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ffii§§i§§ippi fEime^
And Pnti Miuiuippi’s Metropolis Nest
to the TangoSDance.
Meridan, Miss., Feb. 4. —The
tango and ‘‘animal dance” seem
to have caused an uproar iu the
quiet little village of Starkville,
and judging from a commu
nication received by Mayor
Parker from a lady of that
town, the rage has caused con
siderable anxiety for the future of
the town, as indications point to
its being tango and animal dance
The communication is addressed
to the board of city commissioners,
and asks for the copy of an ordi
nance which the Starkville vigi
lance committee were informed
had been passed in Meridian for
the suppression of the so-called
animal dances.
Strange to say the letter brought
the first information of Meridian
having an ordinance of the kind,
and so far as can be learned there
has been no complaint of undue
activity in the animal dance world.
The new dances, of course, have
met with favor in Meridian, as
they have in other parts of the
country, but as yet Meridian has
not lost its head over the dance.
The letter received here by the
city commissioners read as follows:
Sturkville. Miss., Jan. 30, 1914.
Board of City Commissioners,
Meridian, Miss.
Honorable Board: The local
VV. C. T. U. and a committee from
the A. and M. College are making
a fight at Sturkville for the sup
pression of the so-called animal
dances. We understand that you
have met the same condition in
Meridian by the passage of an
ordinance prohibiting these dances.
If this is true, will you kindly
send us a copy of the ordinance
that did the jobf If you used an
other method, we would be glad to
know of that.
1 plead the gravity of the situa
tion here, affecting not only our
own community, but ttie whole
state, as an excuse for this trans
gression on your time.
The communication is signed by
a lady of Sturkville who, no doubt,
would rather not see her name in
print, and it is consequently omit
In passing, however, it might
not be inopportune to say that the
Sturkville style of “animal dance”
must be some dance to have caused
the need of such drastic action on
the part of the ladies of that town.
Meridian has not yet reached the
stage where they need a law to
control dancing
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Handsome and Commodious
The contract for the new Union
depot is to be let in Chicago today.
The plans and specifications show
a beautiful, commodious and con
venient building.
It is to be built of pressed
brick up to eight feet high and the
balance of the walls done in stucco
with an abestos shingle roof.
The building proper is to be 117
feet long and 30 feet wide with a
roof propecting eight feet. It will
front both north and south, the
M. & 0. road coming m on the
north side and the Illinois Central
on the south side.
The main waiting room will be
27x30 feet with maple floor and
ornate finishings. Adjoining this
will be a ladies’ rest room, furn
ished with all the comforts and
conveniences for travelers and a
toilet room finished with tile floors.
Twelve foot walks will lead from
each street to the main entrances
and the eight feet beneath the pro
jecting sheds will be paved.
This depot will occupy the site
where the park is located. The
wort will begin immediately utter
the contract is let and it is believed
that the depot will be ready for
occupancy withiu sixty days after
work begins.
W. J Edwards and Hu Sou-ia Law
in the Toil*.
W* J. Edwards and Lis son-iu-
I iw, also J, W. Edwards, who
.•tin a blacksmith shop uear the
cotton mills, were arrested Monday
charged with retailing. They
were tried in Mayor’s court Tnes-1
!../ and the elder Edwards was
;i..ed SIOO and 50 days and
yunger man SSO and 15 days,
rid wards is a man oi' large family
who are dependent upon him for
support and as this was his first
offense a petition was generally
signed by the citizens asking the
Board to suspend the jail sentence
that he might be liberated in order
to support his family. The peti
tion was presented by Hon. B. F.
Bell who made an eloquent plea in
Udwards behalf. The Mayor re
fused to recommend revoking the
jail sentence but Alderman Page
made a motion to remit the
fine that the money might go
to support the family while Ed
wards served his jail sentence.
The motion was lost. Bridges and
Page voting for it and Howell,
Cunningham and Howard voting
against it.
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Fine Job Work
W. J. McGehee Is Successful Bidder
—Work Will Start Soon.
The contract was let Tuesday for
the construction of the new Y. M.
iC. A. Building. Competition was
I close, ns over 26 contractors sub
mitted bids. \V. J. McGee, of
Jackson, was the successful bidder
for construction, while the contract
for plumbing, heating, wiring and
vacuum cleaner system went to the
Luderback Plumbing Cos., also of
These were the lowest bids by
several thousand dollars, and were
accepted by the committee.
Both contractors gave bond for
the full amount of their contract,
and work is to start immediately
and be pushed us rapidly as possi
ble, to be completed iu a specified
time. This means that the build
ing will be ready for occupancy by
the next session.
The building will bo substantial
and of fire-proof construction.
The exierior will hoof red tapestry
brick with white stone trimming.
The cornice will be of green tile.
Thu building will be three stories
in height with a two story veranda
in front. The length across the
front \.ill be one hundred and
eight feet and will be one hundred
and twenty feet from front to back.
The building will contain a lobbj,
reading room, writing room,
library, auditorium, recreation
room, bibie study rooms, guest
rooms, kitfiien, locker room,
swimming pool and various other
useful appointments.
The Building Committee are to
be congratulated upon securing
successful contracts for llie com
pletion of fliis building within the
lime specified.
A, & M. Students Write Regarding
In Irolialf of the student organi
zaiiou of the Mississippi A. & M.
College we wish to say that we are
willing to co-operate with (he
people of Starkvillc in not allow
ing any of the late fancy or sug
gestive dances in Starkville.
We wish further to say that
these dances will not he allowed at
the club balls and that wo will
always welcome chaperones from
ttie faculty.
H 8 Consley F W Walker
J C McCarty C P Chapman
J T Rogeis M T Aldrich
C 8 Brooks N P Hanson.
Committee ot officers from the
George Kifles, Lee Guards, Ger
man Club and Saber Company.
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The law offices occupied hy W.
W. Magruder and the denial offices
occupied by Dr. H. L Magruder
will be for rent on March let.
Apply to B M. WALKER.
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The Rex Theatre
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Edison’s workshops in Orange, N.
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seen here. Each company is thus
a “Number One Show,” something
absolutely impossible iu any other
form of amusement enterprise, and
in the perfect and skillful presen
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their great success. The largest
operas, dramas and comedies, with
e' ery spoken or sung word or ac
companying sound, is taken simul
tan-oiuly by this invention, and
all sounds and pictures arc pro
jeiued iu absolute harmony or
synchronism. The effect is said to
bo wonderful in the extreme.
The Edwards Petition.
Pel). ;i, 1014. 1
To .Ini Honorable Hoard of Mayor and
Aldcrmen of flic City of Sturkville:
The undersigned citizens of the
City of Starkville, Miss., hereby
submit this petition to your Honor
able Board in behalf of W, J. Ed
wards and C. (J. Edwards, and
respectfully ask that toe JO and 15
days sentence to imprisonment im
posed by the Honorable Mayor
under a charge of the unlawful
sale of spiritous liquors and as
acting as agent therefor, be by the
Hon. Board remitted during the
good behavior of said two persons.
We submit this petition because
we believe that the fines of SIOO
and SviO imposed upon them, re
spectively, is sufficient punishment
co meet the ends of justice under
the circumstances in these eases,
besides the fact that both persons
have wives and small children who
are in destitute circumstances, who
are depending upon the daily labor
of these two men support.
Respectfully submitted,
IIF Bell .John Gladney
I! Itlumenfcld All Vines
A J Carpenter 8 F Illinnenfeld
K A bumpkin Ji; Poverty
T G James II T Maunders
Win. Ward H T 8. ales
0 A Began W ') Page
.8 H Criiz 1) K Bliinglit:r
W W Seales J |J Gladney
Ktlmn Hinlipy T J Gladney
W J Valentine II .1 bewnstien
VV tl Owen C b Gay
I l ' I’ Cox J W Maxwell
T F Ware J P Hied
,IG lilttckmon A B Hudgins
11 G Davis ,i 11 Hoffman
b b liodo H K Uoussean
W H Miller Boyd Smitfj
Jinan Bros. Wit Barton
1 H Stillman A I! Winn
J U Nickels it b Dodds
b U McDowell J.l Gill
M Ito -off Philip Goodman
It J Goodman Gli Btlntin
AU ft ynolds It il Nickels
A Winter Con;h.
A stubborn,annoying, depressing
cough hangs on, racks the body,
weakens the lungs, anil ofion lu.uls
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Cavendish, Vt., was threatened
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Uy K. Tarn, in Meridan Dispatch.
Something has been buzzing in
my brain for some time to write
an article and entitle it, ‘‘the de
throned king.”
Fear has caused me to procrasti
nate, because I am familiar with
the fertile brains of the various
agricultural agents who are so
energetic with their science and
labor in a war on the great pest
that is so surely, and rapidly, de
stroying the chief money crop of
our southern slates. So it may be
that a student of agriculture and
bug-olug> will dip his pen in
vitriol and contradict my prophe
cies in such a way as to make me
feel like a small potato.
But 1 am going to take u shot at
U anyhow and 1 hope that I can
say something that will keep the
fanner ; from going bankrupt.
Cotton has been a king, Jt has
Iteoii dethroned by the boll weevil.
This great army of bugs is here to
stay, and as long ns we try to
raise cotton, this post will be with
us. Look at the territories that
have been infected. Havoc was
played with banks, merchants and
farmers who invested their money
and labor in trying to raise cotton
under boll weevil conditions. We
observe this, yet we do not heed.
We all have brains, but it seems
we have to be taught from oxperi
an'O We won'.J not build our
house on sand, like the foolish
man did, because we heard the
waters washed his house away.
If there was an epedemic of
cholera prevalent farmers would
not buy hogs at a dollar
pir head; if diptheria broke
oat in a school, no amount
of money could induce the fanner
to send his child to the house of
learning; if deadly poisonious
weeds and vines, that are m fatal
to live stock, were known !■ be in
certain pastures, farmers would not
graze their cattle therein.
Now, why don’t the farmer do
these tilings?
Because lie knows they are fatal
to life. The same thing is true of
the boil weevil, with the exception
that this pest is fatal to the money
purse. 1 repeat, that cotton is a
dethroned king, and if the weevils
multiply as fast in the future as
they have in the past, wo will be
forced to wear tig leaves for clothes
or robe ourselves in silks and
satins from across the pond.
I wish it was constitutional for
the United States government to
prohibit the planting of cotton for
a period of five years and thus
eliminate the boll weevil by the
starvation process. This may
sound like mush to all the scientist
who are experimenting with this
army of bugs, hut I believe they
will all agree that the weevil is
here to stav.
1 am going to make a request of
all farmers in Lauderdale county
who are going to try to raise the
fleecy stapue this year. That re
quest is this:
Cut this article out of the news
paper and paste it on the wall over
the mantle in your dinning room,
after you harvest and market your
next crop, then read my prophesy
again, then return your verdict.
To make children quit doing
things they should not do, they
used to tell them the goblins would
get them if they did not mind out.
I believe the sheriff will get the
farmers if they Jon’t quit planting
Moral—Life is too short to go
up against a losing proposition.
"Hr. Thomas’ Electric Oil is the
■best remedy for that often fatal
disease—croup. It has been used
i with success in cur family for
, eight years.”-Mrs. L. White*
acre, Buffalo, N. Y.
The I‘ottor bill. 0110 of those
devious measures known ns
‘Workmen’s Compensation bill,”
introduced in the legislature, is
some of those dangerous experi
ments which have resulted too
badly for the state in the past.
The theory that the lawyer ought
not to get half of the damages
awarded for injuries and accidents
to clients is very good, hut it seems
a hard matter to find a way to
avoid it.
There is no demand tor a meas
ure of this knd in Mississippi
The representatives of the laborers
of this state say (hey are opposed
to such a measure. No demand
has come from any other source
for experimental legislation.
We are making great industrial
progress in Mississippi and we
ought not endanger this develop
ment, and the prosperity which
goes with it, in order to permit
some aspiring legistotdr to indulge
in day dreams.
The legislature had better let
well enough alone.—Laurel Argus
Tim Vicksburg Herald in dis
cussing the Kyle Bunking bill says:
“Tlie election of bank ejufluiners is
in it self an innovating, wo believe,
without, precedent. The objection
raised—that it would probat,i/'ros
suit in the choice of men without
fitness or training for the duties of
the position—was met in what to
us seems the querent fashion to
wit: That all candidates for the
office of bank examiners should he
qualified to run in the primaries
and elections, through the exami
nation and certificates of a board
of bank commissioners. These
commissioners are to be chosen and
constituted by the appointment of
one, each, by the Governor, Hie
Auditor and the Attorney-General.
Was there ever before conceived
such a circuitous and complicated
channel of approach to a plum
tree? Asa substitute to the
proposition for so choosing the
examiners, one ouch by the state
officers named, it recalls the story
of the man who was told by his
wife to get rid of bis dog. He
turning from the fulfillment of the
command, be reported be bad sold
the dog for foO.OO; taking in lieu
of the cash two pups at $25.00
The May-Mott-Lewis gullou-at-a
time ou doctor's prescription bill
will not fie recognized by its best
friend when it finally passes the
Senate, should it ever pass.
The section in the original house
bill requiring anyone who orders
liquor to procure a doctor’s certifi
cate (section 8) has been eliminate
ed and in its stead a substitute
amendment which requires the
consignee to make affidavit in
triplicate. He must file one of
these with the circuit clerk, and
must send one to the house ho
orders his booze from. The ship
per is required to paste the affida
vit he receives on the outside of
the package when ho ships it, and
this copy must appear ou the
package when it reaches the ex
press company at the point of
destination. If it is not there,
then Mr, Express Company cannot
deliver the goods,
Another amendment to the bill
is a raise in the limit of beer. It
now provides that a case of beer
can be ordered by one person
under the same restrictions as
the whiskey orders. As it passed
the bouse, one could order only
one gallon o£ any kind of distilled,
malt or vinous Hanoi*.
NO. 4

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