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East Mississippi times. (Starkville, Miss.) 19??-1926, May 07, 1915, Image 3

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emergen™ 6aCh ".‘“L* th,. University settlement temporary nursery at the
nnmLr b * women In New York, the problem was where to put the babies. It was solved by the gift
of a number of wicker clothes baskets, which were fitted with small mattresses and pillows.
Company of Carranzlstas who heroically defended one of the trenches
rear the Rio Orande at Matamoros against the attacks of Villa’s troops and
captured four of the enemy’s flags.
British prisoners of war, captured by the Kronprinz Wilhelm, being
transferred from a tug boat to the dock at Newport News to take the British
ship Cassandra to England, where they planned to enlist and go to the front
despite a promise given to Captain Thierfelder not to do so. They asserted
the pledge was given under compulsion and so not binding.
Clonal stunts In the air at San Francisco since the death of Llnco n B Ji y.
Be recently made 22 loops In one flight.
This heroic statue of Henry Hud
son, which will be erected on Spuyten
Duyvll hill when cast in bronze, is the
last completed model by Karl Bitter,
the sculptor who recently was killed
in an automobile accident.
William Barnes, Jr., Republican po
litical leader of New York state, as
he appeared at Syracuse when hi*
libel suit against Colonel Roosevelt
was called for trial.
Thoughtless Explanation.
“You say this will be your farewell
appearance?” asked the Interviewer.
"Yes," answered the eminent ac
tress. "I shall detlre from the stage,
never to return to It.”
"What is your reason for such a
"My manager thinks It better for
business to make every other tour f
farewell engagement.”
A Catastrophe.
"There was a terrible train wreck
in our neighborhood last night."
"What was It?”
“Some boob at the party stepped on
, my wife’s flab-tali party gown."
happenings of the seven
from around the planet
Dispatches From Our Own and For
eign Countries Are Hero Given
In Short Meter for
Buay Readers.
The schooner Annie has arrived at
Pensacola, Fla., and reports the wreck
of the small schooner Donna Chris
tina. It is feared that Capt. Parrish
and his crew of seven men were lost.
• m
W. I. Herod, city marshal of
Mounds, Ok., shot and killed James
Tiger, a wealthy Indian. Tiger was
• • •
"Heretofore women have worn ‘suf
ficient' clothes at dances, but not
‘enough,’ ” said the Rev. Father
Thomas F. White, of St. Francis
Xavier’s College, in West Sixteenth
street. New York.
• • •
Two men who were arrested in Chi
cago after they had refused to pay
for Sunday drinks were discharged In
the municipal court, the Judge ruling
they did not have to pay for drinks
sold in violation of the law.
• • •
Japan has ordered all her warships
in Pacific waters near the American
coast, except those salvaging the
wrecked cruiser Asama in Turtle Bay,
to return to their home stations.
• •
Capt Arthur Polllon of the first cav
alry, which is stationed at the Pan
ama-Californla exposition at San
Diego, Cal., has been selected as a
military observer for the United
States army.
• • •
Frank Aberno ajirt Carmine Car
bone, anarchists, who made and set
the bomb in St. Patrick’s Cathedral,
New York. March 2, when hundreds
were at worship, were sentenced to a
ters In Sing Sing.
• •
Nine young women were consecrat
ed as foreign missionaries and 10 oth
ers as deaconesses at a recent session
of the Woman's Missionary Council
of the M. E. Church South.
• • •
Total receipts of $2,287,076 for the
fiscal year ending March 31, 1915, Is
shown In the statement of the board
of foreign missions of the Presby
terian Church.
• • •
Private Ellis of a Yorkshire regi
ment has spent four birthdays on the
battlefield, one in the Khyber pass,
two in South Africa and one a few
days ago "somewhere in France.”
• • •
Miss “Toodles” Ryan of breach of
promise fame earned more printers’
Ink by parading Fifth avenue, New
York, with a saucy canary encaged in
the top of her new lid.
• • •
Leonard Seppala, driving his own
team of 16 Siberian wolf dogs, won
the 412-mile all-Alaska sweepstakes
dog team race, which started at 9
o’clock April 14. His time for the
course was 78 hours, 44 minutes and
37 seconds, 4 hours and 30 minutes
slower than the record established by
John Johnson’s wolves in 1910.
* * *
Work of dismantling the Welling
ton hotel, at Wabash avenue and Jack
son boulevard, long regarded as one
of the leading hotels of Chicago, has
• • •
Cecil Fry of Denver, Colo., 8-year
old prodigy who could read and write
at 2 and use a typewriter at 3. has
been stricken with heart disease and
is to be rushed to Albuquerque, N. M.,
in the hope of saving his life.
• • •
Mrs. Fred Osborn of Argentine,
Kan,, saved the lives of two children
with a fishing pole. Both fell into the
swift current and were successfully
pulled to the shore by the valiant lady.
• • •
Sir Thomas Smith Clouston, well
known as an authority on mental dis
eases, is dead at Edinburgh. He was
born in 1840 and was married to Miss
Harriet Storer, daughter of William
Storer of New Haven. Conn.
• • ■
The sole Progressive in the United
States senate, Miles Poindexter of
Washington, has announcd that he
would seek renomination on the Re
publican ticket.
• • •
Mayor Hanna of Des Moines, Ia„
has proposed to the city council that
hotels and restaurants of the city be
taxed a sufficient sum to make up the
$140,000 annual revenue loss caused
by closing the saloons.
• • •
A civilization greater than now in
the temperate zones will be built in
the tropics os the result of driving out
the plagues peculiar to that zone, Sur
geon-General Gorges of the United
States army predicted before the Ala
bama Medical association at Birming
ham, Ala.
• > •
Boys and girls held In county Jails
throughout West Virginia who have
been sentenced to the state reforma
torc are being released because the
state has no money to pay transporta
If was announced at the Whit#
House that the president would bo
unable to attend the Southern Com
mercial Congress at Mukogee, OK,
• • •
The resignation of Ur. John A.
Patten, a proprietary medicine manu
facturer. as chairman of the book
committee of the Methodist Book Con
cern. was accepted by the committee
at its annual meeting.
• • •
Ur. A. W, Fravel, a traveling veteri
nary surgeon, and president of a med
ical company, tiled charges against
C hief of Police W. H. Baldridge of
Centralla, Mo., alleging that Baldridge
assaulted him while attempting to
make an arrest.
• * •
A Landwehrman who was wounded
47 times and in whose body there are
still 18 pieces of shrapnel, is recov
ering at a hospital at Konlgsberg.
• * •
Andrew E. Flick of Senath. Mo„ was
killed by an Illinois Central train
while attempting to cross the track
ahead of it.
• • •
In commemoration of the 96th anni
versary of the birth of Independent
Order of Odd Fellows, upwards of
25.000 members of that organizatlou
met at Bloomsburg, I’a., to celebrate.
• • ■
The Bessemer & iatko Erie railroad
will commence to move from 90(1 to
1.000 cars of Iron ore dally from Con
neaut Harbor, 0., to the Pittsburg
• • •
Anew plan of financing American
travelers abroad with international
letters of credit payable In dollars
Instead of pounds sterling has been
announced by the Equitable Trust Cos.
of New York City.
• • •
Mrs. Margaret Hoskins was arrested
at Douglas, Ga., charged with the
murder of her husband, the Rev. Allen
Haskins, a Baptist minister. The
clergyman was killed with a shotgun
as he slept at his home In led la ton,
near here.
• • •
Abraham Reuben Levy. 67 years old,
founder of the Jewish Agriculture Aid
Society and for 22 years a rabbi la
Chicago, is dead.
Twenty arrests have been made In
connection with the explosion which
wrecked the home of Samuel Leonoff,
at Erie, Pa., and probably fatally In
jured his wife.
• • •
The anli-lockcr club bill passed Igr
the last general assembly has been
signed by Gov. Rye of Tennessee with
a gold pen presented by the W. C. T.
U. of the state.
• •
Officers of the German commerce
destroyer Kronprlnx Wilhelm were
guests of honor at the opening of the
Virginia league baseball season.
Hoopeston, 111., has an election sen
sation. Eighteen automobiles were
put out of business recently by some
one entering the garages and putting
emery dust in the engines.
• • •
It is semiofficially stated that dur
ing the last few days 200 Bulgarians,
irregulars, have Invaded Servian terri
tory. Serbian trpops engaged and
killed all of them.
• • *
Vincent Astor, "the world's richest
young man,” has purchased a 100-
horse power flying boat and wll spend
the summer flying up and down the
• • •
The slate public utilities commis
sion authorized the issuance of SIOO,-
000 New York Central convertible
bonds. This means a SIO,OOO fee for
the state.
• • •
Gov. Hammond of Mlnesota signed
the teachers’ pension bill. Under Its
provisions teachers may retire after
20 years’ service on an annual pension
of |350.
• • •
"It is part of the duty of all em
ployes of public transportation com
panies to be courteous to passengers,”
said Judge Malone In general sessions
court of New York. Asa warning
the judge Imposed a year each In
prison on Michael Gavin, subway
guard, and Joseph Friedman, Third
avenue surface car conductor, who
settled quarrels with passengers by
hitting them.
Advices from Mulhelm-Am-Buhr say
that a French aviator dropped bomba
on the villages of Kandey and Doe
rach. At the former place one bomb
fell on the schoolhouse, killing one
• • •
The Jones bill, providing for the ap
pointment of police women In New
I’ork City passed the senate.
• • •
The German converted cruiser
Kronprlnz Wilhelm dry docked at
• • •
W. H. Peck paid $8 for a copper
cent of 1799, with plain date and In
good condition, at auction in the Mer
wln galleries, 16 East Fortieth street.
New York.
• • •
In the presence of his staff and
many civil and military Gov.
Dunne laid the cornerstone or the new
$400,000 armory of the Second regi
ment, Illinois national guard, at Chi
F. W. C. Strong, secretary of the
Illinois Grain Dealers' association,
died at bis home at Urbana.
■ •
Fifteen wet cities and towns in
South Dakota went dry. Salem was
the single Instance reported of a
change from dry to weu
J. T. Csatleman Find* Hope Fulfills*
After Passing Threescore
J. T. Castleman oi Dyer, Term.,
suffered from stomach derangements
for forty years, taking all sorts ol
medicine, following all kinds of med
ical advice.
In all the forty years, he said, he
never had a real good day—until he
tried Mayr’s Wonderful Remedy. Then
he discovered something. Let his let
ter tell about It;
"The first dose of Mayr’s Wonderful
Remedy caused gall stones to pass
from me. I am feeling much bettor
than 1 have ever before. 1 am 64
years old and I had never before en
joyed one whole good day.
“I would not give the one bottle
you sent mo for all the dnigs and doc
tors' medicine that Is made."
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy gives per
manent results for stomach, liver and
Intestinal ailments. Rat ns much and
whatever you like. No more distress
after eating, pressure of gas In the
stomach and around the heart (let ons
bottle of your druggist now and try It
on an absolute guarantee—lf not satis
factory money will be returned, —Adr
Bill—ls she a good dancer?
Jill —Well, she looks good to ms
when she dances.
Qolden Rule In Business.
You get your money’s worth every
time. Hanford's Balsam la guaran
teed to cure ailments and Injuries that
can be reached by external application
or your money will be refunded by the
dealer. Getting a bottle now Is like
taking out Insurance. Adv.
There's no one to be pitied more
than the man who has loved and lost
—unless It Is the man who has loved
and won.
For bunions use Hanford's Balsam.
Apply It thoroughly for several nights
and rub In well. Adv.
Ths Cause.
“She dropped him Instantly."
“Oh, I see. and that broke their en
For thrush use Hanford's Balsam.
Get It Into the bottom of the affected
part Adv.
Many a man seeks a Job as Janitor
so that his wife can do most of the
To atop bleeding use Hanford's Bal
aam. Adv.
A paper dollar Is said to last about
six years—unless It visits a church
Some people who protend to be orig
inal are not even good Imitations.
Now Does Her Own Work.
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegeta
ble Compound Helped Her.
Ironton, Ohio.—“ lam enjoying bet
tar health now than I have for twelve
H years. When I be
gan to take Lydia EL
Pinkham’s Vegeta
ble Compound I
could not sit up. I
had female trouble*
and was very ner
vous. I used th*
remedies a year and
I can do my work
and for the lost eight
months I have
worked for other
women, too. I cannot praise Lydia EL
Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound enough
for 1 know 1 never would have been a*
well if I had not taken it and I recom
mend It to suffering women.”
Daughter Helped Also.
" I gave it to my daughter when she
was thirteen years old. She was in
school and was a nervous wreck, and
coukl not sleep nights.' Now she looks
so healthy that even the doctor speaks
of it. You can publish this letter if yoa
like. ' ’—Mrs. Rena Bowman, 161S. 10th
‘Street, Ironton, Ohio.
Why wUJ women continue to suffer
day in and day out and drag out a sickly,
half-hearted existence, missing three
fourths of the joy of living, when they
can find health in Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound ?
If you have the slightest doubt
that Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegeta
bleCoinpound will help you,writs
to Lydia E.PlnkhamlvlediciiieCo.
(confidential) Lynn, Mass.,for ad
vice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman
and held In strict confidence.
Remody for the prompt relief ol
Asthma and Hay Fever. Ask Youi
druggist for It. wm. lot FREE SAMPLE
not only the old reliable remedy
general strengthening tonlcandsppetlxer.
For children ar well as adults. Sold lor 50
years. SOc and $1 bottles at drug stores.
W. N. U., MEMPHIS, NO. 18-1915.

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