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! T&e 4f»t requiaite oI a good
mothir is good health, and the ex
perience of maternity should not be
approach*# vftthout careful physical
preparation. as a wbman who is In
good pKysical condition transmits to
her ehildreh the ble sings of a good i
Preparation for healthy mater- i
nltv Is accomplished by , Lydia E.
j Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound,
wblth is ga&de from native roots and
herbs, more etlfisessfully than by any
other medicine because it gives tone
an# strength to the entire feminine
organist*, curing displacements, ul- "'"MRS, JAVIER CiTE'lTFR' n
oeration fchd Ihflammation. and the *no, urtivita '-HtirtK
result is-less suffering and more children healthy at birth. For more
th|nih)rt^^r >
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound
has been tHe standby of American mothers in preparing for childbirth. I
Not*#hfttMrt.JailiesChester,of427 W. 35th St., New York says in this
letterb^tlesrMrs- Pinkham:-“I wish every expectant motlier knew about
Lydla.SJ> Jinkham’s Vegetable Compound. A neighbor who had learned
Of Its gteittalue at this tr ing period of a woman's life urged me to try I
It and t did so,'and I cannot say enough in regard to the good it did me.
I recovered quickly and am in the best of health now.”
Jbydifb B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is certainly a successful
remedy for the peculiar weaknesses and ailments of women.
I It has dUfed almost every form of Female Complaints. Dragging Sensa
tions, Weak Back, Falling and Displacements, Inflammation, Ulcera
tions and Organic Diseases of Women and is invaluable in preparing for
Childbirth ana during the Change of Life.
Mr*; Pinkham’s Standing Invitation to Women I
Women suffering from any form of female weakness are invited to I
write Mrs. Pinkhain, at Lynn, Mass. Her advice is free. Jj
and all kinds of garden plants. Can now furnish all kinds of cabbage
plants, grown In the open air and will stand great cold. Grown from
1 seeds of the most reliable seedsmen. We use the same plants on
oar thousand acre truck farm. Plants carefully counted and properly
packed. Celery ready last < f Dec. Lettuce, union aud Beet plants, same
time or earlier. Reduced express rates promised.whlch.when effective
will give usCO per cent less than merchandise rates. Prices: Small lots
$1 50 per thousand large lot $1.00 to $1.25 per thousand, P. O. B. Meg
go’tUtS. C. Arlington White bpine Cucumber fceed 60 cents per pound,
p o. B. Meggctts, 8. C. The United States Agricultural Department
establishedanl Experimental Station on our farms, to test all kinds of vegetables, espe
x«1m1!v rabbasres Tne results of these experiments we will be pleased to give you at anv time,
cialiy caDDages. ^ iegpectfttU y V. U. BLlTCU COMPANY, MEGGETT8, 8. C
& 1 , "
■ A \
51 For new or
' second-hand
i We can ship
' Immediately
i f day or night
Fi** ' 5
! H . j, 0. WERNER,
f ‘ BAY-MAIN 953.
I 121
Best seed for sale. Write for samples, prices and
FREE directions “18" on growing. J. E. WING A
BROS., Box 19, Mecbanlcsburg, Onto, or Eutaw, Ala
A*4 Nervous®***'
Trial bottle !0c Aldrulstom
National death will be brought
about much sooneT by corrupt poli
ticians than by small families, main
tains the St. Lou la Post-Dispatch.
'ailing women,
Keep the Kidneys Well and the Kid
neys Will Keep You Well,
i Sink, suffering, languid Wofteu arc
learning the true cause of bad backs
Und how to curt
them. Mrs. W. G
Davis, of Groesbeok
Teyas, says; '‘Back
aches hurt me so ]
could hardly stand
Spellg of dlssinest
and sick haadachei
vyeru frequent and
the action hf th<
kidneys was Irregu
! lar. Boon after I began taklsd yoan'i
Kidney Pm* r passed several gravel
stones. 1 got v«l ana the trouble hai
not returned. My bgek b good and
strong and toy general health better/
i Sold by all dealers, BO cents a box
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y,
. —?• ■ ■ .rtw. . i
, It’s not .iflje engine with the loude*:
exhaust that is hauling the longes’
" rasroured In 0 to 14 Ddy*. ;
< If Mir. Harridan kt*ps on ne will
make the old octopus look like an an
gle-worm, predicts the Milwaukee
Sentinel ___
Itch' cured in 30 minutes by Woolford’s
Sanitary Lotion; never fails. Sold by Drug
gists. Mall orders promptly filled by Dr.
E. DetchonMed,Co.,Crawfordsvaie,Ind. $1.
x'iio,ou V mis x^OiiXAC .xv ri vuua L/icoamo pv-*.
manently cured by Dr. Kline's Great Nerve
Restorer. $11 trial bottle and treatise free.
Dr. H. R. Kline, Ld.,931 Arch St., Phila., Pa.
They have captured a turtle rour
thousand years old, off the Galapagos
Islands, and don’t know what to do
with it. Isn’t there a vacancy in the
Senate? sarcastically asks the New
York Herald.
T>o Cure ft Cold in One Hay
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine TaMets.
Druggists refund money if 'V*'1? 05®’
E. W. Grove’s signature is on each box. ‘»c.
According to the Concord Patriot,
the cure for profanity—reformers and
educators please make a note is
merely wit enough to handle your
words so that swearing will seem like
baby talk in comparison.
Mm -Winslow’s Soothing Syrup for Children
teething, softens thegums,redncesinflamma
tion, allays pain,cures wind colic, 25c a bottle
__» v. nour iatnrn frf* .battery,
Mr. Edison says, “without danger,
without breakdowns, without cost, al
most, a carriage once supplied with
the new power, for $200 will travel
without repair for fifteen years. It
looks like that the inventions of the
present day will lead to the extinction
of the horse; yet in each and every
instance the horse becomes more val
In the last five years 48,000 person*
were murdered In the United States.
More persons were murdered last yeai
than died of typhoid fever. This awful
total has been due to the way in which
the law was administered. And th*
law itself is bad and inefficient. It
Is burdened with restrictions and tech
nicalties, and in almost every case th*
criminal has nine* chances & escaping
to one of being found (guilty.” So as
serted Judge Marcus Kavanagh in ar
address before the alumnae of St. Igna
tius College, gathered at a banquet in
the Great Northern Hotel. He spoke
on “Enforcement of the Law in Large
Cities,” and vigorously assailed the
operation of the courts under the jurj
system. That the United States is the
most criminal country in the world
the jury system the most loose anc
autiquated and the law open to attaci
were among the assertions made bj
Judge Kavanagh. Figures and .crime
statistics of the great countries of tbi
world also were given, and it wm
shown that while England and Walei
had only 817 murders last year, ir
the United States 8,760 persons diet
by the band U the esaaeahe
That Causes All the Trouble.
When the house is afire, it’s like a
body when disease begins to show,
it’s no time to talk, but time to act—
delay is dangerous — remove the
cause of the trouble at once.
“For a number of years,” says a
Kansas lady, "I felt sure that coffee
was hurting me, and yet I was so
fond of it I could igqt give it up. I
paltered with my iy>petjte, and of
course yielded to thd temptatiofi to
drink more. At last I got so bad that
I made up my mind I mjist either quit
the use of coffee or die.
“Everything I gte distressed me,
and I suffered severely almost all the
time with palpitation of the heart. I
frequently woke up in the night with
the feeling that I was almost gone—
my heart sepmed so smothered %nd
weak in its actjon tjiat i feared it
would stop heating. Wy brpiltU grow
short and the least exertion sft me to
panting, I slept hit little and suf
fered, from rheumatism;
“TWo years dgo T stopped uplng the
old, kind of coffee and began to use
Postum Food Coffee,, and from the
very first I began to Improve. It
worked a miracle! Now I can eat
anything and digest it Without trou
ble. I sleep like a baby, and my
heart beats fuli, strong and easily.
My byeathlng has bqco/pe steady apd
normal, and my rheumatism bfts left
me. I feel like another person, and
it is all due to quitting coffee and
using Postum Food Coffee, for I
haven’t used tiny medicine aqd none
would have done o.ny good as long as
I kept drugging with eqffee." Name
given by Postum Co., Battle Creek.
Carnegie cash has demoralized the
Scottish universities, according to
some graduates.
It’s all off now. The Greek letter
college societies have refused to ad
mit Japanese to membership.
Equal suffrage may come. He is
a brave man, a foolhardy man, who
dares to deny it. But surely It Is safe
to say, observes the Washington Post,
that the pathway of lovely woman is
beset with thorns.
Another man who "lost all in the
bucket shops” has committed suicide.
When will pikers learn, asks the
Courier-Journal, that the man who
fishes for fortune in bucket shops is
sure to make a water haul?
The National Civil Service League
announced that an old age pension
list on the English basis would cost
the Government $25,000,000 a year,
and recommended as a substitute
plan the reduction of salaries of em
ployes in proportion as their work
fell below standard.
Senator William P. Frye, of Maine,
in a long interview in a Boston paper,
says he does not regret giving up his
law business, which would have made
him rich, whereas he is poor, for a
public career, where he has lived in
pleasant surroundings and found in
finite satisfaction in the honors and
confidence which his State has given
The New York World with pride
relates how some 2800 New York
school boys and girls sat for fifteen
minutes in quiet and order while
smoke and flames were pouring from
the front windows of the adjoining
building and the fire engines were at
work in the street. Then they
marched out exactly as usual. Yet a
nerve specialist in Chicago declares
we are moving swiftly and inevitably
toward nervous prostration as a na
tional malady and in two generations
“we are doomed.”
America soon must dow w uer
many and Japan as world Powers if
a revolution is not effected in the
methods of its commerce. HamUton
Marble so prophesied in an address
^n "Works and Days,” at the sixty
first convocation of the University n!
Chicago. “The race,” said he, "that
combines science and inventiveness
and ability to work will rule the
world of the future. Unless we awake
to the fact that the business man of
the future must take science as a
partner, we will lose in the struggle.
Germany is sending out to the ends
of the world young men thoroughly
trained and prepared. The man who
has four languages with which to aid
him will drive out the man with only
one language. The Japanese for cen
turies have been learning the value
of obedience and discipline. Fifty
years from now it will make all the
difference in the world what attitude
we take and whether we train our
selves to meet the Japanese and the
From, Leila Mechlin’s “The Free;
Collection of Art,” in the Century,
the following excerpt is made: There
is, it has been said, no fixed stand
ard of art criticism. What is lauded
to-day is discarded to-morrow, and
even connoisseurs disagree bewilder
ingly; but, glancing back over th6
|Bges, it will be found that the dis
Icord has been caused by technical
divergence, and that in every land,
and among all peoples, the truly
beautiful has been generally recog
nized and correctly esteemed. No
one questions to-day the beauty of
the Greek temple or the charm of the
Babylonian pottery; it does not re
4uire trained eyes to recognise the
merit of an Oriental flower painting
or to find delight in one of Whistler’s
nocturnes. The fundamentals in
each instance are the same; rhyth
mical line, fair proportions, and har
monious coloring. We have to be
led ofttimes up the ascent of art, and
there is much discussion concerning
the byways, but once on the height,
all dissension ends, and we no longer
need a guide.
A medical journal upholds the
•practice of dressing for dinner, on
the ground that the change of gar*
(ments refreshes the body and starts
it anew for the digestion fray. A
trade journal pursues the subject
further, and advocates the changing
of clothes as often as possible as a
kind of rest cure, not only for the
body, but for the clothes. Taking
'it all together, it would seem that
{women ought to devote much more
time to their clothes than they do,
|and have much larger wardrobes.
iThe idea of the trade journal seems
fco be that between the wearer and
her clothes there exists a kind of
entente cordiale, that she derives
from them a certain virtue that can
be exhausted if one keeps it continu
ally turned on, as it were. If a
(woman feels that she looks very
Bmart In a certain gown she is likely
jto be more bright in her manner and
jpossibly more agreeable. The way
jto keep the gown in such condition
as to produce thie desirable effect is
to give* it plenty of rest. It must
pot be overworked ox jbe virtue will
Kfidck-oflt Blow. gm*
- ■
Th6 blow Which knocked out Corbett
Was a revelation to the prize fighters.
From the earliest days of the ring the
knock-out blow was aimed for the jaw,
the temple or the Jugular vein. Stomach
punches were thrown in to worry and
weary tho fighter, but if a scientific man
had told one of the old fighters that the
most vulnerable- spot was tho region of
tho Stomach, ho’d have laughed at him
for an Ignoramus. Dr. Pierce is bringing
how to the public a parallel fact; that
th< u -he most vulnerable organ
out ring as well as in It. We
protect lg, throats, feet and lungs,
but the1 e are utterly indiffer
ent to, until-^Aiinds the solar plexus
• and knocks us out!* Make your stomach
Plorce^OoUlpii MedicalJliscoveryTand
you protect, yourself in your most-vulner
ajufiLjjDot. "(joiden Medical Discovery *
cures "weal; stomach,” indigestion, or
dyspepsia, torpid liver, bad, thin and im
pure blood and othe^ diseases of tho or
gans of digestion and nutrition.
The "Golden Medical Discovery ” has a
speciflo curativo effect upon all mucous
surfaces and hence cures catarrh, nO
matter where located or what stage it
may have reached. In Nasal Catarrh it
Is well to cleanse tho passages with Dr.
Sage’s Catarrh Remedy fluid while using
the "Discovery ” as a constitutional rem
edy. Why the "Golden Medical Discov
ery” Cures catarrhal diseasos, as of tho
stomach, bowels, bkidder and other pelvic
organs will be plain to you if you will
road a booklet of extracts from the writ
ings of eminent medical authorities, en
dorsing its ingredients and explaining
their curative properties. It is mailed
free on request. Address Dr. R.V. Pierce.
Ruffalo, N. Y. This booklet gives all tho
Ingredients entering into Dr. Pierce’s
medicines from which it will bo seen that
they contain not a drop of alcohol, pure,
triple-refined glycerine being used instead.
Dr, Pierce’s great thousand-page illus
trated Common Sense Medical Adviser
will be sent free, paper-bound, for 21 one
cent stamps, or cloth-bound for 31 stamps.
Address Dr. Pierce as above.
German, which is spoken by up
ward of 75,000,000 people, ranks
third in number among the four lead
ing languages of Europe, the first be
ing English, the second Russian and
the fourth French.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there is at least one dreaded dis
ease that science has been able to cure in all
its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now known to
the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a con
stitutional disease, requires a constitutional
treatment. Hail’s Catarrh Cure is taken inter
naliy, acting directly upon the blood ;;nd mu*
cous surfaces of the system, thereby destroy
ing the foundation ot the disease,and giving
the patient strength by building up the con
stitution and assisting nature m doing its
work, f he proprietors have so much laith
in its curative powers that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails to
cure, bend for list of testimonials. Addre-s
,J- Gheney & Co., Toledo, O.
bold by Druggists, 75e.
Take Hall s r ami>y Dills for constipation.
J. M. Boutwell, at present assist
ant geologist, will take charge of
the collection of statistics on lead,
tine and quicksilver for the United
States Geological Survey.
Boy in Misery <Cd Years—Eczema iu
Rough Scales, Itching anil In
flamed—Cured by Cuticura.
“I wish to inform you that your won
derful Cuticura lies put a stop to twelve
years of misery I passed with my son. As
an infant I noticed on his body- a red spot
and treated same with different remedies
for about live ye'ars, but when the spot
began to get larger I put him under the
care of doctors. Under their treatment
.i:_ ... _j i. . e.__l
of his body. The longer the doctors treated
him the worse it became. During the day
it would get rough and form like scales.
At night it would be cracked, inflamed and
badly, swollen, with terrible burning and
itching. .When I think of his suffering, it
nearly breaks my heart. His screams
could be heard downstairs. The suffering
I of my son made me full of misery. X had
I no ambition to work, to eat, nor could X
: sleep. One doctor told me that- my son’s
eczema was incurable, arid gave it up for a
bad job. One evening I saw an article in
the paper about the wonderful Cuticura
1 and decided to give it a trial. I tell you
that Cuticura Ointment is worth its weight
in gold, and when X had used the first box
of Ointment there was a great improve
ment, and by the time X had used the
second set of Cuticura Soap, Cuticura
Ointment and Cuticura Resolvent my child
was cured. He is now twelve years old,
and his skin is as tine and smooth as silk.
Michael Steinman, 7 Sumner Avenue,
Brooklyn, A. Y., April 16, 1SKJ5.”
It is a healthy sign that American
women who find their noble husbands
Impossible are throwing away the
coronets with the husbands, remarks
the New York Sun.
Imitations have been placed upon the
market so closely resembling Allcock a
Plasters in general appearance as to be
well calculated to deceive. It is, how
ever, in general appearance only that they
compare with Allcock’s, for they are not
only lacking in the best elements which
have made Allcock’s so efficient, but are
often harmful in their effects. Remember
that Allcock’s are the original and only
genuine porous plasters—tne best exter
nal remedy known—and when purchasing
plasters the only safe way is to always
insist upon having Allcock’s.
If you would hear the joy of Heav
en you must go into tare saddest places
I of earth.
For winter irritations or the
skin, eczemas, rashes, frost
bites, chappings, chafings,
itchings, redness and rough
ness, especially of face and
hands, for lameness and
soreness incidental to winter
sports, for sanative, antisep
tic cleansing,for bahy rashes,
itchings, and chafings, and
for all the purposes of the
toilet,bath,and nursery,Cuti
cura Soap, assisted by Cuti
cura Ointment, is priceless.
Guaranteed absolutely pure, and may
be used from the hour of birth.
Sold throughout the world. Depot.: London, 27
Charterhouse So.: Paris, fi Rue de U Fajx: Austra
lia, It Towns & Civ, Sydney; India. B. K. Paul,
Calcutta; China, Hong Kong Drug Co.: Japan.
Maruya, Ltd..Tokio; Russia, Ferreln, Moscow; South
Africa. Lennon. Ltd., Cape Town, etc.; U. 8. A„
Polirr Drug ,t Chem. Corn., Sole Props., Boston.
BJ“Pos>iree Cuticura Booklet. 48 pages.
s™ '1 11 i
Second Hand I
For some other business, o-year lease, furni
ture and good will of only Hotel In city of 8000.
40 rooms; doing a business of 112,000 per year.
Present owner not a hotel man and wants to
get Into some other business. What have you
to offer, cash or trade? Address
1\ O BOX 557 JOPLIN. MO.
heals mucous membrane affections such
as nasal and pelvic catarrh, sore throat,
canker sores, inflamed eyes, and is a per
fect dentifrice and mouth wash. *
Paxtine makes an economical medi
cinal wash of extraordinary cleansing
and germicidal power, warm direct
applications of which are soothing,
healing and remarkably curative. At
druggists or by mail, 50c. Sample free.
The R. Paxton Company, Eoston, Mass.
Thompson’s Eyo Wotor
Where The Money
Comes From
Most of the money comes from the users or con
sumers of farm products. Are you getting your
I share of all tiiis money? Our new almanac lays
doVrfi necessary rules for fertilizing, planting, cultTvating, top dressing,
harvesting and preparing for market your crops of cotton, tobacco, corn,
vegetables, fruits and grains. If you desire big profits, use from 40O to
1000 pounds of high grade
Virginia-Cafioiina Fertilizers
per acre on all your crops, and you will be agreeably surprised at your B
greatly increased yields. Ask your fertilizer d slier, or write us for a copy ||
of Virginia-Carolina Fertilizer almanac, which is written by some of the B
most experienced and successful farmers in the South. While it is free to B
you, many farmers say the almanac is worth $ 1.00 to them for its suggestions. fl
-—-— ,
• '
- .
---—---- *
in the soil puts corn on the
stalk and money in the bank
The natural process of plant growth
is simply one of chemical conversion.
Potash, the raw material, is cheap; but when
converted by nature into corn, it is B
valuable. The use of Potash is not g
an expense, but an investment.
Write to-day for our free booklet “Plant Food. B
New York-93 g
Our vebJelesand harness have been sold direct from our factory
to user for a third of a century. We ship for examination and
approval and guarantee safe delivery. You are out nothing
if not satisfied as to stylo, quality and price.
We Are The Largest Manufacturers In The World
selling to the coneumerexoluslrcly. WemakeSOOstylesof
Vehicles, do styles of Harness. Send for large, free catalogue.
OJtbart Carriage & Harness Mtg. t'o
Elkhart, Indiana
Carolina Cement Co.
Land Plaster Supplants Fertilizer. Seo Catalog.
1, 2 and 3 ply. for Barn*. Residences, Warehouse#.
Better, Cheaper than .Shinnies and other Rooting.
Samples, prices, address DEPT. 0.
If row want . booUc.splng or ihorUt.
■ad a good position i.nd for tho flnsst
logrr.r iun.l hr a oomm.roial .ohool.
>»aah br mail. BRTANY Jfc STIUTTO
tan Oall.gs. D.pi, A.. L«ei,Tliit.Sr »
>'■ *y. . -> _
The Uppermost Stand
'>< •» «**' '
ard of Highest Quality
Inspected bj the United Slatec 6e*ernme«t
^“1 ^IfSrm^^'writefor0^ g&e^How hScoS^ ToN aoVpRtUc'Oo UBlonvUle/ lYUweurt
Cherokee ‘Remedy >of Sweet Gum and Mullein EtmrdjGfoj
Coughs, Colds, LaGrippe ft
Women’s troubles very often occur regularly at a certain time every month. Be- I
cause this may have been so all your life, is no reason why it should continue. ■
Many thousands of women, who had previously suffered from troubles similar to yours, I
due to disorder of the womanly organs, have found welcome relief or cure in that y
. wonderfully successful medicine for women, , ' 'g
Wine r i
Mrs. Leota Forte, of Toledo, 111., writes: "I am well pleased with the results of using Cardui. I have
taken three bottles and am now perfectly well, frse from pain and have gained 25 pounds in weight.
. _ _• . ■ v4 Writ® todav for a free copy of valuable 64-page illustrated Book for Women. If you ocod l
IaJPITF 11^ A I FTTFR vice, describe your symptoms, stating age. and reply will be sent In plain sealed envelope. Address : I
VVKI I L UJ IB LL I I I Advisory DeDt.. The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga. Tenn.E
The front door to delight li$s
through the garden of duty.
The finest prospects ifi life are
found at the summit of disagreeable
The man Who lacks moral muscle
always thinks he is meek.
It i3 an ill 'time to boast of your
speed when your lusts are running
away with you.
Human kindness is the greatest law
of the heavenly kingdom.
No man ha sa poorer outlook on
life than he who is always on the
lookout for himself.
Many a man thinks he is religious
because he has a peculiar pleasure in
regulating other foik.

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