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VOL. 45-
Owing to the fact that I am
compelled to pay cash for my
wood, from now on I will he
compelled to sell wood for cash
on delivery. No deviation from
this rule.
_ J groceries $
IPI A Diiv 600DS
luLAnuY “ 6 i
Feed Stuffs and Plantation Supplies I
Our Family Grocery department is stocked
with all the choice delecacies of the season. jU
There is nothing new on the market in ed- S
ibles that we do not procure for our patrons.
We use the McCasky System 'which insures nts.
absolute accuracy in ycur monthly accou
D. A. C LARDY. |
1 1 Tile Home of Qualify Grot
MaUe ThCI1 * 3 LiUle ‘ BUS
Ttdiao Oia Li am Flour
■■■■ ■ ■■ im iMimr -m - .
ac—aw.~a>uAui inmii in ■ i —u j.a3i uu a 4
Does a General Banking Business. Loans Money on Ileal am!
1 Personal Security.
TV. W. Scales, Pres,; E. 0. Kuvix, Vlce-Pres. and Cashier; C. E. G ~
A.s.-i-tant Cashier.
To His Excellency, Governor Earle
Brewer, Jackson, Miss.
We, the undersigned petitioners, res
idents ot Oktibbeha and V\ Inston Coiln-; . I
tibs, being Welt nhd inlimatoly acquaint- i •
ed witli J. 11. Uudspelli, who was con
victed at the October term of the Ok- |
tihbolia County Circuit Court, under a HUNT’S
Charge of‘otrtaliiiog money" under false
Jirctein-os, do earnestly petition aottr „ Q
IxCelt ney to grant to'the said finds- 8 i|i&J/a
Pfth a pardon and release hint from the XJal 8 iYBS 03 L ■ j
ohe year’s sentence imported upon him
by the Court. We .Ufleivo, rhe pull- Th* I inimst
cant for this payou ts Innocent of the Ihe L,niment
crime, charged against him. He lias a
Wife afld six cellllron. the two oide t he
rn# girls, ohe son who Is suffering from
lieart irotthle and Unable to Wofkb ami
three *tall children not large enough to S
iuakb4 living. Ho Is a very poor man j
add bis family is in heedy condition.
ftiWlwe know him to be'honest and sin
cerely boMeVo himrto be hmoeent, f the —SOLD BY
Charges for which he has been convict- . „ - _ . I¥ . lr . *
ed. Kespectfully submitted, J. J* ML (HU R, 11. & f. L. '
Dnve s' T.'.rclnc ,B. (HCUARDS NCDiCINC CO.. Sherman. I.
J U. 11 . Irun : •
J. T. ILw.kcii |
p D. A. Wllljs | mim ■■inn—,. ,
many ethers*. I Stationery—tjlßW office,
Jury List for 1912.
It is ordered by the Boa:d that
itlie following names constitute the
1 list of jurymen for the Circuit
(Court of Oktibbeha comity for
! 1012, town :
beat no. one.
IF VV Shrop.-hire J T Dawkins
(J W W-ey P J New
I J H Crltz W G Ruffin
j John Lewis WG Watt
•I C Sanders Walter Wood
Glt Oeaver.nort J T Chiles
J W Warner .) D Deanes
Raymond Goodman W H Sudduth
VV T Ramsey W H McCann
Geo. McCreight T B Edmonds
T L Caldwell It A Thompson
.las. Ward TjW Hamm
\V VV Mugruder. jr. L L Clardy
Zeno Yeates R A Cox
John Hood VV R Bell
•I O Ip'veiT; N W Puller
I -f ij Oswalt S U McCreight
Ohas Be.il D A Clardy'
U S Alston Bragg Alston
VV R Sikes B V Jones
D I) Uaitncss I) G Blair
AG Carpenter W W Kail
S.E Davis I) J Cochran
W D Walker J M Aronlcj
Walter Page VV VV Scaler, Jr.
A R l ondroa D C Castles
J E Roberts J A Jurney
L C Anderson J R Rioks
J VV Yoatmun Archie page
JE Harris 1. J Pennell
i C R Sanders H A Beattie
W S Moncrief Harry Critz
A J Carpenter A H Ames
T .1 Gladney G A Hogan
G S Turner s J Wallace
•1 R Storment VV J Valentine
■I 1. Martin F H Dille
T J Gunn
J E Robinson S R Shea
Watt Sikes Win, Lumums
Willis Garth J R Blankenship
J T Crow J 11 McCollum
.) E Love C A Bobinson
K L Blankenship L F Boyd
F L Thompson T A B Lemmons
Floyd Lankford C A Wise
V C Lmmuus T J McCollum
C D Thompson Win, Jones
M 11 iledin Frank Lemmons
VV J 1 Kobinso.' W C Love
John Kenncd\ ,1 K Gannon
H A McCollum I? M Langford
PB William.: CL Blankenship
T B Daugherty Jas Thompson
W J Blanket! nip L O Jenkins
Kara Oswalt C O Mcßride
C C Burton Floyd Priest
P T Vaughan Henry Reed
i -an h arpole VV F Archibald
W E Douglass H II Vaughan
G \V Hell J T Fulgham
.) T Harrell J 8 Yeatiuan
' j 11 Douglass AV F Fogarty
C L Gregg H B Tumlinson
J O Garner Beima Carroll
J R Heed VV T Norris
•) L MeKtu, no.-os IV B Beard
John Ra v VV J Butler
I H BrnKr Jesse Reed
' Woii'u:.’ ,i o Templeton
O ' ' Henry Buckner
‘V !■ V iiiiau. Tom i’henix
■ O Ban: on VIU n Shaffer
i.’ * iiprhevi, James Thomas
1 w r Heed J A Monts
1J O Duke I) W Norris
| K F Reeil W B Wadkins
l ’.Vill Davis Homer Scrogins
•■j Thump- >u R B Reed
VV i* Vanden.-rd Wm, Hannah
I.- ■ Whim Mien Cotncr
j -j > ’ Britt H C Love
, V Cotter J A Cousins
■ Li teed .’ K Fulgham
I HarpoJi It S Fulgham
J L Hicks J E Kyle
J it Gay is AV \V Mcßeynolds
J VV Hendricks .1 V Ray
C F O’Brien E P Hawkins
R L Sherman Reed Blasingame
Jud Stallings T R Gregg
A R Fulgham Albert Hamlin
P T Fughh.r.n w A McGowan
| LVV Cooper J T McKee
j C W Ferguson VV N Taylor
J A Skelton Milhurn Ray
J M Keeton Jeptha Davis
N N Mcilwain J R Green
BUI Malone WG Walker
Win. Quinn J R E Hunt
VV T Woodson O S Sharp
•Carl Hunt Jeff Langford
A B Holloman Will MeMlvaney
Will Scott F E Shropshire
J M Cook Joe Wells
C C Fergnrson John Parish
B A Upchurch J 11 Sikes
J A Simpson M 8 Collier
R O Cotton Will Shurdon
V Y Skelton Dan Berry
Bob Hunt M Mitchell
Western Hammell John Hutciienson
JA Brown Ben Simpson
T M Vangbnn A V Frazier
R F Hannah 3’ W Quinn
!’•' 1 Quin a Herman Makerson
1 ! C Kemp Richard West
J R S'ties J VV Butler
J A Betts Eddie Lewis
Wpi. Hutchenson J C Harrell
L C Funderburk I, B Nations
J M Kennard W J Brown
Ervin Oswalt ' Geo. Ray
LAFdndren Walter Rainey
J A Rives Rcuther Murphy
J E Sirup ■. A l * 111 Sanders
F L Castles ML Stewart
It IWHdgeway K HTiiujlhu-on '—
H G Young A .7 Upton
.IN Parris! i Huny Peters
H A '*’ox Jr. Arthur Foster
Jas > islet if yIcIiO s
1 Dav. Kcivu !■> V M Carheu-or
Uil - AV- VV .' gx •
1 Gtwvamuig" ,j s Rictj
0 H Frye
A T Robinson F M Oakley
L P Kemp G L Henderson
J D Gaston W T Edwards
F M Oakley, jr E VV Rush
Walter Origler H A Rushing’
O A Dille Walter McCollum
J M Carpenter
From a private letter from Mr
Y. A. Pearson, who is in Kansas
City with Mrs. Pearson who is
there for medical treatment, tells
us that the weather there is the
coldest ever known iu the history
of this country; that the thermoßU
eter, at one time, registered 20
below zero, and that in Kansas
coal is $-10,00 per ton. Mr. Pear
son sends us seveial interesting
dippings frotp Kansas City papers
regarding the cold weather, one
of which we reproduce below-
Y our idea com f ort thege
eokl nights probably includes a
warm room, a soft, warm bed with
comforts and blankets tucked so
snugly about you that you can
hardly breathe. Then happy
But one does not need to have
all that to have happy dreams or to
be happy. A floor or bench for a
bed and enough warmth to keep
the temperature fairly high is a
combination that is as good as any.
Ask hundreds of men on ihe North.
Side, They have been sleeping in
offices, hallways and on chairs
and tables iu the lodging houses
on the North Side. And they are
happy to have even such accommo
The fr mt room of the Swan
House, 528 Main Street, at night
resembles a sheep fold, with the
men lying so closely together that
not a hand could be passed be
tween. Last night fifty men slept
on the floor of the room, which is
about thirteen feet square.
In the center of the room are
some small pine tables; men sleep
beneath them and two men lie on
the table. Propped up in each
corner of the room a man is sitting
like a guard. To pass from one
part of the room to another it is
first necessary to ask the men in
the way to sit up to give you foot
A late coiner carefully crawls in
between two sleepers and uses half
of each for his bed. But no one
complains. The sleeping places
are furnished free and the men are
thankful for what they get.
At the Cozy House on East Third
Street, at the Fox Hotel on Main
Street and at other lodging houses
the same rules prevail. But in all
of the houses, even though the
beds are hard, there is one advant
| age. Large coal stores are in the
room and these are gen arally kept
nearly at a red heat.
“These are the happiest men I
ever saw,” one of the proprietors
said. “One out of twenty, per
haps, knows whore he is to eat
breakfast, but that doesn’t matter.
If ever the Scriptural injunction—
‘Therefore take no thought, saying
what shall we eat? or, what shall
avc drink? or whatwithal shall we
be clothed? * * * Sufficient
unto the day is the evil thereof’
—was literally followed, it is fol
lowed here.'’
More About the StarkviKe Church.
To the Church People of the
Diocese:—The letter from Capt. J.
C. Purnell which appears in this
issue suggests in definite and con
crete form a solution of the problem
of the completion of the Starkville
If the Diocese will only lay the
matter seriously to heart, the
church can be finished before the
elds? of the current session. There
is no question of our ability to fin
ish tliis church. It is p m' 1 " „
question of Nation If "the
.-MOCQ3O. Aviii* finish dr, it will be
finis hen.
ItfM than the $£ a handsome
automobile will complete a church
which means more to the Diocese
than any Mission Chiihch in its
bounds. 1 belief e among those
whom God has blessed with an
abundance of this world’s goods
that there are in Mississippi twenty
people who can and will give
SIOO.OO each. I believe that there
are twenty people who Could spare
$50.00 each for this cause. I be
lieve that there are twenty people
who could spare $25.00 each for
this cause; that there are twenty
who could give SIO,OO each. Surely
there are twenty who could give
&3.00 each and 100 who - uld give
SI.OO each.
if thou hast much give plente
ously; if thou hast little, do thy
diligence gladly to give of that
Ain’t previously acknowledged $3,730 00
Miss Anna H.Bauks, Columbus 6 00
Mrs. Banks, Columbus. 10 00
Mrs. Jennie G. Bell and W. G.
Blake, Greenville 2 00
J. W. Deanes, Starkville 1 50
Mrs. Sarah D. Eggleston,
Raymond 6 00
George S. Gardiner, Laurel.. 100 00
A. W. Halbert, Starkville.,.. 1 50
Stanley Henshaw, Greenville 2 00
Miss Sue M. Houston, Aber
deen, i 00
A. B. Hudgins, Starkville..., 2 50
Milton Jones, Hernando 5 00
Mrs.W.B. McDowell, Okolona 5 00
Manuel Mitchell, Starkville.. 10 00
Mrs.D.E.Muldrow, Starkville 10 00
Dr. H. L. Noel, A. & M. Col, 5 00
Mrs. C. A. Rogers. Aberdeen 1 00
A. F. Rush, Jr., Starkville... 1 00
Charles Scott, Rosedale 5 00
Mrs. Mary O. Stark, Aberdeen 1 00
H. C. Stiles, Starkville 5 00
Mrs. E. L. Sykes, Aberdeen., 1 00
Philip Wachenfeld, Biloxi... 1 00
W. D. Walker, Starkville.... 5 00
T. R. Warburton, Aberdeen., 5 00
Mrs. M. P. Webb, Webb,Miss 5 00
Woman’s Auxiliary, Holy
Trinity, Vicksburg 5 00
8 3,030 56
Priest in Charge.
[Note; —Any one wishing to
contribute to this found to assist
in the completion of the church in
Starkville can pay same to D. E-
Slaughter at W. W. Scales or to
R. C. Stark.]
Man, 92. Woman, 80, Seek Fortune
In the West.
San Francisco, Jan. 13.—Abner
Hammond, aged 92, and his wife,
who is 80, arrived in San Francisco
yesterday from Lyons, Wayne
county, N. Y., “seeking new op
The ferry station Avas stormed
AA’ith the rush of commuters as the
aged adventurers got off the boat
and they were caught in the croAvds.
“I did not think there would be
so many people out here,” said
Mr. Hammond. He carried his
earthly belongings in a battered
suit case and “mother” clung to
his hand.
“We wern’t getting on very
well,” he said, “and Ave thought
we’d come out here and get into
something. We had $l5O in the
bank hut it took it all to get out
here. I know a man in Los An
geles and I guess he can give ns
some advice if we can get down
there, I’d like to have a little
The travelers’ aid department of
the San Francisco Young Women’s
Christian Association will assist
the aged couple in their journey to
Los Angeles.
That was a bright legislator who
introduced a bill to prevent cor
porations from engaging in agri
cultural pursuits in Mississippi.
What Mississippi * ants f or
her pros^ rlt y mo re people to
engage in agricultural pursuits
whether they be individuals, cor
porfttioosr.sn*d iea-tes, or winrt;
For up to date Job Work, send
your orders to she Times,
If Lorimer would only confess.
Too much Reno fever haß been
Democracy’s undoing.
Mary Garden hasn’t given her
opinion as to the towel-gown.
A good trust would b© to entrust
Woodrow with the presidency.
Most every new leaf we turn
over says “please send the cash.”
A baby carriage is the successful
baud wagon for those in double
some people are foolish
enough to believe that others take
their advice.
In a cold room on a dark after
noon a fellow feels just as little as
he really is.
Atwood contends that it is easy
to fly across the Atlantic, but it is
also easy to jump off of a house.
Hen-pecked husbands and bach
elors are in the same class. Wo
men scorn them both.
The garb which Moua Lisa Wore
when she disappeared would indi
cate that she is faring badly in the
cold elements these days.
No permanent value may be put
upon a marriage license. It may
be worth much to one man and
little to another.
Many of the charity deeds never
get to the ear of the public, but
real charity does not need public
Rather a hard job to decide which
is the most dangerous, the Teddy
boar, the Russian bear, or the
grizzly bear.
There’s a young lady in town
who says she gets mad if men stare
at her and gets mad if they don’t,
But that’s one reason women are
so interesting.
Dr. Wiley says every girl ought
to know how to boil eggs. Well
and good, but the doctor forgot to
give the recipe for making the
stubborn hens lay the eggs.
Mrs. Tom Thumb is the smallest
woman in the world. We speak
now of stature and weight. Un
fortunately there are others smaller
than she when it comes to being
womanly women.
An Illinois court holds that a
bulldog s a deadly weapon. This
we admi , but it is strange that a
bulldog likes to attack a fellow in
the locality where he usually carries
a pistol.
vSe\eral bills have been intro
duced in both houses of the Legis
lature looking to the repeal modifi
cation of the County Attorney law.
To repeal this law would betaking
a backward step in law enforce
ment, It might be well to so modi
fy the law as to make it optional
with the Board of Supervisors,
whether or not it was best for their
several counties. —Okolona Mess
When a woman wants to marry
a man she frequently—we had al
most said usually— accomplishes
her purpose. If it suits her, as it
generally does, to compel him to
make the formal proposal, she
knows how to accomplish that pur
pose, too. Leap year, in that re
spect, is a humbug. Asa matter
of fact, it has no significance at all.
It is a makeshift to correct, in a
clumsy way, an error in the accep
ted calendarj-yfew York Times.
Bi’hop Bratton Coining.
Bishop Theo. Dnßose Bratton
of the Episcopal Diocese of Mi s l
sissippi, will hold services at the
A. & M. College chapel on Sunday,
Jan. 28th, at a. m.; and at tha
Method WE UTiTirch'ln Starkville ou
the same date at 7:30 p. m.
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