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The East Mississippi Times.
Office in Times Building Opposite East Entrance of Courthouse.
Win. Ward, Ivlllor and Proprietor.
The next annual Convention of Postmasters of Mississippi
will lie held al Biloxi on Aug. lOth.
Senator Hob Taylor has anew lecture entiled “In (he
Happy Valley.," but we are all on the hiltop when Hob tunes
his fiddle.
While our crops are being flooded with incessant rains,
New Mexico and other Western sections are suffering with
an unprecedented drouth.
About the only result of the present special session of
Congress will be that the people are going to be called upon
to pay increased taxes sooner than they would have done if
the so called revision of the tariff had been delayed until the
regular session.
Starkvillc ought to have an old fashioned Fourth of July
celebration with a barbecue, a brass band, oratory and Hags.
It would do the people good to meet and mingle together on
such an occasion, and forget for the one day at least all about
bad crops, scarcity of money and other worldly cares.
The citizens of Artesia held a mass meeting laat Friday for
the purpose and promoting the interest of good roads. Dr.
(iuerry was elected chairman and A. 1-'. Mcllwain, secretary.
A permanent organization was effected and a committee of
nine citizens were appointed to go before the Board of Super
visors ol Lowndes county with a view to securing better roads.
Dyke and Al Kdwards, (lie former under life sentence and
the latter indicted for the murder of Dr. Richardson were re
moved from the Starkville jail to the Aberdeen jail Wednes
day upon an order from Judge Mitchell.
Ihe 1 hues iails to see the necessity of such precaution on
the part of Judge Mitchell. Ihe Starkville jail is as safe and
secure as any jail in the slate, and there was not the remot
est possibility of the prisoners making their escape.
Sheriff James left on the 7:30 1. C train with the prisoners
Wednesday, and they are now in the Aberdeen Jail.
(Hu ( ity bathers ought to put up signs at every corner
with the names of the streets upon them. All of Starkville’s
sheets are named but there is not one citizen in a hundred
who can tell you the name of half the' streets of the ciyt.
I his would be a step in the right direction, considering the
small cost it would entail. It seems strange that (his mu
nicipal improvement has not been made years ago. Wi h the
streets named, then our pioneer citizens would be enabled
to impart the name of (he streets that they have been travel
ing for a life time and the city would be to this extent putting
on metropolitan airs.
I ,K * t'olumlnis negroes who attended the Booze Fighter’s
Association in Memphis last Monday must have had a high
old time judging from the following from the Columbus
"1 he excursionists were somewhat "worse for (he wear.”
Shere seemed to be no lack of whiskey and plenty of cutlery
as was evidenced by their appearance. They came in with
bandages and splints. The ambulance met the train and
those who were not able to walk were removed to the hospit
als of the city.”
So far as known none of the Starkville negroes who attend
ed are wounded or missing.
Tlu> last issiu ' <> f the News contains the following article
trom a eorrospondent who signs himself “Taxpayer”. The
limes herewith reproduces the article, It needs no com
"1 notice in a recent issue of your paper that you could
not give tin- proceedings of (he Board of Supervisors for the
1 1 seal year because the Board had divided the pay between
three papers in the county. 1 also see that the other town
paper, the Tim , is in the same boat with you and declines to
publish the proceedings because the division of the amount
makes the sum too small to recompense the paper for the
• ype setting and the only means of giving this important in
'ormation is confined to a paper, published at Maben in the
extreme corner of the county—a paper that has no general
Circulation among the taxpayers of the county and is pub-
Nied and circulates in a remote section far from (he county
ect. It looks to me like this policy on the part of the Board
sweat we might term “pound foolish and penny wise.”
he board should publish their proceedings in at least one
] .1 cr published at the county seat and thus take the tax pay.
' n o their confidence and let them know what they are
d.rg” :
j ffiank of Oturgcs, j
? OX JVXE 2. WGU. 5
0 Publi lu ll by direction of Chapter II of Mississippi Code of 1904?. J
1 Loans and Discounts on personal endorsements, real es- x
2 late or collateral securities Sld 752 23 #
J Overdrafts ~ !1 78 4(1 0
x Banking House. Furniture and Fixture- .. 3 033 00 0
4 Due from other Banks ... 1 430 40 i
0 < 'ash on liand ... 1 300 04 4
# Total s2u 800 10 \
0 Capital paid in $ 10 000 00 X
0 Undivided Profits, ie-s expenses and taxes 378 08 \
1 Time Oertlflcutes of Deposit 1 083 1 9 #
4 Total 2 ) 800 10 f
# To otttuers of the Bank.. $ 40 oO A
0 To Directors of the Bank 125 00 \
# To Stockholders of the Bank 775 00 \
\ .I- •!< A. McKKYXOI.DS. Cashier of the Bank, of Sturgis, of A
P Sturgis. Mississippi, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true. x
0 foil ,lI1( i exact statement of the Assets and Liabilities of said Bank on \
fl tin- day and date named therein, as shown hv I lie hooks of same. \
X. Q. ADAMS, 4
jj Sworn to and subscribed before me. a Xolary Public, in and for the $
f County of Oktibbeha. Mississippi, this the 21tlidav of dune. 1000 ♦
f JOHN 11. IVY. Xotary Public. f
T Kxamined and found correct ' f
This dune 22 1000. K. and. SMITH. Auditor
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HlSn Si : ' Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- Ilf knf lllIQI’
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Bill !■ Facsimile Signature/ TLlu*.. V- -
m In rtv Years
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