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Fifty Yeari of a Man’s Life.
A man fifty years old has worked
G,500 days, has slept (i,OOO, has
walked 12,000 miles, has been ill
bOO days, lias partaken of •16,000
meals, eaten 16,000 pounds of fish,
eggs and vegetables and drunk
",000 gallons of fluid, which would
make a lake of 800 square feet sur
face, if three feet deep. Ex.
While it is often impossible to
prevent an accident, il is never im
possible to be prepared—il is not
beyond anyone’s pnrso. Invest 2n
cents in a bottle of Chamberlain's
Ijiniment and you will be prepared
for sprains, bruises and like inju
ries, Sold by all dealers.
When we have the noiseless di
vorce we won’t know that there
are so many artistic temperaments
in the country.
An attack of the grip is often
followed by a persistent cough,
which to many proves a great an
noyance. Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy has been extensively used
and and with good success for the
relief and cure of this cough. Ma
ny cases have been cured after all
other remedies had failed. Sold by
all dealers.
Certain critics of the Panama
canal see no money in it, A little
water in it might make the people
take more stock.
Stops earache in two minutes;
toothache or pain of burn or scald
iu five minutes; hoarseness, one
hour; museleache, two hours; sore
throat, twelve hours—Dr. Thomas
Electric Oil, monarch over pain.
To bo happy you must forgot
yourself and roinembor others.
A few minutes delay in treating
some cases of croupe, even I lie
length of 'time it takes to go for a
doctor often proves dangerous.
The safest way is to keep Clminber
lain’s Cough llcmedv in the house,
and at first indication of croupe,
give the child a dose. I’leasant to
take and always cures. Sold by all
It requires a skillful surgeon to
set a bone, but anybody can set
an egg.
If troubled with indigestion, con
stipation. no appetite or feel bilious
give Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets a trial and you will
lie pleased with the result. These
tablets invigorate the stomach and
liver and strengthen the digestion.
Sold by all dealers.
A man seldom marries ’when he
loses his heart, he wails until ho
loses his head.
Itching piles provokes profanity. 1
but profanih won’t won’t, cure
them, Doan's Ointment cures
itching, bleeding or protruding
piles after years of sull'ceing. At
any drug store.
It would not take a thrashing'
machine very long to thrash out
some men’s ideas.
Most disfiguring skin eruptions.;
serofula, pimples, rashes, etc., an
due to impure blood Burdock's
Blood Bitters is a cleansing blood
tonic. Makes yon clear-eyed, i
elear-brained, clear-skinned.
I Only One Week More. I
To get the Best Shoe I
on the Market. ||
At Reduction i|
Prices I
£ And at the same time have an opportunity i|
I to fiCt your Shoes Free
|j Gunn’s Shoe Sale Poses' Pei). 19. |
|j. O. Gunn
f ■ v? * -wee
Real sociable-like, for barter,
eggs mi l meat to fall together. <
Entire Sal;: faction.
Teiim-sco Valley Fertilizer t 0.,
Florence, Ala.
I have used need vonr'King Cot- '
. !
lon < irower along with other high
grade fertilizers this year and have
no hesitancy in saying that it has
given mo entire satisfaction. It is
high grade goods in every particu
lar besides being put np in bags
made out of our cotton I think
our people ought to patronize those
I who not only give ns good honest
goods but are trying to create a
and niand for our cotton.
Yours very truly,
11. G. Cooper.
Eupora, .Miss. October 8,1909.
In flooded districts only the
aval tors can raise above the sit
Six Nigblg “Go as You Please Race”
How many tired fathers and
mothers in this town enter this race
every night carrying baby? And
they wonder what the matter is.
Cf ances arc the child is starving—
worms are eating all its food.
Most children have worms, yours
needn't. White’s Cream Vermi
fuge will get rid of Ihe worms and
strengthen the child.
Price 2d cents per bottle. Sold
by all Druggists.
The old sun isn’t so much, when
u little now comet can run all
around it.
Worn Gut.
That’s the way you feel about
the lungs when you have u hacking
cough. It’s foolishness to lot it go
on and trust to luck to get over it,
when Ballard’s llorehound Syrup
will stop the cough and heal the
1 lungs,
I’rieo 25c, 50c, and SI.OO per
bottle. Sold by all Druggists,
Sweetening coffee doesn’t tend
to make sociable with the sugar
Bab/ Hands
will get into mischief—often it
means a burn or cut or scald. Ap
ply Ballard's Snow Limine it just
jas soon as the accident happens,
1 and the pain will be relieved while
1 ili-* wound will heal quickly and
uii ely. A'sure cure for sprains.
Baeumatism, and all pains.
Brice 25e, 50c, and SI.OO a bot
tle. .Sold by all Druggists.
The early bluebirds will do well
to defer their visit untill there is a
louder drop in meat prices.
Do you know that croup can be
i prevented? Give Chaiuborlaiu’s
Cough Uemedy as soon as the child
becomes hoarse or even after the
< roiip\ cough appears and it will
prevent the attack. It is also a
certain cure for croup and has nev
er been known to fail. Sold by all
The republicans want harmony—
not necessarily for the virtue of it,
but os a guarantee of more fat
Jf yon haven’t time to exercise
regularly. Doan’s Regulets will
prevent constiuation. They induce
a mild, easy, healthful jactjpn of,
liie bowels without griping. ,V*k
your druggist for them. 25c.
Projnm for Week of Prayer W. F. M.
Sj.iety M. E. Church South.
-•! lay, Feb. 7, ,‘J:00 p. in. at
’ir-. I, \V. Eekford’s, leader Mrs.
1 ’ . , subject-13 riuil.
T.lay, Feb. 8, •'! p. in. at Mrs
-11. L. iMagrnder’s,leader Mrs. 1). A.
.Saunders, subject—Korea.
Wednesday, Feb. 9, .‘3 p. m-at
Miss Maria Ames, leader, Mrs. Li.
T. Saunders, snbjeet—Cnba.
Thursday, Feb. 10, 13 p. m. at
Mrs, R. A. Lumpkin’s, leader Mrs’
(leo. Turner, subjoct-Mexico.
Friday, Feb. 11, ■] p. in. at Mrs.
•I. H. Wallace’s, leader Mrs. T. \V.
Woodward, subject— China. .-
To New Orleans on Account of
Mardi Gras, Feb. 3-8.
Via Illinois Central K. R.
Tickets on side Feb., 1 to 7, in
clusive. Return limit Fehy. 19.
On payment of SI.OO return may
be extended to not later than
March 7, Rato for return ticket
89.10- For further information-,
apply to, ’ , • -.,
II- R. •Weston, T. A.,
” Stnrkville, Miss,
A. hi. Haynes. 1), \\ A-, .
Jackson, Miss.
One fall in prices makes the
Mobile, Ala., New Orleans, La., Pen
sacola, Fla.
Low rates for this occasion, via
the Mobile & 'Ohio Railroad. Tick
ets on sale February 1 to 7, in
clusive, limited for return not later
than February 19, 1910. Howev
er, final limit may be extended to
and including March 7, by deposit
of ticket and payment of foe. For
full particulars, apply to nearest,
ticket agent, Mobile & Ohio H. R.
He is now the ultimate consum
er of a dish of hot air.
Doan’s Kidney Pills have Done Great
Servicee for People who Woik
in Starkville.
Most Starkville people work every
daj in some strained, unnatural
position—bending constantly over
a desk—riding on jolting wagons
or ears—doing laborious house
work; lifting, reaching or pulling
or trying the back in a-hundred
and one other ways. All these
s rains tend to wear, weaken and
injure the kidneys until they fall
behind in their work of littering
the poisons from the blood. Doan’s
Kidney. Fills- cure-sick kidneys*
put new strength in bud backs,
I Starkville cures prove it.
J. M. Uiay; Main St., Starkville,
Miss., says: “Hard work and
heavy lifting effected my kidneys
and suffered from a constant pain
in my back. At times 1 was so
Isme and sore that 1 was unable
U) work and although 1 was con
stantly using medicine, my condi
tion diqi'uof jmprove in the least.
The kidney were too
frequent in passage gyd annoyed
me a great deal. 1 final),i decided
to.to try Doan's Kidney Fills and
procured a box at J. J. Gill’s Drug
Store. Through their use a per
mamud cure was effected and iu
return, ] take pleasure iu recom
mending them.
For sale by all dealers. Price
oO cents Foster Milburn (Jo,,
Buffalo,-New York, sole agents for
Hie United States.
Remember the name—Doan's—
and take no other.
Any trust will tell you to blame
the yeast for a rise hi bread.
had melancholy, probably caused
by an inactive liver.' A bad‘liver
makes one cross; and, irrilatible,
causes mentai ‘.physical dep&ssion
and may result disastrously,.,
Ballard's Heijbiye i s acljnnwl
edgod to be the perfect liver‘regu
lator. If you're* blue and out of
sorts, get a bottle to-day. A posi
tive cure for bilhdns headache,
ttPustipution, Chills apd Fetc\und
all liver complaints.-• Sold- by all
hlruggists. , V
-We part with, many things that
atja dear to - us. Meat mustftake
its -i:h£Cu(eb • • ' ’
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Ti J.T. # •
Bears the
||| IWau* ciand Signature /Am
K PromotesDigeslionChfeifiil rjf /r\ Atf
B ; : ness and RestContalns neittw /l\ Ir
|&i° h Opimu.MorphinenorMiacral. aV \l If
gp;|j| Not Narcotic. \j\j*
HHIj. MrnrouitaManmaa I j/ |
M ||[ j ry Jfv In
ffi Irv Use
ilS?;* AperfectßemedyforCcftisflp*- I M.lr
Hon. Sour Stonach.DUrrtaea 1 llv p A
BlsSki Worms .Convulsions-Feverish V M Lfll* II I/O Y
Ejpif ness andLoss or Sleep. \J IUI UV UI
■ "ggi. Thirty Years
Em* Copy of Wrapper. ■n..c. OT . u . wl .T. nwm to.. tt.
+++++<-{.4++++*+++++*++ + + ++^4 , ++++++++++ 4. 4 . ++++++++++++ , i
officers; Peoples Savings Bank |
W. W. Settles, President. STARKVILLE. MISS. |
A. C. Krvln, Vice Presl- J
dent and Cashier. ~ T
C; E. Gay, Ass’t Cashier. Does a general banking business. Loan ♦
money or. real and personal security, i
**********!♦*.* > *******************++*#+++4*******
That Lame Back Means
Kidney Disease
And to Relieve the Lame and Aching Back,
You Must First Relieve the Kidneys
There Is no question about that
at all—for the lame and aohfng /Oji jBf~TTT
back Is caused by a diseased con- / — 1
dlt on of the kidney* and bladder. NE
It ii only Mnnoi ienae, acy way
—that you muat cur* a condition y/ t-tat
by removing the cause of tb* con- TC&f/ \
dltlon. And lame and aching back if- \
are not by any means the only Vv I
symptoms of derangement of the h M **m J
kidneys and Bladder. There are a W f\yU
multitude of well-known and un- ~ s 1
mlstakable Indications of a more or
less dangerous condition. Some of WIWIHF u WiSSß!g**
these are, for Instance: Extreme fffKrF‘ l
and unnatural lassitude and wear!- Wi^B*&eSlStsKlSS!k kXVx\\\\\\\V
ness, nervous irritability, heart lr- EatfiiMßpO 1
regularity, "nerves on edge,” sleep- Ml ■
lesaness and Inability to secure U 4®J ■
rest, scalding sensation and eedi- IJ
ment in the urine, inflammation of Wh
the bladder and pasaagea, .to, If fl
Dewitt’s Kidney and Bladder Jj mMsSSmOk
Plus are an exceptionally merited
ous remedy for any and all alfec- Ksc
tlons or diseased conditions of /Bmmtl
these organs. These Pill, operate VMBSSmW'A. Mimi
b..oV"„ a nd „ p ,r.?“;ri st “^5“
For sale b> l ?.|K. & r. l. Wier and Jackson & Son
100 Bushels Corn Per Acre
J ou can J> uild up your farm to produce 100
bushels of corn per acre, and even a bigger yield
hy systematic rotation, .careful seed selection and good
plowing with gpo4 implfmepis, proper cultivation, and
By Using
liberally Accept no substitute. If your dealer is out
of these fertilizers, write us and we will 'tell you where
to get them. Write for a free copy of our 1910 Farmers’
Year Book or Almanac. It will tell you how to get
a big yield of corn.
*L*l OmcESi
M.H n „H.Co W .
Vuoimia Cmouiu Comical Crt.rtli.fct
Compact. Durkiß, H. c.
“* • to * rM f™" >9lO wimo.-iiica. n.c.
Finae,# *•* •* !••<** Charley.
Not only do you get th>9
get the market quolatiaH
which enables you to
your products at the mHI
prices, but your wife dH
gets the benefit of colH
versing with her neigh-9
hors, friends and
after her domestic
are done. You will b9f
surprised to find
cheaply you eau get ei>9
cellent Telephone servic*9
Sheriff’* Notice. 1
In accordance witlitjie law cnuctfl
the legislature. of the Suite i>u9
sippi UHkS, chapter Il(i, House bllH
I, T. (1. .lames, sheriff of OklflH
County, do certify Unit no
enue license has been issued
person, linn or corporation to seltH
itous wines, or malt liquors in thifH
tibbeha County, in tbo last tifl
monlbs, as shown liy the reeoriUlH
United Stales Internal
tor, said olllee located at liiriuiiSH
Ala., Southern Uistriet. M
This January 11th,. 191 I. H
T. (J. James. Sheifl
Notice to Non-Resident. H
State of Mississippi n
Xu Aliena Haitian: I
You are hereby commanded to ajH
before the Chancery Court of thetß
ty of Oktibbeha, in said State, oH
second Monday of March, A. ii.fl
to defend ti e suit in said Court ofjH
Luthun, wliereiu you are defcudaifl
X'his 11th day of January, A. D.fl
Ji. O. Melt. wain, (Jlefl
Notice of Attachment in Ghana]
Court. |
The State of Mississippi, I
To \V. c. Welbom, ]
An atiaelimcut at the suit of the■
ley Springfield Koad Roller Com]
against your estate for Seven Hu]
Sevcnte Two and 53-100 Dollars I
interest as sliown by note exhibited]
turn tilde before the Chancery Com]
Oktibbeha County, at Starkville. Mil
slppi, lias been executed and is ]
pending in said Court and unless]
appear before -aid court on the s]
Monday of March A D. 10,10 and pi
to said action, judgment will be eat]
and the estate attached will lie sold.]
E. O. Mcllwaix, Clers,]
Jauary 13th, MHO. I
Everything Clean, First Clafl
and Up-to-Now. ,]
Good Bath lioom in Connect!]
Yonr Patronage Solicited.]
In Rear of Post Office Buildin]
tlhfcillil f 60 YEARfJ
Track Mal
'fßlm' Dtsionrl
r V’ Oopyriqhtklß
...W, one R eketch RndtteecrlpttoßM
RRlwlT a *9 erta, P ® ur Opinion free wlietMH
invention s probably patentable. Conlgljß
la - MANDDOOK onwß
ag6ucjr forsecurlng n*twW
Patent, taken tnroneh MnuQ fU.M
facial notki, wit boat oimrge, la the 1
Scientific Americas
i.?o' <510, j Hlnetrnted weeklv, LenMlfl
[email protected]£SU|
Hr>noh Offlo*. 655 r St., Wukloglon. OW
Permently Removed.!
Clothes Dressed without mafjß
Alterations and repairs. 9
I make a specialty of LaJ|
work. 1 Phone 72 J
.■ . , Expert Buebelman. M
Ovtf Pttvia Bw, <mrf 8|

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