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1 notTce I
i OF s
f After September I, we will be found at J
• our new stand on the corner of south Main #
• and Lafayette stieets, opposite Merchants •
S & Farmers Bank, one door east of M. Ros- S
S soft's and across the street from the corner S
1 occupied by.J. h. Smith & Co.,—a stand S
1 which has been occupied as a drug store for J
• over a quarter of a century. •
• In our stand every department will be im - •
I proved, stocks increased and facilities en - *
larged. S
We hope to merit and will appreciate a S
liberal share of your patronage. •
Jackson Son)
Druggist & Stationers.
A Card From Mr. Mclntyre.
Uoonville, Miss., Aug. 25. 1914.
To the Voters of Oktibbeha County:
I have just been declared the
nominee of the Democratic part;,
tor Chancellor of this district, and
I sincerely thank you tor the
splendid vote given me on the 18r.li
inst. I nmdft this fight on my
qualifications and attempted to in
jeet nothing else into the cam
paign, and am, of course very
much gratified at the reault, and I
here and now promise you the
very best service that I am capa
ble of rendering. |
Naturally I feel very grateful to I
my friends who so loyally sup
pled me, and without whose
help I could not 1 have won, yet at
the same time I have only the
kindest of feelings for those who
honestly opposed mo, and shall in
the discharge of my duties give
every one a square deal.
With kindest regards and best
wishes for each of you, I am,
Your friend,
A. J. Mclntyre.
After a splendid long uphill
®?bt. Harden Brooks was defeated
for congress. He has accepted
his defeat bravely and gracefully.
His friends can find much to
congratulate him ou despite the
adverse result. He got many
more votes than any proceeding
wndidate against Mr. Candlerj
Moreover, no losing candidate for
congress this year in Mississippi,
\Wceived so many votes as he, and
one winning one, Pat Harrison,
did not get so many. Ho has
•omethiug more than 4,000 friends
in the district—an honor to any
1, Noxubee can be proud of her
candidate even if he did not win.
—Macon Beacon.
R Mrs. J. D, Keene is spending
HP* week with her parents at
, Ackei men.
Good Road Meet
On Thursday, Sept. 3rd at 12:30
P.*M. the northern division of the
Mississippi State Highway Asso
ciation will meet at the A. & M.
College. We are informed by Mr.
J. S. Howe that it is the purpose
of the Association to organize
automobile parties from the dif
ferent towns along the lines and
to so time the trip to the college
that nil will reach there about the
same hour. It is his purpose to
have from ten to a dozen automo
biles from here make the trip
carrying as many farmers from
the country as can be accomodated.
The Mississipp State Farmers
Institute will be in session at the
time, and those farmers who at
tend will be well paid for their
trip outside of the road meet. The
institute will begin its sessions on
the first and continue for four
This district of Chickasaw
county will be the first county in
the State to finish her part of state
roads- The last stretch of tide
very important highway is now
being advertised and only about
two miles in length. All the
other part is either complete ex
cept one mile next to Lee county
line and that is rapidly nearing
completion so far as can be before
the bridgei are put in.—Okoloua
Mr. 11. A. Klebau left Sunday
for New York to purchase a large
stock of tall and winter goods for
the Dixie Bargain House.
Mrs. Ella B. Nash and daughter.
Miss Willie Warren Nash, of
Pheba, are spending the week with
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Carroll.
Mrs. 11. G. Porter is visitsug
her daughter, Mrs. T. W. Wood
t % % in tnn in i- , t , t , ~, > ■ ■ in>ni ii ini ri i . .
Sept. 15,16 and 17.
ft Fair lor m People and by m People
Every Department Every Visitor
Brimfull of Matters and things of Will go away Happier and Wiser.
* Interest and Pleasure. ~
• ■ Every Amusement
• Every Day Somethinglo enjoy, interest and
Chuck full of Sights worth Seeing and Enlighten. |
Every Effort Hver y Hour \
Made ,to hold a most Excellent Productive of solid Mirth, ;Health
Fair. and Comfort.
“ == “ ~ Every Bodv
Every Race
A 1 hnller from Start to Finish A . , T ANARUS, • ur .
And be Their .Own Witnesses.
Every Premium Bring the Children
Worthy of a big Endeavor to Win Popular Admission Prices.
• i
Is an opportunity to view a beautiful secne of spe
cimems of Woman s Industry and Hand Vs/ork.
• ‘ •
♦ I
! j
A fair to Educate and Stimulate
And Important to all Classes of People. I
#1 hose who miss the Fair this vear, themselves .will ne’er 1
And their regret with years will grow the stronger;
1 hey 11 repent of their folly as long as they live,
And no one can tell how many years longer.
Join the Crowd and make a Trip
Superior. Enjoyable, Enriching Fair.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
September, 15, 16 and 17.
Correspondent Write* {and Re
*ons for Changing Hit Mind.
Kditor Hast M isssssippi Times.
1 will tell you why 1 Imvo
changed about the good roads
bond issu. At lirst I was op
posed to it. beeaust I thought it
scheme for the auto owners.
Later I find that a number of
people in Sturkville who are op
posed to the bond issue for good
roods, say: “Why build good
roads for the fanner when ho pays
only one-third of the expense,”
aid these same gentlemen say to
the former: “Why le your lands
be taxed just to let Sturkville get
good roads.” They sing a song
just to suit the people they are
talking to.
But tlii.s is not my main reason.
This year’s crop is short. I have
several teams and several hoys
that will have nothing to do be
fore spring, because the tie busi
ness has closed down and leaves
us all idle. Cotton is short owing
to drouth and boll weevil, and
what wo have cannot bo sold ex
cept at a loss, owing to the war.
livery tning wo eat is high and I
hardly see.how we cun live another
year. We will not make enough
to pay running expenses and it in
only at the mercy of the banks
that wo expect to pull through,
but suppose the Beat spuuus
SIBO,OOO.Uu on good roads the
coming year. That will give
work lor our idle teams, our idle
hands and put more money in Hie
country than we have had for
years. If the roads are built 1
expect to take off $2,000.00 of the
money, and don’t you forgot it.
Me and my boys can haul rock,
grade roads and work our teams us
ns well. If we can’t got more out
of this good road business than it
cost it will l>e only because we do
not try. You can’t tell mo that
any people cun spend $180,000.00
in Beat 1 and me not get my share
of it, and it you cannot get yours,
brother farmer, it is your own
fault. We are the people it will
help when it is being built, be
cause we will have public works at
our doors. We are the pdoplo it
will .help when the roads are
completed because we use them
allthe time.
I was in the sheriff’s office the
other day and asked to see how
much the lawn of Starkville would
pay and how much the rest of the
Beat would pay. 1 found to my
surprise that fStarkvillo will pay
twice as much us the remainder of
the Beat. Htarkville pays on
shout $1,000,000.00, and the re
mainder of the beat, all told, pays
only about half that much. Then
the railroads pay almost as much
as all the farmers of he Beat.
You can’t tel me the farmer won’t
gain by .this. Ifdont|you think so,
go to the trouble to go to the sher
iff’s office and Jask Mr. Kickels to
show you who pays the money.
Hurrah tor good roods. Let ’em
come. Pkavini; Bill,.
Mrs. Abe Rosenbaum and dau
ghter, Miss Cluree, of Meridian,
are visiting Mr. and Mrs/ Carl
Mr. T. W. Woodward left .Sun
day evening for Chicago, where he
is selecting a splendid stock of
goods for his customers this win
Messrs. Steve Nash, Veates
Lucas and Homer Powers had a
fish fry at Harmon’s Lake a few
days ago.
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