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Pur Little Runaway Bride!
HANKS" M’GEE, currying
one soiled newspaper for a
K j| bluff and collecting money
CmJ for the newsboys' home as
another bluff, suddenly paused lu his
absorbing attempt to whistle t! >ugh
a broken tooth as he saw coming up
the dingy side street toward the Hotel
Daniel a beautiful young girl. She
was turning to look back? ard over her
sboolder at every few steps.
Oh. gee! A man was following her!
And he was dodging along from tree
to tree and from doorway to doorway,
and every time he saw the girl look
back he ducked! The man had black
whiskers, whittled down to a fine point
Just under his chin, and ho carried
himself with the ease which only a
thorough scoundrel can acquire.
Shanks McGee stood petrified then
took a long, deep breath and hurried
Gilbert Blye and Tammy.
op to the corner. He Battened his al
read; flat nose against the broad plate
glass window of the modest Hotel
The beautiful young girl concealed
all that she could of her timidity as
she walked through the door with what
she thought to be a strictly business
Uke manner. Seven men who had
been morbidly eying tbeir respei tive
cuspidors Immediately straightened up
and looked their handsomest. One of
them looked bold, and another, a deco
rative French man, looked debonair
The beautiful girl strode straight up to
the desk.
, "A room with a bath, please.” she
The clerk, an indifferently aged man.
held the" register a moment while he
studied the new guest of the house.
"Any luggage, miss?"
The girl, disconcerted, had recourse
to her only armor. Now she shyly cast
up at him her great soft expressive
eyes, and the clerk felt ashamed of
himself. He swung the register around
to her.
' “My maid will be here presently with
my clothes.” The voice was soft nud
"Certainly, miss.” And the clerk
whanged a bell which sounded like a
fire gong. "Front!”
In response to that stentorian call a
shock headed, loose limbed Irish boy
Jumped forward and took the key to
4-1. The clerk, without moving his body
or his neck or his head, craned for
ward big eyes to watch the. signature,
Mrs. 4. G. Day.
• A moment later the black Vand.vked
man strolled In, looked at the register
and walked Into the bar. Then along
came Marie with a bundle of clothes
The young woman went straight to |
the desk.
"Mrs. Day’s maid?" the clerk ob
served. Inspecting the clothing piece by
piece from under his eyelids and ring
ing foK frout and looking at the young
woman and the register nil at the same
time. The young woman, quite evi
dently' a maid, glanced swiftly at the
“Mrs. Day’s?" she repeated, breath
ing heavily. "Y-yes!"
"She’s expecting you.” And the
•Jlerk'y eye'ids flickered. “Boom 44."
"Marie, tell June 1 wont her!" cried
a voice.
"Bit,” she said, "I do not know you.”
"Why—er"— Ned stammered; then
he grabbed the clothes from the maid’s
arms. "Now yon lead me to June!"
"Blr. how dare you?" Marie said and
turned appealingly to the clerk.
"These are my wife’s clothes!” de
clared the young man. ‘‘She’s bete. I
want her!”
’’What’e her name?” the clerk de
“Mrs. Ned Warnerl”
. ’’Not here.”
"June Moore!"
"Oh. come offl” observed the clerk.
“If I let you go through the directory
you may hit It Give this girl back her
clothes, and good night!"
‘This thing baa gone far enough,
Marie!" hotly stated tbe young man.
At that moment his voice stopped.
Out of the bar had strolled elegantly
the pride of Shanks McGee, the man
with the black Vandyke, and he was
neatly nibbling a piece of cheese. He
was acroee the lobby and going out of
tbe door, paying but a scant tribute of
curiosity to the knot In front of the
desk, before tbe young man with tbe
clothes aaw him. The young man
nearly upset Marie on bla way to the
A porter stopped him to get June’s
clothe*. Ned was then delayed at the
ticket window and, glancing across
the station, aw Blye gotaf uptova
Juim Warner locked the door of
i * rom fl, o inside and turn and the Ilt
| and dropped into a chair to rest
| Suddenly a voice called, “U'a Me-it.
Miss jii -lie!" and a knock was be..-< 4
i June Warner opened the door 14
lin a burry, and her eyes sparkled ui
. she cl ipped her hands as she s,i\\ .V.
:ie wi*h clothes sticking ftua hit ;
all directions.
•■We're caught'." panted Marie.
i - Ne ' l grabbed me downstairs! He m..d
a scene!'*
“Where Is he now?” June sat down
"I don't know! All at once he thi. xv
down the clothes and ran ont on the
| street! 1 don't know why!”
Nod Warner, attended closely by the
ecstatic Shanks McGee, stood ai the
subway exit in a stale of seethe bevo„d
computation. Again Gilbert Blye!
Honoiia I! I ye, exchanging spite n.iu
a grt 'L paiTot, was suddenly intr ,<t
ed bv h calk;r
“Got him!" announced the nU v
who was none other than fell! W .f
Honeria Blye sprang up instautly.
"Get my wraps!" she yelled to the
abnormally ugly maid who had let Hill
Wolf in. “Mr. Wolf, you fooled ;ue
once. Are you sure you have four.
Gilbert Blye?”
“If we ain't, so help mo!” golem ■
swore Wolf.
Uol.o-'a Blye, with BUI Wolf bj -er
side, was scon speeding downtown in
her little electric coupe, in front o!
Luchow's restaurant they found a fat,
wide umu with a cigar In the cot er
of his mouth nud his narrow rh. u cd
slouch hat shoved on the back o' ids
round head and his eyes turned con
templatlvcly toward the stars.
“Certain party In. Bllnky?” hn<l;cd
Bllnky Peters followed them Inside
the busy cafe, ands they walked ;cl<
toward the Thirteenth street entra> ce
a fat, wide man with his hands In hl
pockets came In at the rear <ioor-
Sneuky Tavls.
"There’s your party!" suddenly hiss
ed Bill Wolf and pointed to a tab!- 1
where a dark Vandyked German with
spectacles was entertaining a ht iUhy,
red checked yonng woman with a
green feather in her hat
"You scum!" shrilled Honoria *•?'
to her thrc>‘expert detectives and t> ut
home to her parrot
Ned Warner stepped Into the ...
store next door to the Hotel IV ;'*ci
and tclcpnoued June's home in 11 i.
port Mr. and Mrs. Moore were p, th
city at Bobble Bletbcrlng's, the sc -Ah
soft voice of fat, black old Aunt Deb
by told him.
Blethering’* and the cheery vole., u*
Bobbie Yes, the Moores were tin e
And June was located? Great! Stale .
Bobbie was all eagerness when - v '
said he wanted the Moores and Bob ic
and Iris to come down to the Hotel
tic also telephoned Honorln Blye
Her shrill voice crackled over the tele
phone. She had Just this mfuuts got in
from a wild goose chase after a b-jgc 1 -
Gilbert Blye, but if he had been i■:
at the Hotel Daniel with Ned's run
away bride she’d be right down. Ho
norla culled up her detectives and or
dered them to report at the Hotel
Meanwhile Gilbert Blye eat hi con
versutloa with Jovial looking OHn Cun
ningbaiu and a usually vivacious bra
uotte whom both men called Tommj
Triumphantly Blye held before Tommy
the address In his little memorandum
book “Mrs. J, G. Day. Hotel Daniel.'
He motioned the girl to follow hln,
Sho sat glumly. Orln Cunningham
spoke to her sharply. With a flounce
she rose and followed Gilbert Blye
j' ED WAHNEIt. standing dingo
|V] nally across from the Hotel
I \ Daniel, where ho could watch
•** both the front and the sid. on
trances, saw three short, thick in n
come single die up the side street mu'
stop hi front of the main outran -.
Shanks McGee had felt strangely list
less and forlorn these past few m>n
ntes. for there was nothing Inside or
out. Suddenly the three short, t lek
detectives rounded the corner, and.
gee, they were slinking! The world
was once more a bright and happy
place for Shanks.
"Say, kid." busked the shortest and
the thickest—lt was none other than
Bill Wolf—“have you lumped a lengthy
gink around here with whittled black
That observant young person ht ib.:
world began at the beginning, but lie
was so minute of detail that he had
not .vet reached the middle when Kill
Wolf, looking through the plate g as
w'ndow' of the Hole) Daniel, said
“Sh!" and drew his two assistant and.
out of the range of poo"
Shanks McGee's quivering cars, and
the three astute boßnds of the law put
their heads together In exeited confer
ence. Then Bill Wolf, In his bos; pose
of a man who was waiting for some
body and didn’t expect him to com<
went Into the hotel.
The Moore limousine drew up. a i :
Ned went over to join the quartet H
led the way to the desk and oonfreatoo
the unemotional eye of the clerk.
“Ttils Is tbe father and mother ot th
young woman whose maid called here
with her clothing. We do not kno”-
what name she used In registering, hut
I know that my wife la In this hoc
and If we don’t get her I’ll rala* ho
•Til produce the woman at once.” to
clerk agreed. “But If there’s going t<-
be a rumpus It’ll have to be on th>
sidewalk and on tbe other aide of the
He called for <4. He calls* agate.
There was no answer. The room w >
It war empty!
Many, tt* *7 *Ub tt|
,c and t'?,e h ue eyes and th# vblte
li, Cui, was the .vest Bar In the hotel.
!He *:d had \ n,outer and one O! her
i lOmptltiug -n! - ft-vir. Junu ard a
I glhuM from 1. lovely eyes, and he
i and run ,'.e.u i wn fbrmgh the Vase
; lot .i c and *a?t ic re..' ser ants ei
. Ir.v i* iuu he,, t •! thn; a place to
wlui 1.. .- 'd tot t u d t iem.
| ..! • •atvlieri tot
i•u-i mv >. a .■ iiiiiod dowi.t-iafn,
i ,i>t s Ucn-..r; i Dive stepped la fol-
I lowici br BliuU,, Deters an! Sneaky
] Tavls,
" ' :, cto is ho?' rcir > bed Mrs. Blye.
I V 'iVn.r u .i.ic *1 u> do ills hippy
; fUIV
i'hiro he Is, li dy!'' lie shouted tri
umphantly, while Uiiuky Deters and
Sneaky Tavls slunk up one on oacb
side of the culp. . “Nub him. hoys!"
“Mon Uleu!" i .ed the culprit as the
j four fat par i ItMnny Deters and
I tnceUy Tavls c.appec; dowa ot his
Is roar ( the objection was
so tnvoiui'vehi ■ -'bit! polyglot Jojjhle
-s, sn hiring hi indignation, the black
beamed ITencbmat) suave to wrench
himself free.
"Is that the man you mean?” hlseed
"That ain't the guy!" yelled Bhanks
McGee, who was willing to be kicked
oil* now. "Gilbert Blye slinked In here
fter the bet. 1 goll and ducked
! hto the stibwe- wb • i 11a sport gives
him the run! Gee!”
“This Is the limit!” declared the clerk
to one and all .;s strong porters and
agile bell hops bended bis way. "Get
'em out, Miko!”
Quite a little crowd ht.d collected
when suddenly a policeman appeared
t orn around a corner a'id dispersed
the mob. Including Uonorla.
That vigorous lady had barely turned
the corner, heading for the avenue,
when a brilliantly lighted, luxurious
limousine stopped lu front of the Ho
tel Daniel. Shanks McGee's eyes be
gan to stretch as he saw the occupants,
and he whirled In a complete circle In
h's efforts to locate without the loss of
a second BUI Wolf ami Bllnky Deters
and Sneaky Tavls. They were trudg
ing up the street In single file, head*
down, hands In po-kets. Even Bllnky
Deters had lost Interest lu the star*.
The smacking footsteps of Shanks Mc-
Gee aroused them.
"Gee!" exploded Shanks. "Crlpes!
Gilbert Blye has doubled back wit an
other swell Jane! Beat It to the Dan
iel! And one of youse hotfoot It after
the electric sho .. case and get the old
woman! Gee!"
Wolf turned a commanding eyo on
"Hit ’er up!” he ordered
Sneaky drew a long. Jerking breath
and pulled his belt arou id him, mst a
despairing look up the side street to
where the little electric waa twinkling,
took the center of the cur track and
began laboriously to "hit 'er up.”
In the meantime Gilbert Blye and
Tommy Thomas had walked confident
ly up to the desk The clerk without
the (lleker of an eyelid bent farward
"Is Mrs J. G Pay atopplng heref
Inqu'red Blye will) grent suavity.
"No; the lady Is gone.”
"Gone?" protested Blye and leaned
forward to look over the register.
"Why, she came In only about an hour
or so ago. She Is"—
"Now. don't tell me who she Is. 1
doe'* know who - wife the lady may
be. an 1 I don't a ant to know. She’*
"Mon Dlou!" shrilled an exulted
voice, and Gilbert Blye found himself
confronted by the decorative French
man. That excited Individual sur
veyed Gilbert Blye'* slock black Van
dyke and tweaked at his own and sud
denly threw ui> both bands and began
to laugh
In that same moment Sneaky Tavls
■ aught up with the electric coupe and
jsSml bmnsik
’ Here he ie, lady!"
-eraadded on the step and hung his
hick arms lu nt the door.
■•Hith-iioh -huti-huli!" Sneaky In
•'ok 1 her .itreuidlc* for brcttth tuul
'n "n*-- U'ti in ins > ut of the cr.
! v w)it i., you want?’ hWsted
I, -n
iM'caky pointed backward wtth ble
"Your huh-hn!i-huh-bu*bandl" h
busked, (ticking Ir al) the air In the
ir " r >.ieieir And again he point
- b -k-wit" hi* thumb.
'■■■• ti. Blye without a word gtab
.■> r. at eut gl" a flower rase usd
uuukvU Her expert duUcUTg OS flw
trrncklej. With g parting iagt> h*
dropped -' ; f backward.
where was ,1 une while so man; poo
jf.e were <o busy alnt her ? In a
hors* enh. with Marie ami tire clothe*,
far down near the East river, whers,
tn full Si ht of nil tiio barges and all
the gr’m - Fhloplng, th.j found a slice
o/ n house, so narrow that it shoo'd
hive hail u wontburv.me 10 keep li
beaded I to the wind It vi.s ihrt'e
stories high and blockem I with age.
hot Ibtto wire geraniums and a cheer
ful Ilglu In (he downstair: front win
dows. This was where the elevator
Ik>} 'it mother liied, md it was ,m clean
inside ns it was grimy ont. She had a
■oor to let, furnished, two rooms and
a real hath, tin and considerably dent
ed. but kept fresh painted tu spot lews
“Tou say you want it quiet," said
she, "and my son Sammy suit you
here? Well, my husband, I .'ore he
died, was the most popular policeo,an
on the fosce, and the whole depart
ment, dartin', Is your friends.”
BOR a moment June hesitated be
fore the door of an employ
ment agency next morning,
and then she sharply boat
1 down her re'ocfanec. People who hi ve
made up their minds to ho Independent
and to earn their own way In life must
have no timidity. She turned tho knob
with sudden boldness and opened It;
then she smiled at her ow n sensitive
ness as she stood before a peasant
faced woman. In the corner of wh >se
eyes, however, there was a vel'etl
sharpness which June did not are.
A 'very pretty woman came In eb
Juno turned to go away, and with her
was a little girl of great lieauty. June
hesitated as ahe heard the word "gov
eroees.” The woman at the desk
1 * j
"Bravo! How do you Oof*
smiled to June. The newcomer fol
lowed that smile and herself smiled at
June. The little girl hud been study
ing June frankly out of round eyes.
"I like you." she said, with startling
candor: then the employment agency
woman laughed, and pretty Mrs. Miles
laughed. June dimpled.
*T like you. too." ahe acknowledged.
The employment agency woman rose.
"Mrs. Murdock la lister) as a gov
erness.” she observed, and June wine
ed ot her new name, flow queer this
all seemed! "Perhaps you wou.d like
to have a little chat."
Mrs. IV lb a and June Moore Wamor
Justin Day Murdock *were bolt ag’ee
able to that suggestion, partlcoto rl.v
sinew little Dolly Wiles had appropri
ated Jnne aiiparently for kec.-m. They
sat In one of the cozy corners, and
when June rose she was engaged Mrs.
Wiles was a most appealing woman.
All three were perfectly happy as
they left the office and rode In Mrs.
Wiles’ victoria op i’lfth avenue to one
of those wide, clean streets whk to load
off from Central park.
A block and n half from the avenue
they stopped before anew looking
apartment house with an Impoa.ng en
trance, aud a hungry looking dc j man
bowed Uls tegular bow, aud a hungry
looking elevator man shut them sky
A duplex apartment. June bed nor
•c seen one before, and Ha utility was
a puizle to her then, as It was for
many a loog day afterward.
After luncheon a nap for Drily, and
Chen a romp In the park. Holler kat
tog. June’s foot was nearly as small
aa Dolly a, snd the child, alter slit hail
thoroughly exhausted herself. Insisted
that June try. It was a pretty tittle
deceit which was put on Dolly. Jnne
stropped on the skates and was timid
and helpless nnd altogether charming
until Do'ly had laughed hercclf wesk.
then June suddenly ntraigbioned up
and skated away like the expert that
she was, whereat Dolly was more
pleased than ever, and a vo.ee from
the roadway, a suave aud pleasant
voice, called:
•‘Bravo."' Gilbert Blye! He was
smiling. June was confused- She
wbNked off the skates.
“Ton set oi to have all the accoat
pUshmentr went on Blye. stepping,
down from bis ituurloo# UmotuUw.
“Hetlo, younjj Judy!" He held out
I hla bend to DoJv V ilea with a t it ill
I larlty pcrml!wil>lc to the \ory young
' and to lire viy old f femininity, and
| the child took t; hesitantly, w ith a shy
| upward glance at Juno, tier big gray
eyes widened, however, as they fell
lon the limousine. She dropped the
I bend and ran f rward to the machine.
I "What a lovely e; , sh.> exclaimed,
j patting It on Its smooth, swelling side
Just the kind mother wants, but dud
dy says wc can't effort It."
Blye laughed lightly. "Would you
like a spin around the park In It." he
| suggested, "yon and your playmate
: here?" And he bowed
Dolly, Jumping up and down, was al
ready tugging at the door handle, nnd
Blye. laughing. opened It for her. IH>l
- gave a cry of positive joy as she
saw the rich Interior, nnd she was
among the soft cushions In an Instant.
"Von haven't much choice," said the
low voice of Blye. and he held the door
open for Juno,
"This once." Aud she looked him
squarely In the eye. He smiled.
June was thoughtful all through that
delirious twenty minutes of riding.
Blye—his dark fate haunted her. An
other face earns to her—Ned! A great
wave of homeatcknesH swept over her.
They made their adieus rather linstl
ly to Rive, for their time was a Utile
more than up.
Just before dinner was railed Mr
Wiles came home, and June happened
Into the library. It whs Dolly’s favor
Ite storeroom for toys, books and every
thing else. Mrs. Wiles—he called her
Woozly—was sitting on the arm of her
husband's chair, her arm around lil<
neck and his chin In the palm of her
hand. With the other hand she was
twisting a look of his hair over an. I
over her Unger, am) she was most dls
tlnetly and obviously wheedling him
for money! His voice was low snd
protesting with ns much sternness ns
a man ran use when he Is being charm
ed Into docility. Woozly Wiles was
locking the money In her little Inlaid
desk when June next saw her.
They were going out often dinner.
There was some talk about ordering a
car. and It needed but one word In give
Ikilly a start. The luxurious llmon
sine of tho black Vandykcd man was
the whole of her text. She rattled on
and on and on alsiut It, and as she
talked tho pretty face ot Mrs. Wiles
grew more and more distressed.
"Harry, dear," she said, "Dolly and
I want a limousine! Please!”
Dolly clapped her hands.
"After that limousine again," he gay
ly commented. “Not now, Woozly.
Business Is too bad."
“1 don't like business," she laughed.
"It’s a mean old thing, Isn't It. Dolly?
Harry, please!"
"Get thee trehlnd me. Woozly." The
man still laughed, but he began to look
very - seriously at his charming wife.
"You’d get anything out of h man.’’
And bis laugh was half vexed, alto
gather admiring.
Pretty Mrs. Wiles accepted that com
pllment prettily, but June, as she slip
ped ont of the library unobserved, was
hurt for the woman, for herself, for
her kind, ns her face betrayed. Here
It was again—the endless, almost un
varying story of tbe woman dependent
•n the man's bounty nnd. In this cane,
getting all she could out of him.
Ned nnd his detectives on that day
were down In the neighborhood of 'h"
Hotel Daniel scouring the district Inch
by Inch, as It were, for some trace cf
the runa way bride, and wherever they
went a small. (Ist nosed hoy with on.
soiled newspaper under bin arm sleuth
ed after them, slinking from tree to
tree end from doorway to doorway.
Little Dolly Wiles awoke m the pile'.,
to become aware of a light In the lov
er floor of Hie duplex apartment. Rad
dy! He was at work in the library, a
he always was Isle at night here re
ceiitly. Dolly felt herself privileged to
say good night to daddy, so she nlipiied
ont and put on her bedroom slippers
and her pretty little lounging robe an.:
tripped downstairs
June heard her go and dressed in like
fashion. Harry Wile- bnl his books
spread out before him nnd a pen be
hind bis ear.
"Daildy. are you going to get mother
a limousine?”
The man glanced over at his book*
snd ran his hand h*toss his brow.
"Well. I promised mother tonight."
he admitted, with leluctancc, and bis
face grew grave.
"Goody!” The little girl clapped her
"But will It be a nice big limousine?'
"Not an extraordinarily big one. Just
a proper rlzed limousine for little giris
like you and mother. Oh. come In
Mrs. Wiles In n stunning negligee
stood In the library door.
"You want Dolly, of course,” she said
to June. "Shea a born prowler, I
Dolly smacked her father a parting
"Daddy says It won’t be a big llmon
sine, mother, but It'll have silk tassels,
and It will be a limousine anyhow
May we have a red beaded chauffeur
and a ehow dog?"
"It depends on what color upholstery
your mother select*." grinned her fa
ther a* his pretty wife took Dolly's
place on the arm of the chair.
"There's only one kind of upholstery
In the Beaver cars." laughed Mrs
Wiles, pinching her husband’s cur
"Really, Harry, I’ve been wonder.nr
If It isn't a waste of monei to buy ss
cheap a limousine as that. I'd rather
wait until you can afford one that wtP
be more substantial."
"1 know your tricks." commented her
husband. "Really. Woozly. I positive
ly cannot afford nn expensive csr."
‘‘Harry?*’ Tbst wheedling tune echoed
In June’s ears as she skipped upst/b
Vttk Pony, ltd Itl te*W ttwt tie
cheap Beaver car wan Id not
Hand in front of tue <’ ir.
It dM not. A good cor brought Mrs.
Wiles homo tile Tory noxt day.
Mrs. Ned Warner had been made irc
saeod. 111*1} tbomtl'tful hy -"Vail,', of
the little Wiles family, Mine was
something w-or, in the . • on w ii'< li
made this "ondittot j Whit
was It? I't. position .. • aud
recipient. Neither the n.. r tho
woman was really to hliini '. It was
cuslorn. And June Know what Mrs.
Wiles wonlt) not mlnill to herself. If
she sus|syfed It that the in .a was be
ing constantly wheedled beyond his
Mrs Wiles affected oven to herself
that his constant resistance toward cx
pepditure was the iionnal nllltiide of
a man toward the domestic spending
of money. It was the woman’s bind
ness to get all she could aid Hi man's
to resist.
The crash came sooner than Jvue had
expected. On the next cicala* after
the limousine bad come home tlioro
Another Pact Cam* to her. Nodi
walked into the house a grim jawed,
bard eyed man of forty live, ou whoso
suit case were pasted foreign Inbeis.
“Hello, Baiter I" exclaimed Wiles,
with cordiality.
"A little jiersonal business." And
Baker seated himself.
“Wow’s the London branch?’’ asked
Wiles by way of making conversation.
"Doing very nicely," was the curt re
ply, and Baker shook hands with Dolly,
By and by the voices of the men rose
as they became more hilure“ti I In
thclr conversation, and th ire (Dated
up to June an emphatic speech of
Baker’s which she could not I dp hern
ia g.
"You've spent It!" Haber's word*
were clean rut. "In my alienee of a
year and a half you've ovei 't .m, your
account $50,000 1 Ifty tho ;ciiui dol
lars was the exact amount if your in
vestment. That makes os q o.TI!
turn over ymir share of th. I . mess
to me Immediately."
"But that leaves me without a cent,
without so income!" worrlul Wiles.
Ho had no blame for bis p inn r, nor
was he as much crushed ns In hut i x
pected to be. "I have a vlf end a
child, yon know, Baker. I cu.-d no
moro refuse them anything ilnm i. ould
refuse bread to a starving child.'*
"That’s the trouble." Baker's tolco
was not harsh. If was slmi.ij cold.
“You’Ve spoiled them. A vlfe siioiild
be a help to a man, and nmt of them
would If they were given 'a nice.
You made s toy of y arc'
The next incruln, Mrs Wiles nine
up to June. She had been ■ rylin. but
there was a light In licr eyes which
was good to nee,
"I am very sorry," she s.i.'d simply,
“We have had a Inn loess kvhm... and
we shan't i>e able In keep ym Tim
fact of tbo matter Is : ...it we don't hap
pen to have a cent In the house 1
took all of Harry’s pocket niice v \ .*s
terday. and I spent it yesterday after
noon. I—l—l—that Isn't quite tho
truth,” she suddenly blurted out. "Wo
are absolutely broke. We baviut any
money at all."
It hurt June to part with them. She
had liked them all, and when the little
girl bung around her neck they cried
together, all three—June and Mia.
Wiles and Dolly.
Halfway up to the nvcmic June,
walking along and dabbing her eyes
occasionally, was confronted by nemo
one. Blyc!
“Which way?" he asked.
"To the employment office." gh? to and
him. and showed him her little peso
with a laugh.
"ft’s a shame that a pretty girl ll' o
yon has to worry about money." And
hfs coal black eyes gazed down at tier
He tried to detain her. Catching her
gently by the arm. h e tried to urge tier
Into bis car, using all the |,crr,u; slve
ness of his eyes and his smile an . his
suave courtesy, but she vas obdio.iK
Suddenly tie jumped Intc Ida linn .
sine and whirled away. He w- . "
the employment agency before .lm e
peached It. and be had a cordial "bat
with the employment agency women.
He handed her an address and went
June was delighted when rhr recur, and
an opening quickly nod .tutted out
Immediatelr for tho place. l-'or a
ment June fob . u Intense I' Ip ,■ r
ngly looking V n <. at the add r„ v
her aad all that it nog t . mpi mil .
laughing at her own fancier, s .cunm •
np tho steps and rang the ndl. The
door swung open silently, but no one
appeared. Wondering. June walked
In. and the door slammed behind her.
Two minute* '3*cr( "b.-r* It y. walk
ed op the steps, took a re) 'rod Ms
pocket, huerted U lutf the (~■' and

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