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Meeting With Opposition in Many
Parts of the County. Wellborn
Will Oppose Measure.
The proposed separate court dis
trict for Sturgis is going to meet
with streuuous’opposition from all
parts of the county. The Board
of Mayor and Aldermen of Stark
ville has issued a petition which is
to be presented to the Legislature
setting forth reasons why said dis
trict should not be formed and we
understand that a similar petition
has been issued by the authorities
of Mabeu. A strong delegation
will go down to Sturgis to present
the matter and urge the formation
of the separate court district and
doubtless there will be others there
to present the opposite side of the
Representative Wellborn, of the
Eastern District has been in the
city several days investigating the
matter lie returned to Jackson
Monday and will make a vigorous
fight against the project when it
comes before the House for con
Agricultural High School Team Defeat
the Girls of the Starkville
Public School
One of the most interesting
games of Basket Ball was played
on the Starkville Public school
grounds Saturday between the
the Girl teams of the Starkville
Public school and the Agricultural
High school of Longview* The
game was exciting from the begin
ning and fine work was don. by
both teams.
A train load of students u: <1
others came up from Lougview to
witness the game and there woe
over 400 spectators present. The
gate receipts at 10 cents admis
sion amounted to s;i.j.Co. The
result was a decided victory for the
Longview team.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Erwin,
who live a few miles east of Stark
yille, haye the sympathy of the
eptire community in Ihe loss of
tlieir infant son, who was buried
t the Odd Fellow’s cemetery at
2:30 o’clock Monday afternoon.
The little son had been sick for
about two months, having had a
long spell of fever which finally
terminated in pneumonia. The
bereaved parents, we learn have
another child about two years old
who is very sick from pneumonia.
Oktibbeha county has 4!!(i square
miles of territory; th-re are about
10 other counties practically the
s line size only showing a difference
of a few square miles. The larg
est county in the Slate is Marion,
having an acreage of lotto square
miles, ngd the smallest is Choctaw,
having only 372 square miles.
Ilindes county leads in population
with 03,720, while George county
comes lust with a population of
only 0,591).
About one-twentieth of tl c blast
furnaces in the United Kingdom
arc in the South Wales district.
Germany will soon be surround
ed by countries in which women
Many Handsome Residences Being
Errected and Two Brick Business
Houses About Completed.
There is more building going on
in Starkville at present than ever
known before in the town’s history.
At leist a dozen new residences
have been completed within the
past six months, and there two
new buildings in the business sec
tion of the town just beii g
finished the large two story
brick store of Mr. Zeno Yat Q6* Oil
Lafayette street aud the two story
brick building being erected by
Hon. W. W. Magruder on the
Halbert Hotel corner for law offices.
Work has commenced on the Meth
odist parsonage which is being
erected on the Burns lot opposite
the church. The addition which
is being made to the church for
Sunday school purposes is also
progressing rapidly.
Hold January Meeting With Mrs.
J. T. Owen.
Mrs. J. T. Owen entertained ihe
Woman’s Book Club in a most
delightful manner on last Friday
afternoon. Hand painted y.ro
grams were distributed among the
guests, announcing the subject,
“Oates Ajar.”
About fifteen members answered
to toll call with “Incidents of the
Presidents’ Wives.” Mrs. R.
Blumenfeld read an interesting
paper on “The First White House
Bride and the Recent White House
Mrs. David Castles then read
one on “The Early White Home
Babies and Woodrow Wilson’s
Mrs. J. W. Eekford read an
article on “First New Tear I!o
ception and why the custom was
abolished in 1914. ”
The ladies were glad to have
with them, Mrs. Bleeker, Mrs.
Briscoe anil Mrs. 11. S. Scales.
Several animated games of forty
two were played and a refresh
ment course served before adjourn
The Great Lyric Soprano Will Ap
pear at the College Chapel
o night. Jan. 23
Her voice is a lyric soprano of
pure, bell like quality under per
fect control, and handled with
exceptional skill. Her temper
ament and personality lit her
eminently for the grand opera held,
but she lias refused many offers to
leave the concert platform. Asa
soloist with the country's great
orchestras her work has been par
ticularly admired. She has filled
engagements with the Symphony
Orchestres. Her last season in
eluded, 120 concerts, in all of
which she met with unqualified
approval. Miss Frisbie will be
heard at the College Chapel tonight,
Jan 23
Tickets on sale at Gill’s Drug
Mrs. 11. L. Joyner, of West
Point, is the guest of Prof and
Mrs, G, U. Brunson at the College,
Making Fine Progress Under Maw
Pi incipal. Many Improvements
Being Made,
The editor of the Times visit <1
Longview Monday and while in
that thriving village spent a wluh
at the County Agrienltuial High
School. Here we found signs of
improvement and great activity.
The new dorinil iry fur.the boys
which is a iarge commodious bull i
ing, steam healed and supplied
with good water system, is ne,.i y
completed and will soon bo oecn
p-ed by the students. Prof. Lamb,
Lie new principal, and I’rof. *L ■
Crumptou, the head of the ngrii nl
tnral department, were both limy
looking after the many improve
n cuts now being made. Whli 11 e
two large domitories, the splendid
g ounds which are soon to I
bau titled by being sodded i
g asses and adorned with i.rcesi; and
shrubbery and the dvinonstrath n
farm and garden, the school is
going to he one of the finest cf its
kind in the State.
The big sale of goods at Actual
Cost atStarkville Mercantile Com
deny will continue until further
notice All goods are being sold
We have the early varieties of
Float Proof Cabbage Plants, ;!■’
ee-its per hundred. Now is the
time to put them out.
W. 1), Hautness.
Miss Luciie McWilliams, of t:-e
I. I. & C. of Columbus will be
present at the club dunce this
evening, and while in the city,
wi.l be tho guest of Mi s Knoxit
W. J. Jennins, a star football
ph.yer of the A. & M. College at
Starkville, passed through thi
city yesterday.—Clarion-Ledger.
Tlie Mississippi Legislature is
huty just now trying to dodge the
v- i h--' ■** • - £./7T> . ’’’"'T"","' j 1 ‘ * / i
Hi M ! t£9| %' T J
••. ! - *„J
■ ■'' 54 ■ —■ f „ •*,., ... • • . „w ? - * ,! ’
(N f w ■ if; i I
~, ..... , ,V" " **■ * ♦****- I
v - >*- •• tj-y, ’•*’• < r f . ',*■■** ■■■■f /’fi
•; V' ; ' : ; •< ■ •';u .-,■ : 3S Ptt-.
Scene From tke Sfccplic i of tke Hills,
i Harold Bell Wight's ‘‘Shepherd of
| the Hill” to Le Preset ted at Rex
Theatre Wednesday Night.
1 “'['ho Slu*jliei<l of lie lliils"
I the drumaiiation of llm<>M lu ll
Wright's Nu\ i. v\in
| record lor the lm ,si • a.l. < <>| ~• t\
Ail ii Will .i, || Oil, W'lii'll
lifts In n uiiitio In Air, Wright,
[ with the as-i-tain--of K, :1m iy \V.
I ileynohls will lie :•'•ell a‘ inr
I iv.x i Kent re WeJ., Ja.i. 28iK.
I'll l .' seines ot the piny are Inn!
lUimijg the Ozark mountains ol
Ais tpiivi. It is n .lory of lln hills
and ’ilie .mpo life, yet ii I.as
plenty of ( NeiUinent iiihl an air ol
mystery that will hold 11 e auditor
from loginning to end.
The story lias to do with the
t.dhe' of an artist, who, tired of
city life, goes into the O/arKs for
plane and (|iijeliide. He learns of
grevioas sin comniiiled I.\ his
son, whom ho niounis as dead.
The son had visited the hills some
ears before, when he fell in love
with a simple country girl. He
paint and the girl, he earned fame
Localise of the canvas. The girl,
deserted and broken hearted, dies
1 leaving behind her a half-witted
It is to the home of this 1 "-id
and wronged jerl that, the futlici
ot the arli.-t. conu s, and heie he is
employed to watch the sheep. He
gro vs to love the country and its
pt■ -A - -'Oh to n and the halt ,i Hind
j boy, I’ete, become frumds. Then
j there is a love story running
through the play that adds to it,
attractiveness. It is the love of a
young giant of ihn bibs for Sammy
Lane, a girl ot unusual finalities.
There aie several ehar ■-lers
whose ijiiainl humor is a decided
novelty . Take i a ; a whoh-. |he
pit y promises to prove an Ire lung
I change from ho general run of
di i-lie attractions this sea-on.
.Messrs. Has I .ill and M.-e-Villy,
Ihe prodneeis, arc said In have
givin the play unrhiboroli' mount
• ng, th j moun uins of the O/.ark
affording an o[ port unity for some
exnmph-s of the scenic painter’s
I art. The east has l ean selected
tor their peculiar fitness for each
The (tost Sale at, Slarkvilie
Mercantile Coniomiy is -'ill going
< a Come and reap the benefits of
this sale
| Vii-Kdini-g I lei .dil
Aceonnliiiil C. -I Moore it wi I
jbe recalled, goi binisell in o 1
p< ’itieally, by his eonvieling si p
tin-lit ol Ihe Vardanian entiling- it
1 iind ae.oiuil. W hile no e.ivi,
I M'lvvain-y or bins, wa-ever sin \ n
|or charged in In- wm k. I; - v
made I lie \i -I ini ot ,-i 11 .
one and cry I lull was as unintnl.i
;cnl ns u w,.s di-;radt and. 11l .
on noted as signii; -ant of the . I
popular estimate ol Ihe m-eurm-v \
i 1 Mr. Moore's figures, and of i
; iaitli in hi- i ilegrily , that he eon- i
j tinnes to be engaged to investigate I
crooks and deleet crookedne
\ idc the following, from a county
which of the hig'-.-s( :
, majoiitn - for the man Aceonni it i
I Moore “caught wil It the good ’ j
jin ti lime when intolerant prejudice'
(blinded men's eyes and eh>-"|-
I their ears i o I rut It and retison:
I For I In’ information of (n,
nmy ini ii- led the Leader h;
deal mil iiini will slate dial 11.
Lincoln ■ -unity grat and jury s.-1 1-< ,
j Class. ,1. . ion- last wiek h.- •
adjoiirttinenl, to audit lhe ('on .
iiicn-iul Hunk’s bo ,ks. This a '
lijiiu we ; taken nfb a short in\ i
■ : '.ation into the affair- ol Ha
insiitulion just before the m
taken until .lan. Jti, and u- ne
was ehose’; on a mil ol I ...
■ i ."ii as an expert and hi
previous w'ork lately on ,
defunct • I issb-ippi hanking in i- 1
tutions' books Chuneclloi' lone■, I
at ■ r I lie grand jury's ■i ■ i >
pii.-sed the oner o' r ids iW poi
, iiu-nt and when the imptisili,. •
;-. tin mi-el, .Moore w ill he ihi !u> •
to go before them when the ban 1
matter is taken up.
Thu bill before the ; -s'-m ls-gi.
latnre providing Ihi ailroad pa i
senger rales in the Slate ho rcdin-i and
lo two cents, is meeting with op
position especially from the linvel
ing men who claim that such n
measure will cause the roads to'
I give poorer service The person]
who I ravels regularly pels a two
( cut rule by buy ing a mileage boo 1 :,
' and I lie man who only makes mi
| occasional trip pays throe cenl
! The bill will only benefit the oci-u
sional traveler and will work lo
the disadvantage of (be men who
patronizes the railroads regularly.
L)r S M Kidney was a visitor
j here Wednesday
•Mai ril'd at Ilia Firs' | , i
in aiiirah \\ 1 111• -al;i\ , ~(
11 i>'<• ’< > - k Mr. William 1 ,1m
1 ' ry and M. ,(.
Mi -; 11 irlaiisa < Iladnay n|
"1 oinir, Mjssas I )ul> v alar
l id \liana Mmi;i, . ; ~0
id' • uiids willi a! i. Fi ■
i ■ ■ !, at I’urniinaliani, ~ . ; m,
and Messrs. l’t diann , j ‘.-ml
'•I ‘tin, ol •liilin ,',ii ina,
gvo, nisnian, and da-ms .1 ,>u
1 iiiini 'mi and Frank in I, ~i|.
Komarv, Ushers.
Thu idm full was la.ml m u.ili
I'llllils mid larns and ,
minus designed In M . .„
M . I 'mi key , who wa- i i:i
Inal' al in liroaada wii li pi , ; ,j.
I lira, llm 111 ida Will ! Uln i ■ ,
'ill 'villi pearls, and ' s
‘II" iin \\ i ll l iiiiiiige id.a. ~
■ arriad a lio<|u*t m In |a ;■ ■
• maid ni Inmiir and lirai ■: a ,|.s
•'•i' l a* 1 1rad In pink an-' in i , e
and anrriad liridasniaid m
’•'ln bridal parly wa g n. -adad
'■i ilia altar by til llm .Mi f;,l\ gj,
ivi licui ilia a lighted 1 ■ h
" niali dia lighted lli • annni ■ on
an altar. Tha wi ddin . it, di
imprassivaly ran.ii rad I y M i...
• -I. illadnay ai ilia ..i m.,, , •.
■■ npaniad by Mr. I )>, I, : .11 U , ii
net and Mr. I!la,;, li
' i din. I'lia aarainnuy . i .ml
b.' I*l. II- -'l. Sydan I: '. •. , of
Vi a I I ’oinl .
i be bridal parly left
■ -■ 1 Ilia I< ’ 1 111 , ,nl.,
l ii i ,a-y wan; oidai I ill■ ■ .. n' , iia
• ulna nl a 1 is Anna I, .m r,
groom's niolliar. .1 . |'(
V, ast, I’oinl, ai. I I o’aloak In Lias
• < , Ala., where lliay will do c.il-i-
Iflied hy Mis Massey lon.i ,a, r
' Inan Mr and Mr., Mat ,iy ; l
Ila an • I o I liair I: .nr- m
and 'l'iis', Alai ania.
’! hi; iiiiuiarolis and 1 \>pi 1 - ,■ m ■
'■nl. al (nsl. lln popular. !y 1 ting
In ide and groom.
I Ilf) a ware (|u:p. an 'in, 1 a. ol
on! id' town ifllfsl.s, anion I, m
wi ra ; Mrs 11 M Sy dan 1,, r,
.'1 ,\\ 1 i \Vliilf, Mrs Sin 1 01,
Miss \ 1 itrif Moseley, Ui
■da 1 and i., M 1 -a i 'rowah, Mr
( row* il, I>l and Mrs WW ~ ,|
and Miss Cora Dunn, n
I 'oinl Mr John I. I log,kin ,of
• 'a■ to. III.; Mr Merryn 'd-
M. I> li iladney and M is,
P' 11 ■ 1 lie (iladney. id Ariosi i , ~ 1
■ i 1 iL'onu I Joy and, Mi 11,
n ai i 1 J Ki.liinson and Mr i
•V ■ 1 I Uolniison, Mr and Mi I,
I l ' Loyd, Mr mid Mrs \V c 1,,
M and Mrs J K Love un 1 1
1. 1.i11y Love, Mr Lemoi
Misses Lemons, of 0.-boin
and Mrs Moody and
Me .'min, of Columbus; Mrs.
•a rl, o. Memphis; Mi.-s ,
Will Askew and Mrs A 11 I!
of dassunis.
The new concrete .ide', ,
N rates street bus been e imj .
I I i a much needed impro,
■n that locality. li.it tin ,v in
should have been built wide en m ,
ni permit two fat persons I , -
each other without one bavin.; i„
step aside.
A real old fashioned mo< n air
■ddl v'H.i found in Mad, on a,
m far from Canton opera;
negro named Luckel.t, who v.
■ UR ,‘i koi.' 1 business with n
'mi . Luckett was evident.
paring to meet anyemer, m
■ :, rL! 1, aused by the pa
(no May- lot Wa*; vis bil .
ind York women thri
-'■oar mourning if equal sun.- •
is denied them. Then fort ,• love
ot Mike kiil woman sufiVa,- ■ m
->ow York, The women of that
eUtu dress too gay anyway,
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