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£ast ilHssiss'ppi £imer>.
VOL. 44.
Mr. J. T. Davis is on the sick
Je4su Shtz is o i t!n sick-list
this week.
Mrs. Will McCann visited Smyr
na, Sunday.
George Johnson a made a flying
trip to Starkville.
Rev. Bob Wallace preached here
last Sunday morning.
G, W. Hall made a business trip
to Starkville Tuesday.
Dr. J. W. Crumpton was in
Longview Wednesday.
Mrs. Fannie Richardson is visit
ing friends here this week.
Mrs. Mary Shropshire is im
proving. Hope she will soon le
Mr. Andy Edmonds will com
mence building his bouse in Long
view Monday.
Our Sunday School is doing
some gold work, and much inter
est is manifested.
Mrs. Will Hall visited her father
and mother, Mr. Montgomery and
family, last week.
Mr. George McCreight, of Smy
rna, was the guest of her sister,
J. Gunn, Sunday.
Mrs. Lewis Penuril and Mrs.
George Johnson made a trip to
Starkville Monday.
Jim Cummins is doing a lot of
ditching for the I. C. Kaia-oad.
Running 15 scrapers.
Rev. J. D. Hendrix who has
been on the sick list was able to
be on the streets today.
Mr. Geo. Davis has material on
the ground for his new house.
“Weare growing some.”
Miss Olemmie Sietz, from the
Delta, is visiting her grandmother,
Mrs, 0, 0. Sietz, this week.
Jim Cnmmins have received a
ear load of shingles, and will con -
menc.e on his new house at once.
C. R. Sauciers went down on Cy
press creek last Monday to hunt
squirrels and returned with twenty.
Mayor G. W. Johnson has been
busy this week taking acknowl
edgments as real estate is changing
hands often.
We have no late news from the
Agricultural High School as the
building committee has not yet
made its report.
Hon. J. H. Welborn, of Stark
ville, was in our village two dins
last week, and Monday, and Tues
day this week surveying lots.
Singing school which has 1 een
in session for 20 days closed last
Tuesday with a large attendance
present from this and adjoining
counties. It was a gieat success
1 ke everything else that Longview
pulls off.
The regular Longview corre
spondent is absent this week, so
he had to get n substitute. So
your readers must excuse tl e lo
cals this week as the “sub”-corre
spondent is .a busy man who can’t
think up news on the spur of the
We are sorry to chronicle the
death of Mrs. Mary Carpenter, who
died Saturday evening at her home
three miles east of here. The funer
al services were held at New Hope
Sunday evening at 3 o’clock, Rev.
W. A. Jordan officiating. Our
community sympathizes with the
bereft, in their irreparable loss.
The Steam Gins of this place are
crowded with cotton this week, and
Mr. John Hall is thinking of put
ting in a horse gin,- as he says,
there Is plenty of stock lying idle,
and he wants to accomodate the
publip. Three cheers for Mr. Hall,
as -be' has turned his energies to
help build up Longview, and we
lu i.eed of such meu.
Mrs. Fannie Richardson is still
visiting in our town. Jfixerybodj
hopes she will prolong In r visit for
some time to come as she is very
popular with tho people here.
Hon. John H. Wellborn passed
through our town Wodnesdav but
could not stop. He will return
Friday, however, and continue his
work of surveying town lots and
laying off the plat of a future city
j which is sure to spring up here.
Longview entertained a large
j crowd of people from all parts of
i the county last Thursday. Dr. J.
C. Hard} and Prof. P. P. Garner
of the A. & M. College made
splendid addresses on educational
lines, fanning and stockraising
and Hon. J. H. Wellborn and Col.
Thos. J. Wood made short talks
regarding the Agricultural High
School. Mr. Sam Livingston also
made a line talk, A bounteous
dinner was served.
Arthur Savage left Saturday for
Our A. & M. boys spent Satur
day at home.
Miss Loraine Rushing spent Fri
day in Starkville shopping.
Misses Mae and AJlie Savage
spent Friday in Starkville.
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Phillips
returned Sunday from Okolona.
Cotton is opening fast and the
pickers are working with a will.
Willis Bynum and Lyman Rus
sell left for the A. & M., Tuesday.
Miss Pattie Will Askew went to
Starkville Monday night for the
There have been about 200 bales
ginned at Sessr.ms up to date,
Sept. 27.
Stanley Carpenter left Monday
for another yeuv at the A. & M.
Our school will open Monday
week with Miss Lizzie McArne as
D. W, Outlaw. Jr,, of Oktoc,
neighborhood, was in Sessinns,
E. G. Harrell spent a day or
two last week with relatives in
1). C. Castles, and wife, of
Starkville, spent Sunday with
F. A. Savage is improving his
resilience by (he addition of anew
coat of paint.
11. M. Tomlinson spent the hst
of the weea with friends and rela
tives in Okolona.
•T. W. Russell have returned
from a visit to friends and rela
tives in Kentucky.
Miss Small Fox left Saturday
for Grenada College, to resume her
school duties there.
Miss Myrtle To n insolx returned
Sunday from a visit to friends and
relatives in Okolona.
A J. Shelter, of Nocatio. Fla.,
visited relatives at Sessions and
Oktoo the past week.
Messrs B. H. Bynum, J. M,
Ware, and Norman Ware, spent
Saturday in Starkville.
Misses Mae Savage and Lizzie
Frye went to Starkville for their
music lesson Wednesday.
Mrs. Everett Russell and Mrs.
Willis Phillips attended tl e play in
Starkville Monday night.
Miss Lucy Stiles left Monday
for Holly Springs, where she will
be in school the coming term.
Misses Margaret McKnight and
Elizabeth Castles left Tuesday
morning for the !. I. & C.
Miss Eizena Ellis left last week for
Columbus 'to assume her duties as
teacher in'the Franklin Academy.
. Newest Fall Drets Patterns
Just Received from the Mills
Whenever you buy Dress Goods m the store, you are in reality
buying direct from the Mills.
Our idea in acting as exclusive agents for the La Porte Woolen
Mills of Indiana has a two-fold purpose that you shcu and know
FIRST: By this arrangement we invariably offer our customers—the very
cream of this Mills entire output—and the patterns you find here caxxot lie dupli
cated in any other store in the city.
SECOND:—By buying direct from the Mills wo save the middleman’s profit.
We buy and sell a finer, more varied and distinctive lino of Dress Goods for less
than any other store we know of—and our customers get the benefit.
To you-this means an unmistakable saving of money:
now and always.
La Porte Dress Goods
Of Exceptional Style and Charm
Sponged and Shrunk Sergos and Broadcloths Ready for the Needle
a Specialty this Season,
No store in Starkville is better aide to satisfy the demands of its customers for
stunningly new weaves and shades in Dress Goods than we are now.
Examine the dashing Novelty effects and pretty patterns we have on sale and
you will agree that the logical place to select material for your new Fall Dress is
Take Your Pick—at Special Introductory Prices,
5 3 '.ch all-wool Broadcloth, our regular ; 86-lneh Imported Mohairs, all colors and
ipl.OO quality. Special next weekQ/-, styles, a splendid 5Cc quail y, . m
only vdUC our price, next week, only 45C
54-inch all-wool Cream Serge, reg- Black and white Shepherd checks, a full
ular $1.25 quality, next we kevr; i line from 12 1-2 cents ner m n I
only VDL', yard to !..... SUC
Mr. Jas. Whitfield and family,
of Meridian, spent the past week
with Mr. Whitfield’s uncle, Mr. A-
F. Young,
Misses Loraine Rushing and
Myrtle Tomlinson attended the
Millinery Opening iu Starkville
Eugene Fox had the misfortune
to have his arm badly sprained last
week, but we are glad to report
that it. is better.
Mr. B. E. Self spent Wednesday
iu Starkville and while there at
tended the opening exercises at the
A. & M. College.
Hurry Curbenter left recentlyi
for College Station, Texas, whine
he has accepted a position in the
Agricultural College.
Misses Elsie Self and Bessie
Speed, of Oktoc, passed through
Sessums Tuesday, enroule (o the 1,
I, & C., at Columbus.
Mrs. W. G. Hayes and little dou,
William Glenn, of Meridian, are
visiting Mrs. Hayes’ brother, K.
G. Harrell and family,
Miss Vivian Carpenter enter
tained the young people on Wednes
das evening at her delightful coun
try home near Sessions.
Rev. Vl r. Baird, who is serving
the Muybew circuit as pastor for
the remainder of the conference
year, preached his first sermon at
Sessions on last Sunday. Our
people were much pleased with
Mr. Cohen Dille is putting down
the uew seats in our church and
iur. George Henderson las taken
the contract to Hntali up the inte
rior of the building. He has
bigreed,to have it nudy by the time
‘our meeting begins, which will be
the 4th Sunday in October.
I •
Philip Goodman.
Mrs. Everett Russell visited
friends in West Point, last week.
Mrs. J. P. Castles and little
daughter, Ruth, spent Monday iu
Artesia, with Mrs. Doss Mcllwaiu,
Miss Pattie Will Askew left
Tuesday afternoon for a visit to
friends ami relatives iu Columbus.
Mr. and Mrs. B, H. Bynum and
Mrs. E. Russell attended the open
ing exercises at the A. & M. Col
Miss Pearl Rush left Tuesday
for Grenada, where she will a •
sume her school duties for another
Mrs. E. U. Harrell and Baby
Brooks visited relatives iu Meri
dian a few days during the past
We understand that Fry &
Young have ginned about GO bales
of cotton at Sessions up to iium
Ibis writing.
Mr. and Mrs. VV. I), Askew,
Miss Pattie Will Askew, Miss
Rice Henry, and Mrs. Everett
Russell spent Wednesdry in Stark
Mr. J, 1). Gaston who is A mem
ber of the junior class at the A. &
M., spent Saturday and Sunday
in Sessions, the guest of Mr. Ly
man Russell.
Mrs. A. F. Young and Mr. and
Mrs. H. G. Young and Master
Frank spent Wednesday in Stark
ville with relatives. Mrs, H. G.
Young and Master Prank remained
ovc for a few dayj.
The young people who compose
the Okttc choir, furnished the mu
sic for our Sunday evening prayer
service. We enjoyed their music
very much, ahd extend to them a
verj- cordial invitation, to come
Mr, Jas. Foster is sick this
Miss Lovie Gray re!timed to
Oktic ivlomhiy.
Mr. J, II Edwards visaed Col
umbus Monday.
Mr. M. B. Kemp visited our
neighborhood Sunday.
Mr. Robt. Carpenter was in
Agency one day last week.
Mr. Robt. Carpenter wr.s in
Agency one day last week.
Mr. Turner, who has been visit
ing Miss Dell Edwards has return
e:l home.
Mr. T. VV. Ciigler, who repre
sents a West Point houss, vas
here last week.
Tire cotton crop will be gather) and
b Oct. 15th it the wea' her cor.- ]
tiimes favorable.
All are glad to see Mr, G. G.
Sanders up again after a severe
spell of sickness.
Misses Lncilc and May Robinson
left f r Columbus last week to enter
the I. I. & C. as students.
Mr. R. P. Hartness Ims moved
to Starkville. This community
regrets to lose him as a citizen.
Misses Fannie Gray and Sallie
Estus and Mr. Robert Estus spent
last Sunday at the F. M. Oakley
The young people had an inter
esting entertainment at Mr. R. M.
Self’s last Friday night. Games
wjre played and refreshments
At The Fair.
The first day at the Fair will be
of great interest. The best dis
play of Live Slock ever seen at
our Fair is already assured.
The racing will be among the
local horses of this and surround
ing counties and will be for
“blood.” There will be no “fix
ing” of races in the stables before
tlie horses come on the track. We
have a lot of good, spee:y horses
and the racing this year should be
intensely interesting. *
Mr. W. H. Smith, President of
the State Normal College at Hat
tiesburg, will speak to the school
hoys and girls, and the hog, poul
try and corn exhibits will also be
judged the first day, Tuesday,
Oct. 3. , .
The greatest line of A, frictions
ever seen at the Oktibbeha Fair
has been secured for the entire
three days. The Sthifli Carnival
Company’s aggregation of attrac
lions, including (he largest Wild
'•Vest Show ever seen in this part
of lh'State, and a large number
of other features of a clean, high
class type, will make the Fair iu
tne.stinglo all. Splendid Bands
and four free Exhibition - daily.
No tun iu (bn Comity can afford to
ina-s (Ms vcui'c’s Fair, The Wild
V. i si Slu vv alone will be worth the
da nine uii.l expense of anyone to
at cud.
Go every day, it will pay yon,
hut be sure and go one day, at
least; for yon can’t afford to stay
Dr. J. 0. Sessoms, of S. C. is
stopping at the Central Hotel pre
pared to test your eyes and tit
glasses. Dr. Sessoms comes well
endorsed by the President of the
City National Bank of Greenville,
S. 0., and also by Dr. E. M. pO
- President of Furman Univer
sity. If your eyes are giving you
trouble better call around and have
your eyes examined (no charge for
examintion) and have a pair of
glasses fitted up.
Mf?. Susie Thomas has as her
quests, this week, Misses Bettie D,
and Amelia Ha’bert, of Birming
Hij Connection W h lit / giicdlaral
Department u tj* Philippine*.
Dr. D. E. ISesom, f r.ntily con
ned ed with (l.e .Mississippi A &
M. College at. this pa e ; as rO .
signed his position will! the Agri
cultural Department in, the Philip
pines, and will engage in other
business. Dr. Nesorn has sailed
for America, and w ill visit Stark
v'illc. and spend several d*v hero
w it I* 11 c iamiy of his nn.ther-iu
dw, .Mrs. A. (J, O’lhien.
is. Nesorn, who has been In ro
wit.i her iroth *r for some time,
vill return with her husband to
die Phillippines, after completing
their visit here.
The Cablenews American, a pa
per published at Manilla, has the
following to say of Dr. Nesom’s
‘ From Cable-News American; ”
Dr. Nesorn, whose resignation as
director of agriculture, was an
nounced Saturday, has been asked
to consider the matter of becoming
dean of the agricultural depart
ment of the University of Porto
Rico. The retiring director will
not consider the offer, as his plans
have long been made to enter pri
vate business in the Phillippines.
Dr. Nesom said to a Cablenews-
Americun representative yesterday
that he would not discuss the na
ture of this business further than
to say that he will be connected
with the sugar industry. It is
well known, however, that there is
an increased interest in the Phil
lippine sugar industry just now
and that several large deals are
pending. It is probable that Dr.
Nesom will be associated with
some of these larg- 1 enterprises.
I am interested in America in
the Philippines,” said the doctor
yesterday. My heart is here and
I expect to make it my home.”
Asked about his present plans,
the doctor said • 1 consented to
continue in charge of the bureau
until anew director could be ap
pointed. As the new director will
probably not be here till about Oc
tober I shall stay in Manila until
that time, when I expect to be
away from the islands about a year
visiting the L nited States, Hawaii
and very likely Cuba and Porto
The Corn Contest referred to on
I age 06, in the Fair Catalogue,
should read as follows:
I'or the best six ears of Corn
Every corn producer invited to
enter this contest.
hirst Prize. I'J pounds Strater’s
Natural Leaf Tobacco, value $9 00.
For the next thirty, six best,
six ears entered, one 2."ic plug of
Strater s Nctural Leaf Tobacco each.
This tobacco is handled by the
following: A. E. Hearon, J. W.
Carpenter, Davis Bros., H. A.
Belk, W. D. Uartnes, B. L. Shear
er, White Bouse Cafe, D. A.
Clardy, Cox Bros, 801 l & Wofford,"
B. F. D.—Wad Miller, R. F. D,
and every merchant in Longview!
Negro Shot.
Handle Turner and Walter Ewin
in a difficulty with another negro
named Bob Neeley shot Neeley and
severely wounded him. All par
ties were arrested. The troubfe
took place near I John church m
the Sand Creek neighborhood.
Not a minute should be lost when
a child shows symptoms of croup
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy giv
en as soon as the child becomes
hoarse, or even after the oroimy
cough appears, will event the
attack. Sold by all dealers.
NO. / o

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