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Fded. I
gale Commences Ijny 16 I
At 4 p. m., May 19th, the
Contest will dose. That means 4
o'clock, not one minutes after
four, The time will be decided by
the town dock.
Each and every couteseant has
made a firm resolution to win the
Great Prize, ane from now on
mum will be the word.” and no
candidate will know what the oth
ers are doing.
The .ditto Special Ballot offer will
he in effect until the dose, in other
words, .+lO. p a id 011 subscription
to either the Times or Uncle ite
mus Magazine, or both, will en
title the contestant to 7.100 votes.
Sure]v each subscriber to the
finiei; has picked a favorite in the
Nme, if so, why not pay a dollor
1)11 subscription. Who knows,
Possibly a single dollar may mean
the difference between defeat and
i Times Voting Contest. 3
i ■ u
I good for ten votes 3
> Fun a
I’his vote ballot will NOT be counted unless carefully trimmed R
\ aml voted before MAY 17 □
011 •-las. W. Norment, who is'
residing at Santa Fee, j
‘ arrived in Sturkville Sun
wnl will spend some time here.
, 16 1 hues is glad to note that he
ls "nkinjr we n ttn( j apparently fan-
in health. Mrs. Norme r '
hi, ' C * <! hildreu did not cow .
, JUt Le reports them < m
®W°ymg health in Ney
victory. What if your subsciip
tion does not expire for some time,
it is just as easy to pay now as it
will be a mouth or six months from
now, and it is an assured fact that
the contestants will consider your
assistance a great favor.
It is fortunate for some of our
candidates that theeod is almost u
week away, for some of them
surely would have been greatly dis
appointed when they sa.v the nar
row margin of votes that kepi
them from victory, it the contest
bad closed today. How would
you have felt to have lost a prize
of the narrow margin of a single
year’s subscription? You would
never have fiiven yourself.
The following nomed gentlemen
have consented to act as Judges,
and will count the votes.
H. A. Beattie
L. B. Camp
H. H. Reynolds
The new census will show that
Mississippi has the smallest foreign
born population of any other state
in the union.
Any skin itching is a tomper
j tester. The more you scratch tin
ye it itches. Doan’s Ointment
'-hi s. eczema —any skin itch*
drug stores.
Citizens Held Mass Meeting Mon
day Afternoon After Court
Immediately after adjournment
of C.veuit Court a good roads mass
| meeting assembled at the Court
House. The entire auditorium
I was crowded to its utmost capacity
and in the audience were represen t
ivc citizens from every part of the
county, who all seemed enthusias
tic and deeply interested in the
question of good roods which is
now the paramount issue before
the people of Oktibbeha.
The meeting was presided over
by Mr. R. K. Wier who outlined
the object and introduced to the
audience, Mr. Keller, an expert
road builder and civil engineer,
who was sent here by the govern
ment to investigate the road situ
Mr. Ke'.ler’s speech was plain
and practical, and the simple man
ner in which he described how good
roads should be built,was a revela
tion to our people. He made and
eloquent |dea for good roads in the
south and showed what a great.
advantage good roads would be to
all cl.-u-scs of our population. Mr
Keller is a southern man and was
born and reared at Tuscumbia,
Alabama, and he is thoroughly in
synod by with his work which has
been assigned him in the southern
Mr. Keller was followed by Mr.
D. A. Saunders who has been a
potent factor in organizing the!
good road crusade in this county.
Mr. Saunders in favor of do
ing away with our presents system
of working roads by overseers, ap
pointed by the Board of Supervis
ors, with hands “warned" to work
the roads- He believed that a
road tax should be collected from
every man in the county and all
property taxed for road purposes,
and tbe money used to build roads,
and that the roads be built under
directions of competent and sion
tific men. Other speeches were
made by Hon. John H. Wellborn. •
Prof. J. C. Hardy, Dr. J. W. |
Eckford and others
After the meeting a largo nuin- 1
ber of citizens went out. to see the 1
work of the split log drag demon-!
stinted and explained by Mr. Kel-1
ler and those Who witnessed the
work of this simple but effective
device are very enthusiastic over
the,manner wi wjucb it work*.
The Comet as Viewed From Sessions
, Kdltor ICasi Mississippi 'i'imc-:-
At 3:40 o’clock this inornin .
i (Tuesday) my wife and I cot our'
first view of the great comet, ii ■>
not so bright nor so beautiful at
that hour, as the morning star,
but we saw the fail “that made I
famous.” and we watched it shiv
eringly, but happily until fo\ r
o’clock, bv which time it had ~ I
disappeared, but a mere while
speck in the ea.-tern sky.
May 10,1910, Sessions, Mi s.
Sunday school was well attend
Mrs. (J. F. Critz is on the sick
list this week.
Mrs. Fulton is improving after
a long spell of sickness,
A number of our farmers are at
tending Court in Starkville this
Alvah ami Lester Lewis, of near
Starkville, came over and attend
ed services Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fed Arnold visited
Mr. and Mrs. Denk O'Brien, near
Maben this week.
We had a fine singing last Sun
day afternoon which was highly
enjoyed by all lovers of good vocal
Center Grove held appropriate
memorial services Sunday and a j
large crowd from this neighbor
hood attended.
Two young men from one of out
suburban villeges, who are attend
ing court here, went out Monday
night t > have a big time and paint
the town red. They proceeded to l
the outskirts of the town and op
ened up their artillery terrorizing
the citizens of tne neighborhood.
Marshal Maxwell, who isevervigi
lent, was promptly on the scene,
and soon had the disturbers in
jail. On the person of one of the
young men, he found the largest
pistols that has been seen in this
county since the days of Ku Kluv.
The next morning they were car
ried before the mayor who impo. id
fines and cost on the “man behind
the gun” which aggregated about
<l3O. Ti e other young man, who
was only charged with being drunk
and disorderly, got off with the
payment of sl2.
boao ROAi'h
Enrich ? Georgia Ft rr.ee Al
though Hi i fo
Building them
‘‘Down in Sumpter county there
is a farmer richer 1 ceanse
o| a specific good road movement
Ic 1 couldn’t see his wa\ clear to
1 f that is not i irgnmciil and con
ver-ion ;n one breath, o;x would
no! know wh -re to turn for cither.
I’his particular farmer, as report
ed by our canvsp indent at Ann il
eus, lia alway s been skeptical con
cerning lb l ' value T good roads or
the dividends from mad improve
He has been endear o ’ing to dis
pose of : i duo acn at $,. But
highway bicilitus were lacking,and
there wire no po'clmsers.
A short time ago. a toad way was
projected which doahi in by his
phcc and link it to ci\ izalion.
1* arnferi contiguous, realizing
i he ilium n-c value of the improve
ment, gave freely of j .--j, lands
for a right-of-way.
So joined was this m u to Ins
idols, that hcrclused to cede even
a small strip of that land ho hud
tried to sell and couldn’t.
The road-building proceeded rc
gardl".s o!' his declination,
few days after it was complet
ed ho was offered c iU. an acre for
the entire tract, which previouly,
he could imt sell at
•So that, in (he face of his lack
of enterprise, the good r eals move
ment brought $3,000 “velvet” to
Ids (him sicp ami also a clinch
ing gi ml road argument which
should have the doubter evciy-j
wh■•;•( not a leg to stand upon,”—
Atlanta Constitution.
The above happened in Georgia.
It shows what a marvelous en
hancement ot value.. Csj inlly of
country property, good muds will j
bring about. What good roads ;
has done for this fanner in Sump
ter County.(ui., good reads will do
for the farmers in OklibbeliaCoun
ty .Mi s. To day in Oktibbeha
county, there are hundreds ot acres
of farming lands lagging in valua
tion because of inferior road facili
Kev. W, A. Jordan, pastor of
the Baptist church h it, Monday
for Baltimore and \\ a- iiigion and
will be absent about t •i> weeks,
In Baltimore he will attend the
National Baptist Convention, and
at Washington he will visit the
Sunday School Convention. Be
fore Ids return he will spend a day
or so in Philadelphia ami perhaps
other eastern cities. On account
of his absence tbcie will be no ser
vices at tie Baptist church next
Sunday and Sunday week.
I lie following wus sent to liu-
Timi,s signed "billy Onegallus.”
and "Lovingly Dedicated to
Starkville’s Ancient and Amalga
inaLutl 'Older of No-Weds” The
Times will apprehend and bring
1 his culprit to justice, even if it
lias to Indie and enlist (he services
ol Dilho, the famous detective:
Hig Reason Why
A glare old man of three score anil ten,
" dl' Hie fro -I of yours on his head,
Win ,i sagely asked hy Ids etindld ft)
•low i- it you've never wed?
lid grave old 111:111 of three scores aid
" !l •* tll,! fro't of yours on his head.
Ahswcred the i|Uo.stinn of his candid f?)
And I his is wind ho said:
My little homo no woman needs
I'o give it a feoiliilno nlr,
An in-growing toe nail male megrieve,
•My corns, they make nu swear.
'"'• u •" " neighliorV Tom Cuts.-,,nu1l
And keep me awake at nights;
wind else, Kind Sir, need I, withal
I'l n mind me of woman’s rights.
Her Reason Why
A kiltenisii maid of an uncertain ago
With a dash of gray in her head,
When gravely asked hy I,or eanldd (?)
wliy is it you’ve never wed?
with a don't-glve-a-dnrn -ort'r toss of
lo r her head
And a gleam in her spectacled eye.
lids kittenish maid very saucily said
In making the following reply:
My little cot is in need of no man
To lend it no masculine light,
I have a pet Poll that swears all day
And a dog that growls at night.
I lie Coinnitssioner having in
charge the construction of the .Mod
el Hoad between Stsrkvillo and
the A. &M. College, will meet
Monday morning May Kith,at fen
o’clock, at the City Hall, for the
purpose of deciding on which side
of the road to build the concrete
walk- As both sides are asking
! Tor it, all parties are interested will
please appear and present their
claims to the commission.
ihe splendid work of I hamher
lain,s Stomach and Liver Tablet
1 daily coming to light. No such
grand remedy for liver and bowels
was ever known before. Thou
sands bless them for curing consti
pation. sick headache, biliousness,
: jaundice and indigestion, Sold by
uii druggists.
NO 20.

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