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The Kemper Herald
K.itiii-i-.l lit till1 Post-pfflc.e at Mooplp. Miss.,
ns H'H-ui'.U Oluss Mail Matter.
Eastland & Struthcrs,
Editors and Publishers.
--—-—-*-—:-• *”
sails -i-lption—si.tw perunvum. in aiivnnco.
gcooba, Miss. Nov. 14, 1907
Supervisors’ Meeting,
At the meeting of the Board
of Supervisor?, in DeKulb o-i the
4th inst., allowances for working
public roads were made to the
amount of $3,153.74.
Allowances tor causeway tim
her, causeway, lumber, nails, re
pairing a u d building bridges,
were made to amount ol §811.ob.
Allowances to tbo amount oj
$104,00 were made tor the pay
ment of expenses connected with
the holding of the election No
fiih All the nrecinots
not having been heard Irom, the
Committee did not hand in to the
Board a lull list.
J. 11. Nester allowed §41 65 for
feeding paupers, i, a dug cloth
ing, etc.
Cynthia Jack allowed §7.50 for
waiting on paupers.
J. D. Thomas allowed §10.80
for victualling prisoners.
G.B. Stokes allowed §25.55 for
conveying lunatic to asylum. ■
The prayer of petition ot W . J.
Combs (t al., lor removal ot two
gates on the Philadelphia and
Columbus road,in District Lo 4.
granted. Gates ordered moved
before first Monday ol Decern
ber, 1907,
Prayer of petition ot R. \V.
Teer et al., ot District No. 4, tc
incorporate into Stock Law N.
ot S. E. i, S. E. | ot N. VV. ], N.
E. i ot S. W. -] and S, E. ^ ot S,
W. i, Sec. 2, Twp. 11, R. 14 E ,
Prayer cf petition of J. R,
Stewart eta!,, to incorporate intc
Stock Law Sec. 5, Twp. 11, lv. 1;:
E., granted.
I \\7 n/MI.'fulvl A O 1 .
lowed $4 To, fees in eases where
State failed during year 1906.
Report of Commissioners, ap
pointed to view and lay out pub
lie road in District No. 4, adopt
ed. Road ordered opened, begin
ning at Vandevender well and
muling between land lines ot J
W. McArthur and W. II. Bur
G. II. Ethridge allowed §13.Or
for expenses of trip to Scoob:
and Macon in'case ot Neville vs
the Board ot Supervisors of Kent
per Go, and A- B. Tart, Sherifi
J. S. Ross allowed §23 00 lot
services as Election Commission
er, and returning boxes.
Accounts pt the members c»i
ihe Board ot Supervisors far ser
vices in inspecting bridges and
roads, as special rnad uommis
sinners during month ot October
per diem, mileage, etc., were al
Duplicate of County Warrant
No. 619, issued in September
1906, to J. W. Carter in back tax
matter, ordered issued, the origi
pal having been destroyed or lost
Geo. D. Barnard & Co. allowed
$31.30 for standing desk lot
Chancery Clerk’s < iiiee.
Marshall & Bruce Co. shower
$15.00 for blank book furnishec
Chancery Clerk’s office.
Road Contractors are given 8!
days additional time in which t(
piace their roads tip to specifica
Members and Clerk of Pensioi
Board were allowed $3.00 eaci
ior services.
Bill Hampton allowed $8 00 foi
services around Court House
cleaning, etc.
Southern Star allowed $33 2
for printing tickets tor genera
election and stationery for Coun
ty officers.
A. A. Overstreet allowed $2.5;
for sundries furnished jail am
«nnrt. bouftfi.
A Significant Prayer.
“May the Lord help you U
make Bueklen's Arnica Salv
known to ail,” writes J. G. Jen
kins, at Chapel Hill, N. C. “I
quickly took the pain out oi
telon for me, and cured it in
wonderfully short lime.” Bes
on earth for sores, hums am
wounds. 25c. at Eastland’s dru.
Store, Scooba.
—'-:-- * ---
While the Byrne Business Col
leges are not deiioniinutiona
they are not irreligious, and par
ticular care is exercised us to th
moral tone of the hoarding place
found lor students, Particula
stress is laid upon the regulurit,
of attendance of students at th
schools, upon their studying, am
Upon their conducting themselve
us ladies and gentlemen shouh
on all occasions.
Chancellor .VioCaskill retusei
to allow Webb and Frank Ke,
their liberty on hail.
We will publish the Gram
Jury’s “presentment” next week
^abecrilie for Tus Uptown
Wahalak Waitings.
Miss Lucy O’Brien visitecHier
sister, Mrs. Ilollie Giles, in Co
lumbus, last week.
Miss Lizzie llungerlord visited
Scooba last week.
Mrs. Ilungerford left last week
tor Memphi , where she will visit
friends and relatives.
Mis3 Daisy McCalin, a charm
ing young lady from Starkville,
is visiting Mr. ltobt. McCreight’s
Mrs. D. V. Portia and little
daughter, Beatrice, have returned
from a two months visit to rela
tives in Cuba, Ala.
Ross Bounds, of Meridian, was
the gucot of bis cousin, Chandler
Bounds, Sunday and Monday.
Messrs, llungerlord and Wal
lace made a business trip to Mer
iiliim !i lew davs a'tro.
School opened last Monday
! with Mrs. Walter Bethany as
! teacher.
Miss Florence Bethany visited
her brother Walter last week.
Henry O’Brien a n d Eugene
Haskins made a Hying visit to
Scpoba last Sunday, returning
| the same day.
Mr. Arch Adams, with his wife
and little son, spent the Sabbath
as guests ot Mr. and Mrs. liobt.
MeCreight, a lew piileu west oi
W ahalak,
Misses Florence Bethany and
Cora Giles visited in Shnquuluk
last week.
A number ot the girls and boys
■of Wuhalak attended the dance
given at the home ot Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Fox, a few miles west
ot town,
! Mrs. Annie Treadaway, o
Ramsey, Ala., is vUiting her
daughter, Mrs. D V. Fords.
Mrs. Mollie Brown and son
Hunter, alter a two weeks visit
to relatives in Meridian, returned
home Sunday'.
Mrs. Dr. Chiles very pleasantly
! entertained her many young
i friends Friday night. Some very
I deuglitlul music was turinsuea
| by Kice llungerford and John
and Hal Harper. All reported a
glorious time.
Alter a briel visit to Memphis,
Rice liungartord returned home
Mr. and Mrs. Ilamp Spencer,
of 'West Point, visited Mrs. T. L
Hinton tor a few days last week.
Clyde Gibbons, the former sta
tion agent at this place f at now
agent at Laud< t’dale, visited in
Wahalak a few days ago. There
is some great attraction here tor
Clyde—wonder what it ’s! Guess
we could tell what it is—better
'ban anyone else, Guotios.
A Hjml Debt to Pay.
“I owe a debt ol gratitude that
can never be paid oft/' writes G,
S. Clark, ot Westfield, Iowa, Hoi
my rescue from death by Dr
King’s New Discovery. Both
lungs were so seriously affected
that death seemed imminent,
when I commenced taking New
Discovery. The ominous dry.
hacking cough quit before the
first bottle was used, and two
more bottles made a complete
cure.” Nothing has ever equalled
New Discovery for coughs, colds
and ail throat aid lung com
plaints. Guaranteed by Olivei
Eastland, druggist, Soooba. 50c
and §1.00. Trial bottle tree.
Peden Paragraphs.
Our community is very much
grieved over ihe death o( Essie
Smith, the bright little daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. M Smith, who
was sick only’a week. May God
comfort the bereaved family af
Lie alone can.
! Frank and Jim Smith returned
Monday to the A. & M. College,
having been called home by tin
illness and death of their sister.
Prof, and Mrs. I. M. Tbornp
son visited relatives in Philadel
phia last week.
t-am warren, or., m uweuuiu^
Dr&ughon’s Practical Liusi ues.
College in Jackson.
( Misses Lou and Alma Clark
made a flying trip to DeKall
[ Saturday afternoon,
j IL II. Floyd and wife (nee Mis:
j Kate Jarvis), of Evergreen, Ala.
r are visiting relatives in Old Kern
: per. Will remain several weeks
Presiding Elder Sullivan de
livers! one of his good sermom
at the Parsonage last Monday
’ night, find held Conference a>
Mellen Church next day. XX
Enondale Events.
Died—Mr. and Mrs. 01 lie Boyc
? lost their little infant daughtei
1 last Thursday. Our deepest syrn
? pathy is extended the hereavec
1 family.
Mrs. John Simmons and Mis
Maggie Knight visited-near Lau
1 j derdale recently.
f j Miss Florence Bethany, who ii
engaged to teach our school, re
| turned to her home Friday alter
]! noon on a short visit.
. | Bennie Knight spent the Sab
[bath in Lockhart. Say, Beu
[what (s the attraction?
Our saw-mil! is progressing
nicely, under the management ot
Mr. Beatty.
Fred Unmoor informs us that
he has a line position at Dernop
olis, Ala.
Misses Bailey and Williams are
the guests ot Miss Fearl Roberts.
Currie Knight, who left some
time ago lor Louisville to attend
school, informs his family that
ho io progressing nicely with his
studies, and is carried away with
the school.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Key vis
ited homofolks recently.
Mrs. Keeton and daughter,
Mrs. Simmons, visited the for
mer’s sister, Mrs. Webb, near
,Porterville, recently.
Albert Holladay is a frequent
visitor in our town now o days.
J. II. Currie is having some
p.innn sullied to the house ill
which 1{. lv. Boyd lives.
The Influence of Diet on
It is not to be denied, however,
that the products of maize have
been losing popularity i n this
country; they seem to be going
out of fashion ; they are a little
too coarse for the tender throats
of the generation that has come
and the one that is coming. The
tastes of the people are growing
somewhat different; patent rned
icines and pred:gested foods,
made of nobody knows what,
seem to go together, and with
these have como new forms of
indigestion, dyspepsia, nervous
diseases, and new causes of wor
ry. There is an idea in the minds
o! the new generation that corn,
and all the varieties of food—all
the toothsome dishes that are de
rivable therefrom, are to be left
to those whose tastes are com
mot), and whose associations
must be low. This, consciously
or unconsciously, is the view ol
a consmerame munuer 01 must
who are to take up the destinies
of the Republic and carry them
a little way on their King jour
ney; and this is curious, too.
when we think of the nature ol
our political fabric. Are we tc
change our principles and beliefs
by means of a change of diet?—
•Joe! Chandler llama in “Unclt
Remus’ Magazine for November
That combination of The Keu
per Herald, the Weekly Com
•iircia 1-Appeal, and Home,am
Farm, all t’nre:: for one year fo;
§1.50, is as good a thing as a mai
could wish. Subscribe now.
« -- . •
s '
!Ceiol ffiyspapsSa Gbps
Bigeato wfcat you eafa
A Short Time Only!
We have recently made arrangements by which we can
furnish all new subscribers to Inn Ivemper Herald, and
all old subscribers who settle their subscriptions to date
arid renew for another j'ear (paying lor same in advance),
with one year’s subscription to
One of the greatest Literary Farm Journals published.
It fills a position of its own, and has taken the loading
place in the homes ot rural people in every sec
tion of the United States. It gives the far
mer and his family something to think
about aside from routine duties,
Every issue contains an original poem by Solon L. Goode,
mm?***. Mm." ..nn—to,
Take advantage of this otter at once, for it will not last
long, and it is well wprth the careful consideration ef all
interested in agricultural pursuits. Remember
For One Year For Both!
Address, Editor Kemper Herald,
Seooba, Mississippi.
Something to Sea®.
The long v/i it r evenings will
soon be 1hi\, aid you will want
something to wmie away the time—
icmething tp read. We can furnish
our subscribers w th the following
:i pc re at the pi ces quoted:
The Herald and tl e Commer
cial Apncah (weekly).$1 25
The Herald and the Memphis
Xews-Seimi ar (weekly)..... 1 15
The Herald and the Meridian
Star (weekly). 1 40
The Herald, and St. Louis Re
public (twice-a-wcek)and Farm
Progress (a fust class agricul
tural paper)..,,,.1 55
The Herald and The Com
moner (William J. Bryan’s
paper). 1 60
The Herald and the New
rk World (tri-weekly).1 65
The 11 era Id anc'13 anthem Ag
riculturist (semi-monthly).1 25
The Herald and the Toledo
Blndo (weekly).1 25
The licrakl and Home and
-Farm (probably the South’s
■ greatest agricultural paper).1 25
i-Miy aii<i llii or - p.:Tj|;w;uuu,
■ are good oner., ..and you cannot fai
to find-someth, 119 igterc: ting and in
at active in whichever you may se
L et. For an infi .nation address
Col, Brygn's Ilfustrated Book
of Travel.
The success of Col. Bryan’s
new book, “The Old Would and
Ixa Wats,” gives striking lesti
mony to his hold on the populist
mind. It recounts and prolusely
illustrates his recent journey
around the world. It lias b 11
issued five mouths, and we are
advised that, in that short period,
tour large editions aggregating
41,000 copies have been called
tor. The reports of agents, which
have been submitted to us, would
indicate that the demand ior it is
well nigh spontaneous and uni
viral—that it exceeds that ior
any other book published ior the
subsetiption trade since the per
i >d ot “Grant’s Memoirs.” Col.
! Br van’s book with like success
depends upon no sympatbet c
clement for its strength. But t
has i n the part ot the people the
enduring feeling of personal con
fidence in the great moral and jn
tellectual integrity ot its author.
It has an equally pronounced
admiration tor his brilliant ubtili
ties, and the untiring energy that
enabled him to cover the world
in his noted tour—and to photo*
graph and describe it in his inim
itable way. Wi t h o u t official
place Cob Bryan is everywhere
regarded, at home and abroad, as
a vital force in American affairs.
As a student ot men and govern
ment, and of governmental con
ditions, his observations and con
clusions profoundly interest the
people. Hence the great sale ot
his 1)00 K, aescripuvn ui men ttim
tilings seen during his noted tour
around the world and thn ugh
the Nations. It is vitalized by
•251 artistic engravings,.from pho
nographs taken by bjm or under
bis super v i e i o n, representing
men, places and things that in
terested him and that specially
interest every American reader.
It is a most unique presentation
ot a wonderfully interesting jour
ney that has caught the attention
of the people, and met with great
demand. It is sold only through
soliciting agents. .
The Thotujison Publishing Co,
of St. Louis, ^lo., are the fortu
nate publishers. They advertise
I for agents in another column of
this issue, ' ..
S-". - i
Scooba, Miss.
No. 2 leaves (daily) 2:02 a. nj.
e li “ “ :5::{1 p. in.
11 jti “ (week days) mix< d R):SU n. 111.
No. 1 leaves (daily) ‘2:.r0 a. m.
o 5 •• “ 2:12 p.m.
“ 15 " (week days) mi sod 12;lJp.m.
R. V. Taylor, Jno. M. Eeall,
General Manager, Genera! Passenger Agent,
trnim.E. ALA. ST. LOUIS.MO
I (your own selection) to every nub* g
g scriber. Only 50 cents a year.
l'*33S'ttZ£KK3l^225aEE'3H»£ ^asagy^SaS&Egpaf
A gem; henutifo] colored plates; latent
fashions ; drcsMnalt? . + economics ; fancy
work ; household 1 irtr,; lirtton. etc. Sub
■cribc to-dav, or, send lor latest copy
I.ady agents \v;m:cd. Send for terms.
Stylish, Reliable, Pimple. TJp-to- *
date, Kcoitontieitl and AbsoJjucly
| Perieol-Fiitiutf Paper Patterns.
TiS C^LLjm'
** BA2TAR* ri< Mi
I Ail Stains Allo-vel Pad FVrforPtiers show 3 „
the Sistlaa eni Sewina J !nes.
Only 10 and 15 cents ctjch— none higher fl
Ass for them S-.ld in nearly every city g
and to wit, nr by mail from
113-115-117 West 31 st St., HZVJ YOBH. J
^WD»—w-— mtxztz. ^au-r-jv ^rasau*»UCTBOo»e« 4
S4.0Q For YG2r. Single Sopy, i 0 C!s,
Sample €>ofy Free.
I wmi Qr. King’s j
! I Stew M$mmm
‘! FOR Colds 8
South Miss. College.
[Co-educational [
Hattiesburg, Mississippi,
t -
J New $100,000 Equipment. 285 Stu
| denis. First-class Accommodations
J at Reasonable Rates,
‘ Session Opens Sent. 10, 1907.
President', Vice^Pres.
Fruit Trees!
\ Rpoclnt Bargains in Nursery Stock
: for balance o.f this season.
Write for [Catalogue and.Special
! Prices, to the ^
Stinson Nursery Co.
j - Meridian, Miss.
; R. K n. Mo. l.
! SuUsorUte for the IlfiPAUD,
. ' i
Piedmont-Bedford Concentrated
Iron & Alum Water j
( Representing the Famous Bedford Alum & Iron Springj of Va.)
contains 17 of the most powerful Mineral Tonics.
An 18-oz. bottle contains all the minerals in a barrel of
| the average water. W© furnish the minerals, you
I furnish the water.
We have certificates both from the public and from emi- ;
1 nent physicians, telling of its virtue in Dyspepsia,
P Rheumatism, a large variety of Female Diseases, ft
I Chronic Diarrhoea and Dysentery, General De=> |
I bility, Anaemia, Malaria, Ulceration of the
1 Throat, Diabetes, Piles, Chronic Eczema, Ner- g
1 yousness, Chronic Constipation, and many show- g
I ing the wonderful cures in that dreadful disease, Scro= |
J)n. T. I,. Katu.wi; for fifteen years a resident at the Springs, says:
m -m .. a.r..i - Ai,-a. ♦.f„T /.f Immon nml hannmess. we have Si
I in this water a remedy which neither mom tec. nor fortunate wxidc.nl hnshitherto
found an canal. It is in this malady, and some forms of secondary and tertiary
Hat,hills, that this water when carried to its full alterative effect, displays its highest
curative powers. In all forms of diseases peculiar to females, this water will be
found to exert a curative influence, second to none in ] trginia.
I have given your Concentrated Water a fair trial, and say with pleas- S
ure I have been greatly benefited. For some years I have suffered more or g
less with Indigestion, followed by Constipation and other attendant ills. I
Within the past two months I have found such relief from your remedy S
that I have improved in strength and weight; have oaten what I have not g
dared to do for a long time, and have done harder work than I havo been |
able to do before for years. R„;v 0?!f,AR JATTLETOX, '
Presiding Elder, Lynchburg, Va.
Since 1894 I have been afflicted with Chronic Diarrhoea. About six |
months ago I commenced using your Concentrated Iron and Alum Water *
with the most wonderful and satisfactory results. For three or four years H
past I have been deprived of the privilege of visiting friends or going to ■
church, as my trouble kept mo in constant apprehension, having lo«t almost a
entirely the control of my bowels; but now I am happy to state tost alter 3
using about a half dozen bottles of your remedy T am entirely cured, not ^
iiaving used any for the last four months. I can confidently and most glauly A
recommend your remedy for Chronic Diarrhoea.
Caiu, RUFUS AMIS, Virginia, Va. |
I was an intense sufferer for some months with Indigestion, and could jfjj
«et no relief from tho ordinary remedies, During the month of January I d
began the use of your Concentrated Water, and one bottle has entirely re- ■
licyed me. I can now digest any diet and am entirely free irom suffering, g
I take great pleasure in giving this testimonial. 11T . r_
Ray. II. M. ULAIK,
Editor X. C. Christian Advocate,
Greensboro, N. C. Si
I have used and prescribed waters from several Iron and Alum Springs, 1
but none of them begin to come up to your Concentrated W ater fh all that a
goes to make the ideal alterative, stivngthemer, appetizer and restorative. ®
It is at cincc a fine tonic and flesh-builder. Have advised seieral recently M
I to try it, nil'! always wim uno ana tjuicK i - iu.-. *■* •»•••*«• * .. ■ ; . y
.sent from ono of your dealers to a lady, with too understanding th;u >■ ,. vj
did not at once improve her digestive apparatus, 1 would pay theSl.OOmy.-' n. g
She not only willingly paid the bill, but used a part of one-half dozen im r<
bottles, and is now completely cured of a long and annoying > tonne i g
Trouble. This seems to be the caso with all who try it, a
8, P. imj.IAIin. M. D-, |
Rocky Mount, A. C. |
For Sale l»v Oliver Eastland, DrnsL'Ht, Scooba. Miss.
<. >
Something good for the young people of this
country. Conceded to be the ver}' best by all
who know what it is. ’Tis dollars for you.
j J. J. FERGUSON, Principal,
#1,990.00 Accident Insurance Policy
offers one year’s rnbscrlptlen rad a $L000 Accident Insurance Policy for one year with no dues
nor assessments for only 51.50. ^ r.«-r,
of the world by its editor. Harvie Jordan. President of the Southern Cotton As„ociauon.
The publishers of The Cotton Journal bavegone to rrvatwpenae seemrethwAoldent
policies for its readers. It proposes to have the A ent Policy for $1,0C0
follows: _ $1,000.00
lor1 of Both iy^ maanini entir*and periminent'loas of the»^ht of both'ye,. 1.M0.00
For Loss of Both Hands, by aotual and completo severanee at or above the' wrests. j’Sg-gg
For Loss of Both Feet, by actual and complete severance at or above the '
For Loss of One Hand and One Foot, for actual and QOmplcteBaveran^atOTabovethe j ^
For Loss oi'^Oco&Hand, by actual and complete severance at or abOTe ibowriat .™.^-. 250 C0
For i oss of One Foot by actual and complete severance at or above the ankle.— 250.ro
Fo- Loss of One E?e. meaning entire and permanent loss of the sight of one eye-^.™--- 100.00
' r-»> w™ subscribe at once we fuilTpSd for rae y^witbiut ray
iueforSsmlS including; death or
I Journal and the Insurance Policy $1.50 ; . V*
We have made an arrangement by which we can
iurnish our subscribers the Kemper IIerald, the Cot
ton Journal, and a §1,000 Accident Insurance Policy
(all three good lor one year) for §2 50. Old subscrib
ers to Tiie Herald can settle arrearages and renew
on same terms as-new ones W rite ns direct.^
. ~ A ’ .Vs*
^Mercantile Stationery
Neatly Printed—at TUU OUice*

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