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Starkvllle, (Us*
* ■ ■ ■ mmmm I ■ 111 ■
\ m 0 Car'll >f Thark*.
•< <•> : 1( -i .iirtii id .11 m 1 m!lj. r I
•J. - .-1 .i ♦ i r • -r, -u* i"i • ,i I
wo*o. N-t fUaiy ihm. nt >vonl u.*i
it*; ti waa copy.
Tin■ campaign is on and
candidates nre cordially in
vited to call at the Junes
office and ore uiir/hie line of
campaign souvenirs- note/
ties for campaign purposes,
cards, blotters, fancy and
plain folders,a ini everyth! ng
to inaugurate a successful
cam,, :ign- HV have many
helpful suggestions for your
consideration- and will he
glad to talk the matter over
with you-
The East M ■ssissippi Times
Oppoiit# east entrance to court kouae
Quit tbc Mail Order House tad
Help Starkville.
The practice of buying goods
av.uv from homo, or from mail or
der houses ix tin expensive one.
\ou are obliged, generally to
send them your money before you
see wlmt you are getting.
You are obliged to buy from
pictures and descriptions which
usually overestimate the real value
of the article. The same cut is
often used for live dollar article
and a fifty cent one. You usually
have to pay express charges, and
ii. case the goods do not suit, you
have the goods and they have the
money; neither your friendship
nor reputation, which may be good
at home, “cuts any ice” with
For this reason, many people
accept merchandise troin out-of"
town merchants without a murmur,
which they reiuru to the home
merchant and demand their money
The home merchant will credit
when you have not the money ; will
the mail order house or the out of
town merchant f
You can always bring an article
beck for exchange to your borne
merchant. The merchant who ad- 1
vertises in y our home paper stands
ready to buck up any printed or
spoken statement in an exchange
of goods or refund of money Will
the mail order house f
The mail order Louse says: "We
will sell yon an article like the
illustration,” the home merchant
says, “We will sell you this article,
come iu, look at it, and if it is not
what we claim for it, you can have
your money back.”
Not counting all these things,
the fact that you are hurting the
value of your own home, the house
you own, your farm or other prop
erty that you derive beuetit from
when you divert money awav from
it, are to be considered. Your home
merchant Onys your produce or
gives your goods iu exchange.
The local merchant gives your
friend, your neighbor, your rela
tives and often your customers em
ployment; does the mail order
house ?
The local merchant helps' to sup
port your business institutions
and churches, does the mail order
house t
For regular action of the bow
els: easy, natural movements, re
lief of constipation, tn Doan's
UegnleU. 250 at all drugstores.
Itching, bleeding, protruding or
blind piles have yielded to Doan’s
Ointment. oOc at all stores.
ii i T - -----
Subscribe for Tbe Time*
$1,50 Per Year
m M' M'f
Muical Recital-
Mrs. TANARUS, W. Woodward, Jr., gave
her musical re ital on last Thurs
day evening, at the residence of
T. W- Woodward, in the presence,
of a i’.rge gathering of patrons and
music lovers.
Each pupil did honor to the oc
casion and gave an exhibition of
I well-trained and directed talent.
Mrs. Woodward has a select!
class of entertaining and eulhusi
astic pupils, who are making rapid ,
progress under her instruction.
This was her first public recital,
and friends were delighted with |
the entire program, and especially |
with the appropriate remarks made |
by Airs. Woodward in the opening!
of the evening’s exercises,
The residence of Mr. and Mrs.
T. W. Woodward was opened to
guests in its usual hospitable way
and the reception rooms and parlor
were tilled to their capacity with
interested and appreciative guests.
Mrs. Woodward is filled with
enthusiasm at the prospect of the
New Year’s work by her large and
growing class. All wished for her
a happy and prosperous New
Half Your Living
Without Money Cost
A right or wrong start In 1916 will
make or break moat farmers In tha
Cotton States. We art all facing a
crisis on cotton. Cotton credit Is up
set The supply merchant cannot ad
vance supplies on 1916 cotton. You
must do your best to produce on your
own acres the food aud grain supplies
that have made up most of your stora
debt in tha past.
A good piece of garden ground,
rightly planted, rightly tended and
kept planted tha year round, can ba
mads to pay half your living. It will
save you more monay than you mads
on the bast five acres of cotton you
aver grew! Hut It must be a real,
garden, and not the mere one-plant
tag patch In tb spring and fall.
Hastings' 1916 Seed Hook tells all
about the right kind of a money sav
ing gardes and tha vegetables to put
la ft. It tells about the field crops
as wall and shows you the clear road
to raal farm prosperity, comfort and
iDdepaudence. IT'S KfIKK Send for
ft today to H. Q. HASTINGS * CO,
Atlanta, Go.—Advt
There is more petty theiving go
ing on in stark ville than ever
known before, Look up your coal
house, yonr stove wood, your
poultry an! anything else that yon
want to save from the sneak
thrives that infest the town,
Hundreds can point to the use
of calomel as the cause of physical
decay. Its strenons effects upon
liver, kidneys and even ihe heart
are known to every practicing
Medical science has found a
vegetable compound that elimi
nates the poisons from the liver
and accumulations from Ihe bow
els in a safer and saner way than
jdoes calsmel and leaves no ill af
This remedy in the form of
Griiby'i Liv-ver-Ux is a proven “ac
cess. It is for sale in 50e and
SI.OO bottles by J. T. Kirk who
guarantees to refund purchase
price if you want it. It is always
protected by the likeness of L. K.
Impure blood runs you down
makes you an easy victim for
disease. For pure blood and
sound digestion—Burdock Blood
Bitters. At all drug stores. Price
$1 00.
Do You Feel so Tired That
Your Business is a Task?
No, Its pro I)* bly not your fault. Don't
get disgusted with lifo. It’s protty safe
to say your liver's torpid.
Tho liver is so constructed that it is
very easily disordered, and Its effect is
felt on the whole system. A regular
stimulus for liver action is therefore
advised by reputable physicians every
where. The best remedy to use for this
purpose is the mild and harmless agent,
Fo-S'it, a compound of simple vegetable
Fo-S*n has proven a boon to thou
sands of constant, users, by ridding th
system of poisonous matter and induc
ing new lifo and vigor. Give It a chance
to relieve you. Write to LIUe-LtUybock
Pm| Co.. Mempbif, Team, m| it it j
•'Dodson’s Liver Tors" Ml Chan Tor:
Sluggish Liver Better Than Cater,’el
and Can Not Salivate,
Calomel make® you sick; you lose i
lay’- work. Calomel is quicksilver un i
it valitates: calomel injures your liv-r.
If you are bilious; feel 1 i/v.
tin! all kiux ked out. if your bow*- 1 - ur ■
oiivif i|nt> <1 am! your beat! u*i ■* or
(om.-.rli is sour. just take a spoon ft;. 1 of
••armless Dodson’* Liver Tom* instl
>( using sickening. salivating calomel.
Dodson’* Liver 'loin* is real Hver imdb
fine Nun’ll know it next, umrnin: be
cause \oii will wake up feeling tine,
our liter will In* working, your he.nl 1
M-he ami 0 indues* gone*, vour -liiiae’.
ill he sweet nml Imtvpla regular. N< .
till feel Ilk'- working. VouMI I.* . lu. i
i ll: f ill of energy, vigor and ambiti
The Telephone
and Good Roads
The telephone goes hand in hand with good
The telephone overcomes many of the obsta
cles of bad roads and makes it possible for tbe
farmer and other rural residents to transact busi
ness in the city and with neighbors when the
roads are impassable.
Progressive farmers arc insisting upon good
roads and telephones. These two agencies of
modern civilization are doing more than all others
toward eliminating the isolation of country life.
You can have a telephone in your home at very
small cost. Send a postal for our free booklet
giving complete information.
Cumberland Telephone
and Telegraph Company
W. W. Soules. President. A.U. Krvln, Cashier, C.K. Gay, Ass’t Cashier
— m — #
Does ii General Banking Business. Loans Money on Real
mid Personal Seeurity.
/-w sr* n soule college
( j S r J/ NEW ORIE A N& * LA ~
\J[ Jt/ Highest Grade and Most Practical
y/f f/I/ Course* in Business, in Shoithand and
J in English. Seat Equipments. Un
—c equaled facilities. Complete College
SHOULD BE EDUCATED Bank. Only School with Actual Store,
TO SUPPORT THEMSELVES and Actual Money in which student
keep the books and balance cash.
Special accommodations lor ladies. Personal instruction.
No misrepresentation to secure patronage. Graduates in general demand
through their superior training. GEO. SOULE & SONS-
The Kidneys Are Constanlly
Warring With Other Por
tions of the Body.
Because of their delicate construction
rnd tho Importance of their functions
as voidera or waste and pnrfieW ot
blood. Any strain:! or change of food
jr climato, may produce a disaffection
of tho kidneys, which, if permitted to
continue, may mult in one of the dread
ed diseases that begin there.
Tenderness of U.o back, dizziness,
sluggish feeling, Irregularities of uri
nation and lack of appetite, arc common
warnings that the kidney* need atten
tion. It is decidedly op to you, In nuoh
cases, to put a step to tho progt'aof
the disease before It k too late, Tbk
can be lent accomplished by using the
tried and proven remedy. KU V* J(UJn-
Tont. At tllk-Llllybock Drug Cos.,
Memphis, Tenn., or at
B, Winn Gets te Market
Mr. B. Wiuti, merebnut of Hint
gis. passed through Starkvtlle
Sunday eti route to Ht I.oois, where
lie will spend several da- • buying
Spring and Summer goods, From
St. Louis be will go to New York
for it week’s visit liijriug In* nh
seuee In* brother, Sol Wion, will
have charge of t|i busiuti** at
Your druggist rr dealer - ” m
.*>o i. ni •on.* of I; i-ea’i? o.u*
u*i :e*r ii.i , i on. I guarurf.-e tl *t it
will clean your . iuygibii liver bi;l?r than
nasty cnlom. 1. it won’t make ton sick
ami ton can cat anything you want
w ithout being salivated. N our druggist
guarantees that each spoonful will start
your liver, clean your bowels and
straighten ton up by morning or to;
get your mom ; ha* k. Child; u gladly
t k> Dodson's Livu* Tone because il i<
pleasant la-tii : mil doesn’t gripe or
cramp or make them sick.
I am selling millions of bottles of
Dodson’* Liver Tone to people who In;tv.
fo'iml that ihU pleasant, vegetable, liter
I'di.ine takes the place, of dan ferous
ealoipel. Tiny one brittle on nn sound,
n I.able guarantee. Ask your druggist
about me.
Kept her locks youthful, dork. glossy
hd thick with common garden
Sage and Sulphur.
j-Wlipti you darken your hair with .Sage
Ve. afi't.tadphur, no one can tell, be
ftaiiiie it’s .tlreie-so naturally, •/ evenly.
Preparing this mixture, though, l t n.,
U tou,- ■ v urn! troublesome, lorho c ,(■;
>'eu <aio i.iiv at urrv drug n(oro tin. n-n'iy.
t*e ass tmile eilb-d "Wyeth's Sag and
biilphar liorr kewir/Jy," y,,u nt
dsruptn a M'Oi/tf# or soft, brush i>;, It
and o'ru ■■ u / through your 1 o i r , ,ng
',<• -rr, ill t-titul at % lima ,y ~ ~
log all *.y ’aair . <appr an' 1 .<<*■,
•notli-r ■■ pj, 1 ,t,on or • ~,, j, /lr )„,(,
re -*,i ,< Ua ,lltal!y lUrki-ow, gl,- •/
lurtitlont. <7 i will also dl* ~ , ,
dr'itf 1 1. g. ,i f,oi h/,lr I•% •>/ ■ ,v o.i ,■
feray, inn‘l half, though re, (i) ~ ■
Is % tig/! 7(f ,*l 7j . (p., I,|. ) a *7! 707 ■
sin- a ymilhPil ai,/| altr .7, c a r
ane*. g-' i,uy at o*g *77,1 i;, 1 ,
ttags aod Kulphur ao/J l-ck yr;<M/oun o-r,
When btiViv •offer* wllli croup,
apply and give I>r Thom 1
Leleetb Oil at 7(l(7'* Safe for
children A little g(,7* ) /( ,ip
way. *”i; hud Vic, At till drug
•tori •
A T'eiiliesr ■■■ tiiliu w 1(7, I) 11 fill |rt
e/) )<( |7 7' all 17(0 War new* i (|7
ill the (I •V • 717,, (<(,7| |((,(|g ~ c 1,,; (;
the Khi*' •
r- // -.* AA.A*
Jt vntie'r Is t " spifo 7,f pr,
ws'vs hsd *</ms lively hud ipigy
wa*uf lalaly,
mi $ salts
If year Back is rAI- or Bladder I
betkew. dri:... a, •. v ■‘•• r
aiiJ er.s I-ss i- .-t
Wl.rn vour kidneys I art ,-nd your b-.ck
feel* tore, don’t s " 1 P> ' J
to load your stomach v ivii a ! f drills
that excite the kidney -and irritate the
entire urinary tract. Ke • xa ,r kidneys
clean like vou keep y-. ur ■ clean,
by flushing' them with a mi -1. harmless
whs which removes the body s urinous
waste and stimulates them to their nor
mal activity. The fun-lion of he kid
ueys i, to filter that and. . hours
they strain from it I 1 ' •f acid
and waste, so we can roaudy ; erstand
the vital importance of keeping the kid
ney* active.
brink lots of water —yen can’t drink
too much: also pet from any pharmacist
about four ounces of Jad h. s; taka
a tablcspoonful in a g- -s of water
before breakfast each mon.ire for a few
days and your kidneys will act fine.
This famous salts is made from the
acid of crapes and lemon juice, combined
with lit iiia, and has Ivon used for genera
tions to clean and sti nulato clogged kid
neys; alio to neutralise the acids in
urine so it no longer is a tourco of irri
tation, thus ending bladder weakness.
Jad Salts is inexpensive; cannot in
jure; makes a delightful effervescent
lithla-water drink whi h c eryone should
take now and then to keep their kid
neys clean and active. Try this, also
keep up the water drinking, and no
doubt you will wonder what became of
your kidney trouble and backache.
Notice to Creditors.
St ile of Mississippi . , , ; | r „
Oktibbeha Comity I '
lu re Assignment of Mi -. M It foil look
T. C. James, >- i .-aue.
Ah p‘ r ops holding o|.dm- - raint tin
named a- in .r, Mr-. :■ K, Turt
le k, will prob .( andlia.e same died
and registered in I In- oHic-- of the Chan
try I 'h-’-k ot said .-m < . '■•itdm Ifi
months jf this da• or the mieuill be
to rove, burred by law.
T. C. JAMILS. Aa-ignoe.
lisp. 14. 1014 jaol.dt
Petition to i'adon,
Starkvillo. Mi-s.. 5., : ,t. 4. ,1114.
Tint State of Mi stssim,
To Ills Kxoclleuoy. td.v. Ido-l Brewer,
J..ek-on, Mi.-s.
We. the underslgne I < hi/ . s of said
wioulv do ourne-lly poti,on your Exeel-
I'-noy to grunt a paidon In ,i. !m (Jartur.
eonxiclcd at the Oelo ,-r. 1 dlt. torm of
the Circuit Ou.irt ui s , ' ~ o,ty, for the
iillo:,' and crimo of manslaughter, ami sen.
lem-d tu the penitentiary far the term
of sov, n j ears.
We are b.formed that he has made u
gum., obedient and faithful c iyiiT,and
lbe killing having been done in eunnee
lio.. with a viulaiion of 1,, family re
lations, we feel that lie lias been ‘pun
ished enough to meet the ends uf ius
llcspeetfuily submitted.
W>l. At. CI.AIiUY,
li. I’. \i ASIII.NOI'ON,
C. 1,. Ti lton,
janl-ot AM) o Til wits,
Notice of Sale.
In re assignment id Mrs. M U, I’urt
loek—'i'. (>. Jamos. assignee,
Pursuant to a decree of Cliane°rv
Court of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi
rendered in vacation on tin'3till day of
December, lull, I, tile undersigned as.
sign e. "HI oft r for sale at | ulilloout
ru . 'villila lawtnl bourn to Hihighest
bidd, r for ;.n<b in flu .-lorn building be
longing fo Aimer Bogan' and Mrs. !),
Hogan, localdl on In nori.li side of
, Mam Mreet. in tliecily ol MarKville, on
Thursday, January 14, 1915
tile entire stoeU of goods, wares anil
mi ll liandl e, furniture . ml hxturea and
books and accounts. In lunging Id tile
assigned estate ( I Mis, M. If. Portlnck.
’••ignor. Hie-n’el im k ol goods eon
isiing largely 1 f Milliner mds, Tin
j mococds of said ■in I, applied to
j flic p. VlllOUt of i.er nolits.
Witness Illy signature Hie gMh day of
Din-ember 4 iitil. r. I.;. dAMKrt,
jan I -lit Assigliec.
Executor's Notice !o Creditors of
Dr S W, Scales, Deceased
l.e'lers ot iidiuli.i li.uurn li n ing been
uited 01, tin Jrd da it' . \
l>. 15 11. iV the (Jli .1 ti'S'i'v (dint of ()K
--lil'beba tjoilntj. Mi K I,,pi, p, (lie
nad'-rslgimd upon Ur 1 I 1 ■ of I),-. S
V.. teiiles, dei e , 1 I. no) 1,, lt hereby
K ' " to ali I' 1 ' ' n liaviiig elallils
(*f Hie su'd ( 1 'e, |n pie out same
to H e Clerk of -a). I (',,11,1 | , prnliale
a'l registration Hern'ding ' 1 law wild-
In oe year from this dale or ihoy will
In- infevef barred .
IoU He: list day of In niter. A. !.,
. W, W WJAI.KH, ,111.
A mlt.Mralorof the I.Hate of lir, w. W,
'bn eased,
All lotl'l, killlfl' all 1 l)nt] li)e I (sum
N I' , Dftilev,
I'liidiM 2Hi|,
(s.ll at tbc 'l' HSU Of (ice for :
Pi.. Job Work
Drs. Eckford & Dodds
Office in Magnuler Building
Attorney at Law
Attorney and Cotmsello
at Law
Same old stand.
Attorney at Law
Office upstairs iu Nash Building
Office Up-Staira in Naah Building
Money to Loan
Otlco under Telephone Exchange
Attorney at Law
and Solicitor in Chancery
i Taeliees in ill the Courts. Money
to Loan on Easy Terms
Office t’houe lit; residence 137
Attorney at Law
Oillcu up stairs in Nush Building
Effective Nov. 22.
I rains Will Leave Starkvile, Missis
sippi, as Follow. I
No. 11 Dally... Lv. Fit. Depot Gliltl pun.
No: 4J l)aily....Lv. U’u. Depot 10133p.n1.
No. In Daily..,.Lv. U’n. Depot 4iOD p.m,
AiutiVES—(Artesia, Miss.)
No. 41—daily Af. T:O3 a. ill,
No. 4a—daily Ar. 1105 p.m.
No. 45—dully Ar, 4:30 m.
AKitiVES—(Artcsia, Miss.)
No. 4 —Express, Dally Lv, 3|-J* a. in,
No. 4—Kxpre.-s, Daily Lv. 3:83 p, in.
No, o—Express, Daily Lv. 1112<) p.m.
No. I—Express, Daily.. Ar. 12i50a.ni.
No. 3—Express. Daily Ar. Ui2.Mi.iil,
No. B-Exproas, Dally Ar. 4f51l p.iu.
I'or folders and other information re
garding rates, routes, etc., apply to
.). T. OWES, Ticket Agt..
-Mobile & Ohio B. K.
Or write,
nut. Bas. Agt .
•Jackson, Tetin
i.iyuin eczema remedy
Certainly does cure any ami nil Itch*
lug Sl in Pinuiilns such as Eczema, Tel
ler, King Worm, Poison Oak. Itcb|
lever misters, 1-rost Hites. Chicken
I’ox. Piiekly Heat, Nettle Bash and Olrf
Stubborn Sores thought to lie Caneerti
Hives instant relief and cures when phy*
slelans fail. TKY T ONE BOTTLE. ON
SALE at B. W. A F. 1,. Weir. Stark*
vilie. and Thomas A Bartley, Maben,
Eastman Manufacturing Cos.
Urenada, Mississippi
Notice to Non-Residents.
State nr Mississippi;
I " Levi Zukaskl Mercantile Company*
si. I,oiiis. Mo,. The Samuel Aeli Com*
puny, Oliielnnatl, olito Davis Ualrd
A Won. Louisville, ivy., Kim-ladtet
Bros,, Oliluego, til. 1
B on are eomnmndeil to appear before
I lie 1 Mianeery C'umt of the County '
Oktibbeha, In siiid Slate on tlic Second
Mondai of M.ireli. A. D. 11)15. to de*
lend I lie suit in said Court of T. t>,
•lames, assignee vs. Mrs, M. B. Port"
lock, et. al,, wherein yon are defen
Thlsilutb Jay of December. A. D. 1914
K. O. Mcll-WAIN. ■
JuU l-4t Chancery Clerk.. 1

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