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Bdlled l>y the l>ildlc of tins Starkvillo
\V. C. T. U.
A business* meeting of the l'n
ion was held at the home of Mrs.
V. A. Jackson Monday aftei
noon. Mesdumes Hearon and
Hostick l> invitation of the host
ess were present ns visitors though
all the meetings are open to any
interested in the cause.
The president conducted devo
tional exercises in u lliblo rending
on Prayer urging the use of this
means of grace now in private as
well as in the public meeting that
Clod might add his blessing to the
work in bringing evil doers to just
ice during this term of court,
After reading ol the minutes, re
ports of superintendents and com
mittees. a synopsis of Judge *M|t
cbell’s charge to the (hand Jury
from one of the town pasers was
read, approved and discussed,
After other matters of interest
pertaining to the work the union
adjourned to meet Monday 24th,
•f ♦ ♦
• That Hoy Our Hope”
Rev, (). tv. Scott. I'ilellbllrg. Mass.
"We'll vote out those saloons
next year!", The writer • looked
up at the sound of these words—
whom did ho see f Three hoys,
the oldest fifteen and the other two
about twelve,
We were all passing n recently
opened saloon, and the mere sight
of the place had called forth this
remark by the eldest boy. Ho was
indignant and his eyes Hashed Are
The other boys reechoed his senti
I stepped forward and said, “I
am ({lad to hoar you say that.
You have the right spirit. Vote
out the saloons!" The boys ajl
smiled knowingly and approvingly'
and passed on.
And yet not one of them eould
vote. What did they mean when
they said with such emphasis,
"We'll vote out these soloons next
Their words correspond to the
spirit and purpose of the Hoyal
Temperance Legions the country
over, who are marching and count
er marching in (he Last, West,
North and South, pleading with
those who can cast a ballot, to vote
out the disgraceful and dangerous
saloon, which calls for boys as an
annual sacrifice.
Let ns say and sing with greater
earnestness, "The saloon, the sa
loon, the saloon must go!"
Let it he said with a "shout,"
that shall make the walls of .leri
cho tremble and fall.
O I * v
The rumor that the A, & M.
College Alumni would servo wine
at the Hampiet this year is indig
nantly denied by the Pres, of the
Association. Mr. (Jill,
No one is surprised that social
drinking is discouraged by this ed
ucated bodv ot men and these ru
mors do not hurt when "run down"
and declared publicly to lie un
(mod people and organizations
are constantly charged in this
wicked world with evil intent
"hereof they are innocent, and the
ua\ to meet slander is ‘to deny the
charge openly. This was Miss
Willard’s advice to the W. C. T.
I the wisdom of which has been
limply justified in the history of
the organization.
On Tuesday May llth Hoy Vir
gil, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. E.
■ Mitchell. I'hc funeral services
took place at the family residence
Wednesday afternoon at .f o’clock.
On Wednesday morning May
L2th Lucy Elizabeth, the little
.laughter of Mr. and Mrs. J M o M
White died. The funeral services
fok Place at the family residence
at Wlntestowu Thuvsdav and in
terment at Odd Fellows’ Cemeterv
here Thursday afternoon,
I OW N c
account National .Wnt T |> ’ . ",
Aoidrica. M.'.v ill-.lane 5. \\ m , ft ’’J
o sal,. May 3i!th to Hot!,. In-..
U-.I for return wlf.WSo
IVd IJrands of Flour that give Perfect Salisfacrion.
A Large and Complete Assortment of the Celebrated
Canned Vegetables and Fruits.
A New supply of Armours’ Canned Meals
w. D. Walker.
Board of Alderman.
blarkville, Mbs., May 4, 'O9.
linn. Mayor and Hoard o( Aldermen,
nf ttie city of Starkvillo, tad In regn'ar
session, In the Mayor's Hall, litis the 4tl)
day of May. IUO',I, at 7:*5 p. m.
Them wine present, Mayor 11, A.
Ileattio; Aldermen (liidges, Dossev,
Gladney and Howard; Clerk Pago, and
Marshal Maxwell,
The minutes of the previous meeting
were road and adopted and the follow
ing business transacted.
MAYOR'S report fur the month (if April.
Pines assessed sl7 ,10
Pinos collected pi 50
Pines outstanding 5 00
lies pee tf it 11 v Submitted,
11. A. I‘.BATTIK. Mayor.
Ordered by the Hoard that said report
be received and spread upon Minutes.
COLLECTOR'S report fur t.lyu mouth of
April. 18011:
Por Water service.. 518 if?
Por Light serviau,. ->>, -HIT 8|)
Pound Pen I 50
Prlvlllge Tax 84
street Tax 09 00
General Pund 10 00
School Pond 8 31
Int. & Hands 10 01
Qou, Imp, Fund.., 8 30
Total ~,,, 1137 90
Turned Into Trcasaiiro SI. 137.39.
Respectfully submitted,
w. o, Page. Col.
Ordered by the Hoard that said report
bo received and spread upon Minutes.
W, W. Magruder was re-elected school
A minimum charge of 81.00 was iixed
on all person having water meter.
Messrs. Lloyd, Holler and Pried ap
peared before the Hoard and asked lliat
Messrs. Lloyd and Hntler be given per
mission to erect two frame buildings in
lire district on .1 .eksnn Ht. neither in bu
nearer than 150 feet of Main St . ih - re
quest was granted, all members of the
Hoard voting yea.
Tile t'oinmittoe Appointed to look into
tile matter of enlarging Public >ehool
building made the follow ing rep.nl.
Your Committee rep.ns on ilie Public
School that a w|■ ig can be put on the
nor'h side making an upper am) lower
{ room go by 30 feet and it Is our opinion
; that is tile best place, it an addition Is
to tie made to the present building, be
c iu.se in a few more years another wing
ean lie put on the south side making the
two wings look the same from tho front,
mol said addition can bo made for prob
ably Si.oOo.
11. G. Dosskt, 1
L. It. Howard, [.Com,
11 C. HIIItKIKS, |
May 4, 1909.
Th- Mayor. OvrU mid Mustr*. |h*ll
an I MugriKb-r with ap.mliit'Ui commll
to* u and <iitvi*u iiiwi-ia lt>
sfciin* in*to biniii [iioposni audition.
Howard muvoil and l)oxsv h*c >udcd
i Ih* follow lug orduiianuo bo udoptod;
Providing for Special Improveoients cn The
West Side of Jackson Street Between
Curry and Gillespie Streets.
Section I.—He It ordained by the May
or and Hoard of Aldermen, of tho city
of Starkvllle, State of Mississippi, and
it is hereby resolved;
1 but Improvements that require un
usual outlay and cost in excess of the
general Improvement fund of the city of
Starkvllle are necessary in the con
struction nf a sidewalk along the west
side of Jackson street from its intersec
tion of Curry street 'the street running
east and west along ibo north side of J. |
E. Deanes’ resident lot) to the Intecsec
thm of Jackson street with Gillespie St., I
and It Is expressly declared that the
footways or sidewalks along tho west
side of Jaskson street within said limit-;
aliens are Inadequate and the building '
and construction ul suitable sidewalks
along the west side of said street lg I
necessary and required In tho public I
Section g.—That the owners of ci.-h
of the several Inis of hind lying along
side, fronting or ahuulng oq th- foot
ways or sidewalks on said West sld- of
Jaekson street within said limits are
hereby ordered and required at his or
her expense to grade, concrete, and con- I
struct tlni sidewalk along tli<>cntlrp side
or front of hi* nr her hit or lots so (rout-1
log. abutting or lying alongside of the
wust side of said Jecksun s.rect viithh .
shUI limits within twenty days lifter this :
ordinance takes effect. The sild side-j
walk* shall ho of unlfonii width nlonu
said west side of Jackson street from ll
iiilßrseeiion with Curry street to the
north side of (fillespie street, to-wil; 4 fi
U 1 nehits wide. The entire distance from
Thirty street to tJEtlespi • shall he graded
as to make an even smooth footing in
clined upward from the outer edge to
wards the lot one Inch to three feet a,id
sha’l hn closely and ottrefqllt paved with
eqncretn mid eomont of standard qnal
ity and thickness and shall conform us
nearly as may be practicable to the un
joining walks In grade and appearance
and be constructed in good workman
like manner.
Section 1. —That II any o w 1: e r o r
owners of any lots I) log a'oogslde,
fronting and abutting on the west sid
of said Jai'kjiou sir* el within said llmlis
shall fajl or refuse to oueslrucl said
said sidewalks abutting or fronilng his
or her property as herein required with
in said time, the street commissioner
shall, upon orders of the Hoard, aflt 1
tho expiration of the said twenty duv
and after giving thirty days notice, a
required by law to tho owners or occi.-
punts of suid lots In front of or alouj.
which no sidewalks have been construct
ed as above required, proceed at the
City’s expenee to have all sidewalks con
structed us above required nder the
ehmtpest and best coin rapt possible in
his judgement uncording in above -pi cl
flealions and he shall loop a correct
account of the actual cost of mukii g
said Improvements along or in front of
o.c'i piece of properit or lot and sha'l
mako an accurate report oi th ,! said
oust to tho Mayor and Hoard of Alder
men at the next regular meeting for
llielr information and consideration and
assessment us required' by law: and
special assessment of tho oogt and Ix
pense shall he md against the lot or
lots ao improved by said street eommis
sionor and subject to such assessment,
each lot to be assessed In the propm
thm and manner required by law, and
be subject to a Hen for tbe amount as
sessed against It. as trim law directs.
gioctlon 4. —Tout (his resilin’mn aim
ordinance rhft 1 take effect us pliivtucd
by law.
On roll oiill Din abovo uni In anr
mill)||<*i| by secllolu), I toward 1
•ni’l OiiXHi y volinu \ ini Qi
■n . 1 : , . ..uney miV.
i ln’fu bone mi furth ..
„ ... i’ l business t lift
Hoard adjourned.
W, O. I‘AOK, .. .
, *l. A. UKATTIK,
> Mayor.
NVOAIEN’S’ wous.
Sturkvlllu AVoinen tire Fimlpi- u e .
lief at bust.
It doe* seem that women have more
J "P “ I; ,lr Of tile aches ami ;,„i lw
Unit aHI let limuiinit.v; I lu-v must ‘-kep'.
P n,l must iittoml to timles in state
of eon-timtly aehln;, 100 ks, or head,
iiftlii’s. ilirxy |Ml|s, hoiiri.ijr down i ti ns;
I toop over who,: to moo..
m.’.ius torture. They must walk „ B ||
M ‘ ml ““‘I work with i.o kiuj; pains from
Mumv kUliioy ills. Kilim.,:.'.‘huso more
sutferlng than any other or pin of the
ho.ly Keep the kidneys a ell iln( |
health is easily maintained. Head of a
remedy for kidneys only that helps and
elites the kidneys.
Mrs. S. K. Tidwell Itvtng nt 15 5t,,,,, -
wall street. \\e-t Point. Mis .. s„Vs
! "Doan < Kidney I*lll- have made „m
well woman and I think it no more
than my duty to pass the good news to
my neighbors and friends, i eoulil not
Hlee)) well at night, and during damp
weather, or if I caught cold mV line;
l.ained me Intensely. My strength and
left me uml. though 1 trim!
every remedy I of. I found no w,-
."'.fr. n, l ' v, ’° I 11 ' 1 ! •men ennui hv
I mail S Kidney nils advised me to try
them, and after using them for two
months i was restored to good health.”
sievin' llu ’ r< ‘. I' r,m( lik, ‘ from
Star*! ilie people. Call at J. J. ;ui'.u
drug Store and ask what cn-touivrs re
For sale hy all dealers, price 5o
Ko,>, *‘r-Mllhnrn (to.. Unffalo.
Aew fork. Sole agent- for the Inited
Itoiueniher tho namt*—Doan’s— and
Im* no other.
Dr. J. W. Crumpton, visited
Jackson this week.
Ni Others.
J:'* ;>V Itself. It has ,u>
n\ul. It t un*M where others lucroly re
h°r “tiff joints
uts. horns, bites, etc., it Is the oulek
i-l and surest remedy ever devised
. ** moan Hunt s Lightning Oil
ami 35a h< rrh*.s
De Will'. Kiiier ud Bladder Pills
for backache
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|| ww ————a——— emsm '
1 rwowt-.n aai mm a m a-M mm hhh
rzi JuSESisszr-zrrz ~ 1 uni iiii——
I *
9mnii ■ i.pi'i yiiaga[3.9° . 3,55]
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