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f *
Mrs. George Parker and Mi ss
Bul Moorer were pleasant visit
ors iu the home of Mr. R. E. Jos
sey this week.
The Steel’s Mill protracted
[meeting closed last Friday night
ifter having a successful meeting.
I Miss Elsie Self spent a few days
lift week visiting in the home of
Mr, J. 0. Thomas.
i Mr. Tom Hamm and daughter,
Miss Eva May, of the Smyna
neighborhood, attended the meet
ing st Steele Chapel last week.
Miss Mamie , Parker spent last
teek with her sister Mrs. Enla
Jloorer, attending the meeting.,
f Dre. Kekford and S< ales operat.
tdou Master J. G. Steele’s fool
I Monday. The operation was suc
I The little steele hull dredge
■ boat is on the ground and ready
ato cut the Lick Creek ditch.
I The ice cream supper at tin
I Adatou school house last Saturday
I night was greatly enjoyed by all
I Uou. G. Odie Uauiel, the well
Buoiui criminal and chancery law
■jerof Starkville, was in our town
list Friday. Mr. Daniel is t.
Booster and believes in progress.
■Be is strong for the-good roads
■movement, and good roads is what
Bougbiew wants.
■ Mr. William Montgomery is
Baiting friends and relatives in
■Longview this week.
Hs t
■W. H. N. Seitz and \V. V ■
Ball ate repairing their respect i 1
Bus and getting ready to gn
Bis year’s cotton crop.
■ The baptist protracted meetin,
Btnmeneed here last Sunday and
Bs aroused much interest. The
•stov, Rev. James Kirksey is
Bly assisted by Rev. W. C. Neal,
■ Attalla county, who has deliv
■td several of the most eloquent
Bd interesting sermons that lids
■Mbeeu preached in Longview.
B® attendance has been very
gd, several young people from
yfkville and other places being
at every service The
Bjhng will probably last several
P* longer, so let the people lay
tteir work for a short time
make this one of the
■ptest revivals known iu the
B*>iy of Longview.
HF. and Airs Minor Montgom-
B* re visiting in Lingview this
Baml attending the meeting.
minifies Richardyon made n
Hadley Monday in his new
BpW- C. Bell, of Minter City,
■Mug his sister and brothei
r - Hell reports the
Wen the delta very good this
m la B ' l *^ e °f the weevil and
[ le *on of Mr. Glenn Skel-
P misfortune lo break
* a,st Thursday. He was
JfP B K to a rope which was tied
tlee Hi the street when
,W thuti breaking his arm.
Richardson, who
her daughter,
Wallace, in Winston
county has returned home. She
reports all well in Winston.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dalzoll left
last 1 uesday for their home in
Arkansas after a pleasant visit to
Mrs. Dalzell’s father and mother.
Mr. Jack Wallace of Winston
county, is visiting Mr. Buck
Croft’s family this week.
Mr. C. R. Sanders made a trip
to Ackerman last Sunday.
W. W. Hall and J, B. Richard
son visited Starkville Monday.
Everybody here regrets that we
are to lose Air. 'V H McCann anil
family as citizens. They are soon
to nitqe to Muiqualak.
. ...........
Mrs. Tnmlinson is spending a
few days with her daughter, Mrs
R. C. Hawkins.
Mrs. Henry Davis spent lasi
Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Bob
Mr. Lon Nason and family, and
Mrs. Oscar Tuck spent last Sun
day in Hie home of Air. P. 11.
Miss Annie Lou and Betfie Lee
Love are visiting friends in Stark
A series of meetings is lieinp
held at the Self Creek church,
aud much interest is being mani
Mr. Ben Betts and Mr. Bob
Heury made a short trip to Stark
ville last week.
Mr. Jim Harpole and family
spent last Sunday with Air. Jim
Mr. Henry Davis and family,
;peuf Inst Thursday with the fain
ly of Air. Jim Brooks.
The fat mers of this section are
beginning to pick out their cotton
Miss Clara Henson, of Okolona,
is visiting her sister. Airs. Elbert
Mis-s Lucy Stiles has returned
from Birmingham where she has
been visiting relatives and having
her eyes treated.
• t *
Mrs. Askew, Airs. A. B. Frye,
and Misses Patti will. Maud, Mary
and Lena Askew, motored over to
Starkville Saturday iu Airs. As
kew’s car.
* • *
Air. Allie Davis is building a
new residence for Mr, C. H. Frye.
• ♦ •
Mr. Reeder has completed two
bored wells for Air. Everett Rus
sell, and has moved his machinery
to Mr. J. I’. Castles’ place wheie
he will bore another.
• • •
Air. and Mrs. Joe Ridgeway are
visiting homefolk near Sessums
this week. There friends are al
ways glad to see them.
• • •
Mrs. Glenn Harrell aud sou
Brooks are visiting in Natchez.
• • •
Mr. Lyman Russell is iu A]end
ian where he has just had a suc
c isstul operation performed for
appendicitis and is doing flue.
• * •
Mrs. M. R. McKnight, who
spent the summer iu Atlanta, re~
% * *
turned Tuesday much improved
in health.
• • •
Miss,Lila Yarver, of Artesia,
is spending a fewtdays with Miss
Myrtle Tumlinsou.
•• • •
Miss Margaret and Ruth Mc-
Cann, of Columbus, are visiting
their aunt, Mrs. H. Ellis, near
• • •
Mrs. Cortrohle is with Mrs. As
kew for a few days.
• • •
Miss Lizzie Whitfield, of Coluni
bus, ig a plersant visitor, in the
home of 11. G. Young this week.
i.-*-?- T-a -a-a, >Mim ■■■'■■■■ >■■■
Mr. and Mrs. John Perkins and
little granddaughter Ruth, of the
Smyrna neighborhood, spent Fri
day iu the home of Mr. E. P.
m • •
Masters Oscar Self and Alvah
Parks were in Starkville ; Friday.
• * *
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Gaston, Jr.,
aim two little boys spent Sunday
with Grandaddy Gaston.
• * *
Miss Emma Halbert visited Mis
J. D. ilollmshead a few days nis
• * •
Misses Laurie and Jennie .line
Hurtuess and Messrs Luwrenci and
Harrss Hartntss were among tl e
number who enjoyed the tenuis
games at Mrs. Randle’s Saturday
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Nichols and
Mrs. H. S. Nichols spent Sunday
with Mr. John Perkins and fami
ly at Smyrna .
• • •
Miss Lelia Mae Randle spent
S inday with homefolk.
• mm
Mrs. E. H. Williams and Mrss
Elsie Self spent a very pleasant
Sunday in the home £of Mr. J. J.
• • •
Mr. C. C. Bard well spent Sun
day at the home of Mrs. Randal.
• • •
Mr. Edward Goddard spent this
week iu the home of his uncle Mr.
Davis Hurtuess.
• mm
Mr. Burton Gaston is visiiing
relatives in Louisville this week.
From W. F. Anders of lG2b Cl> ye
land Street, Waco. Texas, who
is Employed by Hill & Campbell
a.Grocery Cos.
1 have been suffering with bilious
headaches and stomach trouble so
bad 1 could hardly keep on my feet
but 1 was compelled to work lo
support my wife and family. One
of my customers advised me to
and it would cure me, aud to my
wonderful surprise it has entirely
cured niß. My physicians would
give me calomel, but heavens
knows, 1 would be sicker that ever,
aud would have to lay off. I have
no headaches and feel almost a
new person and I know now my
uoubld was my liver. I am giv
ing it now to my children and I
see a wonderful improvement.
LIV VER-LAX helped me the first
day I took it, aud is certainly a
working man’s friend. Buy it
from J. T. KIRK, druggist, Stark
ville, Miss.
Mrs M A Saunders and little
son returned Wednesday from St.
Joseph, Mich., where they have
been spending several weeks.
Mosquitoes, flies and other in
sects, which breed quickly in
garbage pails, ponds of stagnant
water, burns, musty places, etc.,
are carriers of disease. Every
tune they bite you they inject
poison into your system from which
some dread disease may result.
Get a bottle of Hloan’s Liniment.
It is antiseptic and a few drops
will neutralize the infection caused
by insect bites or rusty nails.
Sloan’s Liniment disenfects Cuts,
Bruises and iSores. You cannot
afford to be without it iu youi
home. Money back if not satisfied
Only 2oc at your Druggist.
ifß. mm.
I UliffißßDieS
Eat less a* ar { Sidneys fee', like lead
or P'a.ids- to-hew yot deaf
f ras uric, uoi;'
Most . iorp-n that the kidneys,
like the gvt sluggish and cl'gged
and no* . i i.shing occasional!.-, cU we
have baei ■ die ami dull mis e in the
kidney tq.on, severe headav vs, rheu
matic i- :;en, torpid liver, acid -(onafli,
aleepl. ■ and all sorts oT hh d.s
or dern.
You ..ply must keep yc ! e
active and clean, and the momei yon
feel an ache or pain in the kidney
region, get about four ounces of J.ui
] Bslta from any good drug store hero,
take a tablespoonful in a glass of water
i before breakfast for a few days and
your kidneys will then net fine! This
famous salts is made from the raid of
grapes and lemon juice i,o..:bii,v with
lithia, and is harmless la Hush < .gged
kidneys and stimulate them la normal
activity. It also neutralizes the acids
in the urine so it no longer irritates,
thus ending bladder disorders,
Jad Balts is harmless; inexpensive;
makes a delightful effervescent lilhia
water drink which everybody should take
now and then to keep their kidneys clean,
thus avoiding serious complications,
A well-known local druggist says he
■ells lots of Jad Salts to folks Who believe
in overcoming kidney trouble while it is
only trouble.
The renders of (bln paper will be pleased to
learn that there is at least one dn'udtMl dlsenfte
that science has been able to euro In all Itu
stapes, and that 1h Catarrh. Hall’s Catarrh Cnro
Is the only positive enre mw known to the med
ical fraternity. Catarrh belnp a constitutional
disease, requires n constitutional treatment.
Ilnll’a Catarrh Cure 1a taken Internally, netlnp
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system, thereby destroying the foundation
of the disease, and giving the patient strength
by building up (he constitution and assisting no
(nro In doing Its work. The proprietors havo
00 much faith In Its curative powers that they
offer One Hundred Dollars for any ease that It
falls to cure. Rend far list of testimonials.
Address V. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by all Druggists. 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Don’t stay gray! Here’s a simple
recipe that anybody can apply
with a hair brush.
Tbe use of Rage and Sulphur for re
storing faded, gray hair to its natural
color datce back to grandmother’s time.
Khc used it to keep her hair beautifully
dark, glassy and abundant. Whenever
her hair fell out .or took on that dull,
faded or streaked appearance, this sim
ple mixture was applied with wonderful
But brewing at homo is musey and
out-of-date. Nowadays, by asking at
any drug store for a 50 cent bottle of
“Wyeth’s Sage and Sulphur Hair Rem
edy,” you -will get this famous old
roeipe which "an be depended upon to
restore natural color and beauty to the
hair and is splendid for dandruff, dry,
fe.verish, itchy scalp and falling hair.
A well-known downtown druggist says
it darkens the hair ao naturally and
evenly that nobody can tell it haa been
applied. You simply dampen a sponge
1 or soft brush with it and draw this
through your hair, taking one strand at
Ia time. By morning the gray hair dis
appears, and after another application or
two, it lieeomes beautifully dirk, glossy,
soft and abundant.
Certainly does cure any ami all Itch
ing Skin Troubles such as Eczema, Tet
ter. King Worm, I’uisoii Oak, Itch,
Fever Blisters, Fro.-t Bites. Chickin'
Pox, Prickly Heat, Nettle Hash ami Old
Stubborn Sores thought to be Cancers.
Gives Instant relief ami cures when phy
sicians fail. TRY ONE BOTTLE. ON
SALE at K. W. & F. E. Weir, Stark
villa, and Thomas A Hartley, Malien.
tastman Manufac luring Cos.
Grenada, AHsstssippi *
Will cure your Rheumatism
Neuralgia, Headaches, Cramps,
Colic, Sprains, Bruises, Cuts and
Burns, Old Sores, Stings of Insects
Etc. Antiseptic Anodyne, used in.
ternally and externally. Price 25c
Call at the Times Office for
- Fine Job \Vork
To feel strong, Lave good ap
petite and digestion, sleep soundly
and enjoy life, use Burdock Blood
Bitters, the family ,c.u tonic.
Price *I.OO ut druggu..
Sold Hogs by Telephm^e
A South Carolina farmer had a large number
of hogs which were ready to kill. The weather
was so warm that killing was out of the question.
He went to his telephone, called a dealer in
Columbia ov'er Long Distance and sold his hogs
at a good price. He iken called the local freight
office and arranged for shipment.
The telephone is now a necessity on the farm.
You can have one on your farm at small cost.
See the nearest Bell Telephone Manager or
send a postal for our free booklet.
Cumberland Telephone ifSS
and Telegraph Company IftP
t ■■
riobile & Ohio Railroad
Now on sale to the prinipale summer tourist
resorts. Please call on your nearest
Local Agent for full particulars,
or write *
(i. E. ALLHN,
District Agent
Jakvji, Tenn.
L . ... m
W. w. IMvsldeut. A. Kevin, Oilfiller. (J.IC. Ahh’l CaMilor
— m—
Does a General Banking Business. Loans Money on Heal
and Personal Security.

/ W > / r 1/ NEW ORLEANS, LA.
Ji / / Highest Grade and Most Practical
r p (,'w/fs Courses in Business, in Shorthand and
f in English. Best Equipments. Un-
w y equaled Facilities. Complete College
SHOULD ISC EDUCATED Bank. Only School with Actual Store,
TO SUPPORT THEMSELVES nr >d Actual Money in which students
keep (he books and balance cash.
Special accommodations for ladies. Personal instruction.
No misrepresentation to secure patronage. Graduates in general demand
through their superior training. GEO. SOULE & SONS
§ ju
g __ SEE
I .OC )JLO H All )Q I
ILi anjdeal summer trip; S
4-l-t ISlvia ®
Ohio Railroad
Low Summer Excursion Fares.
H One Change of Cars. H fir
< Finest Pullman Equipment. wj
M Electric Lighted and cooled with
fi; ■ Dining Car Service, Meals ala H ffij
h Carte. jjM fc
5 ■ Booklet, literature and informa- ’B
on application. 13

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