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he poor, unsuspecting Indians said
Ihrlstopher Columbus and his men:
bar.a," meaning, In their language,
cnce came the name of the beau-
I and enchanting city of Havana,
hoy show you here, the gnarled,
enable looking tree, under which
imbus treated with the Indians,
his city was founded in 1519, being
years before the landing of the
:rlm Fathers at Plymouth Rock,
avana Is In fact a big urban sec
of old Spain, set down here on
noble island In the new world,
ake up the map and locate your
at Jacksonville, the wide-awake
pushing emporium and metropolis
i'lorlda. Then go 477 miles south
ig the eastern coast of that state
(night's Key. There you are near
-100 miles out from the southern
it of the mainland of Florida, hav
been carried there over water and
t Knight’s Key you take a steamer
can make the day trip to Havana
r the indigo blue waters of the
f of Mexico, from 7:30 a. m., to 5
n. of the same day.
ou first see to the southward and
theastward the mountains of Cuba,
hen later the lighthouse and the
coni wireless telegraph station at
ro Castle.
oon you see the famous Moro
tie Itself, and then the splendid
er-to-be-forgotten sight of the city
lavana, w-lth its charming pink and
ow tints, Its sea wall, Its entrance
the bay under the frowning looks
Moro Castle and the famed old
ress of Cabanas.
our boat does not go to the dock
this line, but is anchored In the
, near to the ghastly remains of
wreck of the Maine, which project
ve the water.
lender comes alongside, but no
y seems to be In a hurry, for you
now outside the belt of the north
hustle and push and are In the
and of “manana" (to morrow).
'he most striking features' of the
of Havana are the Prado and
he Prado is to Havana even more
n Pennsylvania avenue Is to Wash
ton city, Fifth avenue to New York
or Grand Boulevard to Chicago.
•* as wide or wider than Penn
'aula avenue and is the most beau
-1 street, all In all, and with Its
kg and Its Junction with the Male
, that one could wish to see.
here Is a central line of trees, flow
and grass; then on each side of
t, wide, paved promenades, and on
outer side of these promenades
ther line of trees, flowers and
ss; then a splendid driveway on
h side, and the sidewalks on each
l of the street. Like in the case of
h avenue, New York, no street
5 arc allowed on the Prado. Ex
■lng the Prado from Colon (Co
bus) park, going northward, you
b through India park with Its beau-
I statue of an Indian maiden, sym
zing the city of Havana; then you
b through "Parque Central" (Cen
park), with Its classic looking
ue of Jose Marti, the patriot,
oon, at the gulf end of the Prado,
come to the beautiful stone pa
a called “The Glorletta," embel
ed with the inspiring names of
!art, Beethoven. Schubert, Strauss,
dl and Wagner.
he Glorletta Is the stand occupied
the splendid bands at their fine
olng, open air musical concerts,
urroundlng the Glorletta Is a vast,
dy paved plaza, covered with seats
ited green, to harmonize with the
•r of the leaves and with the green
earing rim of gulf waters that
hes against the sea wall a short
ance away.
he president's palace, Columbus
tedral, Mercedes cathedral, Moro
tie and old Cabanas Fort, on the
de, are all very interesting, as also
iy other buildings, Including an In
ctlon of a great cigar factory,
i Columbus park you see some
y fine specimens of the royal palm,
'olumbus cemetery Is most beauti
wlth Its wealth of Italian mar
monuments and statues and Its
iderfully artistic floral decorations,
lever to be forgotten are the line,
k. lustrous eyes of the women and
sof Havana. Their eyebrows and
S eyelashes set ofl and fit the eyes
a ‘dot. At Minneapolis, Minn., a
y large proportion of the young
nen and girls wenr glasses, and at
ton a proportion almost as large.
Here no young women or girls wear
glasses. No doubt, their eyes do not
need the glasses, and, besides, these
Cuban sirens and enchantresses know
too well the witchery of those eyes to
be willing to shut them off from the
world with glasses.
The streets of Havana are nearly
all very narrow.
Obispo and O’Reilly-, the principal
business streets, are parallel, and next
to each other. They are both so nar
row, not more than 20 feet wide In
cluding the narrow sidewalk on each
side, that carriages and vehicles must
go but one way on each, passing down
the one and up the other, like an end
less chain, going from Central park on
one and back on the other. The same
thing is true of most of the other
streets, but the people are so kind,
polite and obliging, that not much
friction results In the t raffle. There
Is a wealth of fine, artistic merchan
dise in the stores and the people are
not afraid of bright colors.
In Havana there Is hardly any di
viding line between eating and drink
ing. A place to drink is a place to eat
also, and a place to eat is equally a
place to drink. All these places are
called cafes and restaurants. One of
the large ones has this sign out:
“Cafe Restaurant el Popular," which
In English would be "The Popular
Cafe and Restaurant.','
Another sign reads: “Gran Nectar
Habanero," which means “Grand place
for good cheer for the Havanes."
Fluids and solids are dispensed to
gether, and not separately. Nobody
unless It be some American or Eng
lishman. stands up at a bar and gulps
down fiery drinks.
Great numbers of seats and tables
are everywhere in their almost open
air way of doing all these things, and
the people, men, and to a considerable
extent women also.’sit at these tables,
have tea, coffee, wine, or what they
may wish, not much strong drink be
ing used. At the same time they have
rolls, bread, cake, or what they may
like to eat, the eating and drinking
going together.
In this way the drink, in connection
with the solids taken, and together
with the natural secretions and sol
vents of the stomach and the alimen
tary canal, undoubtedly constitutes a
food, and adds to the food value of the
solids taken.
It we were not so self-sufficient, we
could gain important lessons from the
Latin nations and from the Germans
In the matter of handling the drink
Hotel Man Provides Carnations tor
Guests in Memory of His
Dead Daughter.
A traveling man carefully adjusted
a carnation in his lapel at a club din
ner a few nights ago in one of the
private dining-rooms at the Astor. “Do
you know” —he turned to his neighbor
-‘-"I never see a carnation without re
calling a bit of sentiment I found out
In Ohio. There Is a little hotel at
Ashtabula—the Stoll house—and as
each guest is seated for dinner the
waitress places a carnation before him
with the menu card. This being an
attention not expected by transients
at hotels in small cities, I inquired of
the girl If the occasion was one out
of the ordinary.
“ ‘No,’ she replied, ‘we give every
guest a carnation each day at dinner.’
“When she had gone for my order
an old salesman seated next confided
to me: ‘Years ago Mr. Stoll's life was
centered In a beautiful little daughter.
She took great pleasure In distribut
ing carnations to the boys of the road
who Sundayed here, at dinner. Death
took her away, and from that day to
this the carnations are a feature of
the excellent table not only Sundays,
but every day.’
“Somehow," and the diner caressed
the flower In his buttonhole, "I have
looked on a carnation with reverence
since then."
Women Will Fight for Ballot.
The latest part of the world to be
reported as making a commotion in
favor of giving women the ballot is
the British West Indies. In Jamaica
the other day the legislature killed
the bill enabling women to vote by the
slenderest of margins. Instead of be
ing discouraged the women of Jamaica
declare their willingness to fight a
hundred years or longer tor their
Little Girl’* Innocent U*e of Descrip
tive Slang Expression Amused
“I was going to Patchogue,” said •
woman at the Waldorf, “when 1 saw
sitting near by a little girl with her
mother, the mother evidently a for
eigner, the child born in this coun
try, both surrounded with bundles in
the foreign way. The child was six.
The conductor came along and the
child of six held out the tickets.
“ T want you to put us off at Pat
chogue, - she said, smiling up at him,
‘and help us with our bundles, please.
My mother's a greenhorn. She doesn't
know anything about traveling.’
“I watched her until the two ar
rived at their destination, and I think
I have never seen a more polite little
girl or a more seemingly dutiful daugh
ter. It was quite evident to my mind
that she meant no disrespect to her
mother by calling her by what would
seem to-tls to be an opprobrious epi-
She had merely adopted one ol
pw slang words as the very best ot
English.’’—New York Press.
Itching Torture Was Beyond Word*—
Slept Only from Sheer Exhaustion
—Relieved In 24 Hours and
Cured by Cuticura In a Month.
"I am seventy-seven years old, and
some years ago 1 was taken with ec
zema from head to foot. I was sick
for six months and what I suffered
tongue could not tell. I could not
sleep day or night because of that
dreadful itching; when I did sleep It
was from sheer exhaustion. I was
one mass of irritation; it was even in
my scalp. The doctor's medicine
seemed to make me worse and I was
almost out of my mind. I got a
set of the Cuticura Soap, Ointment and
Resolvent. I used them persistently
for twenty-four hours. That night I
slept like an infant, the first solid
night’s sleep I had had for six months.
In a month I was cured. W. Harrison
Smith, Mt. Kisco, N. Y., Feb. 3, 1908.”
Potter Drug Bl Chcm, Corp,, Sole Props., Boston.
Prodigal Son—Father, I have re
Father—Yes, gol dern ye. I thought
you’d show up about the time the pret
ty summer boarders began to arrive
at the farm!
There Is a very simple and interest
ing chemical test by which to detect
Impurity In paint materials. Thou
sands and thousands of people, all over
the country, are making this test. It
Is a sure way to safeguard against
the many adulterated white leads
which are on the market. Any one
can make the test—all that Is needed
is a simple little Instrument which
may be had free by writing National
Lead Company, 1902 Trinity Building,
New York, and asking for House
owner's Painting Outfit No. 49.
The outfit includes also a set ot color
schemes for exterior or interior paint
ing, or both, if you wish, and a book
ot specifications. No houseowner
should make any arrangements for
painting till he gets this outfit.
One can’t expect a satisfactory paint
ing job without pure white lead. There
Is a way to make sure you’re getting a
pure white lead—without testing It. See
that the keg bears National Lead Com
pany’s famous Dutch Boy Painter trade
mark, which is a positive guarantee of
purity. Your dealer probably has
this white lead. If not let National
Lead Company know.
'Twa* Ever Thu*.
"There are so many fast young men
nowadays,” remarked the first young
"H’m, yes; you do seem to have
difficulty in catching one,” replied the
other young woman.
Now they meet without speaking.
The way Hamlins Wizard Oil soothes
and allays all aches, pains, soreness, swell
ing and inflammation is a surprise and
delight to the afflicted. It is simply great
to relieve all kinds of pain.
The man who has only himself to
please finds sooner or later, and prob
ably sooner than later, that he has
got a very hard master. —Swift.
Send postcard request to-day for sam
ple package of Garfield Tea, Nature’s herb
remedy tor constipation, liver and kidney
diseases. Garfield Tea Cos., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Some men are content not to do
mean actions, I want to become in
capable ot a mean thought or feeling.
SOUK KYKB, weak, inflamed, red, watery
and swollen eyes, use PETTIT’S EYE
SALVE, 25c. All druggists or Howard
Bros., Buffalo, N. Y.
That It Is necessary for a man to
drink liquor is a theory that will not
bold watec.
\ -
Hewitt—i’ve been pinched for mon
ey latek.
Jewlti—Well, women have different
ways o' getting it. My wife kisses
me whai she wants any,
The Treatment It to Accomplish
Whai Science Has Been Strug
gliag to Attain for Centuries.
The irtenFO interest that has been mani
fested throughout the country by the won
derful cures that are being accomplished
daily bj epilcpticide still continues. It is
really girprising the vast number of peo
ple whs have already been cured of fits
and neivousncss. In order that everybody
may have a chance to test the medicine,
large trial bottles, valuable literature, His
tory of Epilepsy and testimonials, will be
sent by mail absolutely free to all who
write to the Dr. May laboratory, 548
Pearl Street, New York City.
Cow Never Said a Word.
When one of the fenders of the City
railway cars picked up a young heifer
at the corner of Third and Jersey
streets the conductor filled out the re
quired report blank to Superintendent
Edward Howell. In answer to the
question: “What did the victim say?’*
the employe wrote: “She was car
ried along on the fender for a short
distance, then rolled off and ran away
without saying a word.”—Dayton Co
lumbus Dispatch.
Brin or Ohio City or Torino, I
Lucas County. f
Frank J. Chrnet makes oath that he la ten lot
Banner of the firm of F. J. Cheney A Cos., doing
uslness In the City of Toledo. County and State
aforesaid, and that auld firm will pay the sum of
ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every
case of Catarrh that cannot bo cured by the use of
Hall’s Catarrh Cuke.
Sworn to before me and subscribed In my presence,
this 6th day of December. A. D., 18S6.
j 1 A. W. GLEASON,
1 SE.5 E . Notary Public.
Hall s Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally and arts
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Send lor testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo. O.
Fold by all Dnißßists, Tsc.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Rather Mixed.
"Mlsb Adele has such a mobile
“Yes, I have noticed at times Its
automatic expression."
For Headache Try Hicks’ Capudlne.
Whether from Colds, Heat, Stomach or
Nervous troubles, the aches are speedily
relieved by Capudlne. It's Liquid—pleas
ant to take—Effects Immediately. 10, 25
and 50c at Drug Stores.
German Proverb.
Though you drive Nature out with
a pitchfork, she always comes back.
For Infante and Children.
| Kind You Have
r Always Bought
J /Vegetable Preparation for As- M
Wj similaling the Food and Regula- Poarn fha M %
jJtR ring (he Stomachs and Bowels of JDOalo bllO V
m Signature //5.11
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful- M w Uw
'j nessandßest.Contains neither A/ IP
Opium.Morphinc nor Mineral #l\ IM
ft: Nor Narcotic ft Ulr
jht/pt sou orSAMvumaret ■ 0 jt lr
B||| AvryJri'n S—U • A
r - \ If 1
n JtotkilU Sofia . I IJK *
* • I Iffm ' I
i 1 ft iA* % In
‘irv urf* s “ts' I W u 1
ffmkryrttH //nkor t f ..
ij'io A perfect Remedy for Conslipa- AXT 4|o II C 0
lion. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea, I ■ Hr WWl#
s*o Worms,Convulsions,Feverish- I Ilf _ ~
ft s ness and LOSS OF SLEEP \ ■ • LAS f|||AH
lac Simile Signature off 101 Uf 01
I Thirty Vppre
fi; *Tnt Centaur Company;, I 1111 If lUUICp
KZACt Copy of wrmppdP* iwiNSTMseoesm. mswvmraofTT.
1% n n Pimples, Itching Humors, Rheumatism. Blood
11 Mi 11 Poison, Eczema,Bone Pains.
B|B HK HK iPtQy B. B. B. (Botanic Blood Bairn) in the only Blood remedy that kill h the poison in Hj^B
B B B H m H iL/Sni Hurface * Bones, Joints and wherever the disease Is located. In thin way all Horen.
B B _ B B B B Ulcers, PlmpleH, Eruptions are healed and cured, pains and aches of ÜbeunatlMin JB* BV
818 B HIV B HIV HIXISL a cease, swellings subside. B. B. B. completely changes the lardy into clean, healthv SBV 1
„ M condition, giving the akin the rich, red hue of perfect health. B. B. B. cures the WHfTf* I
Cares Hmraobtlie Blood m?zJ
A wise man never boasts of hi* wla- xSsFtAy>v J p,r.„,„ nf to.
dom. He leaves that to bis press sA VjOril M loUtlllQ may be near Us
/ / v \ 19 niarea are foaling I>l sterna—
agent I'f/ r \ \j|r\ !“•* talc * *‘>nie of them—corn planting may be late If your bora#*
If ( 1 \ \ have Diatemper. w
\A\ Tjq A.V I. your true tei(iird -a cure hh well aa preventl..—*oc wnd $1 m
The harder It ralna the more oft i^ T * r *• m ; ,r than twice to.
. \Vfp(afly amulleralae. Don tputltun. oellt. Drugglete—oraeml to mauufacturaw.
e e get Spoha Medical Cos.. Chealali and laclerialoflala, Oo.kea, lad., U.JX
I Women Suffer I
Bmuoli needless pain when they delay using Cardui H
■ for their female troubles. Cardui has been found to B
■ relieve headache, backache, pain in the side and diz- B
■ zinoss, arising from deranged organs. It does more fl
■ than relieve, —if used persistently,—many have writ-1
■ ten to say that it cured them. B
p CAR Dll I
I It Will Help You ’"I
B Mrs. Maxwell Johnson, Tampa, Fla., writes: "Cardui cured fl
|B yif 1 after doctors and everything else hail failed. I had been suffer- B
B numb spells ever since I was 16 years old. One day iB
fl decided to take Cardui. I have now taken 5 bottles and I can say fl
II tliat it has cured me. I advise all suffering women to give Cardui H
H a long and fair trial.” B
fl Mrs. Johnson suffered years. Have you? Do you wish
But why suffer at all? Take Cardui. Give it a fair trial.
n . n i IPquHlvjlv cured by
CARTERS lhese L, “ le p,lls ‘
■h They also relieve Din*
B ITTI r tress from Dyspepsia, In-
Ipll digest ion and Too Harty
frf Eating. A |orfect rein
■■ Qli | ’dy for Dizziness, Nun-
II ■ ILLv* H<>n i Drowsiness, Had
Taste in the Mouth, Coal*
HHI in the
They regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
PADTCRCI Genuine Must Bear
JjAnl tno Fac-Simile Signature
■iTTLE _ "
FOR We will make from any Good Photo
I Size ten square inches or less, to
omm M print in Newspaper or on Hta
v tlonery. Portrait, Building,
11 - Landscape, Live. Block or any
subject you may select. This
paper will do the printing for you.
Western Newspaper Union, Little Rock. Ark.
U *Z i Thompson’s Eye Water
W. N. U., MEMPHIS, NO. 20-1909.
(Tctterrem) sold * nd guaranteed by
Lu druggists to be a sails
m factory treatment for
W U!> Dandruff and all Scalp
Troubles, Teller, Eczc
ma, Itch, Ringworm,
SBI Chapped, Sunburned
Face and Hands, Pirn-
HH pies,ltching Piles,Sore,
Sweaty, Blistered Feet,
Cuts, and all Irritations
of the Skin. Does not
stain, grease or blister.
Two Sizes, SOc and SI
bottles. Trial Size lOc.
Either mailed direct on
receipt of price.
and Jersey City, N. J.
This Trade-mark
VV Jviß Diminates All
\VcajjKL Uncertainty
in the purchase of
paint materials.
It is an absolute
Mg&rjjSL guarantee of pur
ity and quality.
tSKSOA B'xjI For your own j
protection, see I
tliat it on the side of
every keg of white lead
Do it Now
Tomorrow A. M. 100 late. Talte
a CASCARET at bed time; get
up in the morning feeling fine and
dandy. No need for uickneae
from over-eating and drink
ing. They surely work while you
sleep and help nature help yon.
Millions take them and keep well
CA9CARKTS ioc a box for a week's
treatment, all druggists. Biggest seller
in the world. Million boxen a
Shave in 5 Minutes
fj ,>r * MdMTOBH clbrtad
ui-j Natural UlarineSupported
\ TVJy (flvMtlmtnodlaUt relief. Bold bjr *ll mm-*'
\ | T 7 K l,al Instrument dealer* and !>■*!■■
V // driitrsflahi In United htatee and Cenada
\ \ // Oatafoar. price Hit and particulars naalleA
on application.
912WalnutHt..Philadelphia. Pa..
manufacturers of truaaes J
sole makers of the Uennlne
ataraped “Mclntosh" H tip porter.
.ul ynrk.d., .ndl night vlthout .or mt.
tontlon from you. Mo oxpon,. for poww. A
■ rife myd b V. ulic
“i-aSirST k *~
1 KIH HUItT.. S4IS TrloH, SM,., X„ W 1
BM.'li'HKlw I

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