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Dipping Vats Dynamited.
Last Sunday night or early
Monday morning unknown parties
dynamited two dipping vats in
Beat 4; one near the home of
Mr. Forrest Quinn and the other
near Mrs. Livingstons, both in
the vicinity of Sturgis.
There is a strong opposition to
dipping cattle with certain parties
who refuse to comply with the law
and have taken matters in their
own hands and propose to defy
the authorities.
The law-abiding element of
Sturgis and Beat 4 do not condone
such procedure, and in fact will
do all in their power to bring the
guilty parties to justice.
This is a case in which the Fed
eral laws, as well as the state
laws, have been violated, and it is
to be hoped that the parties who
committed this crime will be ap
Hon. Joseph S. Rice.
Iu our announcement column
this week will be seen the name ot
Hon. Joseph S. Rice as a candi
date for the seat iu the lower
house of representatives of the
State Legislature from the Eastern
District of this county,
Mr. Rice is a young man well
fitted to fill the place to which he
aspires. He is a practicing attor
ney of this place, and has demon
strated his ability beyond question.
He has a laudable ambition to take
partin the public affairs of the
community and the commonwealth,
and to serve the people in a public
capacity, and will not fail to ap
preciate any opportunity of doing
He is a native of the district
that he asks fo serve, apd has
many warm friends who will be
glad to accord him a hearty sup
If elected he will no doubt prove
a faithful aud capable legislator,
and reflect credit on the county.
Odd Fellows Anniversary Program.
Following is the program ar
ranged by Hidgley Lodge No. 23.
1. 0. 0. F. for the public celebra
tion ot the 9Gth anniversary of
Odd Fellowship, to be observed on
Monday evening at the Odd Fel
lows hall t'
I. Opening Od# Lodge
3. Invocation.W. A. Jordan, Chaplain
8. Music College Orchestra
4. Welcom Address B. F. Bell
8- 8010 Mrs, Keene
8. Address, “Odd Fellowship’’
W. A. Jordan
7. Music Orchestra
8. Address W. If. lleuimingway
8, Solo Mss. Tom Montgomery
10. MUsiu.... Orchestra
11. Benediction.
Death of Capt. Dills.
Capt. A. B. Dille died at his
home hear Sessums on last (Satur
day and was buried here Sunday
afternoon in the Odd Fellows
Cemetery. Capt. Dille Was about
eighty years old at the time of his
death, aad bad been a prominent
and highly esteemed citiSen of this
county for along number of years.
Ho was a native of Cleveland,
Ohio., and mo' ed into Ibis county
in the early To’s. He was a suc
cessful farmer aud capable busi
ness man. He was uu Odd Fellow
aud a Mason, and leaves a wide
circle of friends and relatives to
mourn his loss.
Mr. Clarence West, formerly a
prominent eitisen of Sturgis and
•t present manager fur the Stand
ard Oil Cos., at Selma, Ala., was
shaking hands with his many
friends in Stark/ille yecterday.
He was on hie way to visit rela*
live# in Sturgis.
School News.
The Board of School Trustees,
ogether with Principal H C. Mor
ris, were 'delightfully entertained
at dinner by Miss Maud Carpen
ter and her Domestic Science class
on Thursday evening last.
The dinner, in every detail, was
ideal and appeared to tit in exactly
with the guests’ gastronomic ideas
of serving and cooking. Suffice
to say that nothing was left except
the pleasant retnemberanoe.
The Department has done ex
ceptionally creditable work and
has made excellent progress for
the first year.
The thirty- five or forty students
who attended the Ackerman Field
Meet came back elated over the
excellent showing made by our
team in our first effort in a Dis
trict Meet, The Starkville team
carried off second honors and will
hold the pennant for one year.
Considering the fact that this was
our initial effort and the competi
tion was waged against older and
more experienced contestants, the
record is exceptionally good.
B Y. P. U. Entertained.
On last Saturday evening the
home of the Misses Dennis was
thrown open to the B. Y. P. U,
when they entertained intormalh.
Assisting the Mieses Dennis was
Miss Janie May Maxwell.
Music and games were enjoyed,
and another pleasant feature of
the evening was the reading by
Miss Katheryu Balfour. Delight
ful refreshments were served.
This was the first social event of
the year which has taken place in
honor of the B. y. p. y M apd the
opcasiopwhl beaplefloaut ipemoiy
to those who were so fortunate ns
to be numbered among the gue.-ls.
Those present were Misses Am. e
Barr Maxwell, Katheryu Balfour,
Horteuse Gladney, Hazel Hogan,
Helen Hawkins, Janie M a y Max
well, Elly ue Powers, Eva May
Carroll, Tetiuie Perkins, Margaret
Miller, Janie Reynolds, Mamie
Jordan, Dorothy Maxwell, and
Messrs. M. B. Durham, M. Bran*
don, D. D. Caldwell, J. M. Davis,
L. Day, E. F. Ellzey, D. Day, R.
B. Evans, W. M. Hand, W. 11.
Magee, T. H. Smith, W. VV. Ster
ling, U. Thompson, ,H. VV. Falk,
T. Thompson, T. W. Passon, G.
T. Plyaut, H. C, Mingee, J. L, E,
Lauderdale and J. D. Howerton.
Memorial Service* Sunday.
As is the custom of the U. D.
C. Memorial Day will be observed
in Starkville Sunday, April 25.
The exercises will take place at
the opera house in thj afternoon
at two o’clock. The College Band
will furnish the music; the George
Rifles aud Lee Guardi will attend
In ranks; ami the oration will be
delivered by Prof, T. J. Brooks.
After flie exercises at the opera
house all will repair to the ceme
tery wheti the graves of the Con*
federate dead will be decorated.
Tbe Panama Exposition contest
is wanning up ahd tbe various
contestants are beginning to gather
in the voles. There are only a few
firms in Btarkville issuing votes—
Philip Goodman, Jackson Drug
Store, R. G. Davis Grocery Store,
Uogau Insurance Agency, The
Rex Theatre and the East Mississ*
ippi Times. Cohtestents should
bear in mind that Tbe Times gives
1,000 votes on all new subscrip
tions aud 500 on renewals Bo
don’t wait until the last hours but
begin to get those votes now by
getting yoar friends who are sub
scribers to renew aud thoss who
ate aot subscribers to subscribe.
County Sponsor Contest j
0 to ca ” on or phone all their friends and encourage them to patronize the merchants and news
|pr paper issuing COUNTY SPONSOS VOTES. No contestant should lose anytime in getting
their fiends to demand votes on every purchase by which the contestant should benefit.
j Contest Closes August Ist. I
1 RFMFMRFR TM* trip inolu 4 e9 >nJ trip railroad and Pullman ticket, 1
I ! turn urn UIM dimng car .erviet: onthe^ going trip, ten ticket to the Ex- 1
H position Grounds and ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS CASH.
!!§ All Sponsors will go to San Francisco on the “GROWN IN |l
MISSISSIPPI Special for County Sponsors, and no person elect- If
ed in any other contest other than the one conducted by the I
Mississippi Exposition Commission will he permitted to go on |
this Special Train, or will be entitled to official recognition at I
San Francisco. |
General Merchandise Hardwarde Cos. Groceries Coffees & Teas DE^RS |
Insurance Drugs The Show Place of Starkv.'lle '* ob Work Quickly and Neatly -ili
executed. Agi
H State Capitol JOHN L. Manager Jackson Miss.
And Hold Meeting at Conrthome
Sunday Evening.
Sunday night all the churches
will combine and hold services at
Jfre courthouse. These services
will not be exactly in the nature
of church service, but will be a
general meeting of citizens to pro
mote the social uplift of the com
munity. The various evils that
exist in our community and the
remedies therefor will be discussed.
A musical program haJ been ar
ranged for the occasion which will
include soles by Mrs. Keene
and Mrs. T. M. Montgomery.
Everybody is cordially invited and
urged to be present.
Let’s begin right here at home
to find a market for our diversified
crops by growing the things that
our home market demands. And
when it has been grown, let’s put
it up for market so that the mark
et will safely be ours This can
be done if we only WILL.
Mrs. J. D. Burgin, of Mayhew,
spent several days iu Starkville
Visiting bar daughter, Mrs. Lloyd
Cadets Inspected.
Maj. Moses, of the coast artille
ry and and attache of the Inspector
General of the United States,
oatne to Htarkville on last Friday
and made an inspection of the
military department of the college,
tie expressed himself ns being
well pleased’with thr condition of
the barracks, the discipline and
training of the troops and the mil
itary affairs of the college gener
This is Col. Farrell’s first year
at commandant and he is to he
be commended for the the efficient
manner in which he has handled
the cadet corps and the high
standard he has maintained in the
military department of the institu
Presbyterian Revival.
Dr. <J. T. Thomson, the well
known Kentucky pastor and evan
gelist who has been for some years
pastor of the Presbyterian Church
at Kosciusko, Miss., will preach
the first of a Series of sermons in
the Presbyterian Church in Stark
ville, Monday, May 3, at eleven
o’ clock. The meeting will con
tinue at least through Sunday,
May 0 The ministers of the
other churches have agreed to co
operate. All are earnestly urged
ta attend these service#,
Starkville Odd Fellows Celebrate. Re
bekahs Flourish. Sturgis Odd
Fell iws Re-Organize.
K'dgley Lodge will celebrate
the 90th anniversary of Odd Fel
lowship on April 20, which is
Monday. A splendid program has i
been arranged, which we publish
elsewhere in this issue. The ora
tion for the occasion is to be de
livered by Hon, Win Hemming
way, of Jackson, who is an orator
and speaker of state-wide reputa
tion, and who is perhaps one of
the best posted men on the subject
of Odd Fellowship in the state.
The public is cordially invited to
attend these exercises and a large
turnout is expected and desired.
• • •
The liebekah Lodge, which was
organized here two weeks ago,
held its first meeting last Friday
night and initiated nine new mem
bers. I tegular meetings will be
held every Friday night at the
Odd Fellows hall. This order,
which is the woman’s auxiliary
to the Odd Fellows just as the
Eastern Star is to the Masonic
Lodge, starts out under the most
favorable auspicis and the mem>
bers are a| l enthusiastic it i mß
now a membership f over thirty
ami a number of applications for
♦ • •
MessrK W.F. Pjeroe, T.J.Wood.
m i l u f ,ler - of Starkville, and
f ll Bhern, an t J. I. Cummins of
Longview, members of Kidgeley
Lodge No. 23. I. 0. 0. P., went
down to Sturgis Monday and met
with the Odd Fellows Lodge of
that place and assisted in confer
"ngutlie Initiatory degree upon
Mr Bobt. Hannah. The Sturgis
Lodge, which several years ago
wan a prosperous and growing
o'lffe but for the past few years
has been dormant, has recently
taken on new life and is now in a
nourishing condition, with J. M.
Kinard, noble grand; W. T.
Woodson, vice grand; and J. H.
Ivy, secretary.
M r. Will Coleman, of Acker
man, spent Tuesday in Starkyille.
He came up in his fine uew Dodge
touring car.
The Auction bridge Club met
met with Mrs. Sewell ou Tuesday
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