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Mies Bessie Hartness Wins Grand
Prize, Mrs. E. O. Mcllwain
Second and Mrs. R. A.
Cox Third.
TEST closed yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock and the re
turns have been canvassed, showing Miss .Bessie Hartness to
be in the lead with a total of 104,160 Votes. Mrs. E. O.
Mcllwain was a close second and Mrs. R. A. Cox was win
ner of third place. The prizes were awarded as follows;
To Miss Hartness, a diamond brooch.
To Mrs. Mcllwain, a gold watch.
To Mrs. Cox, a silver service set,
The official report of the Contest Judges will be found
elsewhere in these columns.
Times—Uncle Contest.
Starkville, Miss.
May 19th., 1910.
Editor Times:
We, the committee selected by
you to audit the votes in the Times-
Uncle Remus Voting Contest,
hive carefully canvassed the re
turns and respectfully report as
follows: ,
We find that Miss Bessie Hart
ness has secured the highest num- ■
bur of votes in the contest and is
entitle tho the Grand Prize Dia
mond Brooch.
We find that Mrs. E, O. Mcll
wain has secured the second highest
number of votes and is entitled to
the second prize, Solid Gold Watch.
We find that Mrs. R. A. Cox
has secured the third highest num
ber of votes aud is entitled to the
third prize, Tea Service Set.
We congratulate all the ladies
who have participated in the con
test upon the splendid support that
they have received, which is evi
dence of the high regard in which
they are held by a host of friends.
We congratulate the East Miss
issippi Times upon tho exceptional
large number of new subscriptions
secured, as evidenced by the re
cords submitted to us, and upon
tho enterprise and the fidelity with
which the contest was conceived
and carried to its successful conclu
Respectfully submitted,
Henry H. Reynolds,
Henry A. Beattie.
L. B. Camp.
* ♦ *
From Mi Hartiesr.
Editor Times:
Will you please permit me,
through tho Times, to thank the
mauv friends whose loyal support,
made it possible for me to win the
Grand Prize in the Voting Contest.
1 will always be grateful for the
generous assistance given me, by
Bessie Hartnkss.
♦ * *
From Mrr. Mcllwain.
Editor Times:
I desire to thank those who were
instrumental in my behalf, in the
Times Contest.
Eor the kindues and assistance
extended to me, I shall ever |be
Very truly yours,
Mrs. E. 0 Mcllwaiu,
* ♦ ♦
From Mrs. Cox.
Eilitor Times;
Please allow me, through the
Times, to extend my sincere thanks
to my many friends, whose assis
tance, enabled me to be successful
in your contest,
Cordially yours,
Mrs. it. A. Cox.
Mrs. Lyons Dead.
Mr. Susan Lyons, a life long
resident of this place, died at the
home of her daughter. Mrs. E. L.
Tomlinson at Louisville, ou
May 18. The remains were
brought here for burial, the funer
al being held at the residence of
Mrs. E. L. Harvey, daughter of
the deceased.
Mrs, Lyons is survived by three
daughters, Mrs. E. L, Harvy, of
oi' this city, Mrs, E, L: Tumlinson
of Louisville, and Mrs. Manning,
of Jackson, Tenn., and one son,"
Mr. Chas. Lyons, who resides in
the Delta.
Mrs, Lyons was a most excellent
woman and her death is sincerely
m urned by this community.
♦ ♦ ♦
After a long and painful illness,
Mrs. Lyons, the aged mother of
Mrs. N. L. Tomlinson, passed avay
at the latter’s home in our town on
Wednesday morning, about 8
o’clock, May 18th, 1910. Mrs.
Lyon had been a citizen of our town
only a few years, coming here from
Starkville- >She was a woman
loved and admired by all with
whom she came in contact, and had
made many friends since her resi
dence in Louisville.
Her remains were carried to
Starkville for interment on Wed
nesday evening.
To her devoted daughters and'
other relatives, the Journal offers
condolence.—Louisville Journal.
A Living Skeleton,
is the final condition of any elr’ld
that has worms -if it lives. Think
of having something in your stom
ach that eats all you take as nour
ishment. Nine tenths of the ba
bies have worms, may be yours has.
Be certain that it has not by giv
ing it White’s Cream Vermifuge—
it expels all worms and is a tonic
for the baby. Price 25 cents,
told by all druggists.
Mr. J, P. McManus is on the sick
list this week.
* * ♦
Mayor Gillespie made a business
trip to Starkville Thursday.
* *
Miss Ethel King was a
here this week.
• * *
Miss Alma Gillespie visited Miss
Fannie Heflen Saturday' and Sun
•* ♦ ♦
Miss Nora HeHiu spent Friday
and Saturday with Miss Alma Gil
* ♦ *
Little Jimmie Bell is visiting htr
cousin, Miss Sallie McGreight at
Smyrna this week.
* * *
Our Sunday School is doing
some good work and much interest
is manifested.
* ♦ •
Mrs. McCann and Miss Willie
have returned from a visit to Mr.
Joe Bell at Macon,
♦ * *
Miss Maggie Ramsey, of Stark
ville, and Miss Edna Self, of Ok
toc, were tho guests of Miss Mary
Shropshire Sunday.
1 desire to say that when I took
the agency for ZEMO, it was after
a thorough investigation as to the
merit and curative properties of
this remedy for eczema, pimples
and dandruff. I frankly admit,
ZEMO has far exceeded my ex
pectations as a cure for skin dis
eases. lam pleased to state ■ thtit
I shall continue the agency as ZE
MO gives the best satisfaction of
any similar remedy I have ever
sold. My customers like ZEMO
because it is a clean, vegetable
liquid for external use. ZEMO
cures by drawing to the surface of
the skin and destroying the germ
life that causes the disease, leav
ing the skin clean and healthy.
It does not soil the clothing or lin
ens and can be used freely on in
We will give a booklet on skin
diseases and explain to any person
how they can be cured at home of
any form of skin or scalp disease
by this clean, scientific preparation.
Wier’s Drugstore.
A. J. Mathews has completed a
new residence for J. W. Nickels,
An Ideal Husband.
is patient, even with a nagging
wife, for he knows she needs help
She may be so nerverous and run
down in health that trifles annoy
her. If she is melancholy, excita
ble, with loss of appetite headache,
sleepiness, constipation or fainting
and dizly spells, she needs Elec
tric Bitters-the most wonderful re
medy for ailing women. Thousands
of sufferers from female troubles,
nervous troubles, backache and
weak kidneys have used them and
become healthy and happy. Try
them. Only 90c- Satisfaction
guaranteed by all druggists-
For Sale.
2 Houses and Lots in Strrkville,
well improved. Also a Farm fi
miles north east of Starkville on
Trim Cane, For particulars apply
to A. B. Harrington
What Others Say About It.
Many of the best people in Ten
nessee and adjoining states recom
mend St. Joseph’s Liver Regula
tor as being a splendid laxative
and liver medicine. Its occasional
use will keep the system in good
condition, thus assisting nature to
establish good health. It will re
move the bile and effete matter
from the system, and, as a rule,
Nature will “do the rest.” Try it.
It is well endorsed. It is made in
both liquid and powders. Drug
gists and dealers sell it, liquid, 5)
cents a bottle;powders, in tin box
es, 25 sents a box.
Starhvillc, Miss., May lb, i9IO.
My Dear Sir:
As you arc no doubt aware, the Mississippi Live Stock and Dairy Association originated
the movement which resulted in the establishment of the Live Stock Sanitary Board and the
inauguration of the Tick Eradication work in this State. During the first two years of the
existence of the Sanitary Board its affairs were directed bv Prof. Archibald Smith, Secretary
of this Association and Professor of Animal Husbandry at the A. & M. College, and conse
quently its work was aboolutely free from political influences.
At the last session of the Legislature, the Governor had himself and his Attorney Gen
eral made members of the Live Stock Sanitary Board. On May 4th, the Trustees of the A.
&M. College removed Prof. Smith from the chair of Animal Husbandry at the College,
which also removed him from the Livestock Sanitary Board.
These actions, as can and and will be proved, were for the purpose of condoling the
patronage of the Live Stock Sanitary Board and prostituting its funds to political purposes.
I regard the Tick Eradication work in this State of such vital importance, and the throwing
of the work of the Sanitary Board into the hands of (lie politicians and the removal of Prof
Smith, such a serious loss to the Livestock interests of the state, that, after consulting with
the Directors of our Association, I have called a meeting of the members of the Mississippi
Live Stock and Dairy Association, and all others interested, at the Court House in Stark
ville, at 2 P. M. Saturday, May 28th.
If the work of Tick Eradication is to be saved from the control of the politicians who
know nothing of its needs, and the valuable services of Prof. Smith retained for the Live
stock interests of the state, it is important that there be a large attendance at this meeting,
and you are urged to come and to induce as many others to do so as possible.
These matters are of the most vital importance to the live stock interests of the state,
and it is (he duty of every live stock man in the state to attend this meeting.
Yours truly,
President Live stock & Dairy Ass’n.
MAnd you can make it pretty near
what you wish hy learning to he
thrifty and save your money hy
opening an account in n good hank.
ways an incentive for adding to it.
Open an Account witk
J. B. Kinnard Horace Cunningham Geo. S. Turner
J. H. Smith J. J. Gill W. N. Logan
A, F. Rush, Jr.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, (
U. S. Land Office at r
Jackson,Miss., April ICth 1910 )
Notice is here by given that
Jane Harris, widow of James Har
ris, deceased, of Longview, Miss
issippi, who on May 4, 190.'), made
Homestead Eutrv No. 4044 G, Se
rial No. 02129, for the East half
of the Southwest fourth, section (,
Township 17 north, Range 14 east,
Choctaw Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make final
five-year proof, to establish claim
to (he land above decided, before
the Clerk of the Chancery Court of
Oktibbeha County, at Starkville.
Miss.,on the 28th day of May 1910.
Clain ant names as witnesses: L,
L. Jackson, W. E. Gillespie, Ben
Roberson, Gus Sharp, all of Long
view, Miss. J. JAY WHITE.
(Same Old Stand.)
Starkville, Miss,
Garroll & MutU'ticler
Will practice in all courts, both
tale and Federal.
Wiley IT. Hast,
Oktibhi Ini County, Mississippi,
telephone r< tedeneo.
Office up stairs over Post Office.
Starkville, Miss.
Notice to Non-Resident Defendants.
State of Mississippi i
To Mary Lou Seal, / >O,
You are coimnanded to appear be
fore tbc Chaneiry Court of the County
of Oktibbeha, in said Stale, on the Sec
ond Monday of September, A. D. 1910,
to defend the soil in said Court of Gen
eral Neal, wherein yon arc Defendant.
Tliis sth. day of May, A. D, 19Tb.
J£. O. Melt.wain, Clerk. ,
Not only do you get the
get the market quotations
which enables you to sell
your products at the best
prices, but your wile also
gels the benefit of con
versing with her neigh
bors, friends and relatives
after her domestic duties
are done. You will bo
surprised to find how
cheaply you can get ex
cellent Telephone service.
Notice to Non-Resident Defendants.
Mate of Mississippi | v .
To Fannie itillu j> -. / ->• !-'<•
You arc commanded to appear lief or
lie Chancery Court of uie County of
Oktibbeha, In said Kute, on Hie WeconJ
Monday of .September, A. I). ]DIO, to
ilef. nd tlie null In said Court of John
151111111-1, wherein you are Defendant.
This sth, day of May, A. D. 1010.
K. O. MclhwAlM. Clerk.
Attorney at Law,
Prntlce in all tlie ConrD. Phone at
home and al ofll e. Prompt attention
to dl ho n— Ofliec over Merchants
A. Farmer* Rank.
Residence I‘hone Is", Olliue Phone 187
NO 21.

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