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£ast Mississippi Simrs.
W. H. Seitz spent Tuesday in
Jack Wallace spent Monday in
Starkville on business.
John Edmonds and family went
to Starkville, [Monday, shopping.
Roscoe Bridges will soon have
his home completed and ready for
Henry Montgomery and wife is
visiting friends and relatives iu
our town this week.
Mrs. Winters and children spent
Saturday in West Point visiting
her sister, Mrs. Ford,
The creamery at our High School
starts operations Monday with a
large number of patrons.
J}r, pbas. Riehqrdsqu, a rjsiqg
young physician of Memphis,
Tenu., is visiting his father, J. F.
B Richardson and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Sikes and
family of Starkvill is visiting in
the home of Hon. T. E. Veaiy this
week, also attending the com -
mppeamept of (he Agriculture
Bigh School of this place.
When George Bostic came to
kpngvipw, Monday, Binil(ug and
shaking hands with everybody it
was first thought be was a candi
date, This was pot the case, ft
was fine bouncing boys
and George Las named them WiJ
sun agd Marshall.
Our old time friend Lem Lem
mons of Osborn. Miss., came down
to attend the concert 'last Monday
night at the school building. He
it was grand and that he
peyer thopghft|iat thp flap woq.ljj
could do anything so good. But
we b6lleve in a few more years we
will have the best section of coun
try in old Mississippi; Mr. Lem
pious lived in this section some
fo years) ago and at tbat time
we didn’t hyye a 100 acres of land
in cultivation. Now we have
thousand’* of popes, Wp Bfe
surely coming to the front.
The concert last Monday night
at the Agricultural High Hchool
was a grand success, with good at
tendance. Something over 400
people witnessed the concert,
people from every corner of Oktib
beha Gouqty, was well represented
and from adjo ulng counties.
Teachers in the high school should
be highly complimented iu such u
production and the pains taken by
the teachers to instruct the child'
ren is commendable. All we need
iu our school is the attention of
the good people of Oktibbeha coun
ty and a little more money to help
pay our teachers.
Miss Mary E. McCain, known
as the little girl preacher, of Eu
pora, Miss, preached in Longview
lust Saturday night cud also two
seiiuons Sunday. It c<wat;d quite
an excitement for a little girl of
14 years old to meuch such ser
mons as she did; she claims that
she was very low with liy.r and
not expected to live; given up by
all the community that she could
not recover; and all at once she
raised up in her bed and told her
mother that she had set u God and
He told her to p e ch in her home
that Sunday evening and take for
her text John 1 -.2 and claims that
she could not read the bible as she
never read a whole coupler in her
life tnd that she had just leached
the ti id grade, but God told tier
to preach and He would help her,
(this all happened three months
“go), her sermons were well
ha idled. It was reported last Sun-
Jay night by some r,ell-read m n
in the bibie that she preach and as
well at present as tome mtu of
llou. W. H. Miller, of Stark
ville, is spending a lew days in
Mrs. Luther Sanders and child
ren left Tuesday for Artesia to
spend a few days with her mother
and father who live near that
Mr. Lige Veazoy and Miss Edna
Yeatman were quietly married last
Sunday night at the home of the
groom’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Yeatmau, Uev. Owens officiat
The lire alarm was sounded lust
Monday evening and the homb of
Wesley Ponders was discovered to
le in flames. Upon reaching the
scene of the lire it had gained such
headway it was found to be utterly
impossible to save the buililipg or
contents. The house was insured
for about half its value. There
was some trouble in saying the
home of Mr. Buekcrott which is
situated close to the burned dwell'
ing. Immediately after Are was
was discovered at Jim Brackin’s
home; like the previous fire noth'
ing was saved. Both parties were
iji attendance qt the school concert.
Mr. Bracken carried some insur
ance but not sufficient to rebuild.
’l'iiere is talk qf giylng some as
sistaucp tq the twQ parties.
Among Our Churches
The services taken in hand by
the B. Y. P, U. of the Baptist
church ou Easter morning was
very acceptable, and enjoyed by
those who hacj the good fortune to
he present. Thp spirit of brother
hood was explained iu a simple
but impressive manner, as was
the object and aim of the B. Y.
P. U. by those taking part and the
ipanncr in which each and eveiy
number was taken by the partici
pants was certainly to he com
mended. The following are those
vvfao fook part;-re
Scripture Reading—H. B. How
erton, presiding.
Purposes of Urn B- V- P. U.~
ff . B. Howertou.
(Quartette: Misses Elizabeth
Cunningham, Adclade Valentine,
•Alle Pate, Mary Olive Jennings.
A Soldier’s Work —W, W. Stew
Quotations of Scripture by!
Misses Mamie Jordan, Dorothy
Maxwell. Nannie Sikes, Mildied
Valentine, Margaret Jordan, Maty
Addie Maxwell, Kathryn Ware.
Song, America —Choir.
A Clean Citizenship —E. F.
History—Miss Jetta Dennis.
Reading—Miss Kathryn Balfour
Piano Solo—Mrs. Thos. Glad
Christian Citizenship —J. D.
The V. Among the World Pow
ers—Miss Dotsie Carpenter.
Has Patriotism Developed?
Miss Janie Mao Maxwell.
The offering taken was appro
priated by the B. Y. P. U. iu tin
furtherance of their good work.
• •
“ t
St. John 11th Chap, and 43k'
v. was text of a sermon deliyere,
Sunday evening by Rev. Lipscomb
‘ Lftz ,rus come forth,” was tin
theme. The Rev gentle nan wen
on to explain the various resin
rectious at the time of Christ am
after His Crucifixion! that it wa>
a marvel of St. Paul in raising the
young man who fell from the win
dow during divine services am
was instantly killed; that be St
Paul was imbued with the powe
of the Holy Spirit, (hat this mir
I ——————
" At San Francisco ;
Wouldn’t You Like to be Sponsor for Oktibbeha County ■
W . ■ Tl *6 State of Mississippi through an act of its legislature, created the Mis
:ls msippi Exposition Commission to prepare for and install an exhibit at the
W r~ Panama-Pacific International Exposition at San Francisco in 1915 This _________
# MFMpuiq commission purposes sending a young lady from each County in the Stale to I I
MEivii HIS represent her County officially and be hostess ou Mississippi Day. I BIG TREES
8T LOUIS Eltll s,Msor W|M bt > resc " ,cll * i,| i * trill nilroif ticket, roand trip Pullmim ticket, lining car
servlet a Ike going trip, ten tickets of idmlsslon to Ike exposition grounds and One Hundred Dollars MONTEREY
KANSAS CITY All Sponsors will be selected by popular ballott. Those ballets may be
seuured from any merchant participating in this plan. They will bo issued at LOUIS
COLO. SPRINGS the latl ° ot 0116 vote or ~loro for each 01)6 cent of your purchase. For instun
stauce. A five cent purcLaseJsecures five votes; a dollar purchase one hundred
ROYAL GEORGE votes - etc -
Each merchant, issuing ballots will provide )u ballot box in his place ot BAH-
M ROCKY MTS. business, whew the baliots may be voted at any time prior to the closing date UAIiA
ot the contest, m your Comity. (Contest runs from four to gve months.)
SALTLAKBCITY .•..f a °, r , ' e l“^ ve standing of contestants will not be published at any BOS ANGELES
He • Bme. AH ballot boxes are to remain sealed until the close of the contest
W nonaiM when t “ r ? e disinterested citizens will be appointed to count the ballots, and the PASADENA
H. u young lady receiving the greatest number of votes will be declared the dulv
authorized Sponsor. J kivi’Hmm.'
SIERRANEVADA This Commission purposes sending all Sponsors to San Francisco on a ‘'
W MOUNTAINS special train, known us the "Grown in Mississippi” train. On this train will TllfMnv I ' :
$7 be the Governor and other State officials and their families, inombers of the
M SACRAMENTO Commission and a number of other prominent Mississippiuns who have ex- ... ...
A pressed a desire to take this trip. ‘ LL PASO
W OAKLAND . Your friends to make their purchases from merchants issuing ballots,
i and give their votes to yon, and as the ballots are the same all over the State SAN .ANI'ONIO
BAN FRANCISCO i iave iour * r . ie u n< * B iu other contest counties send their votes to you. All votes
# * or you must be voted iu the county in which you reside. HOUSTON
m- akta Every feature of this euf\ w plan will be carried out in tbo most dignified
manner, and any yoqqg Iqdy qecd have no hesitancy in competing for this NEW GULF VMS
M. W v‘> Sponsors will not owiy be recognized *us the Official Ropfesciita- ; “
|f • Lyes of (iteiv respective Oonnties, but of the State as well, and the many favors ...j
Is ftttd entevtainmeuts offered will not only make the trip a most enjoyable one,
hut one of educational value us well.
H < F or further information, ask any Merchant participating in this plan.
General Merchandise hardwarde Cos. Groceries Coffees & Teas A " !
M Insurance —' Drugs The Show Place of Slarkv.lle Job Work Quickly and Neatly
4 State Capitol JOHN L. SMITH Manager Jackson, Mississippi i
H .B
acle was performed after the Cru
cifixion cf Jesus Christ; he also
spoke of the great spiritual awak
enings in Christ’s time. In com
parison he showed how that we,
of the nresent day, may be fully
alive to the possibilities ot making
a success of life in the financial
world, or even in a moral sense,
and that the spiritual life may be
still dead; tbat ye must have the
spiritual birth ere you could real
ize the full significance of the love
of God; that only then was a man
a successful man and a true Christ*
dan after the receiving of the
spiritual birth; that a great many
were content to drift along with
he tide of life and be satisfied in
a constant attendance at church
and in tbo giving of a small pot
ion in a financial way; that this
<s not all was the point he endeav
■red to impress hij hearers; that
we all have a great responsibility
tnd should do as the Lord com -
manded Lazuras “come forth”
from the sins of the body and ac
cept the “life triumphant” which
means spiritual life.
Mrs. M-inhali Chilton is the
'nest ot her sister, Mrs. Howard
v’iulluu on the Campus.
Mr. and Mrs. Early entertained j
at u bridge party on Thursday ev
ening in honor of their guest, Miss
Hullidoy of Athens, Gu. The
guests were Misses Sadie Holli
day, Mary B. Rogers, Rose Caro
tliers, Anne Montgomery, Mildred
Barr of Columbus, Sara Cotlett of
Clarksville, Tenu. Messrs Harned,
Hayes, i Lloyd, Freeman, jWin.
Rogers, Gray, Martin, Brewer.
Mr. and Mrs. Beal.
Monday was a lovely day iu
: Starkville. The Board of Super*
: visors were in session and a large
number of citizens were in town
from various parts of the county.
A large delegation was here to
discuss dipping vats and nearly all
of the candidates for the various
.county offices were circulating
among the voters.
The Illinois and A. & M. mixed
it up in the baseball line on last
Friday and Saturday; the result
on Friday was 13-2 in favor of
“Illi,” then on Saturday it was A
repetition—score being 0 4 i,n favor
of the"wanderers from the north.”
Should the A. & M. desire to hold
their laurels this year they bad
better “git up.”
Notice islicrt-liy given Unit Hie under
signed Komi Commissioners of Super
visors District NumberOne, Oktibbeha
County, Mississippi, will lit 2 o’clock
1* >1 on Saturday Hie Ist day of May,
AD, lUIS, receive and open sealed Idds
for the construction of the following
described public work, to-wit;
Approximately Twenty-Seven (27)
miles of surfaced highway In Super-I
visors Dis riel Number One, Oktibbeha |
County. Mississippi, as is more spe-1
cillcally shown by the plans and aspect- ,
Mentions thereof which are now on Ills
in the olllce of the Clerk of the Hoard 1
of Supervisors, Oktibbeha County, 1
Mississippi, which said plans and speci
fications show the details of said work I
and the subdivisions of said highway.
Said work will be awarded to the
lowest and best responsible bidder,
Certified check for 1200.00 per mile or
fraction thereof of the work hid upon
accompanying each bid. Proposal
blank upon which bids will be re
quired in be made and copy of contract
to lie signed by the successful bidder
may lie obtained from K O Mcllwain,
Clerk of the Hoard of .Supervisors of
Oktibbeha County, Mississippi All
work to be done and contract to lie i
foverned by the provisions of Chapter
7U of the Laws of Mississippi of 114.
Witness our signatures this the ath
day of April, A U, 1915,
J W Kckford
■I K McCrelglit
It K Wier
Highway Commissioners of Supervisors
District Number One, Oktibbeha
County, Mississippi;
! •• ‘
Miss Madge Montgomery left for
Greenwood, Monday,' where she
will visit friend Band attend the
Itate suffragette convention.
I. A. C. Krvln, trustee mi.der i
provisions of am) by v 111 u ,i
tin: authority conferred upon i. .
in u deed nt trust made hy ,1. i : ,
ami his wife Amanda M.Ohi ■ In in
Trii-tun on llni loth day of lioti In
1013, to secure certain indehii dm -
The People's Savings Hank and who !i
said deed of trust is recorded in o I
book 12.) on page 018, will on llio
day of May, 11)15, offer for ale,
will sell at public auction fur easli i
the highest and best bidder, at the I’
door of the court house, In Starkvi
Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, wii
legal hours, tile following desoin i
property, to-wlt:
The fractional south west quarter <
south-east quarter of north West quail' ■
of .Section do, Township 1!(, K ing" > i
Kast, containing elghtacres more or In
Said land lying West of the Starkvi
‘and Tihhce Road and Known a
part of the Marshall Mom
[ place, the eastern boundary li
lining tile center of the St irkvlllo i
'J’ihheo Road anu being in the eorpoi
limits nf the Town of Starkvllle. A ,
the fractional Kast half of south
quarter of north-west quarter of s
tion 3.3, Township 10, Range II K i-i,
described as, beginning at the sou;n
east corner of said souib-eastqiiart";
north-west quarter and running v,
7.36 chains, thence north 10.3) chai
thence west 2.80 chains to .Stark - , i e
and Tlhbee Hoad, thence norlli 3d o -
grees, east along said road to the soutn
boundary of the north east quarter of
north-west quarter of said secth ,
thence east 4.20 chains, thence sqn. ii
20 chains to point of beginning, cont: 1 -
lug 14 acres more dr less.
Hated this the Ist .day of April, 1016,
Mig Anue Pope is •'Moiliug iur
yrtwuvillo ami BoiiOnl;' ; f
NO 20.

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