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The Scranton chronicle. (Scranton, Miss.) 1897-19??, August 27, 1904, Image 4

Image and text provided by Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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» *V f vi
fljlf THui Wan’* Mitrintt WanldJUvt
Killed Many* IJr«on,ftut 4
Purr* Cwrta^rtm.
A. C, Hpr»gnt>, atAek <^hler, ’ f;l,
—. ?f»; r jn fe) , Hi#
It'** #"LnV
n o t hi n g l**t t,
Vn y I n n
^ clnts t#< di iy|>y
i, UWuft* I on
i yot, tbink ih*t
P^nny luaiw K' *-''
#Utf<Tf nj** 1 did
Hiwi liv«ti *Th«
*. c. pp**«r'* pain in rny hack
wan »o hail that 1 i'o<ri*J >ud< "ban* *'
night. I orwifd nut ride tWofijuy and
wmieilrned • a* nu*bt» rr1 LL,to t*<}f In a
■My c-jii(lltl<,if*w«ii‘ei'OieaI wj>e» 1
fur Jidan** I*Hla. I i"ed
hdias ainfcttibjir cured me. H"»
g,i anywluar. ■ lailM^Nni inniFi as
idy. I alapp urcll •n<l feeljwo d*#
irt at all/' *i »
IflAti fltFjC* Ajdr^s Foster
in r<j.,*l|*ffttli> f-.J. ror.aala
dealfix*. I’ricy hi ♦ nt^
----.. •». ■ ■-■ -(—
Osstonn® Ihl irelinrf.
ihV’slelai* lu .lh«‘*»itilfsf 'he way
■% ol Ireland! fian #«iiy ulipw
is ''In Irinyjj, llh 'itali his aijjtta*
tnital |0i uiirtjil'dl -rUb arixIPHy
S liulftfmit |*UgtHs itn Mra8&'>
They b**^*gi‘-nt faith *in the
a sujnd'gtlt^smH faith fti ms
and upftH,Hires, *1*111 they nt^'n
non «ise of his endure
if MarOonagff^tfhla "Irish" l*tn
tiarn«te1‘.'' Klvos^ome Instance**
Mahnpllvlly In dealing wttii'flib
Ian. ; * .
pimsiiry do(^**i Anpe preaerlhi d
11m fai itt»li k IsIkhS'I','‘■it’iiioh h
»y the tiiaa'i wi6A tliia %»nnT1
(bearing tli*' sUffpfltlon: 'Win
tit lie UiIkhi irdrued lately." , #«
,l*iiiu* the patient a lltt|u later,
>ctor was'•uyprfai d to And Altai
Its had not helped thlftt * fly
thq man s sviig W she had given
Ip mediHn*.. _v
lid, dorioi," iff'ihiT.*i.iin, "tint
the lid tiasu 1 *e«m« off tgUf
ev e • • pwalluwitd box lyu!
‘itislsrsid wag ;
ortha 1111 s?t 'i hi^iiliy ^
,» :,a 1
m,” rtq said jiaja:
nWI Mn dvltM Try
41 * ■ > '
#di* an nlr of
•♦wan, iMml yitfifr
»lx fad! t'ru* in hi*
It lasift gtfam flip!*'
hr; ^
i InidF'ent (gr *th(T
Htne.UA ntg H*}.
Irbnput while the
tljfclan! tliapmilbo*
1pjid it glider Ills
J)0 ill l»
(ml rfr *t wo * "* .
ftfttosf at raid *tn
m ilnftoi r^)in<vr>dl
rinupnoter, he draw a ho a
and rxclahned; "Ah, I ito fed,
better already, suyh, y,t *
at a hgdnffthl JffJtrt/'Vna b«'g^"
aniwerej) Mr. Nlgb*,y> ■ »le.’6
jauanil koops It t ligt wait.* nH(?
■ " ica. jUa ,
rs|«*Oji a iffty- nvljjj! his laVn- „
r; allhoogh t ru/lfd scsrcijly Ri l I
o totmU it mil* .the
t to rdinplatn-about I hr* noise It*
i.F* tVnShington Star.
, _ ri J> . ■/*+ (
fergon irate .1 drpjJBit 4a#» trlfch* |
bail » mlllloie dntfnra. Stack. I
i- Did * ycr. oujcjy * lty»“ Fnftiei ynnk4
Nit! I »uz snod'fefor breach-of
iae, operated' mi fdr appoh-JluiU*
nefitlonhd Jcp si? yje«epfdelilllncy
I'd even sot ft rmiftHedg—dwIga.
rlettd -ol Aiijjt* |i»t*
if cnelih'^ n
dantja at thetpypyi
Md, he niali». an)
?■ .TAhbcrwol^_ lio
tW^PlgBbOYn tfftvaf
h*~i’bUtidelpIMa tft
. , , , xe ,• *
■---1 «» ’ ’ F *
harry }a»i^*dr»Drce\
lii^F- eoiffrt iiarlr ".
* I unfit l\«r afimong
• Ire on, and go t mrur>
rlN money."- .Ttidgc.,,
EASY. , * V
_ 1
h«eo« unto a ^lttle Thinking.
The food of ^hdhoWd ofl^t'A decide*
* Whetherti>nd Is to Mfeu ut> well aoifr-’
isWK^an^ healthy or\*nk. nhd stdfty !
f»fiu It* proper <ood. »,
ItVjust as vaty to be onhw tjm oth
er, provided we "net a prope^yjt.. .
A wise* physician like t|fe ^kiiygr
Doctor w ho 'knew about food, call's,
omplish wonders, JfffovMed the uatH^
Ik willing to help aud wll> ogr oul^
drops! food. ♦
. tijMekiHg of this case the Mother said
'- h# little four year-old boy was suffer
ing from a pecnliar derangemen^o! the
stdmMh. liver and kidneys and luhXeej,
become so stpoDan-he couldn't take *
jt,*‘n* called a'- Doc lot who salgs
* afv bm e w4„njust Hie very careful* usto*
\h\a diet, ak Improper *fbod seas the
on]|y cauke oT hts sickness fbigar espe
* tally, Ae fcitbld.*
'Rathe Dr. mad* ut; a diet and ±he
principal fcxpflie preset hill was Urape
Nuts and the hoy, who gfha Ver^fond
, nf sweet tlepMm, took the Gcape-Nuts.
readily wMhouf adding alfy sugar. kDr.
explained thM tb* ewefft.ln ttrape-Nuts
, la cot at all flhe eane or beet sugar
hut is the natural swe$t of the {trains,;'
We Baw hlg Improvement Inside a
tew day* and now Grape-Nuts are al
most hfS^nlY food and he Is once more
a heaVihjC happy, rosy-cheeked young-'
iter with every prospect to grow up
into.a strong healthy man " Name
given by Poatum Co., TBattle Creek,
The aweet in Gfape-Nma is. the'Na
* tire-sweet known as Poet -Sugar. noi
Rested In the liver like "ordlnari
•ugaV bat predigested. Peed the young-,
itera a handful of GrapJ-.luts when
Nature demands sweet and prompts
them to call for stigsr. , a
There’s a reason..
Get the little book ."The Jtoad i»
Wallville" in each gkg. . .
^ f »
i •. . i —r
I_© : . _ G-—>
p The St. Louis WorUtfs i
Fair as a Great, Educator
- = \ I ^
rr -J It U More Valuable than Moflths of Study or a Trip Abound jTJ
» the World Accommodations for Visitors Moderate and Ample «
tft. , ,t waVsifhdln# (hi
Pflra ih.’’j^mlrlng (|)<ytP*^l
flhaf slrefeTnuf #w»y fnioctljr dl*tati%
; Ip tore Tge I'ndifltt frith the giagnMeAn.
I f^e. Uc li- of the ytsi Kiffrs I heeited Dl
1 company, fur the mat mrimdittim «1
i Around tr& w%» Hitlftrlent.'httt a» P afoot
tl»te« an acqinflntanc*! the tyrealdenM)
| a western rolled stopp' d bealde me.
• Mann indent beyornf, the dream o
man,'' said J *
I • ''More than that," said he, «e*T>i yot
[ know." fir i oaUJMticg, "lytne tffb great
j e, r thin* of thin tryily fcrtat Apoal
l la thff eguctU l'>»«1 ♦ffflurtii** It wlf
i haye iftton tlie^/Mlgone wbdjrfaU It
• Ifmr 4n (#0tWj4ks' Itwiy one ran gall
moriT prtfhttraj Wiiwledpff of fh'e ItlSi
ifjpt. win b' ija«fut*«'!rhtin in cba afro*
Kir yolth the wortj hr can gef It
typi v;ji» tpnejn any ufttvcrstly Xht
cofinge rdiitnUnjl la entirely differ*!)
(jpmMtra hftid of •■eitocailoir on* get
by ««*fn* thmgi*| l)Ui for *rartlialpnr
pi)'!'? fhi< 'seeing' education IH 'l11W<; a.'
aii. eiiiyry aa the Jtook learning Wt
con*lder. a trip to Europe aa a grea'
jdueathr, hop a trip to'diurop* cannot
' L. - * --»-—;-r*~
. . Hifl '»« SlluH taii the educational
■ pofbt i makers, fbis la IF *
\ • “Watch ft ftarty of vlaf*or* from a
MtasltslDPt valley «rme. pe t>fc who
11 htft'H nedfcr Seen Hie sea, aa they wan
der ^kfouglv tyia,paapagea of the battle
l ! *rt)Tp trli'lel of *<V*m a1™* a rapid-lire
tlgiyi on df'k, tvffoa* an Imaginary
i oc>an The'shlim in tbelr eye* >etry*
' a mlxtnro of excited Interest and pa
triotic pride,,* Far th%ogh the coast
I amr be loin their hemes, 4t Js yet
'thsir hoastjfhat such nattiest) Ip* guard,
iind tbf battleships are *tbciAjwI
Hit ft a semi-proprietary satisfaction
that affords n jjood part of t$p plras
l urc that any American evinces In ga?
I tflg at the_ proteases or results of the
upiny government a- tlvitpyj he secs ex
ploited-here A visitor will observe a
, hit ad red liftercsttag no#Ules, ,h<- will
teayp’ the* building—onlt to B° back
i later. f<$r another look round-eyed
‘With tiEun/i ment^ af’tlm many things
the gorernmenf tfrfes* for the people;
Injl Ills spirit will be self gr.it ulalorye
It la we wh^ti ant* drrhi; It uli ”
Yet another among ^he thousand of
„ *» <r-%
-*—•—‘— ‘ . ri, i
h'l'<-r>IS|>af«<l |"8 » trip |o Ulla.oxposl- I
tlun.. k * • •<- ,
• Ar fpr <mr cotmlry, wlni could lit)
(gone fintfit^Hvr* tlia.11 the exhlbltB in
unb jgiftriftinteTI tmlldlng? After setting
It, m iMulcrstund far Aattgr "'ban we
nuiiil have btforu both the systoip and j
iibcb'of (government. Yak* the Philip
fHn- exhibit, n* an«t lu*r Vxlunyil*. A
half diy's tlipc event within its walls
l» 1401-8 iiMiiuel/ve t)th|> Adrtfcen Nbu.
books yfr t#<: entirety fbg/apido bead*
iml forgot, hut nWien wo See we < re
nii-aibu, iftid here wrf sec.'.’jf* A **
, • - » ■ • mH V
JJxifmplos that would bear out' fne
ntH offc my college friend might
tie opuiidwiated jyl$»oet.without eud, and
Ml -woti^biit tend-to tirrive that thf
fmutajtda 'PurtfitPiy eltpoeltlpn Is the
greatCst vdoafttnr bit tlt« ago, We read
fins hfttxtrlra of the years1 to Uiftru of
Uie • world>-pougr^ts, byit' M'tp we dqj
read tvh ref M ip U>«
^•nhs]u7MihliAt leuldfngr we sea the.
rapaltTtw irtcoinoUvi^ (lift l "jail led oar
fink untlrtiad tr,Jns, Iitul sthtjiHfig ba
eldd ISSein We sue the yoVerfUJ. Inirt
Vatc uj^bUjni'i tiyn perform th$ sajp®
serflef- fu-?!a* 1 Tliftt Is alt editontlou
In the jirogrusw pf rafirm*<llrf$. fh the
Jkw-trlt a)‘ liuHtlltlf* wtv'tiiyl the -first,
mimltlve < lut intent ajipytinrssT'hud he
alth t,b«m the twuny Intricat* machines
t?V*t ate tty-day being driven by this
gs yet'-tmsxplutned poster. 1'liat'Vyjp
^t.i- dgteeduqpWupn In ^l$ptrtettj. In ou^
sctwiT geographies, we are taught*,
atnong ylhw thliutg, of the 'prothter*
of -rtu'.VivrlfaewYnujlt'ries.- Jfere we' seb
they;) Fite luxiK learning we forget,
WhiU hip see Wf> w-igetpt^r. Tftlto, fer
c^ihtph-,' Jttpajv, We are Intermded jn
the ur’pr.Psws of the Island enipfbdf wo
t^nntb'f ifl her .greatness, we read v61
uua >aW*j[' volume to^ learjy • nf her
prp|t esb[* I fdre It-la a^. spread ouW.^s
fofW our eywB.' We^se'e the same Japan
,('o»moflorc PAb saw when hf broke
the»tiars (A darkness that shut the em»
urji Upt|y thg ymriUr gnd-wd aue hpsltle
if- tire JJtpai thajp’*is to-day WgRing .1) iu
f*v|Ui tuie wt she greatest nafltni*pf the
.k-Vfftil: th«>.atne Japmx that ta an tgn
ptyrihfH (dein^nt In Jhe ' wfrtld'a coni'
rjrcrue. It Is an education la the pVt’K
re4* jJauhn that, no boohs can,’pcs
'■lhivjjrt'P’'u>‘ *t ’» - .
Aud,su ft gflet- iltrough.npt ttu- ftraai
cxposlyt-U paiasu.-Ytlmift^h th/fugelgr
govA-nmcat' *utl«Jtwjt, 'thgmgh tM
state Imlldtofss. and “Mown a1'tie J*Tke
" i-iWM'V where tanew' and vXhuttde los
..son coMb' learped and nover faffedften
«or w^mftru It by "dbetng." <P
w(£.f^ie'ter ligald \q" !*Ue United xrft«tci
rapra^inourgilding ar^ Its exhibit!
| ns a^eduuablCn^T fenm*^ f want. t.
l ituafe a'vrit t of a iiftraiirM'lf fcljvn th<
7f|ftrrent uwHy^er of t^*' World'! AS'drl
exhibits fhat may he claused as o.du
gatlowal Is to be found In every aisle.
In every , corner of tho Agricultural
building. Ilerfe dprpnd out before you
afo the “products tit ih# eacth'M harvest
ttaldif lu tills line buttiling, bipf enough
in iMetf to r^ptatp the pliot'e *t»f the
Paw-American exposition] at -Buffalo,
are*tbe farm prompts avefy coun
try. Mere are jfhWvesfof grain and
heaps of,cyrti, uunle opulent with urilk
iind h'hney amtliuitcr,. cotton-seed oH
ghd col ton, tobWc.po, sugar cane, nnjl
frull. .Thule are towers and tnigoclas
and pictures and panoramas in corn
naHka, corn-cob", cui'n-tassets find corti
koi'j)^S, jofiarco tcjwes and Jobacco
gralns, wheat-stix.w' and wlyeatriioada
and wheat-grains; and there a re llg
nrcs in enu#n 'a«(t»lnitter and sugar
ayd prunes and nuts,* i'here arc."dec-,
praftons In wavy .moss ami hemp, in
ITke-aluu^vcs and prairie passes. Ydb
know at last tho wealth of ^adh st.fte.
for packed Into eaeli,«of Ihe illffereflt
Hpi tionr Is an abundatn. Sample of all
tffnt springs friian one staters soilc
•v^iicthdr It be hilMarm potatoes,
gwaiup rice. Wea-Islayd cot l An, ftotfonl
latiilSforn, TiraWe" iwTteMt, *iesart dates
orlrjfgated alfalfa. Ani] in the same
way you'kaoW the agrlcWtufkl wealth
ofwaeheof the world's nations, for thfy
atre spread out before you (or your In-,
spuell^n. .a- . % *' -*
And witat does It vast to see this
• wonderful expoaltaoiu whaj. is the
prtig *[t> be paid ps-tkli liberal edu
cM{o8t. ItJtnny be much or Httle, jrtst
|s a |Ight.-soein{ .trip to any^cUy may
be mirii m 11 tile There jre fpajiipw'
SWtV high-priced hotels in St. Uffttlsj
juit-as'lher* nfosn New York, In Chl
rigo, 1» IXitft’o'i^ An any' nlliot blrK”
city, fnif he It said to th'e credit’ oV
theec hotels, they are no higher prlqpd
'dm^pg thk exposition than they were
before- it. The masses of the people
are looking^ however, for korftf rlftng
|esi»f expensive,1 amt ft ts easily found
. The people of St. Lou]s are playing the
part of^ioST In a way that will spake
friegd* of Hfe visitor* to the fair.
ThoutsSnds of homes have been opbnud
, tyr the »cei>m^io‘datii*n of guests and
' the prices rharged for the uccSronioda
rkrns pravided are moit moderate. In
fart. 10 judge front what one must.pay
: fAf.tmurH anil room. oueVoiildifrartte
ly, lmuCTTyB thtiV'vhc |rpf»te*t exposition
the w-prld has aver known 4a ip pftig
ress ,i« the eltft Upktdjng fcqra nttk-ea
iwmpar^ftvorably ^wtth rhoso oTiptber
ottips. and $1 .pec'i'aytwni saenre a
| aoiphirtatde v.mm and breakfast In
,|hundreil% of thcsA hospitable homes.
:,No one nWeds- deprivahimsclf oc '(h«
emit education thaf Wwajts giu . at
pis fmiil^foagfAtr of exottmt.uit pfuas,
jjor they arc. cot iw.be feund
W'k-1' ---S
i np-arriaut siuucaw'Vi nawire
have n.v intraftt 1n> beilttiAg%r In ox»
aggerattug fHp, int*ll%iene% of animals,
writes John' p’lfcfoughs._ln “What l^b
Animals Know"" rh
he wants is the truffi ahqnt then^anit
this hetvrtll-spH get fro% opr ntfUifU'
history,romancers, n«r from the rainfcf."
ifli trained otJserveft who are sure to im
trrtjnvl the lives of fti* wvood folk to
lerms of llielr own motives and r*p#H
•uces uot from Indians, trappers or
——»————.. . .
oacR*uoasioeu, »D|) five ^ch ir^etern
Hft th|ir fjtirles and uMpersytfons.^Ngt
Mo RrfKinrtTs or Jesse or .Michelet nutsf
jwe || for the truth about «ii«jal«. 4but
! to file patient, honest Uarwty t# such.
M'&lm, fcee,n and pTy'tosopSicaf invest!
■ patord as i^oyd Morpjui; and.to ftifboglt’
IS* s*b sfortshien as^harleS Si. Joh\
Bftto ouf owu candid lnteiTfoofu and
^e-avrak^ Theodore,gpRoOaeteft- nrue
; > apt^h r : ii-interci^dObservation,
wUb no*!hcorieo about a»'!uais to up
hold. ;’TS* ■ «*- ** “
- NtA > . A ^ -
“Ten Ok) MaTds."
Jhe story ha told of a teacher of In
dians at Hampton, Ya.. who jvas read
ing them \h« parable pf T^e -Ten Vtr
j-glns by the aid of an Interpreter; aa
she read, the noticed a'furtiv# smile/
tn (be faces of her ii8u^ly*jobf£eia- !
aged pupils, and,- stopping to inquire-1
the cagec) dtocoverejj-that, owfhg„*o !
the parity of the ln^lan”t dialect, j,
hafcirh-njyule the same wor^serr^ for
^vlr*ln and old tsa^ thl stor*. as it
*WV sided do*fr thrctUb inter* re
i^Mr*Ttfcth,ieir*<# ql<3
fcaldb ugit^4 .hettglantris an4^ew ,
out to look for—Wor)d>
Dtdijfc wlnt^uch.
may JPl aal«^he
good tairy. "ajul i
wish I may Bare everyt
(.hncinnati Enquirer.
A Reminder. *
It Bo«t« u* more tc live Obwadaysthait
fortoerlja says a sag*, who seems to toA
get that w * did not live term*'1-'' —4'U*»"
tiu (T«*) jfew*
* A - ~
Moat of »Ha Allaaanta J'aaullar to tha
|>I»> a Maa *re IW< to Catarrh
of i’alrlc
ilrJn-J, Dmvnil n* j
. . , « »». . • • • «-• «« • <»•** j
99 Eleventh Street, J '
Milwaukee, WIs. J
“A shorf lime ago I found my con- j
dllloit very serious, I had headaches,
pains In the hack, and frequent dizzy
spells which grew worse every month.
I tried two remedies he tore Peruna.
and was discouraged when I look
the first dose, hut my courage soon
returned. In less than two months
my health was restored.”- Mrs. M.
Brick tier.
'J'lie reason of so many failures to
euro eases similar to the above is the |
M Nt XI f I KOI HI 1 fact that diseases
NO! RtCOGNI/fD Peculiar to the
AXTAIAttUII female sex are
AS ( UAltHIt. colnmonly
recognized as being caused by catarrh.
Catarrh of one organ is exactly the
same ns catarrh of any other organ.
What, will euro catarrh of the head will
also cure catarrh of the pelvic organs.
Peruna cures these cases simply because
It cures the caturrlg
If you have catarrh write at once to
Dr. Hartman, giviuga full statement,of |
your case,and hewill be pleased togivc
you bis vaiipibln advice gratis.
Address nr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sipitajhou, Columbus, 0
m i --Tip* * "
It Is believed by the people of North
Dakota that there is a strong artesian
basin or flow underlying the whole
state, Which might be touthed by wells
at various depths. With a view to
such development, Knginser N. 11. Dar
ton ,1s about to investigate the sup
posed resources. If Lhtt should prove
prietltsable land valu-JS would lake a
blfc jump
■ The great field of crystallized salt si,
ralton. Cal., in the middle of the Cole
rndo desert ,^s 2C4 feet below the lev«i
of the sea aitn Is more than a thousanl
acres tn»extent. Its surface ii^as whits
as snow, and when the sun Is shining
Its brilliance Is too dazzling for tho
eye. The field la constantly supplied
by the many salt springs in the adja
cent foothills.
. rt , _
/A II MftpHJiri ttHU llt*n Uiicu UJ VUUI
pulBion eaten the flesh of animals not
generally used as human food says
that grilled Ron Bteafgs arc delicious
and much superior \to those of the
tiger; that the flesh of the rhinoceros,
ptoperly prepared, has the good
qualltioa of pork; thal the tftink and
feet of young elephants resemble veal,
und that stowed boa constrictor is a
splendid substitute for rabbit.
A Chicago moffier has adopted a
novel plan flfir keeping before her the
Image of her, daughter at various ages.
Wfien herllnifWiter Mignon was a mere
hnby she began to take a regular series
of photographs, which she has contin
ued ever slnc|. Up to the present time
st^ has taken In- all about 400 photo
graphs, ail’entirely different in pose,
Togethorv they comprise probably the
■jjiost complete child’s portrait gallery
In thd world.' #
'-Women letter carriers are deemed
atn 1'0'S^ a ffecc^ity by Postmaster John
Mi Kay, of DespMolnes, la., who has
mite jp,recommendation to the dcparV
njonW ai Washington!! favoring the re
tmovaji n^ the ban that now limits the
oiyil service exarntnlHiotp for letter
o%rrieis to males. ’'When you send a
wu*ten on an efrnnd,” he says, “she
wHuroturnilu half the time that g man
#111. SMie (Wes not Stop to loiter. We
And'them "equal and even superior to
pien in‘the money order, stamp and
other divisions and I favor giving them
a trjaf In file deUvery section,"
•jf --- Ht
Shouting Their Praises,
FViarpoint. Mis*. Aug. 22, I Special!.—
(lured of Bladder and 1>idney Trouble af
t>T ,»(l year'-of suffering, ^tev 11. H,
i! o' "f >>'act’- is telbng tllV pub
Jic the good news ami shouting the praises
of the remedy that, cured him -Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Rev. Air. Hatch says;
“1 have been suffering from lhodder
tSnd Kidney Trouble for 20 years awl 1
•av# tried everything that people said
"Would do me good. But nothing did me
any good except Dodd’s Kidney*Pills.
'‘J.-^vcn’t felt a naiiw.ina* I took
TJodds Kidney Pills. They gtuo ime bed'll ’
j i- !'ke a ,,ew ntan altogether.
Bodd a K'dney Pills are the best I ever
*IMd. ge
SfJM ytinary and Bladder Troubles are
Wnse.l by diseased kidneys The natural
£*5 *<»-»ure them is to cure the Wnm.
Dodls Kidnev Pilla never fad to cure
disaased k.dnevs in anv stage or place. '
Wiey always cure Backache and they are
me only remegy g)tat ever cured Bright's
W* - ^
Not Quite Cured.
Mailer Roast Pe«f or rured ham, sir?
^Wiring aonic beef. The last cured
,* ordered here was ouly convaiea
cent —t'mcinnati Commercial Tribune.
There is nothing more enjoyable than
an animated discussion ot something wo
don t know anything about with some
biray that knows less- than we do.—Puck.
—- 1 ~ - • ■■
Another reason why a dog 1a the best
^ end it that yog ms unit, e the doc —
Chicago Tribune.
' _,__
Levy and Cohan Try to Kaka Up,
But Soon Strike a DUoor
dant Note.
Jww and Cohen came out of the eyna
tot lU New Year', day. It was the day
of ^atonsmerit, of forgiving, of making up,
relates the New Orleans I lines XJemocrst.
Ury approached Cohen and extended a
^“ohenV^d he. "vs haf not ahpokeo
for dvendy years. Come Ve make
frsdts." .
Cohen silently shook.
">'ow Cohen," continued the reconcile
ant, "ve go ofer to Bungleheim s unt haf
* Arn.k|n arm they crossed the street.
Drinks were ordered and set before them.
Cohen, convinced at last of the sincerity
of the Other’s advsnees, spok*jdor the
first time. * . . , .. ,
"Levy," he said, "X am glad of it. I
raise niy glass to you, Levy., Vish ms
aomedings.” * T a
■ Mit alt my heart, ’replied I>ivy, and
raised hi* glaa* in turn. "Cohen, my dear
frendt,” skid he, "I vish you shoost vat
you vish mel" _ . _ , ,
The growing umile nRWr from l^onen ■
face «nd he set his glass down with a
Abraham!” he exclaimed "Now
you’re shtarting it all over again!’’
Showing That Parents Csnnot Al
ways Follow Their Children
Into Society.
There was once an humble hen, who
hatched out, by mistake, a Hock of owls,
says Judge.
Of course, so soon as the owls were big
enough to make their debuts they began
staying out until all hours of the night,
and mingling in the giddy whirl of soci
To this, however, Mamma Hen object
ed, saying that she had not been brought
up in such a way, and she did not believe
that it was proper for her children to go
gallivanting around.
At this the owl-chickens conferred
among themselves, saying:
“Poor mamma! \\ ith her antecedents
it natuially is hard for her to know who’s
whoo." _
Moral—Sometimes it is difficult for ths
parents to enter society.
A scientist who apparently knows a
thing or two writes in one of the maga
zines: "A blush is a temporary erythema
auil calorific effulgence of the physiog
nomy, ventilating m s paresis of vasnio
tor filaments in the facial capillaries.”
The next time you cause a maiden to
blush try to remember the trouble you
are putting her to.—Chicago ltecord-Her
—• x
And the "athletic girl” whose vigor la
the vigor of man, whoae talk is the talk
of man, who invades Ins smoking room,
his billiard room, shares with „ him the
whisky decanter and the cigarette box and
will not even let him have hia tailor to
himself—she is not likely to keep her in
fluence over him for long.—Boudoir.

Little Mixed.
“George,” remarked Mrs, Spofkin, "I
shouldn't think them baseball magnets
would make any money. 1 see their men
is always going out on strikes.”—Brooklyn
For Your Perfect Comfort
At the 8t. Louis Exposition, which is very
severe upon the feet, romombertn take along
a box of Allen’s Foot-Ease. a powder for Hot.
Tired, Aching, Swollen Poet. Bold by all
druggists, Sac. Bou t accept a substitute.
Lost Anyway.
The Prims Donna—Why don't you give
the part to my daughter? She sings
beautifully. She has inherited my voicefc
Manager Conn—That so? I’ve often*
wondered what become of your voice.—
Chicago Journal.
Kits stopped free and permanently cured.
No fits after first day’s use of Dr. Kline's
Great Nerve Restorer. Free $2 trial bottle A
treatise. Dr. Kline, 931 Arch at., Phils., Pa.
Wouldn't Tell a Lie.
Teacher The sentence. “My father hsd
money” is in the past tense. Now. Mary,
what tense would you he speaking in if
you said, “My father has money?”
Little Mary- Oh, that would be pre
tense.—Struy Stories.
• — ■■■■—•
PCo's Cure for Consumption is an infalli
ble medicine for coughs and colds.—N. W.
bairmel, OceartiGrove. N. ,L, Feb. 17. 1900.
Force of Habit.
"Herbert has been running an auto so
long that he had forgotten all about
horseback riding."
“What did he do when the horse
"He crawled under it to see what was
the matter?”—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
■■■■•■■ •
The jilted Philadelphia man who sent
as a wedding present to his former sweet
heart a miniature coffin full of old love
letters took a delicate'hieans of demon
strating that his heart had not been
broken.—Philadelphia Press.
Wrtered silk is the proper material for
a liov.ing gown.- - Chicago Daily News.
Mrs. Rosa Adams, niece of the late General
Roger Hanson, C. S. A., wants every woman
to know of the wonders accomplished by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
“ Dear Mrs. Pwkham : —I cannot tell you with pen and ink what good
Lydia E. Pliikhain’s Vegetable Compound did for me, suffering from
the ills peculiar to the sex, extreme lassitude and that all gone feeling. I
would rise from my bed in the morning feeling more tired than when I went
to hod. but before I had used two bottles of Lydia E. Pill k ham's V©g©>
tabid Compound, I began to feel the buoyancy of my younger days return
ing, became regular, could do more work and not feel tired than I had ever
been able to do before, so I continued to use it until I was restored to perfect
,health. It is indeed a boon to sick women and I heartily recommend it.
Yours very truly, Mrs. Kosa Adams, 819 12th St., Louisville. Ky.”
Any women who nre troubled with ir
regular or painful menstruation, weak
ness, leucorrha-ft, displacement or ulcer
ation of tho womb, that henring-down
feeling, inflammation of the ovaries, back
ache, general debility, and nervous pros
tration, should know there Is one tried
and true remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound. No other medicine
for women has received such wide-spread
and unqualified Indorsement. N'o other
medicine has such* record of femalecures.
“ Df.ab Mbs. I’iukkam: — I am very pleased
to recommend Lydia E. Pfnkliam’s Vege
table Compound for womb and ovarian difficul
ties from which 1 have been a sufferer for years. It
wns the only medicine which was at all beneficial,
and within a week after I started to use it, there
was a great change in my feelings and looks. I
used it for a little over three months, and at the
end of that time I suffered no pain at the menstrual
period, nor was I troubled with those distressing
pains which compelled me to go to bed, and I have
not had a headache since. This is nearly a year
ago. I always keep a bottle on nano, ana iaue &
few doses every week, for I find that it tones up the system and keeps me
feeling strong, and I never have that tired out feeling any more.
“I certainty think that, every woman ought to try this grand medicine,
for it would prove its worth. Yours very truly, Miss Elsie Danfokth, 20J
De Soto St., Memphis, Tenn.”
Don’t hesitate to write to Mrs. Pinkbam. She will understand
your case perfectly, and will treat you with kindness. Her advice
is free, and the address is Lynn, Mass. No woman ever regretted
having written her, and she has helped thousands.
FORFEIT It wacannot forthwith produce the original letters and signatures of
Above testimonials, which will prove their absolute genuineness.
JLy di* 1£. i'inkbiuu Mod, Co#, Lynn, Mass*
A matrimonial refusal ia the original
antitrust decision.—Richmoud Missou
new OH.XiE!A.]\rS.
Full courses In Languages, Sciencetlcngineer
Ing, Law, Medicine. Splendid department for
women In Newcomb College. Tulano makes
leaders in ail vocations. Its facilities fbr in
struction in Engineering are unsurpassed. Un
excelled opportunities tor the study of Sugar
Chemistry. Expenses low. Board and accom
modation in fine dormitories at low rates. Op
portunities afforded academia students for self
kelp. Next Skssion BRGiNifOcTOBK’t 1st. Send
for Catalogue and Illustrated Circular.
The proof of the shell is its shooting. Be- [
cause they shoot so well, Winchester Factory [i
Loaded "Leader” and "Repeater” Smoke- r
less Powder Shotgun Shells have won almost I
every important prize shot for*, in years. I
Good shots shoot them because they gfve bet- I
ter results, shoot stronger and more uniformly I
and are more reliable than any other rnakh B
a McGee’s Baby Elixii
For Toothing, Diarrhoea, Summer Complaint, Etc.
N Contain* No Poison In Any Form.
/ /• Pleasant to Take.
Guaranteed to Cure.
PRICE, 23 and 30 CENTO. - tor Sale by all Druggists.
A Largs Trial Box and book of in*
■tractions absolutely Free and Post*
paid, enough to prove the value of
PaxtineToilet Antiseptic
Paxtino If In powdei
form to difsolve ll
mater — non-poisonoui
and far superior to llquk
antiseptics containing
i alcohol which Irritates
* Inflamed surfaces, and
si have no delating prop
1 erties. The conteatl
J of every box makai
I more Antiseptic Soli*
f tion — lasts longer
' . roes further-has inert
& S<es fn the family and
S' doesmoregoodthanaai
antiseptic preparation
you can buy.
1 he lonttma or a rraiea Dosion
and used with great success as a Vaginal
Wash, forLeucorrhcca, Pelv ic Catarrh, Nasal
Catarrh, Sore Throat, Sore Eyes, Cuts,
and all soreness of mucus membrane.
Inlocaltreatmentof female Ills PaittoelS
Invaluable. Used as a Vaginal V ash wo
challonire the world to produce Its equal lor
thoroqghncss. Itisarovclationin
and haling pow"r; it kill? adl ?erms whic5
-cans* inflammation and discharges.
All leading druggists keep Paitin<£r™«.«^
a bo* ; If youradoeo not, send to ua for 1 -
toko a substitute - there is nothing 1 ke 1 axtluo.
' Write for the Free Bo* of Faxtloe to-day.
B. PAXTON CO., 4 Pope Bldg., Boston,
IN GRlilAT VARIETY lor .ale at
the lowest prices by
A. N. Kellogg Newspaper Co.
38 Jefferson Street^Memp^^
. I Cure*. Gives qiuck
t ' relief. Hemoveeell
p ■ swelling in * ,0J"
5 ___ I days: reriii»"r"'
Ji . cure 30 to 60 days. Trial traaiHj'''*
■I i Or. H. H. Breen's Ssns. Do* O. Atlanta. «*■
VALUABLE concerning rtl»l IW
Q Best Cqugli Syrup. Tm**ea '*<***■
-T? in time. 3o!dby»irui
~~A. N.K.-F __2080 ^
plmmme iIbIc that jos J»w the *
Meat la thl« ood*« - __
■V B B VB troUR frtiHit on OISEASEt #F VOMER. Of (to HmmmEi of Rromnoot ptoDii coroi M oor _ /IIIBCrI
i B.-2- ^^JB BlIRmftioR. RORE MID « CERT TILL CUREO-tiforolaklholrumMuRleftoron inllofloo. Til I (!(|nr||
■ ■ mm — pRS. ThORMTOM & MINOR,
X To cure, oHrione^efunde^b^ou^nSrohant^owhy not try It? Price 50$.

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