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The Kemper Herald!
r~--IL=--IT"!.".-"-.T." ■— j
_____ •
PurgnTTCKi an—Service* on lit Sunday J
tu e.ich niontli at 11 n.iu. mid 7 p. m.i on J
(ml and ard Sundays at 7 p. m. J. 14. John- .
•on. Pastor. *
Sul twtli School at adXiu. tu.; J. W. Curler, j
M K1 Honiar— Services on ind Sunday In
•ach niontli at 11 u. til. and 7 p, in. Juo. W.
Mniilaith School at 9;!tuii. ill.; B. It. Kuyk
•ndull, Superintendent.
Haftmt- Services on 4th Sunday In each
month nt II a. in. mid 7 p. in. W. H. Thotnp-.
(Oil. Pn*
Mu hi wt b School at S;:» a. m. W. J. Par
ker. Huperliitendent. ‘O
Secret and Fraternal.
JefTerseu lodge Mo. lit, A. K. A A. M.,
meets Thursday, on or before the first full
•msi In each month, at 10 o'clock a. m.
A. A. Has mack. Secretary.
Scnolw 1 odge No. IS*. K. of P.. meets the
1st aud ind Monday nights In each! month,
at 7 •'clock. O. Kahixavd. O. O.
Max Kahh. K.of R. and S.
MronNt Otonp No.74. W.O. W.. meet* the
l„t and 3rd Tuef«l«y night* In each month,
•t 7 o'clock i O. T. DocotASg, 0.0.
J. W. C’Asriem, Ctorlc.
Hcooh* tsslge No.7.4*j. K.of H.. meet* the
l*t »nd 3rd Tu* . lay night* of each month.
tt H •‘clock. _ _
W. Mr!). Mookb, Reporter.
«cnoha IamI** No. !.7H7. K. and I,, of IT.,
mot* the nr«t and third Prlduy* In each
month nt f e'clack p. ro.
J. W.Oahtrk. Protector.
A. W. nrai'Tiiew*. Secretary.
Bee notice of Magistrates In an
other column.
Bee election notice in another col
umn on this page.
Mr. Dan Kerr In visiting home
folk* In this section.
Mr. Jno. K. Howell has purchased
Mr. H. H. Moore's dray business.
A number of cases of measles ar#
reported In town—so b« careful of
your associations.
There will be services In the Meth
odistChurch at this place next Sab
bath. morning and night.
\x Mr. Cliff-Watts, of Hattiesburg.
• • spent sev.-ral days of the week with
Ms brother, Mr. Sam T. Watts.
Mr. H. H. Hungerford, of Waha
Isk. was here Moudajr. having lust
returned from a trip to Memphis.
We regret to not* (hat tho little
child of Mr. and Mrs. fy. F. MoCror.v
1* quite sick, and h1|[P« for It *
speedy recovery. !il;
Mr. i’. P. HarmonJBf yonaltlaon.
Mo., a as tiic guest of the family of
hi* btcthejt Mr. F. H. Hannon, the
first of the week.
Mr. tj. J^lrby has rented his ele
gant home,- in the weetern part of
town, to the Kev. and Mrs. K. M.
Woodruff, of Hlnnsville.
Mr. Tom Reynolds, for several
years past Jlic efficient and popular
aasistant In the Mcooba postofflee,
haa resigned that position.
Don't nils* the enteitainment. at i
tile Hcooha Academy, by Miss Xet-j
tie Jarksoiv on Wednesday evening
of next weak. January IHtli.
By mutual agreement, prayer ser
vice will he held on Wednesday
night of each week ill the Baptist
Chinch, during tile continuance of
the had weather.
As we haA to assist our better-half
ia her moving operations this week,
It took a good deal of our tlins away
from the office, and as a result we
are a little short on matter.
Messrs. List) Luka and V. H. Gully
took the train here this morning for
Philadelphia; the former was re
turning to iiia business at that point,
and the latter is prospecting.
W ANTKD: Men to advertise ar>d die
tribute oar sample Mail Order Mar
ehandise Cstslocnes. $t0 per month.
A Ad rest: UNITY 8UPPLY CO ,
17-St Dept. P., Chicago, III.
Mr. Aaron Tross returned tills
morning from a trip which included
visits to relatives in Louisville, Kyi,
Cleveland and Hamilton, Ohio, and
Ht. Louis, ilo. He reports having'
had a fine tltue. *
Ktiiavko oit Ktolkn.—One buck
sklu horse mule, fl or 7 years old,'
atMiut 14 1-1 hands iiigli, siiod on
feet, white spots on sides. Any In
formation lending to tils recovery
will b« thankfully received and suit
ably rewarded liy
It. Komknhaum,
> Heooha. Miss.
One of the prettiest of our young
ady friends reminded us the other
lay that this was leap year. Being
i married man with three •'olive
jranches”, we are of course exeuip;
jut we sound a note of warning to
rt-idowers, old bachelors and the
fay young bucks who make up the
masculine quota of Scooba’s society
jet, that there are places where
“angels fear to tread”.
Our iiearty congratulations are
tendered Mr. and Mrs. Sam Neville,
of the Giles neighborhood, on the
addition to their family circle of a
bright-eyed son. The happy event
transpired about a week ago, and
we are pleased to state that every
thing is well with mother and son.
Elsewhere will be fount! an advert
tisement ot Mr. Leslie 'Meacham.
successor of Mr. Jas. T).' French in
the grocery business. Mr. MeachAin
is well and favorably known toScot/
barts, and will, douhttess receive a
fair fefibre of the public patronage.
Notick—Lost on Defc. 27,*1907, be
tween Scooba and Howard King's
place, one 32-Colt's automatic pistol.
Any iniormation loaning to n» re
covery will be thankfully received
and liberally rewarded,
John F. Rinbhart.
The uprightness of figure of our
‘‘Uncle John” is even more notice
able since lie got him a new surrey.
Capt. I). Ferrel Carr says that it
would be well for people to remem
ber that‘‘pride goeth before a fall”.
Mrs. A. S. Houston and daughter,
Miss Annie, of Warsaw, Ala., have
moved to Scooba, and will make
their home with Mr. and Mrs. John
F. Pearson. We extend them a cor
dial welcome to our midst.
The family of the editor of this
paper moved, with their belongings,
to the house just completed by Con*
tractor Oeo. H. Polk for the Huke
heirs, nearly opposite the Methodist
Church, on Monday. ., .
C. L. Kitchens, a thoroughly: com
petent brick-mason, is now jat his
home at Binnsville, and b\ open for
an engagement to do any class of
hriok-work neatly, promptly and at
reasonable prices.
A. A. Hammatfk>iMi Coffins, Cas
kets, anda general supply of Under
taker's Goods, tit lowest prices.
When.Court Will Sit.
W. Mcl>. Mcqpre. .one of the new;
Magistrates tfliis (Northeast)"
Beat will Hold Court on the second
and fourth Mondays in each month,
iij thie raom formerly used by Mag
istrate M. Kearney—adjoining Capt.
Guy Jack’s store.
Magistrate Robert L. Thomas will
hold ills Court in the same
but on the first and third Saturdays
in each month. i
To Subscribers ia Arrears.
During the past few weeks we
have sent out a very large number
of accounts for subscription, and
our returns have been insignificant.
We are going to wait a few days
longer, and then all accounts for
subscription to the Kempkk Hkb
alu for more than one rear will be
placed in the hands of a magistrate
for collection, with costs.
Our thanks are tendered the fol
lowing out-of-town subscribers for
remittances mado bv mail within
the past week:
Mrs. J. L Hinton, Wahalak, $1.
J. E. Stuart, Giles, 60c.
Mrs. W. H. Harlan, McLeod, $1.
J. G. Cherry. Sucarnochee, $1.
It Docs The Business.
Mr. E. E. Chamberlain, ol Clinton,
Maine, aaye oi Buckiec’s Arnica Salve.
"It doe* the business; I have used it for
pile* and it cured them. Used it for
chapped hands and it cured them.
Applied it to an old sore end it healed
it witbont leaving a scar behind.” 25c.
‘8t all drug stores.
Strayed or Stolen.
From my premises, tiiree miles
'east of Wahalak, three or four
weeks ago, a chunky, sorrel horse
mule, about five years old. Suita
ble reward will be paid for informa
tion leading to recovery of same.
E. A. Warp,
Wahalak. Miss.
W*n Open, in a Few Days,
French’s Old Stand
Witn a Full Assort mont ot
' V
Fancy and Family
A lair share ot the public patronage issolicited. >
Iaesllo nieacham,
SCOOBA, Ml86’.r
-V 1
* r *v u ** •’ /.

J ’ V . .
« V
Nettie Jackson,
Dramatic and Humorous:
• ' 6 V ' I
^ I v*
Scooba, Miss.,
-1. ■■
.*• < , . \ , .... ;*
Saturday Night,
’■ r.-..
4 .
■ if5 jj' ■ i _
January 48th, 4908,
a i- - M*&'- .
‘V Li' ' '■* .....
f .. ..
% , .. i
- V s*
. ■ ■ - ■ « ■ -'■■■ I » ‘r-yr * Jl.
*5 i7 , •
“ ... - —• At' ./ • “
* ‘ ... t y >■
What the Press Says:
We can’t ea^much about Miss Nettie Jackson for laughing. She
is a show in herself. If anybody can beat her telling stories, ttiev’d
better tell them before a Marietta audience or no one will believe it.
She simply captivated the audieuce.—Marietta (Pa.) Times.
The imporsonattons of Miss Jackson, who captivated Lancaster
last year, were much enjoyed. She is particularly fine in her child
impersonations, and her “Money Musk" was a taking and unique
rendering.—Lancaster <N. H.) Gazette.
Miss Jackson completely captivated the audience, and was called
back again and again.—Covington, Ind.
y %
A Short Time Only!
We have recently made arrangements by wK|Cti we can
furnish all new subscribers to The Kemrer IIErald, and
all old subscribers who settle their subspriptipne to date
and renew for another year (paying tor same jnaifvapcjj),
with one year’s subscription to -•*
The ^berloah Fknaer, '
One of the greatest Literary Farm Journals published.
It fills a position of its own, and Has taken the leading
place in the homes of rural people in every sec
tion of the United States. It gives the far
mer and his family something to think
about aside from routine duties.
Every issue contains an original podi£ by Solou, L. Goode.
Take advantage of this offer at'once, for it will not last
long, and it is well worth the careful consideration of .all
interested in agricultural pursuits. Remember
TKE KEMPER HEKa£i? and l {fa*
For Oue Vear For^Botli!
Address,-Ew?CrirKBMPKR Herald,
' .<^^'»&toqJbft, Mississippi#.'
———rnrnmmfcsmi i ■ ■ ■■ ..
mercantile Stationery!
Neatly Printed—at This Office,
Mad Dog Scare.
The sanctity of the premises of a
number of our citizens was Invaded
Thursday night of last week by a
dog affected with tallies, and as a
result quite a number of the canine
tribe have been assisted across the
River Btyx.
As a precautionary measure, the
Board of Mayor and Aldermen held
a special meeting Friday evening.'
and adopted the foil owl, n'g" ordi
nance, and t^ie owners of. dogs are
hereby notified that Its provisions
will be rigidly enforced:
Be’it ordained, by tiie Board of
Mogor and Aldermen of thd T<twn
of Scooba, and the same is hereby
ordered,-" * «*■•»*’
That on and after January 6th,
1006, it shall be unlawful for dogs to
run at large on the streets of Bcooha
unless properly muzzled; and the
Marshal of said town, and his as
sistants, are hereby authorized to
take up and shoot any dog so found
t.aimltui at large. This ordinance
ro bd effective for thirty (30) days
from date of approval.
Approved January 3rd. 1906.
E. J. Irby, Mayor.
A. W. Struthkhs, Clerk.
To Subscriber* In the Western
Part of the County.
Tba Editor of the Ksmpbr Hkrai.d
baa arranged with Captain C. B. Tinsley
to receive and receipt for amounts due
this office, for aobtcriptiou or otherwise,
by parties living iu the western part of
the county.
So if you owe ua, and meat up with
Captain Tinsley in your or hie peregri
nations, just band him the "dough”
and he will sea that we get it.
Captain Tinsley is also authorized to
receive and raceipt lor new subscrip
tion* to Thb Herald.
New County Officials Taka Hold.
The following gentlemen, elected
last fall, were inducted into countv
office on Monday:
John L. Harbour, Sheriff;
F. M. Pace, Tax Assessor;
S, B. Bethany, Treasurer;
Dow W. Jackson, Superintendent
of Education;
J. J. Jackson, Southwest Beat, L.
L. Shumate, Centre Beat, and ——
Luke, Northwest Beat, members of
the Board of Supervisors.
•N. G. Briggs was choaen President
of the Board.
ltank Foolishness*
“wiien attacked by a cough or scold
or whan yuur throat is so re, it la rank
foolishness to taka any other medicine
than Dr. King’* New Discovery,” says
C. O. Eldridge. of Empire, Ga. “I have
used New Discovery seven years and 1
know it is the beet remedy on earth for
coogba a-d colds, croup, and all throat
and lung troubles. My children are
subject to croup, but New Discovery
quickly cures every attack.” Known
the world over as the King of throat
and lung remedies. Bold under itnnr
antee at alj drugstores. 5Cc and fl 00.
Trial bottle free.
For the Ladies.
We are pleased to be able to State
that we can again offer that popular
and up-to-date fashion and home
monthly publication, the New Idea
Woman’s Magazine, in connection
with tlio Kkmpkk Herald, at the
low price of $1.30 for the year.
We generally have sumple copies
of Ilia “Now Idea” at this office.
Ilf _ n*. J Local representative
W aniea for Scooba and vicin
ity to look after renewals and in
crease subscription list of a promi
nent monthly magazine, on a salary
and commission basis. Experience
desirable, but not*necessary, (food
opportunity for right person. Ad
dress Publisher, Box 69, Station O,
New York.
Seed for Sale I
Long-staple Cotton Seed, ^t $1.00
per bushel, delivered in Scooba.
Address E. A. Gilbert,
Ivy, Ala.
Notice of Election!
Notice is hereby given that an
election for one member of the Board
of Aldermen of the Town of Scooba,
to fill the vacancy caused by the re
moval from the town of Oliver East
land, will be held on Tuesday, the
4th day of February, 190H.
I). F. Carr. J. K. Tinsley and W.
R. Stewart *re appointed as Com
missioners to bold the said election,
wiflijl. W. Hare as Returning Ofll
< *By order of the Mayor and Board
tftAMepnon. ..
< « E- J. Irby, Mayor.
.An*"- Hthtthkkh. Clerk.
T ■■ .. ■■ ■ I
v«v I I 1 " T
* » t •
-i k-4— r-1—
» * ! •_ r
S ' ■
—f— ■ •{ . ,
-III . ,*v
Nal ft 4W*
A Mt which should bo in the hoods of
oil load owners as it simplifies dseerip
tftno and mfaihaiaas tho possibility of
wn***>f deeds, mortgagee, etc.
THOh. 11. rate U SON.
(MtTlKSOtao. HUS.
Wo bate made an arrangement
bv which we can furnish thla valu
able book to new subscribers to the
Hkhalii and to those renewing and
paying in advance, for it) cento.
Address ail orders to
Thb Kkmi'Uh Hkkald,
< t Scooba. bliss.
Subscribe lor Tmx Uxxah*.
I Paints, Oils, V f'
I and Brushes/*:
«E Fine Drugs and Drug Sundries 0* Every
Prencrlptlons Oarofully rtonipoundod.
* ©oooba,.Mississippi. r*~“
_ '
Ib the fineat Flour, made out ot Pure White Winter Wheat ,
every Barrel guaranteed, and money relunded it not aatiatftt*
I also keep on hand the celebrated Brand /
Joe Cramer, aoent!
Contest Notice!
Department of the Interior,
United States Land Office,
Jackson, M'.saiseippi,
December 7, 1907.
A sufficient contest affidavit having
been filed in this office by John Hair,
of Scooba, Miss., contestant, against
Jackson Series Homestead Entry Mo.
33,590, made July 19,1900, for W. J of
N. E i, See. 36. Twp. 12 M.. Range 17
E., Cboetaw Meridian, by Esaw Thomp
son (deceased), Margaret Banka Thomp
son, widow, conteetee, in which It is al
leged that he is well acquainted with
the tract of land embraced in said entry
and knows the present condition of
same; that Esaw Thompson nor Marga
ret Banks Thompson never lived upon
nor improved said lands, and that Esaw
Thompson died in 1903, and Margaret
Banks Thompson, his widow, movaid
from the 8tate of Mississippi; anti that
said Margaret Banks Thompson has ^ot
cultivated said lands cor hadtwpe cul
tivated (or her benefit; and that'seM
alleged absence from tbe land was not
dM to her employment in the Army,
Navy or Marine Corps of tho United
Stapee as a private soldier, officer,.sea
man or marine, during tbe wy vitb
Spain;or during any other waribivrhich
the United States may be engaged; said
parties are hereby notified to appeal/
respond and oCer evidence touching
said allegation at lO^o’clook a. m. ob
January 30,1908* before the Chancery
Clerk in and for Kemper County, in bis
office at DeKalb, Mississippi, and that
final hearing will be held at lft o’clock
a. m, on February 10, 1908. before tbs
Register and Receiver at the United
States Land Office in Jackson, Mississ
Serve under Roles 13, 14 and 10.—
(Form 4-2881
The said contestant having, in a pro
per affidavit, filed December 7tb, 1907,
set forth facts which show that after
due diligence personal earvice of this
notice can not be made, it is hereby or
dered and directed that snob notice be
given by dne and proper publication.
L. Q. C. Lamar, Register.
ivcif junnauiv a XS93.W
ed Coif*. Ivor
Johnson. Smith
ft W*s son. Our Com*
pl*t« Catalog of *a im>
tnenas Ho* gun*, pistol*
Whoi«s»ls Pvtop. Writ* for it laftr. _
865-7 Decaturtett ^^tUntosLSlU
(nar awn mUcKm) M r»acy eaV I
aertkar. Oaljr M caata a rear. |
1 magazine'
A Ml kMMlbl |dwi4 >kl«l| leMOt
iWmMM ; 4NMM9UM MMfM iluif
work ; Hoeoekold Umi ; Ititw. Wi Suk
Cik# ie-4ar, •», h»4 ti. fw bun copy.
if wtnird HmdterMTwr
•ifllth, {tollable, Simple. Upto
lata, KcManlctl ao4 AboolMd;
Por/ocvlTluiay Paper Patter*#. —
Oo*r I* w4 »! MfXi each- ner^
Aak/fw Ikoei. iol4 la needy
aa4 tewa, or by aiail from > i
nvavur wut »«t iu m na
■ -----
l ■
■_I' 6
■■■ II I mi ■ —Mft
General Merchandise.
Special Attention'Tai^To /

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