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Gho Cast Tlfississi'ppi Girnes
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Wm W*rd. Editor and Publisher
,To a great man nothing is small. To a small man
nothing is great.
Women of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, have formed a
company to build a cotton mill.
When you find the door of opportunity locked pick the
lock or crawl over (he transom.
United States has only two living ex-Presidents— Taft
and Roosevelt. Mexico has six.
A man may be the architect of his own fortune, but he
is also the architect of his on misfortunes.
We hope none of our farmers will neglect their crop
this year while trying to elect their favorite candidate.
Alabama has gone dry again and the saloons in the
large towns will be put to the inconvenience of moving up
A clothing merchant of Spokane, Washington, has
been fined $25 and costs for using misleading advertising to
sell goods.
Hillarie Quinn is telling the people on the coast why he
ought to be governor, while Riely is hunting votes in the
pine forests of South Mississippi.
Some philosopher has said, “A good name is to be
chosen rather than great riches,” However, there is no law
preventing a man from acquiring both.
Billy Sunday, the baseball evangelist, has agreed to
convert to,ooo Philadelphia sinners at 50 cents a head.
This is what might be termed special rates on wholesale
Ihe case of (j. W. O’Bannon & Son vs. Hartford Fire
insurance Cos., carried to the supreme court from the circuit
court of this county, has been affirmed by the supreme
A mob in Warren county, near the historic and civilized
city of Vicksburg, lynched a negro suspected of stealing a
cow. A few days after the lynching the cow came home,
bringing with her a two-day-old calf. The mob has apol
ogized tor its hasty action, but the negro is still dead.
Avery strong public sentiment is asserting itself in all
parts of the state against public hangings, and at the next
legislative session a statute will be proposed requiring that
these events take place in private. Another plan in view is!
to substitute the electric chair for the gallows, and have'
all legal executions take place at the Rankin convict farm,
under state supervision, as is done in a number of other
A Vicksburg paper asserts that the Illinois Central rail-!
road is the greatest lax dodger ever known. The Illinois
Central paid the State of Mississippi $825,949.56 as taxes
for 1914. A few years atto it paid back taxes into the
state treasury sufficient to built the million-dollar state cap
ital. It is true the company resisted the payment of these
back taxes just as all other corporations and individuals in
the state did. Our Vicksburg contemporary should be fair
and state facts. 1 here is no evidence to warrant the state
ment that the Illinois Central Railroad Cos. ever tried lo !
avoid payment of any just taxation.
The demagogue is not going to fare so well in the
coming election in this state as heretofore. The average
voter is beginning to do some thinking and investigating
on his own account, and the day of the "bell wether” politi
cian who controlled votes is gone. When a man offers him
self tor a high office, the question is asked, "What has he
ever done for the farmer? What has he done for the work
ingman? What has he done for the state? Has he, or will
he ever do anything for me or my friends?” The fact that
a man gets himself into the spotlight, and is a plausible
speaker is not going to land him into office this time. It
will require merit and a clean and unquestionable record.
Transformation Brought j
by Good Pavements
Awakens beat Pride.
Towns That Have Pulled
Themselves Out of the I
Mud Tell Their Story.
What M. W. Connelly Say>.
Col. Mike Connelly is man
aging editor of the News-Scimitar,
Memphis, Tenn. At an optimist
dinner at the Business Men’s Club
in noting the calamities that had
overtaken Memphis, Mr. Connel
ly makes the tallowing statement:
The first calamity that befell
Memphis was in 18.'(2 when she
discovered that she did not be
long to Mississippi, but that she
was a part of Tennessee. The an
nouncement came like a thunder
bolt out of a clear ,-ky; but while
Memphis was temporarily stunned
she soon recovered. I do not.
know why the smart geographers
should have changed the line to 12
miles south of here on the fifty
fifth parallel,
When Memphis discovered that,
she was no longer in Mississippi
she resolved to make the host of a
bad baigain. She brought Mis
sissippi to her. About two thirds
;of our present population are
I Mississippians liy birth or decent,
and we are proud of them. They
are a progressive people. They
serve ns us sheriffs and deputies,
magistrates and judges, doctors
and lawyers, teachers ami preach
ers, and at times they have had
tlic presumption to challenge the
empire of my countrymen on the
police force. Nevertheless, our
ouly complaint is that we have
not more of them.
Till Tapper is Sentenced.
VV. 11, Young,, who was caught
in the act of robbing the pay sta
tion of the Cumberland Telephone
Cos., located at Holt Hotel, plead
guilty to the charge in open comt
yesterday and received the mini
mum sentence of one year in the
It will be remembered that this
particular pay station lias been
robbed before. 1). O. Taylor, the
local manager, had installed n
burglar alarm of bis own inven
tion, which was the means of
capturing the man just 31 hours
after the alarm had been attached
to phone. This was a nice piece
of work on the part of Mr. Tay
lor's genius that no doubt will
save bis company many hundreds
of dollars in the future by tlie use
of the Taylor Alarm System.
This unfortunate ‘ tapper’’ was
caught, self convicted and ssu
fenced within a week after the
alarm was installed.—West Point
Times Herald.
The Candidate Crop.
A prophet called at the Times j
office Monday and gave ns straight
information as to the number of
candidates that would he in the!
race for the various county offices
when the entries were closed. The
following is his prediction:
Sheriff 4.
Chancery clerk 5.
Circuit clerk G.
Superintendent of Education 4.
Treasurer 7.
Assessor 7.
Representative, east 3.
Kepreseutatiye, west 4.
Supervisor from 2 to 3 in each
The Liver Regulates the Body. A
Sluggish Liver Needs Care.
Someone has said that people
with chronic liver complaint
should be shut up away from Im
munity, for they are pessimists
and see through a “glass darkly.”
Why } Because mental states de
pend upon physical states. Bil
iousness, headaches, dizziness and
constipation disappear after using
Dr. King’s New Life Fills. 25c
at your druggist.
Something Hew I
Haying purchased, at a redicuiously low price, the
entire S2OOO stock of Millinery owned by Mrs.
Portlock, we will sell same at retail at less than
one-third of the wholesale factory cost laid down
in Starkville
The stock includes Hats, Feathers, Flowers,
Lace, Rihhon, Beads, Ruchings* Hair Orna
ments, Veiling, Mai ines. Nets, Velvets, Chiffon,
Bahies Goods and everything that is usually car
ried in a first-class millinery store
These goods must he sold at once for cash. First come,
first served. You have never had the opportunity to huy
High Grade Millinery here before at a sale as we will put on.
Times are hard and anybody can save money by buying a
good supply for the remainder of the winter and next spring.
Sale Begins at 8 O Clock Sharp
Wednesday, Jan. 27, 1915
And will Continue until all the Stock is Sold
Mr. J 0. Thomas Come* Before the
Valets This Week For This
Mr. J. O. Thomas, ot Adatou
announces for Chancery Clerk this
He goes before the voters ask
ing for public ..nice for (he fi'-u
time, and though never in politics
before, he is a man man who has
always taken a keen interest in ah
pub'ic matters and has been a po
tent factor in advancing every
movement, whether civic, political
or religious that was for the good
of the community and the country
in which ho lives,
While Mr. Thomas probably
hasn’t as wide an acquaintance as
others who ha' - e been before the
people before, everybody knows
him from reputation and knows
him to be a man of the strictest
business integrity, a good and
useful citizen, and a man who
will prove true to any trust re'
posed in him.
If Mr. Thomas is elected the
public can rest assured that he
will make every effort to till the
office in a manner that will prove
highly satisfactory.
If you do not know Mr. Thomas
personally, investigate his record
ns a citizen and give his claims
careful consideration when making
up your ballot.
Colds Are Often Most serious; Stop
Possible Complications
The disregard ot a cold lias of'
ten brought many a regret. The
fact of sneezing, coughing or a
fever should be warning enough
that your system ueadu immediate
attention. Certainly loss ot sleep
is most serious, It is a warning
given by nature. It is man’s duty
to bimself to assist by doing his
part. Dr. King’s New Discovery
is based on a scientific analysis ot
colds. 600 at your druggist. Buy
ft bottle today.
Popular and Well Known Business
Man of Longview Enters Race
For Circuit Clerk.
To aspire to office is a laudable
j desire and a privilege of every
| good citizen in this democratic
•ountry of ours. With a full faith
in his fitness and qualifications to
perform the duties of the office to
which ae aspires, it is with a real
pleasure that the Times places Mr.
iC. U. Sanders’ name in the an
nouncement column for the office
of circuit clerk. Ask any voter
who is acquainted with him, who
“Doc” Sanders is, and he will an
swer at once that he is one of the
best, citizens and finest men in the
Mr. Sanders was born and rear
ed in Oktibbeha county. He has
always loved, worked and boosted
among his home people He has
been ready at all times to help any
enterprise that he believed was for
tho public good. He has been a
successful business man in his
own private affairs, and if lie is
called to a public office he will
discharge the duties with the same
energy and fidelity.
He never ran for public office
but once and that was four years
ago when he made the race for
treasurer. In this campaign he
received a most creditable and
flattering vote.
Take bis record as a citizen, us
a business man and in nil walks of
life and bo will come up to every
requirement of good citizenship.
A little later Mr. Sanders hones
to meet those with whom ho is
not acquainted and present his
claims. He has a strong support
|in his own section of the county
J and many friends in every other
' part of Oktibbeha who will give
j him their support.
Mr- 0. C. Fergurson. of Brad
. oy, was transacting business in
' the city Tuesday,
Making the Streets Clean
and Attractive Starts an
Endless Chain of Im
provements “Aesthetic
Value” Soon Turns Into
Cash. '
Hundreds can point to the use
r.f calomel ns t he cause of physical
decay. Its slreuons effects upon
liver, kidneys and even the heart
are known to every practicing
Medical science has found a
vegetable compound that elimi
nates the poisonj from Hie liver
and accumulation! from the bow
els in a safer and saner way than
does colsmel and leaves no ill at
) This remedy In the form of
I Gritby’s Liv-vcr-las is a proven uc
-1 cess. It is for sale in 50c and
: $1 00 bottles by J. T. Kirk who
guarantees to refund purchase
price if you want it. It is always
protected by the likeness of L. K.
A strict enforcement of I lie va
grant law might stop some of the
petty thieving {that is going on
around town.
Stop that Cough-*Now.
When you catch cold, or begin
to cough, the first thing to do is
to take Dr. Hell’s Pine Tar Honey
It penetrates the linings of the
throat mid lungs and fights Hie
germs of the disease, giving quick
relief and natural healing. “Our
whole family depend on Pine Tar
Honey for coughs and colds,
writes Mr. U. Williams, Hamilton,
Ohio. It always helps. 250 at
your druggist,

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