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The Contest b Oier.
The Times' big subscription cam
paign has me and gone. Three
of the county s nio-t popular ladies
have reaped the reward “f energy
end application and several o-hers
have leen defeated after such a
strene-ois figh* and by s-n.-h a nar
row margin, that there no sting
to the defeat Victors and van
finished alike have proved their
right to the firm regard in which
they are held by the commnnity,
and the Times' only reg-f is that
there were not prize* for ail those
who finished in the con test. Bnt
it wouldn’t have a contest if
all had revived prizes—and sin-'e
the non-winners are not complain
ing. it isn’t np to the rest of ns to
say "what might have l*een ”
At the outset we signified our
llteution of making the contest an
instrument to build up the circula
tion of onr paper. This has Iszen
done to an extent far beyond our
expectations. The adding of sev
eral hundred new names to the sub
scription list of my newspaper
within the spa.-e of six weeks is an
achievement to l>e proud of. and we
consider it remarkable that this
could Is? done with a paper estab
lished as long as the Times.
In an effort to show our appre
ciation of the increased patronage
we intend to give the people of
this county a letter paper than
the\ have ever had before
The Times wishes at this time to
congratulate the ladies who won
the prizes, and also to thank the
people whose generous support and
assistance made possible the suc
cess of the contest.
TLe Greenville Oratorical Contest
A large crowd of Starkville citi
zens attendeii the Missbsippi Inter
collegiate Contest in (ireenviile last
Friday. They np rt a piers mt
t p and a most enjoyable day.
The citizens of ( ireenviile did every
thing in their power to add to the
pleasure of their guests.
In the afternoon a track meet
among the four colleges. A. & M..
University. Mi;ssppi and Mil
saps. tmik place, followed by a
base ball came l>etween A. \ M.
and University.
The feature of the day, the real
purjwt.se of the trip, in fact, was
the oratorical contest in which the
participants were Gillespie. of Uni
versity. Hrougher. of A, & M..
Franklin, of Mississippi College,
and Crisler, of Milsap>. .Mr. Cilles
pie winning the medal. The
speeches were all excellent sjteci
mms of oratory and retie ted great
credit upon the colleges of our
state. Mr. Cillesjue deserves
praise for the ease and grace of his
delivery, for it is to this that he
must attribute the winning of first
place in the list of young orators.
While his paper was replet with
ornate rhetoric, abounded in beau
tiful allusions and apt illustrations
a id was logical in the presentation
of his subject—Reforms—it never
theless remains true that there was
lacking the life and vigor and the
originality of thought ad expres
sion which characterized the speech
of Mr. Brougher’s. For the latter
dealt with live and burning ques
tions connected with industrial i
conditions in Mi-sissippi rather
than with those vague, intangible
abstractions and trite, hackneyed,'
declamatory outbursts of sophomo
rie oratory so prevalent* Among
' emg honored with first • by
:hat hs* s.’ee> h was rmhvd 1 y the
<-n ■> ’irse of pe,.p> preset.-
BMH* Mlt
*sm than was any other delivered
kad the people who weal from hw
It ■ |
•he representative of their home
A special trtin earned the Stark
ulle people and the A 4 M, >t t
lent a . rent eio
i ‘\<d themselve in spire of the
tire>otae nature of the trip.
Buhop \A. B MarnKJ
The recent elevation of Dr. W
Murrah.President of Miilsaps Col-
I *ge. to the ranks ~f the Episcopacy
b the iienera! Conference now in'
#ession"m Ashville. X. C., is the
o inferring of a richly deserving
lionor npon a great and good man,
F r more thasi eighteen \ears. Dr.
M irrah has teen at the head of
0 ir chief educational institution in
t ;•> South, and the wonderful
growth and development of this
center of learning during the al
ii. st two decades of its history is
•t ;e primarily to his wise and able
administration of its affairs.
Dr. Murrah has for years
r on a resident of the state of Mis
s'; s*pp and a member of the North
M ssissippi Couferem-e, lie is a na
t >e of Alabama. He was born at
1 1’ kensville. Ala., fifty seven years
a :•*. and was educate i at Summer
fie.d and at The Southern Univet
s yin the same state. Immediate
• ■ after receiving his degree from
this last named institution of learn
ing. he joined the North Mi ''hiss*
i|' pi Conference and gave to the
active pastorate fifteen years ot
e i nest service. He then became
1h rr \ ice President of Whitworth
t liege. Brookhaven. Miss., which
p sit ion he resigned iu IM)2 to as
s ne the presidency of the newly
opened Methodist institution estate
li-aed at Jackson, Miss., through
t munificence of Maj. W. R. Mill
- ips. and bearing the name of its
honored founder. In this position
h • has faithfully served the Church
fir more than eighteen \ears with
m e and conspicuous ability.
Asa preacher of the Gospel,
ll.shop .Murruh ranks second to
n ie. His profound grasp of tie
f damentals of the Gospel. his
I feet mastery of the English 'an
C ige. and his dignified and eh -
M'.tent hearing all unite to place
h m in the very forefront of Amer
i'- :i Pulpiteers. He will reflect a
at l>"iior upon the Church into
" °whigh office he has been called.
-Mrs. A. 0. Friday, and little
' " f -Mabeii. spefit Sunday will
-I *s. Hessie Steele.
c publish on our first page a
U er issued by the president ot
t ic State Live Stock and Dairy As
sociation calling for a publii
meeting of the citizens of the state
' e '©rally. ad members of the As
sociation especially, to assemble a
the courthouse in Starkville or.
next Saturday, May 28. for the
purpose of protesting against th<
removal of Prof. Archibald Sinitl
fm: " the A. & M. College. Th.
1 : 'er is spicy reading.and the meet
in : promises to be one with a live
wiie attached.
Hie azoo Setinel is an idea
newspaper; it gives all the news
o' the city and county, that s
"'nth giving, in a bright, cii>p
,m and newsy manner. T.vpographi
cully, it is a credit to the "Art Pre
servative". But whenever we at
i tempt to read the editorial page
, whi,, h seems to le set apart as i
shrine to whi h the editor can re
pair to fall down and worship hit
hero, Vardanian. then we feel liki
Si. Joseph's
Llvar Regulator
hi* been on the market for
fire years —it is put up
in kvge tin boxes —H is ('
jveed to pro *otiofocticm and to
keep its lull strength ia any
climate. It should be used in
all cases of Indigestion. Con
stipation. Biliousness. Dyspep
sia. Sour Stomach. Dropsy.
Liver Complaint, Heart Palpi
tation. Chills and Fever, and
all derangements of the liver,
and kidneys,
Mr. W A. Kelly, of Mayu
ch*. S. C., was afflicted with
liver troubles for many years,
and the following letter tells
how he uses St. Joseph’s Liv
er Regulator and
"gkr about ulna yr.rt 1 had heart trouble*
and rain* in the head. resu'.Un* from Urn
disturbances 1 tried nnom kind* of local
treatment but they did cot ht'.p me any. I
bear, atm* St, Joaeph'a Liver Regulator and
it hslped me at once. I have taken several
bom and now cm it as a tonic, I put the
conkentaof one tin bo* Into a pint bottle and
thea fill It cp with rood whiaky. Threa
time* a week I take a food awallow of thi*
tonka at bail time and it aaaea and remove*
all y paina, I. a gyrated^
Pull directions in every box for
mating tea or bitters.
MHTU HCMCOK C, Ctiattaastfs. Teaa.
At II a..lira, la U-mmt Saaaa
I V U J J * L J al
" #.■ ■ j I
Vlnk I O 1
Trade Marks
r rjWTl Copyrights Ac.
An*on* *ndln* a ktch and description may
quickly MewrtAtn our opinion frw whether an
inronwn is probably pwtwciLabia. Comtnunlca
lions atnctly confidantlal. HANDBOOK on Patent*
sent freat Oldcmi awency for •eenrin* patents.
Patents taken throuch Munn A Cos. recetya
•pe.-i.i* *o<wd, without charge, la the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. larweet cir
culation of an? scientific Journal. Terms. $3 a
year; four months, |L Sold by all newsdealara.
MUNN S Co.—~—■ Hew York
Rranch Office, 636 T Washington. D. C.
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
|r w * them in larr qnantirie* and thee#.
•#• yon ibt claaa or color atone
•t • poc* M lo m the lowfl.
CWrHn (r or Diamond book for all diamond
iatomadoo tad in it yon tnll learn how eaay
wa make it for yon to buy a fin# atone.
Meyer & Schamber Jewelry Cos.
LataMfehrd IM9
Everything Clean. First Class
and Up-to-Now.
Good Bath Boom in Connection.
Yonr Patronage Solicited.
In Rear of Post Office Building.
We are exclusive agents for |
Owen’s Greenhouses, Miss. I
the largest in the state. Or I
dcrs left with us will have |
prompt attention No advance 8
on Colmnlms prices. f
Tetter, Salt Kheura end fcoma
• cured by ClunU.ibn • O' e
n rylWg J*!f J.ehr'v •! Mrtlnj vri*
11 ■■■ - IM ■'
Ckamtalaia's GMk flmßft
/ gfisjaice t#j*wsow*o
, gHt oe**a
time Of TRAINS A'
! No 41 leaves daily in
No. 4 ! leaves daily. • • • • loA> a. in
i No. 4o leaves dailv.... 3.40 p. in
! No, 41 arrives Artesia. •.. i 40 a. in
No. 43 arrives Artesia. • 10.40 a. in ;
No. 45 arrives Artesia. • .4.10 p. in |
I No. 2 leavesjdaily 4.10 a. m.
No. 4 leaves daily 4.40 p. in
! No. 6 leaves dailv 10 50 a. in
No- 1 loaves daily.... 12; 13 a. ni.
No. 3 leaves daily.... 11:33 a in.
No. 5 leaves drily 4.37 p in
a. V. Taylor, jno. hi. beall,
General Manager, Central Pasrengfr Ajff
No. 203, Passenger 7; 50 a ui
Xu. -Hi, Local Preig.il S:ssa m
No 2X>, Passenger... 4.211 p ui
No. 334 !' 13 a. in.
No. U!>2s 1:17 p. in.
No. 204 7:25 p. in.
Standard (h 0 C Of)
Typewriter C|)UU =
Wilt tnrniont more ncnl perfect
ly a gned work will) ess effort
and with less wear on It, work
ing parts than any oilier typewriter
You Can Pay /lore but
You Cannot liuy More
Roys t'y.uwftjr Itldg,, Njw k >rk ,
New Orleans. t.n.
•M mmmmmmm mmmmt iij iij imxcfj,
R. t. STONE.
I am now local cil nl Mlnrl,V)l|n
ami am well oi|iil|)|ii(| fm ilrllllnx
Artoalan Wcll, l'nil||. rnnlrm
plating linking well* nl Ihi | |, M |
on lliclr promUm am nnlli lli >| h,
ooiiMilt or wrllo me,'
I f
51 >Ol5
Permently Pvmov .1
Clothes M'es .i d wllhoill It fl l !
Alterations mid i |>oUh.
I make a upeemlty of (, M )i> ,
work. Phone 72
Export Bunhidititfn, ,
Qvtw Dvt* BwjUirr
XvXvXvXvX I XvXvX I IvXvX >Z IX 3XvX
H * ,
KING com N I
H . . _ r . H
$ _ . ' i%
H |
2 The Fertilizer that
1 g
2 ha* made riissis=
| I
S sippi Famous as
I 8
£ a Cotton Growing J
M g
State. * - = - - I
| I
n u
* -■ g
j Tennessee valley Fertilizer Go. I
g-i*x*x*x*x*x*i*x*x*i*i*i*xx*x*x*i*x*x*x-M*2.::r-Mt I J
officers: Peoples Savings Bank
w w Sl!il ' e3 ' President. ST A RKVILLE. MISS.
A. C. Ervin, Vice Presi- . -
dent :ind Cashier.
C. B. Unv, Ass'i Cashier D ° eß Kone.-al banking V.u, ~c*s. Loan
money or real and personal sei unity.
****** **• *•* *s* ❖❖ *V •>** 44<*4 > 44 v
That Lame Back Means
Kidney Disease
And to Relieve the Lame and Aching Back,
You Must First Relieve the Kidneys
There is no question about that [~ M
at all—for the lame and aching 131 IS
back is caused by a diseased con- /
ditlon of the kidneys and bladder. N(
It is only common sense, any way TLsj^s
—that you must cure a condition 1* pAV/
by removing the cause of the con- \ \
ditlon. And lame and aching back x
are not by any means the only _ I" I
symptoms of derangement of the I. M J
kidneys and bladder There are a ‘ , w - f
multitude of well-known and un-
mistakabio indications of a more or
less dangerous condition. Some of TmVMT JR\[\
ttieso are, for instance: Extreme eWSBi wtftrj Y
and unnatural lassitude and wearl- k VVvi V
ness, nervous Irritability, heart Ir- \r\ViV l
regularity, "nerves on edge,” sleep- Mill 1!
leanness and Inability to secure ■ HR
rest, scalding sensation and eedl- IPP i /■■'’/r Jil Karl
™ en ,t ,'n the urine, inflammation of JtiJfrM
tlie bladder and paneages, etc. 11 jB
DeWltt'a Kidney and Bladder if
1 Ills are an exceptionally morltorl- JR
ous remedy for nny and all affec- it
t ons or diseased conditions of {M
these organs. Tltoso Pills operate JR
benefll dal* result *' arn 1 '" , th u‘ r E ‘ C - DeWl * Cos, Chicago. 111,
They rmrnlnin Z O ,? 1 ° nc f fe *' want eTei 7 man and woman who
tually'Veni and ™I/ y ' n ?, d e 7 ec ‘ haT# 1)16 leaat msplcion that they
neys hladdiT iin./m.!?/ 8 * tl>9 £ ld ’ ar * afflicted with kidney and blad
and ’ henllhv eon Uti f ’ ° rorfe . ct der diseases to at once write then,
•omo of ti e most liitn! °j cn ln and • tr!al ** ot Pills will hi
r 11,9 moßt •dvnnced cases, sent free by retain mail postpaid.
For sahhy a. u>. i, Wier and Jackson &So
“’THE SOUTH'S GREATEST NAeu. —. _ _ ___
/) Bkodd civea tbr •. alnkflorff
/ I I YOUR // // r.tr<uea(or-ticcewl -ulcers.
/ I y I / V // In<vrt:ctla.r., :rc BinplW'
IJ/ 1 lAy . J/ * cn * *\ :ete colic:-
// ss-"V° u *~ s ~ 1
*' * / f/ f/Wy y° tnisrry'rc<rt ♦•:-.= -y secure |W*
i donta. s cese ofit^
/ 11000 f.>nßr ttude- cn'.eCot^JJ
V ever*-- na a
ATr ke. Pta- ’ i , r and l> at '
ccajfti. School. ...
GEO i r/k
Barber Shop,
" MnimiM, run,,,
lih' lih‘
l( <i iiml r,,hi |tn |, Ni
Ml'- A TillAL.
*****oii ■in .... n
Nut ht loi i uhl kut lon
iut i in ,
, 1 ' 1 Oil M| I
,' V 1 M
■&M". ! ;?
■< i (~, i, „ . . V ’ ll v ■
''...(1,, it ii . , 1 *'"
(. hmo, i , , ; Bl i
illHh hui, f(.
Hih (~.*/ , . '
■}> I ,l„ , ,'ill" ‘
-CG'DbNTf V.l tiflFPj
Ami when t.. da—they hmi H
Hint’s Lightxis'? • ■ i. U the occH
instantaneous rv!K< ai . tires for
1 uoumU, Mies cats. spwi^B
tm.l nbrasw.-s i; t t in, ItforiftH
tut artificial *v- .-.•fer.ij, cxeiuJs I
l!n ii in<t i t .a in at oce* ■
I'l tv fv r u t . cone 11^*1
111 >t’. t ■>* t i- difleweliß
Hint the • I
m.vi’v Ajll
Lighten ii g Ulli
\1 1 it ' h r- *t ■ nnse. Tab H
, vf |_fOl I
v •: I.tcirl; I
MI h'st t , nedM.®
"h i' <uit hvt- a tt}. I
s ! ruggkm
. ” in* Cos., H
N ' 1 I
Xu i t* I
|M M MaufamiH I
1 1'' ot vip *J k 0 <fte
/ ■ .fln

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