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East Mississippi times. (Starkville, Miss.) 19??-1926, December 17, 1915, Image 2

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Starkviile, Miss
A lUrrcu XlifiHtuntn
r the
Incarnation of
\.. / ]f>B incarnation
U I must, for all wbc
believe it, become
Mthe absolutely
central truth of
their philosophy.
'Just as the Copcrnican astron
omy and the doctrine of evolu
tion have enlarged and modified
our views of the universe, so
the Incarnation, once accepted,
throws anew light upon the
entire world.
for. on the one hand, against
mere Idealism it emphasizes
the value and Importance of
matter as being tbc agent
through which God’s spiritual
purpose is effected, and, on the
other hand, against mere ma
terialism it interprets this val
ue and importance as consist
ing in the capability to sub
serve this purpose.
Chus, while rejecting the
respective negationsot idealism
and materialism, it sanctions
their positive elements—th su
premacy of spirit and the real
ity of matter—and so, supple
menting each by the other, com
bines both in a concrete whole.
-5. R. Illingworth.
Christmas Gifts
What can I give him,
Poor ae I am?
If I were a shepherd
I would bring a lamb.
If I were a wise man
I would do my part;
Yet what 1 can I give him—
Give my heart.
—Christina Rosaetti.
Christmas gifts for thee,
Grand and freel
Christmas gifts from the King of Love,
Brought from his royal horns above,
Brought to thee in the faroff land,
Brought to thee by his own dear hand.
Promises hold by Christ for thee.
Peace as a river flowing free,
Joy that in his own joy must live
And love that infinite love can give.
Surely thy heart of hearts uplifts
Carols of praise for such Christmas
—Frances Ridley Havergal.
The Vision of the Angels.
There is love lu the will, truth In the
understanding, pence on earth, good
will among men. The sight of such a
glorious vision, even lu the dim dis
time* of future ages, kindled the holy
affections of the angelic host until their
joy burst forth Into an anthem of praise
that tilled the houveus with harmony
“Glory to God In the highest, on earth
peace, good will among men." Let ns
take up the refrain, and let (he earth
re-echo the song “Glory to God In the
highest, ou earth peace, good will to
men.”—Rev, Clianncey Giles.
Christ tlie Shepherd.
It Is certainly significant of (lie mis
sion of Christ that shepherds should
be the particular recipients of the
angelic message. In beautiful parable
the Master called himself the Good
Shepherd. There 1> not one of .he
ordinary vocations of our busy life
which has not in It ennobling nnd
divine elements.. Unswerving fidelity
is the secret of honor.
The Mission of the Christ Child.
Wondrous Indeed was the mission of
the Christ Child, lie gave himself to
the world ou the first Christmas day,
and with him came every oilier good
gift. This is what Is typified by every
Christmas tree and every gift it boars,
by every bulging little stocking that
hangs in the chimney corner, by every
wreath of holly, by every greeting nnd
merry wisli And ibis spirit, oh. how
much It Is needed on the filth of De
comber and on the fiiltb. as well ns the
2."1h. and on every day of the round
year ns well "Net to be ministered
unto, but to minister”—this motto lived
out on every day of the year would
dispel the sorrows of the world, smooth
out its wrinkles, abolish its poverty,
soothe Its pain, comfort Us heartaches,
heal its diseases, make It a heaven.—
Ucv, Dr. Frauds E. Clark.
A Botanical Error
A Christmas Poem
(Copyright, 1910, by American Pre Ato
PEGGY wore a sprig of mistletoe,
Wore it Christmas eve. Of
course you know
W hat the consequences were
Weanng that —and in her hair.
PEGGY'S not to blame for doing so.
How could she know it was
mist'eloe —
Just a sprig of green she found
Lying carelessly around }
SOME said Peggy wasn't very slow
At a party wearing mistletoe
And a light in her blue eyes
Not exactly shocked surprise.
PEGGY'S not the least to blame,
'Twas remarked, concerning mis
Her mistake seemed odd. You see,
Peg excels m botany I
Trustee Sale.
Whereas. Ben Sharp and wife Mb
Shurp U it on the led dny of December
1913. execute nnd deliver to Francis B.
Huffman. Tru-tee. a trust dceil on cer
tain lands in Oktibbeha County, State
of Hlssis'-ippi. therein (Inscribed, to
secure the sum of $3OO. due by said lien
Hharp and Mat sharp to rho Hrltl-h &
American Merigse Company, I.iiniled.
which said triHt deed is recorded in Ok
tibbeha Cuntv, In Deed Book 132 Page
0 to winch reference is hereby made:
and whereas default has been made in
the pat ment of the moneys -enured In
said trust deed; and whereas Jthe under
signed has been duly appointed substi
tuted trustee in the place of Francis B.
Hoffman as provided in -aid trust deed,
See Deed Uook No 1,38 page 77 and has
linen duly requested to execute the trust
therein contained;
Now therefore, notice is hereby given,
that, neder and by virtue of the power
contained In said trust deed, I, the un
dersigned substituted trustee, on Mon
day (ho loth Way of January 19it), be
tween the hours of 11 A. M. and 4 P
M„ at the court House door in the town
of Mlarkville in Uktlhheha County, w ill,
bv public unction, sell to the highest
bidder for cash the following described
property, ?i: Mouth west quarter of
Hie north east quarter section fourteen
(14) township ulnteen (19j range thir
teen (13) Aggregating forty (4o) acres
more or lest.
Said land will bo sold to satisfy the
debt secured by said trust deed, uuu such
title will be given as Is vested in said
Doc. 17, 1815.
O Opik Daniel,
Substituted Trustee.
Trade* Sale.
Whereas. Ilettia Dree* and husband
Ploa Green did ou the filkh day of Nov
ember 1913, execute and deiieyer to
Francis li Hoffman, Trustee, a trust
deed on certain lands in Oktibbeha
County, Stale of Mi'slssippi, therein
described, to secure the sum ot s3uu. due
by said Hettie Green and Pies Green to
the British A Aiueilcau Mortgage Com
pany, Limited, wlileh aai> trust deed is
recorded in Oktibbeha County, in Deed
Book 133 page 1 to winch reference is
hereby made; and whereas default has
been mane m the pay ment of the
moneys secured by said mist deed; and
w hereus tile undersigned has been duly
appointed substituted trustee in the
place of said Francis U. Hoffman its
provided in said trust deed, See Deed
Booh No. 139 page 74 ami has been
umy requested to execute the trust
therein contained;
Now thereture, notice 1s hereby given,
that, under and hy virtue of the power
contaln-d in aaid trust deed, 1, tue un
dersigned substitute tiu-tee, ou Man
nay the luth day of January 1816, be
tween tile uuurs ul 11 A. M and 4 P.
M., at the Cou t House door in the town
ot Slurkville m Oktibbeha County, will,
by public auction, sell to ihe highest
burner lor casu the following described
properly, viz: Fraction north west
quaiter ol south east quarter section uuu
(Ij township eighteen (la; range thir
teeo( i3; except tbreepd, acres uescrued
in deed ol record in book 94 page JJB.
Said land will be sold to satisfy the
debt secured by said trust need, and
such ttile wilt be giveu as is vested in
sulu trust trustee,
O. Opik Daniel,
Substituted Trustee,
Dec. 17. 1018
trustee Sale.
Whereas, Lida 1 loinliiisou, widow
dltlbUlUeKth day ol January 1014,
execute and ueliVei to brands h . Huff
man, iruslee, a trust deed ou certalu
lauds in Oktibbeha Coiiuty, stale ot
Mississippi, therein described, to secure
Ibe sum ot oou. ulie by said Lida 1.
ioiuiUisuu to tue liutlsu A American
Mortgage Company, Limited, whlcu
sum t. list deeu is tecurueu m Ostibnehu
County, in Deed Boos tb. page IS to
wiueU icicreuce is hereby mane; and {
w hereas uelaml bus been immu lu the
p.,y ment ot the moneys secured by sum
Ho I deed; aud whereas tbc Uuuuislgn
ed b.,s been duly appointed substituted
Iruslee lb the ptaee ut salu brands U.
Ik tHuau as pruvmtd iu said trust UeeU,
e*ee Oeeti Book No. I*B page Jo and lias
been dmy requested to execute tue trust |
therein conlameu;
Now llivretore, notice is hereby given, I
lliai, uiiuerunu by tunic ot the power'
coultuueu tu sum It Hot neeu. t, tue uu- ,
uerslgueu stibslUUie UUstvfe, ou aruu-'
nay tue rbtli uay ol January All B, be 1
tween the hours ol u A. M. and 4 P.
M, at the Conti House uou* tu thelutvu
bl Ouray tile tu Uslibocua cuuute, wilt, I
I l ,' - yufUfl sUt'iiv'U; !*Ji vc Uju iii^UvtV
bliWrJfor fiih :lie following described
property, v /,: Hast ll reo quarters of
Norm half f south earl quarter of sec
tion thirty l ree (.13) township eighteen
fin range tin < n (15) containlrg sixty
two(62) acres more or le-s
Said land will be solo to satisfy tin
debt secured by said trust deed, and
such title will be given as is vested in
-ild trustee.
I tec 17 1 Jl3
li. Ull-e ' SMKI,
-ii • tit' I rude •
Truitee Sale.
WHKUKAa, .terry Petty and wife
Isa Patty did on the 3rd day of
Iteceinber, 1913. execute and deliver to
Francis it Hoffman. Trustee, a trust
and •' •'
l 111 t I ' 1 v ■!! i tie.
,1 ■ s. on
y sui I Jem !'• tti and w ll < isa
p. it. io tiie Itrill-h A. American Molt
g, ,• oio| Ullilted liicl
trill deed I* rel o* dell ill -|l ■ ' 11. l
County, i Meed ll'e i. i .*2 i "it** 9 to
liieh refer*ii •• i- 1 e'vt.i hi* ; nod
e|o rea* defi’iilt Ia tee li i *
* .ii nielli of r e e ..i e\
tril l deed; ' I
.■■l 1 11. I , '■ I 0!
iru-lee I t•• |i • ■ i ' i a '
l|. ff■■ nus i r vid and o ..-.ld t. • I ■
Set lleed llool* No I 2 I .g''9tio and hi
been duly requested to execute (lie tuisi
therein contain'd;
Now therefore, notice U hereby given,
tlial, under and hy i irtue of the power
coni allied 111 said lru-1 deed. I. the un
er-ig 'd s.veiilill** Ini-tee. on Monday
the loth day of .1 nil ry I9IH. le tween
lb* hours of II \. M. lid 4l’ M.. at
110 Court U oi-e d-.or in the town of
Sturkvllle in Oktibbeha County, will, by
public auction, sell to the highest bid
der for ca*b the following described
property, viz:
North three-quarters of west half of
• asst .half of seciion eighteen (18)
township nlnteen (19) range fourteen
(U) containing one hundred and twen
ty (120) acres more or less
Said land will he sold to satisfy the
debt secured by said trust deed, aud
such title will be giveu is Tested io said
Dec 17, 1015.
O. Guilt Danisi.,
Substituted Trustee.
Trmtee Sale.
Whereas, Garnett Burton nud
Mite Nettle L. Burton did on the
2Gib d ay of March, 1913, execute
nud deliver to Francis B. Hoff
muii, trustee, a trust deed on cer
lutu lauds iu Oktibbeha County,
titaio ot Mississippi, therein de
scribed, to secure the sum of ssod
utte by said Oarueit Burton and
wife Nellie L Burton to the Bnt>
ish & American Mortgage Compa
ny. Limited, which said trust deed
is recorded in Oktibbeha Couuty,
in Deed Book 107 Page 80 to
which reference is hereby mud ;
and whereas detamt has been
made iu the pay meut of the mon
eys secured b> said trust deeo; auu
whereas the undersigned na-> oeeu
duly uppoiiiied substituted trustee
in the place of said Francis B,
Hoffman as provided iu said trust
deed and us shown by nook 139,
page 40, and has been duly re
quested to execute the trust there
iu contained;
Now therefore, notice is hereby
given, that, uuder and by virtue
of the power contained in said
trust deed, I, the undersigned
substitute trustee, on Saturday tue
8(h day of January 1915, between
ihe hours ul 11 A ML. aud 4 P
M. ( at tbe Lolirt Douse dour in me
town of Sjlalkvilio in Ostlbueua
County, aid, by public auction,
sell to the highest oiduer tor casu
the following uesenoed pioperty
viz; Botiih west quarter ot u- r U
tas 1 quarter section 11, luwusuip
18, range 12, aud north east quar
ter of south west quarter section
2, township 18, range 12 less 13-
1-3 acres off east side therein;
cuuiaiutug GO acres more or less.
Said land win ue sold to satiety
the debt secured Uy said tiust
deed, and such title will ue given
us is vested tu said trustee.
G. ODiE Daniel,
Substituted lrus.ee.
Iruitee MU.
Whereas, Louis uavts uu tied ruv
is by a deed ul trust dated AuVemuet
24m, I‘Juti, recorded tu tue Luuucery
Clerk’s office ot Oktibbeha cottuly, m
nook iu4, j.itge trio, cornered to o. H
deverty, tiusice, u* secure tuc juueur
eduess tuerelu UesCrluad, lue Unluwiug
real properly, situated rtr OsUUOoua
Cottuly, Mississippi, to-tvu:
r ractiouat lw ui tuu a tv 1-4 auu
W 1-2 ot the W 1-2 ul lue Nr. 1..4 aua
Iracttuuut o 1-2 ul tue AL 1-4 ui tue
AL 1-4 ul Bee 04 I It 1\ xii Last, con
taining Ul acres mure or ress, utsu
A w 1-4 ol tuc A*V 1-4 ol tue A a I-4
of BCC id r 17 it li Last, cuutaluiug iu
acres more or less,
Aud, wnereas, default having beeu
made tu the pay meut ot lire mueuled
ucss meulluueu; aud said J. H. Leverry
trustee, uavtug UcCilueu tu rurtuer act.,
auu tue UuUersigued J. L. Lucas
beeu uppuluteu suosUlUred trustee iu
the place ul said ireVeny uy diary
L. LaUtpktu, excuulnrr, sue uelug rur
regal utvuer' ot lue .adeoteduess Uo
sctioeU m -aid trust deed, oy a tvruicu
iusliumeut ejtecuted arid lecutUeu a
required oy taw; auu tue s.,iu suusti
lureu trustee Uatrug ueeu requeslcu o,
said ueuellctary lu eJteOute tuc u'asl uj
sate ul lue prupeity cuuveyuu (ucrei...
uuw luei'tlure I, lue said stlustriuleu
trustee, Oy virtue ul ttie piuvisiuus lu
sttlu trust deed, wi.lset. th. uuuve p.up
erry at me uuut ot mo wall Uuuse <1
satu LuUuty tu Btaravtne, to Lue
nuu,best oiduer 101 cusu at 1 /u,.ito auc
tion ou the 7 oay ul January .0,0, .ma
in legal uouis, lu satisiy satu mueuv
edness aud coils 01 eseculiu* tuu tuts.,
iUh the 17 uay ot UeVemuer, raid.
J. L. LI'CD,
bUbstUdlwU iIILUV.
Trustee Sele
Whereas, K, B. Sherman and wife,
Martha Sherman, hy a deed of tcn-t
dat'd January 27. 1918. recorded in tin
I‘liancery U-eik'' ollie -f ilKtil* eh
1,. .11 t ill Book 125 page 413. 0 vey ■■ 1
• to.I It Beverly. Tiustee. in -eoure tut*
indebtedness „tbeicin de-cribed, tt>e
| (.nl twins; ral estate -itu ie-i in Oktih
■ i,e. .( .iinly. V|i-sl--i(|>i. to-wit:
O i 'I al 1 h me* *it iit-din ih vi -
I *l nl Lo"gVil*.v Ssi slppl, II
i t.* ,j u *. .-; i.r|('n. n-iT in
| Eat nidi Knnia public road on the
South I oiindarv line ol the MV 1-4 m
the Ni; 1-4 of Sec. 2T|T 18 K 18 K.ist.
and from thence Bust 0 cli.ua-, thence
North 2 chains and 55 links, thence
West 0 chains and 40 links to said Ku
rds Store Public Koad. liience alontr
|| I ■ g* . mg 1 ’ 1
ml i . I g I ‘ld ,
~ I , , . i ~ ie 0 Id
I. 1. iU p,.gc 1-2
s\ pd wberea- default having been
ni ■ ! n, ibe pin ment • I the in'iebted
■i t, ai ; ... i Ue •id .1 B
] i>. v, i), tnit-lee. ii ving and. clined I"
lin tiler ct nd the tmder-iftned ,1. 1..
i t n a ii v...e 'ie n aip 'int-'it -iinitii'U
.1 | . n ■ .11 11 V
II .1 .1,0.:. ill IX - I
he ill i .fill ill I nl- I
. ii i i-i need ..y a ill< •
lIIH cent. exe. nled Old me riled ■-
r qmie.i iw; nd he -aid mio-ii nl
ed i. i-i. .. .living be." r.qiesle i
sal i benetlciery to execute tin* trust o.>
al of the prop-ity conveyed therein,
now therefore. 1, toe said substituted
1 tru-tee, In virtue of the provisions nl
said tru-tibed. ill sell tin* above prop,
ert., at tbe door of the eourt liou-e in
said Ooiinty. In .■st irkville, to the bigb
e-t and lie-t bidder fur eash at public
amnion on the 7 cay of J.iuuar,. 1918.
within legal hours, to satisfy said in
debtedness and costs of executing this
Phis tde 17 day of December, 1915.
,1. D.. Lucas.
Substituted Trustee.
Trustee Sale.
Whereas, Tom amh.li and wife, Dilcle
auntli, liyu Ueed oi trust, dated Nov
ember 21, 1818, recorded iu the Oban,
eery ederks’s ulltce of Oktibbeha Doun
nty, iu Book 125, page 584, conveyed to
J. K. Beverly, trustee, to secure the in
debtedness therein described, the f 1-
luwiug real and personal property situa
ted in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi,
a. W. i-4 uf the N. W. 1-4 of Sec. 2o
—T 18—K 14, Bast, containing 4u Acres
mure or less, also I dark colored mure
mule named Lula, I two-horse wagon.
And, whereas, delault having been
made in toe payment uf tbe indebted
ness mentioned; and Said J. U. Beverly
trustee, Uavmg declined to funner act.
and tde undersigned .1 L. Lucas, hav
ing been appointed substituted triple*
iu me place ut said Beverly by alary K.
Lumpkin, executrix, she being the own
er of file indeuteduess described in toe
trust deed, by a written instrument, ex
ecuted and recotded us required by law;
aud the said substituted trustee, Having
been requested by said beueileiury to
execute tue trust by sale of tbe proper
ly cuavey ed therein, u„w therefore, i,
the said substituted trustee, oy virtue ut
the piuvi tuns in said liusl deed, win
sell tne abive properly at the uuur ut
tbe court house ut said Ouuuty , inaturk-
Vine, to the Highest and Uesl mdoer lor
cash at puuile auction uu the 7m day
of Juuuuary, (inti. within legal hours,
to satisfy said indeuteduess and costs ul
executing tula tru-il.
This, tue i7lu day ul December, 1910
J. L. Lucas,
.Substituted Trustee.
Iriulee’t dal*.
W lici t tia, Aukiiouj AJuVu, iiy a (iceu
ol n ul, uatco J annul > lot.) le
turdcu la tue uu sUociy U‘iK n ollkc ul
OhUuUUUiI UoUl.l), la iivvkt i w 2, page
4 -4, cuuVtycu ko J . li. bt fill), iiuaaec,
to acCUtc tuc l.tucuicUocaa kacl'eia uc
hiiucu, LaulOtlo* ttig teal catako 0.1u.t
-let! tU UnllOdUUti UdUulj , sUiAai.'tlj^iil,
> 1-4 ul tue u. i-si ul LUC and. > i-4
ui aec. •/ A 14 —li 14, iL.tal, CUtjaiiUUg
iu AdC- UiUltf Ul' Icfla.
A.tU, AUUiils, UcluUtk UaVltig uu;..
.uituc In ia> |ij UK uu ol tuc luwc -II u*
uceS .UiUuiluiit'Uy ituu .-aiu 0. it. ucVvtlj,
a iUt.cc, aav a£ aeuiiucU to luiuiv i a ck,
aUU lUv. J, Ij. liJi tin, uaV
lug UttCU appUtuki.a dUO'lltUtcu kl’Uatcc
aU LUC ptaCC Ol ata l>c*Ctlj Uj ,u.ti) kU.
litiUlpKiU. cACcUItiX, cue uclug lac u all -
cl ui luc luUckHcuueu UcaCilucu la lac
ktUatUcetl, Uy u >\ i itlCiA Hiatt uaa.uk, i.\-
cculcii uUd I'CCUtUcU Ue IC4UIICU 0 , I,\\ ■
•UU tUC OUtll aUuattlUL u iiualcc, UllV
lug oeca I’cipiiotcii Uj mila UcttCU. laky
tu uaccUlc luc U uak uy .suk) ua tuc |>ru
licitj coo vcj ui tad* a at, nvi*\ tucfciui’c,
l, luc aatU auuatilutcu liU-lcc. uy \iuuc
ol luc U o..iU it Uak ticcu, will
Oil tuc UUtiVc ykityrk'ly ul me Uool' ul
kUCUUUik lldkl. C Ul '€Al>i cUUUt), lit OttU it
vtue, tu kac uigue l ituu tie t uiUuu i.i ,a
Uabll ttk pUuUt AUCiMu uu lUt; 4tu U<iy ul
aUIO, legal U Ulo, lu
auklalV a.iiu luueukcueaa tuu CUakd ul ex
ecullug lulo kiUat.
iuia, lae i4ta u.iy 01 tJeOv-Aiioei, idi •>
J■ U irtl’CAa,
OMuatiluicU liitQLcc
InUdifeE aAU.
1, U* V>Uic JL>4laalc4, xtUaice. Uui ei lUe
4iu v laluii, muu Oy VlikUeul llle ulUliun
-Iv, rui.leneu upuu uie lu a ueeUui iniot,
UiallC Uy iUUi oimuiuuo iluU Wile, L4UI
- Oliuuiuua auU in dliuuiuaa uu kue
4 iu uuy ul Jiiaicu, At U. leii, tu ctecuie
ceiUlu JUUcUlcUucoa lu Alia. JlUl AUUU
OUaitUuu, wuicu oulU s uecU ui
uual la rccuiucU lu Ueetl liuun laA, i age
iU4 ui Uie utt u recuiua ul UAkiuueua
c/uuuty , Jyliealasip|/i, w lii uu kue iota
aay vi ueceuiuer, itfio uiicr lur auie huu
-sea at puutic allokiuu, tu lUe u.gucak
oluuei* iui ca&u, lu lioul ui kue it uak
uuui 01 Hie CuUit iiuUoc, lu olai aV 4t<e
JallouCUa Vyuiialy, WuUil
leg... uulu>, kae lUtiuvViiig leal ttuU pel**
sutiai . Itfrtik
*>ia 1-1 ui a>lb 1 —t, Occ• u, auU V i>;
ua a> a 1- 4 ul OCC. *, alt lu iwji 14, lv.
14 itUU \JU c Uiillt uUu CUll, k U iUUUit
cUtuiuM uot - e uiutt.-,i uuu e y i uis utu
J4tt JttlUH %iv\i UUU Cat! tUU jCMlilUg,
It awU UatuVda, latUilag tuuta „mi
aa ucat'iiucu lu kue luie*
6 ulug ki Uak utell.
A uVcUluel 44, iViOt
u. uuu uaiUi Xruttft
Whereas. Jim muott and wife. Ads
Klllotr. hv a died of trust, dated Dec
ember. 23. 1914. recorded in the. Chan
cery Clerk’s office of Oktibbeha County,
in Book 188, page 7, conveyed to J. K.
Beverly, trustee, to secure the indebted
ness therein described, the following
real and personal property in Oktibbe
ha County, Mississippi, to-wit:
Beginning at N. K v corner of the Cai
lie Montgomery lot and running South
140 yds. thence Kast 70 yards, thence
North 140 yds. to M. & O. R. R., thence
West along said M. * O. R. R. to point
ot beginning, containing 3 Acres more
or less in Sec. 22 —T 13 —R 15, Kast.
Also 1 lot of corn, 1 lot of sorghum
And, whereas, default bavin been
made in the payment of the indebted
ness mentioned; and said J. R. Beverly,
trustee, having declined to further act,
and the undersigned J. L. Kucas, hav
ing been appointed substituted trustee
m the place of said Beveriy by Mary K.
Lumpkin, el jcutnx, sue being the own
er ul the indebtedness described iu the
trust deed, by a written instrument, ex
rcethu ana eecorded us required by law,
and thesuid substituted trustee,
baviug been requested by said
beuetlciary to execute the trust
by sale of the property con
veyed therm, now therefore, I, the said
substituted trustee, by virtue of the
provisions m said trust deed, will sell
tUe above properly at the dour of the
Cumt uouae ot said County, in stark
viiiu, to the highest and best bidder for
cash at public auction ou cue 27tu day
ot December, lUlo, whuiu legal hours,
to sutisly said ludeuieuuess and costs ul
executing tills trust.
inis, tue 2nd day ul December, 1915.
J. K. Kucas, substituted trustee.
Wbereas, Calvin Ware and wife, Isa
bella Ware, by a deed ui trust, dated
.November HU, i9H, recorded In llie
Cuancery Clerk’s office of Uktibbebu
County, in Book, 122, page 095, con
veyed to J. K. Beverly, trustee, to
secure lire indebtedness tuerelu descriu
ed, tbe loilowlug real aud personal
property, situated inUklibbeba County,
Mississippi, to-wit:
Fractional N. W. 14 of the N. W 1-4
of sec, ii —l' rU—it 15, Bust, contain
ing 24 Acres more or less aud situated
m uktibbebu County, Mississippi, also
1 black mare mule bougut ol tmrd
And, wllereus, default having been
made in toe payment ot tue indebted
ness mentioned; aud said J. it. BeVeny,
trustee, having deodned to turtuer act,
and me undersigned J. u. BUcas. bat
ing been appointed substituted trustee
in ibe piaue ol said Beveily by Alary it.
Bumpkin, executrix, sbe being Ibe owu
ei or ibe indebtedness described iu tire
trust deed, by a written Instrument, ex
ecuted and recorded as required by la.v;
and tbe said substituted tiustee, baying
been requested by said beneficiary to
execute tbe trust by sale ui tue proper
ty conveyed therein, now tberclure, i,
tbe said substituted tiustec, by virtue ol
tbe p.ovisious in said trust need, win
sen tbe übuve propel ly at tbe dooi ol
tue Court bouse ol sain county, lb dturs-
Vll,e, to tbe and best binder lui
Casb ul pUb.lc uu. lion on tbe J< .u day
ol u.eemo. r, ikio, witiiui legal boars,
to satisfy said luUeotedaess and Co-t ol
tu.S tiust.
L ul*, lu* aUU Uay el lieCe OIOCI, IJIO.
i *. Lucas, suust.iuuu Irustee
linstee bale
Uena-, G. urge L. Ca n & wife
.UaUaiy (Jam uid uu tue bUth day
ut January 1909, execute uud .de
liver to I'rai.ui.' b tluduiau, True*
tee a ti iiat need uu certaiu lauds
iu Oklibbtba Couuiy, blule ut
Mississippi, tuereiu tiesuitbed, to
secure Uie sum ut S7OO, due by
said George L Cum aud AlatlUly
Cam to tUe British & Auiincau
Mortgage Company, Li tutted, wuicli
'Hid liusi. deed is recorded tu (Ja
uobsua (lonui,y, m Uoe.i boos 107
Page 23 r wiucu reiereuue is
lien ii) mane; ami Wuereas detauil
! has 1 1 hii iu ide m I lie payiueut ut
tue lilouey 8 aei Ul'eii Uy said Irusi
deed; aud whereas i Ue uudersigueu
has "eeu dill) appointed sUtistuul
eo niih.ee m iUe p.ace ot saiu
Fialicl' b Huffman, us provider!
in said trust need, as sUuwu by
Book 189 page 41 aud has beeu
duly requested tu execute the trust
tiierem uoiiiinuedi
Mow therefore uutice is hereby
ttiveu, that, under aud by virtue
of the power uoulaiued iu said
trust deed, I. tbe uudersigued
substituted trustee, uu Saturday
the BtU uf January 1915, between
the hours ot 11 A At aud 4 P. M,,
at the Court Uuuse door tu the
town ut btarkville iu Ukubueha
County, will, by public auction,
sell lu tbe highest bidder for cash
tbe following described property,
vizi North half ot south west
quarter uud 'he north west quart
er of the south east quarter section
eleven (11) Township seventeen
(17) range litteeu (15) east con
laming one hundred aud tweuty
(120) acres more or less
said land will be sold to satiety
the ot bl secured by said trust
deed, aud such title will be giveu
as is vested in said trustee.
0. Odie Daniel,
Bnbititadd Trustee,
Whereas, Will Anderson and wife
Calll*- Anderson did onthe24lh, and j 0 (
December 113. *-xecutc and .led, r t„
Francis B. Uoffmau, Trustee, u trust
deed on eertaiu lands In OkiiMuua
County, State of Mississippi, therein
described, to seeure the sum of s|{jq
due by said Wilt Anderson aid
C dlle Anderson to the B.ltUh & ,\unn
can Mortgage Company. Limited, which
said trust deed 1> roc . ed in Oktibbu
ha County, in Deed Book 132 Page 8 to
which reference is hereby made; and
whereas default has been made in the
payment of tbe moneys secured hy said
trust deed; and whereas the uud.-r.dgu
ni uas been dmy app .ml. and -u„ tituiod
ustee iu the pm.-e of said t raucis li
ilopfuiau, as provided in said trust .teed,
as shown by Ueed itecord iu Book No
tas page J- an , h..a been do , r qorsted
to execute tUe tiUst therein contained;
.Now the. elore, notice is UereOy giv n.
tUai.undei and by virtue of lot power
contained in said trust deed, i, the
undersigned suosutule trustee, on Hie
18U1 day ul December tlo, u tween the
| aours oi 11 A. M. and 4 f ja., t tile
court Uousedoor m the town of aturk
ville m Uatiubeua County, wul, by
pHliiic auction, sell to me utgbest, bid
der for cacti lUe foiiowiug described
pnperty. viz;
Fractional east half of nortb west
quarter section twenty three (,i<B j town
snip eignieeu linage tu.rtcen
containing sidty v tsU> acres mure or less,
the same Uemg ml ul said elgbly \Hij
acres except ten (iij) a< res to u e ucrlb
east corner at U leu acres cut obliipiciy
tt the south east comer,
auiu land will be sold to satisfy the
debt secured by said trust deed, and
such lilie wiii be given as is vested ia
said trustee.
O. UHilt llANltt
Substituted Trustee.
Trustee date.
Whereas, Ned Peterson and
wife Lauy Peterson did on the
28th day of October, IUIB, ex~
cute and deliver to Frauds if.
Hoffman, iru-teo. a trust ueed on
certain lauds m Oktibbeha county
State of Mississippi, therein de>
scribed, to secure tue sum of $BoO
due by tbe said Ned Petersou ami
Lauy Paterson to the firms ii &
American Mortgage Company,
Limited, wbicb said trust deed is
recorded m Oktibbeha County, iu
Deed boo a 107, Page 8b to which
reference is uereuy made; and
wuereas default uas ueeu made in
tbe pay mint of me money s secure 4
by said trust deed: aud whereas
the uudersigued Uas been duty ap
pointed substituted trustee lu tue
place of said Frauds H Hoffman
us provided iu said trust deed and
as sUowu by Hook 188 page 142,
aud has beeu duly requested to
execute me trust tUoieiu con
tained; f
Now therefore, notice is hereby
given, mat, uudor aud by virtue
ot tbe power ccutuiued iu said
trust deed, 1 the undersigned sun
stilute liu-tee, on Saturday me
Bui day ot Jaudary, Ibid, between
tUe bout's ot 11 a, m. aud 4 p m.
at tbe Noun bouse uuor lu me
town ol OUikvilm IU OutloticUi
Cuuuly, Will, by puouc auction,
eeli to ihe biguest oid iei lor cash
tbe following utscrioou piupcity,
Viz; Ouutu West quarter ot at)
north enei quuiterui O'C ua. e EUt
(8) lowu.-mp nineteen (i J)
t iJ.r ,een (lb) and iliti aoit t>ii oust
quarter ot mo uortu west quarter
Ot StCIIUU UIgUC (8) iwrtll.Uip
nineteen (19) range tuutecu Üb)
aud cue uortu dart ol tuo aoiuu
west quarter ol lire uonu nest
quarter ot section eigtu (S) i.owu
BUip uiueteeu [l9j range luiriceu
baid laud will be sold to satisfy
the debt secured by said trust
deed, aud sued title win oe giveu
as is vested iu said trusts
U uniE Daniel,
Substituted Trustee.
cOMmiSSION-R’S mu,.
The State or Mississippi ,
In Chanceuy louut
Ex Parte Petition
No 2206
Wi K. Bell, et al,
By virtuie ot a decree in the
Chaucery Court of said Couuty,
rendered iu toe above sly eu cause
ou tue 11 day ot March, A. D.
1913, at the arch Tenu. A, D,
1913 ot -aid Court, 1, tbe under*
signed, duty appointed Wpecial
Coiunnssiouer ot said Court, will,
ou tbe let da> of Jauuur.t, A D
1010, beteeeu tbe hours Ot 11
o’clock A M. aud 4 o’clock P. M ,
sell, at ibe trout door of tbe Court
bouse iu said Oklibiielja County,
to the highest, bidder or bidders,
tor cash the following desern ed
real estate, situated in the County
ol Oktibbeha iu the ritule ol Mis
sissippi, to wit i
( North East Quarter ot the North
East Quarter of beciiou 30/ Town*
ship 18, Kauge 12, Ehm.
Dated this Che the 10th day of
December, A. D. 1015.
BpcoiftJ Coaiaiuiwm't

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