .was found in place
the cow being Hathor’s emblem.
Cat round » Cara Aft<w Fifteen Years
of Suffering*
A. H. Stotts, messenger at the State
Capitol, Columbus, O., says:
“For fifteen years 1
bad kidney troubles,
and though I doctored
faithfully, could not
a cure. 1 had
eavy backaches,
dizzy headaches and
urinary dlsor
Dne day I col
lapsed, fell insensible
on the sidewalk, ami
then wasted away in
for ten weeks.
After being given up, I began using
Doan’s Kidney Tills. In a couple of
months I regained my old health, and
now weigh 1SS pounds. Twelve boxes
lid it. and I have been well two years."
Sold by all dealers, fit) cents a box.
Foster-XJIIburu Co., ISnffalo. N. Y.
For a man to speak to a Turkish
woman on the street would be as Auch
is his life was worth. Even brother^
lo not greet sisters or husbands wives.
' FITB.St.VItu s' D"pee:1P«rtOT* t'lWMeg per
manently cured by Dr. Kline’s Great Nerve
Restorer. $2 tria bottle and treatise 'ree.
Db. E. It. Klim, Ld., 931 Arch St. Phlla., Pa.
There are no newsboys in Spain. Women
sell newspapers on the street.
Mrs.Winslow’s Soothing Syrup for Children
teething, softensthegums,reduces! n fl am ina
tlon,allays rsin,',Tir*“ v <> d colic.vtc.a bottle
The new Italian postage stamps will no!
bear the monarch’s head._
Many of the Immensely wealthy (Inst
ance companies, that suffered losses in Cali
fornia will pay up and recoup much of the
loss In a few years. It will be a notable test
and advertisement of such companies. Tne
companies with risks In California suffered
only in proportion to their business, and it
is hoped all will pay up. It is unfortunate
that stock jobbers should try to use this
great calamity in t hel r dealings. Southern
Companies, that had no risks outside of the
South, of course will not be affected.
In this and adjoining states, The Missis
sippi Home Insurance Company is one of
the favorites. Ask for the agent In your
About 3,01)0,000 ounces oi quinine .ire
used in the United States a year,
which Is more than 100 tons. The
jvhole value is toward $1,000,000. The
cheapness of the stuff puts it within
the reach or an victims ana vest
Jiocket nibblers. It is contained in
patent preparations, sold ^ liquid at
soda water fountains and dispensed in
sills, powders and candies. Tbe caii
saya cocktail is a favorite form.
Some years ago a league of American
quinine fiends prevented a revolution
In So-..tli America, fearing that it
might cut off their supply of tbe drug.
t> I UPS dti-CHiNCS.
Curas Hal BrsatU-Positive and Instant
Cure Free—No Drugs—Cures
by Absorption.
A sweet breath is priceless, '
Mull’s Anti-lielch Wafers will cure bid
breath and bad taste instantly. Beichint
and bad taste indicate offensive breath
which is due to stomach trouble.
Muff’s Anti-Belch Wafers purify the
stomach and stop belching, by absorbing
foul gases that arise from undigested food
and by supplying the digestive orgaus with
natural solvents for food.
They relieve sea or car sickness and nau
sea of any kind.
They quickly cure headache, correct th'
ill effect of excessive eating or drinking
They will destroy a tobacco, whisky o:
onion breath instantly.
'They stop fermentation in the stomach
acute indigestion, cramps, colic, gas in fV
stomach and intestines, distended ahdn
men, heartburn, bad complexion, dizz.
.u__.time offti/tHitn a ri nor frnni
a'diseased stomach.
We know Mull’s Anti-Belch Wafers wil
do this, and we want von to know it. lbn
offer mav not appear again.
5100 COOD FOB 25e. 143 !
Fend this coupon with yonr name
and address and your druggist’s name
and 10c. in stamps or silver, and we
will supply you a sample free if you
have never used Mull’s Anti-Belch
Wafers, and will also send vou a cer
tificate good for 25c. toward the pur
chase of more Belch Wafers. You will
find them inva 'able for stomach trou
ble- cures hv absorption. Address
I Mull’s Grape ’Jo.vio Co., 323 3d
I Ave.. Bock Island, ill.
| Cite Full Address and Write Plainly.
All drrggisls, 50c. per box, or by mail
upon rrcsipt of price S'i»mn accepted.
First Great Britain built the Dread
nought, of 18,000 tons. Then Japan
started to build two ships of that size.
Now France proposes to build three of
them. There are several other naval
powers j et to be heard fiom, and when
all their programs are set forth it will
.probably not look as though the day of
big battleships were past.
Their Hard Struggle Made Easier—Interesting State
ments by a Young Lady in Boston
and One in Nashville, Tenn. .ji
All women work; some in their
homes, some in church, and some in
the whirl of society. And in stores,
mills and shops tens of thousands are
on the never-ceasing treadmill, earning
their daily bread.
All are subject to the same physical
laws; all suffer alike from the same
physical disturbance, and the nature of
their duties, in many cases, quickly
drifts them into the horrors of all
kinds of female complaints, tumors,
ulceration, falling and displace
ments or perhaps irregularity or
suppression, causing backache, ner
vousness, irritability and lassitude.
They especially require an invigorat
ing, sustaining medicine which will
strengthen the female organism and
enable them to bear easily the fatigues
of the day. to sleep well at night, and
to rise refreshed and cheerful.
How distressing to see a woman
struggling to earn a livelihood or per
form her household duties when her
back and head are aching, she is so
tired she can hardly drag about cr
stand up, and every movement caust s
pain, the origin of which is due to
some derangement of the female or
Miss F. Orser, of 14 Warrenton Street
Boston, tells women how to avoid such
suffering; she writes :
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:—
“ I suffered misery for several years wii h
female irregularities. My back ached; I hi d
bearing-down pains, and frequent headache i;
I could not sleep and could hardly drag
around. I consulted two physicians without
relief, and as a last resort, I tried Lydia E.
Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound, and to mv
surprise, every ache and pain left me. I
gained ten pounds and am in perfect health.1*
Miss Pearl Ackers, of 327 North Sum
| mer Street, Nashville, Tenn., writes :
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:—
1 “ I suffered with painful periods, severe
backache, bearing-down pains, pains across
the abdomen; was very nervous and irrita
ble, and my trouble grew worse every month.
“My physician failed to bt!p mo and I
decided to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. I soon found it was doing me
good AU my pains and aches disappeared,
and I no longer fear my monthly periods.
Lydia E, Pinkham’a Vegetable Com
pound is the unfailing cure for all these
troubles. It strengthens the proper
muscles, and displacement with all its
horrors will no more crush you.
Backache, dizziness, fainting, bear
ing-down pains, disordered stomach,
moodiness, dislike of friends and society
—all symptoms of the one cause—will
be quickly dispelled, and it will make
you strong and well.
Yon can tell the story of your suf
ferings to a woman, and receive help
ful advice free of cost. Address Mrs.
Pinkham, Lynn, Mass. The present
Mrs. Pinkham is the daughter-in-law
of Lydia E. Pinkham and for twenty
five years she has, under her direction
and since her decease, been advising
sick women free of charge.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable ConDound Succeeds Where Others Fall.
A. tloiThle some
I ^ V WLA/X\^ your pocket every time you
buy a pound of Good Luck Baking
fl ® Powder—price only 10 cents per can.
VI11 This is the purest and most reliable arti
^▼ ■** ■■ cle on the market. Strength never varies. Wa
Every good cook who tries Good Luck be- W&
* comes a steady user, but we couldn’t sell such |Ka
enormous quantities if we tried to make too 113
much profit—therefore io cents a can.
A wonder of modern merchandising is
■ 1009 gallon t lswra - lo-if
1650 gallon Cistern - - 21.50
3100 gallon Cistern - 25 *5
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Wire screens and doors oheap.
H. W. LEWIS * CO., LimlteSI
I16M llmronne St..
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ftflvrtls comfort to evtrj home. One
~The late Mr. Harrison Weir be
queathed the “large sliver bowl and
black stand that a few lovers of cats
presented to me In commemoration of
iny having instituted the first cat show
held at the Crystal Palace,” to the
Mayor and corporation of Lewes. Eng
land, of which borough he was a na
When you buy
you want
and long
These and many
other good points
are combined in
You can't afford
to buy any other
».J TPW£« CO U*».
rowct co ».*•
Tjato&ro, M
J5.C0 Gold Filled Glasses for $i.2.c
$2.50 German Silver G.asses for 75c.
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08. HARRY WATSON. Brandon, Kiss’.
You Cannot
all inflamed, ulcerated and catarrhal con
ditions of the mucous membrane such as
nasal catarrh, uterine catarrh caused
by feminine ills, sjrc throat, sore
mouth or inflamed eyes by simply
dosing the stomach.
But you surely can cure these stubborn
affections by local treatment with ) ;
Paxtine Toilet Antiseptic
which destroys the disease germs,checks
discharges, stops pain, and heals the
inflammation and soreness.
Paxtine represents the most successful
local treatment for feminine ills ever
produced. Thousands of women testify
to this fact. 50 cents at druggists.
Send for Free Trial Box
THE R- PAXTON CO., Boston, M.ss,
Thompson’s Eye Water
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