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West Point
Smart new Spring Suits
In the newest models of
all the fashionable ma
terials, Silk Taffetta,\
Silk Poplin, Wool Pop -
Iln, Goberdme Serges,
Checks, etc., In a range
of prices from $11.75 to
to $37.50.
Ladies Sample Suit
The Starkville Millinery Cos. ex
tend n special Invitation to all
their friends, in and out of town
to <csli and inspect their new line
of goods.
The friends ot Dr. and Mrs. H.
D. Oakley, will be glad to know
that they are returning to Stark
vide and will make this their home.
Dr. Oakley, spent several mouths
here prior to his marriage to Miss
Julia Montgomery, of this city,
since which time they have been
residing in Greenwood, where Dr.
Oakley has been practicing dentie*
try. He will now be associated
with Dr. A. S. Crigler.
The friends of Mr. Joe Crump
ton, will be glad to learn of his
success in school work in Louisi
ana. Mr. Crumpton left here
about two years ago to teach in an
Agricultural High School at Ains
lee, but he has recently been
promoted to county extension
work in Webster parish, and has
charge of the boys’ corn and pig
clubs in connection with his other
A big film with a big message
is coming. Be sure to see ‘ The
Battle Cry of Peace" at the Col
lege Chapel Saturday night,
March, 11th. This is undoubted
ly one of the best attractions ever
brought to the College,
"Defenseless America" will be
most Vividly portrayed upon the
screen. It is the most striking
battle film of the age, in that it
illustrates what would happen if
any Brst-cluss foreign power
should attack the United States.
The Greenville Times of Feb.
23rd., contained the following
notice of the presentation address
of Mrs. D. B- Slaughter, who in
behalf of the organisation, pre
sented to Mrs. Andrew Fuller Fox,
of West Point, the retiring State
Regent of the D. A. K., a beauti
ful silver salver:
A musical number here inter
vened after which Mrs. Lilly
Scales Slaughter, in a graceful
BpSeoh) presented Mrs, Fox, in the
name ot the D. A. R.’s of Missis
kippi) with a handsome silver
salver, as an appreciation of her
work as regent, aud the pride we
feel in her ability as leader, Mrs,
Fox gracefully replied, thoUgb
she was evidently deeply touched
by this testimonial of love and
esteem. .
fie sure to call at the Starkville
Milliuety Co's and not only see the
Very earliest Spring styles in
Ready to- wear huts, but inform
voutself oil the styles and fancies
ftr tti utir wttwa.
Tka George Rifle*’ Annul Ball.
Th greatest social event of the
eusoiij was the George Rifles’ Hull
•veil ill the Mess Hall, at the A.
& M. College, Feb. 25th.
The decorations Were festoons of
green and white, made gay with
palms and penants. The young
people gathered from several
states, to be guests of Campus and
town, to participate in the enter
tainment. The program was in
terspersed with tableaux, moon
light scenes aud special Lee Guard
ftod George Rifles Agues, while
the tea rpoin, where salads and
chocolate were seyvpd, added
greatly to ,the comfort of the
guests. Everything was doue by
the hosts, to make this beautiful
entertainment enjoyable aud it
will long be remembered with
pleg-pre by these who were pre
The following couples were pre
sent :
H. U. Kimball, Mis* Mattee Bell, of
W. M. Stark,'Mis* Mary Kmma Rich
ardson, Aberdeen,
H ft fleukle, Miss Katherine Jen
nings, CawpiW
P. K. Swann, Mlss.Etheinru
C. L. Anderson, Miss Edith Zackbery.
1.1. * C
F. W. Truss, Miss Jennie Weather
ford, Canton
M. f, Miss Edith Lidd, 1.1. &
A. S. Cooper, Miss Louise handers,
l Bzoo City
J. W. Jtlardway, Mias Adele Hives,
L. J. Eetto, Miss Marguerite Wealth
era, Maguolia
K- c. Roberts, Miss Erin Cooper,
J. H. Sharp, Mlaa Janie Evans, Mul
J. E. Scherer, Mias Mildred Doty, I.
I. A C,
E. F. White, Mias Bessw Smith, Mc-
Oomb, City
J. W Kobinson, Miss Lucy Enochs,
Homer Powers, Miss Denillia Weils,
B. Sutra, Miss Elizabeth JJiulord
and. Harper, Mias Beatrice Cox, I U
H. Cox, Miss Myra Bell, I. I, & C.
W. B. lloncheciiffe, Miss Bessie
Buder, 1. 1. A C.
I’. W, Prysr, Miss gal|oway Elrby,
A. P, Miller, Miss Mabry Conn, Koa
E. Abbett, Miss Hortense Stone, 1, 1.
& C,
B. Chambers, Miss .Adelaide Hlcke,
West Point
W. A, Evans, Miss JntJla Houston,
C. W. Joyner, Mias Josephine Mender,
son, Prairie
J. diver, Miss Mary Pryer, West
J. Chiles, Miss Ella Bogers Gunn,
E. W. Mingee, Miss Margaret Mu
llwaiu, htarkville
C. J- Miller, Miss Mary k Lou West.
E and VVlllowelrd, Miss Vesta Woods,
L E Cox, Miss Tbeluia Towns, Glen
H O dhort, Miss Luolle McWilliams
U M Durnell, Miss Milton Fenton,
West Point
L C Moseby, Miss Jfacay Patty,
D M Scott, Miss Sadie Alice Davis,
M T Croisby, Miss Mary Francis,
W E U Anderson, Miss Luclle Smith,
U D Mill, Miss Elsie Cotrell, West
H G Howell, Miss Frances Cotrell,
West Point
F C Weems, Miss Ida Frances Oliver,
L P Burnbart, Miss Lily Lucy, Col
A j Baggett’ Miss Frances Lusk,
B M BUelton, Miss Dorris Murpbey
W C Powe, Miss Bessie Hawthorne
A W Fottoye, Miss Bessie Smith,
M Moose, Miss Alga Dotborow,
A Hail, Miss Fay Lampion, Jackson
J, P Harrison, Miss Thelmo Garlic,
H O Gibbs, Miss Dora Evelyn Conner
A 13 Curothers, Miss Alleynne Powers
M S Johnson, Miss Evangeline Mu
gruder, >'
B Groves, Miss Kitty Scrupe, Aberdeen
W F Wbeatly, Miss Augusta Baker
FEFlgg, Miss Annie .May Suddtitli
K V Hood, Miss Annie May lathes, 1
I. A 0.
H Mwfi Mill Mwy MurpHy, Mwn
~ Vine*. A-'.mc: c
AC. Ervin. Cashier Wither p Mge Agg , t
I Lto £>AV iMGs BANK
Does a General Hanking business Loans Money on Real
and Personal Security.
Depositor- guaranteed hy the Hepo-ii .r-G„ irmly Kuud of the State of
H G Suddulh, Miss Clara Belle Sud
K F llcut'iu, Miss Kuox dackson
K K Lloyd, Miss Kstcllc Cidue lie 1 -
0 G Steele, Miss Itosa Swann, Macon
W K Vernon, Miss Mildred Burr,
W H fiulney, Miss Janie Reynolds,
T M Robinson, Capt, Loui Lloyd,
Harold Loper, Ist. Lieut, Miss isauie
Robert, Campus
illli Lauderdale Miss Janie' May
Mrj>well, Staikville
R it flood, Miss Annie May Sudduth
The coming styles in millinery
piutnise to be verv beautiful aud be
coming, and if vou will pay the
IStarkville Mlliuery Co.,a visit, you
will find there bats of all kinds,
to suit the most fastidious, to
please every fancy, they have hats
of uli prices and styles, to suit all
ages, from the grandmother to
the infant.
Sid Death of Little Bonnibel Scaled.
Mrs. 8. W. Seales has the pro
found sympathy of the entire com
munity, In the loss of her heanti
ful little daughter, Bonnibel,
whose death neon i red Monda>
morning about ten n'tdoik The
children were playing late Sat nr
day afternoon, when the child’s
clothing caught lire at an open
grate, They polled fu , lt*‘if TOth
er, but before she eon ! d reach tie
little girl, she was to i badly burn - |
ed to recover. Little Bonnibelj
was four years old last, October
and was exceptionally bright and,
beautiful, she whs flip youngest
child a the only girl, The funeral
service were bold Tuesday after
noon, at the home and many lov
ing and sympathy friends and
relatives were present. Uev. F.
Z. Browue, Pastor of the Presby
terian Church, conducted the eer
yippg, assisted by the other miuts
ter of the town. Interment took
place at Odd Fellows’ Cemetery
apd the little grave ">s covered
with many beautiful tloral offer
ings, tokens ot regret,
Mrs. Ida Stewart’s friends are
always glad when she returns to
Starkville. Mrs. Stewart has been i
here several seasons and is very
popular iu social circles as well us
in her special line of business,
being always pleasant and accom
modatiug .in her dealings with
friend and customers.
“Niagara Falls being out of
date,” says the Boston Transcript,
"why don’t the lovers spend their
honeymoon at Bliss, Idaho; Joy,
Ky., Delight, Kan.; or Paradise!” !
The reason is, of course, that
Huggins, Ark,, and Ktssee Mills,
Mo., are fur preferable,
Baby Week Next Week.
Sunday Night, Baptist Church, Union
1. Song
9, Heading and Prayer.... Rev. F. Z.
3, Infant Mortality G. T. Uowert >n
4. Hound Table
Drs. Dodds, Kckford, Scales and Kicks
Subjects •
a. Poor Feeding.
b. Defective Housing.
c. Infections Diseases.
6. The Movement for Child-welfare
Miss Susie V. Pdwell
and. Parental Influences... M||s. TANARUS, W.
7. Song.
6. Benediction.
Mrs Ida Htewart has ret timed
and is now ready to take orders
for new Spring Millinery. .She
spent quite a while in St. Louis
and other markets selecting the
very latest and most up-to date
itfleilorbef emtomer*. *.
Mr, E t Tliomns hits just re
iurticd fmin the Highway Ho 11 ve 11 -
H<>H'iu .(iiviiHila. He ri ports a
splendid time and says Hat lie
never saw a more enihn-iaslic
crowd. There weru 10,000 present
aud nil talking at once iu favor of
the highway movement.
We wish to express our i’e pest
gratitude to our friends im eir
kindly assistuuee aud sympathy in
the loss of our home by lire,
Mr. aud Mrs. J. E L j ve.
Osborn, Miss
Notice to Non Resident Defendant.
Stale ot Mississippi
Uhliubuiia bounty
To Iheudoie Davis
Culvert, i'<saa
\ u 9 are commuuded to appear before
lUo Cuauccr) Court ot tuo County of
DKlibOehu iu salu Slate its lines ou tbe
secocU Munda> of March A. D., to de
| tend tUe sun in said Court ol /. a.
Sharp wherein you are one of tue De
-1 ielahlliU,
lii.s is the daj, utFUimuy A. D.
J. It. 1.0. NU, Cualtcery Clerk.
Citation Notice.
The State of Mississippi
ChiiiiOpha CbHMy
Xu Mi's, Jennie Haines. Hcsidence
and po.-t eiflee address unknown.
Veil ale Hereby cOUiUiinideU to be lino
appeal' before mo cbuucery Court ot
tue aforesaid county and slate on the
second .uouday ul March, lUiu, lu de
tenu the Dill ot yi F
Haines, ivuoreiu yeytii'e ttw dcicudatu.
U;ut;ss my signature, mis luth day
( 4 v Miliary, A- D. Hnti.
1 it. Long. Chancery Clerk.
Nolice of Trustee's Sale.
By virtue ot the authority rested in
•Ut* hr S rpitafn deed of trust given by
1 4). J.'Levenslein on the 3(Jlh day of
June JIS and as recorded in deed bonk
1.(9 at page 87. records of the Chancery
Clerk of Oktibbeha County, default
having lietin made in the payment of
the Indebtedness secured thereby, and
•laving been requested by the Merchants
& Fanners Bunk, tbe legal holder ol tbe
said Indebtedness, to foreclose and exe
cute thy, StW deed of trust, I will on^
Saturday the 25lhday of March, 1916
within legal hours In front of the Main
Court House Door in Starkville, Oktib
beha County, offer for sale and sell to
the highest and best bidder lor cash the
following described properly to satisfy
the above mentioned indebtedness, to
Hoi I in Hloe* Sns per plat of K. D
Cooper lo the Village of Longview, the
said lot being located in Section 92,
Township 18. Range 13. tbe said lot
being 60 by 99 feet, and being the same
lot deeded by U. R. Sanders o tue Bald
Levi nstein as *hovvo ly deed book 120
page ID “oords of the Chancery Clerk
of Oktibbeha County.
At tins sale, I will also sell, In the
above manner 4 shares of tbe stock ol
tile Fast End Land & Improvement Cos.
Title to all the above properly is be
lieved to be good, but I shall convey
only gnoh title ns as Is vested in me as
the said trustee.
This March 3rd 1910.
Jons Gladnet, Trustee.
Notice of Trustee’s Sale.
By virtue of the authority vested in
me by u c> rtuin trust deed given by
Emilme Holmes and Bon Suudulh ou
tlte sth day of January 1912and as re
corded in deed hook 125 at page 82, re
cords of tho Cham ery Clerk of Oktib
beha County, default having been made
in the paj ment of the note securred
thereby, and having been requested by
the legal hold-rs of the said indebted
ness the Men bants & Farmers Bank to
foreclose and execute tbe said deed of
trust, I will, on
Saturday the 25th day of March, 1916,
within legal hours in front of the Main
Court House Door in Starkville, Oktib
beha County, offer lor sale and sell to
tlie highest and best bidder for cash the
following described properly to satisfy
tbe above mentioned deed of trust, lo
The East Half of the South East
Quaater.'aml the Ea-t Half ol tlie East
Half of the West Half ol the South Eal
Quarter, all In Section 7, Township 17.
[ Range.
Title to the above property is believed
to he good, but I shall convey only
j such title m is vested in me as said tru>
This March, 3rd. 1916.
| Gcr Bichet, Trustee
Low rate of Ir.tercet.
Convenient Terms.
No Inspection Fees.
Office Court Square. Phone 243
Trustee’* Sale.
’Vl'i'Peas, Torn l>alvs amt wife.
* •►' i-, ly . deed of trn-t, (Idled
.1 on oy. Ho, IHIH, recorded in the
‘lt try Clerk V olHee of (1-ilbheha
i ‘'U..t,, in Book 135, page 501. convey*
I It. Uererly, trustee, to secure
"•■I dehledness therein described, the
I .10.. mg real estate -minted in Oktth
-1 'in t.unt\. Mi—i-sippi, tu-nit:
Hi' X. K. 4 lit the N K. 4 See 37. T
11 • . whereas, default having been
■"■hi oi the pa, ineut ol the indebted I
... -■ u.eiiti.meil; and said it Beverly,
• nisi ", having deelined to further net. I
ai dme undersigned ii 11. Bonner, i
i vu g been a|>|iointed substituted inis- I
;i" “I I In* place id -aid Beverly by Mary j
L l.ainpktn. executrix, she being the
owner ol the indelnedness iloserihed in
the trust deed, by a written instrument,
exei hied and recorded a- required by
law; and the said -übslituled trustee,
having been requested by said lienellei
ary to execute the trust by sale of the
property conveyed therein, now there
fore, 1, the said substitut'd trustee, by
virtue ol the provisions in said trust
deed, will sell tiie above property at the
door ol the court house of said County,
in iStarkville, to the highest and best
bidder fi r cash at public auction on the
4th day of March 1916,
within legal hours, to satisfy said in
debtedness and costs of executing this
This, the 11 day of February, 1916.
substituted Trustee.
Trustee * Sale.
Whereas, Walker Quinn and wife
Ann Quinn, by a deed of trust, dated
January 25. 1913. recorded in the Chan*
eery Clerk’s office of Oktibbeha County,
in Booh 125. Page 414. conveyed to .1.
K. Beverly, trustee, to secure the in
debtedness therein described, tbe fol
lowing real property situated in Uklib
betia County, Mississippi, to wit:
The W. 2of tbe 5v fc. lof S. K. J of
Sec I7 ( and (lie >V. 2 of the X, E. 4 of
X. E. 40l Sec 2d, all lu .Township 17,
Mange 12 E.
And, whereas, default having been
made in tbe payment, of the indebted
ness mentioned; and said .1. R, Iteverly,
trustee, bating declined to (unbar .vt’
mid lilt) undersigned, a. H. Bonner!
having Ijtuui appointed substituted trm -
t.vc, (U the place of stild R Beverly
by Mary I£. Lumpkin, executrix, she
being the owner of the indebtedness
described In the trust deed, by n written
instrument, executed and recorded as
required by law; and the said substi
tuted trustee having been requested by
said beuellcbm to execute the Iran hy
sale of Uni property conveyed tiierelr,,
now therefore, I. the said substituted
trustee, hy vlrtuo of the provisions lu
aaM tnt-l deed, will sell the above
property at the duo- of the court bouse
ot said Ooout v . iu Starkville, to ih
highest a r a nest bidder lor cash at
public auction on the
4th day ol March 1916,
'within legal hours to satisfy said in
debtedness and costs of executing this
This, the 11th day Of February, llfio
H. 11. BONNKIt, []
Substituted Trustee,
. Citation Notice.
The Stale of Mississippi,
Oktibbeha County.
To The Oomtuou Wealth Shoe and
Leather Go., Boston, Mass.
Kahn Tailoring Cos., Indianapolis,
Carleton Dry Goods Cos., St. Louis,
<l. X. Roberts & Norton Cos., Louis
ville. Ky.
George DeWitt Shoe Cos., Lynchburg,
V a
While Block Shelton Hat Cos., St.
Louis, Mu.
The E. 11. Newsom Company, Chat
tanooga, Jeon.
You are hereby commanded to appear
before lire Chancery Court of Ukliohe
iia County, statu ot Mississippi, on lUe
2nd Mouuuy of March, UftU lo defend
tuo sun of ifoliu Gladney, assignee in
V-haucery ot the Firm of Claoney A
Cunningham ol Starkville, Mississippi,
wherein you ana all th- creditors ol
said Firm ul Gladney A Cunningham
are defendants.
This the loth day of February, 1610.
J. R. Long, Chancery clerk.
G. Ouik Daniel, Ally.
Notice to Contractors,
On tbe first Monday of March A, If.,
1016 the Board of Supervisors will let
at public outcry at the frontdoor of tbe
Courthouse tbe following roads to wit.
The Plieba Road from tbe Greensboro
road and running to beat lino.
Wade Road from Washingtons store
to Starkville and Houston Road
Starkville and Houston road from
Beat line to County line, 4 miles
Miller road from to
Starkville ami Mnyhew road Beat 1
line to Lowndes County line 7 mile
Starkville and West Point road from
Beat line to Clay Countv line 7 miles
This the luth day of February A. D.,
J, K. Long. Chancery Clark.
Notice of Publication.
To B. F. Bell, Jr.,
Residence and Post Office Address un
You are hereby commanded to be and
appear before tbe Chancery Court of
Oktibbeha County on the 2nd Monday
of Maich, A. D., 1916 to defend lu the
cause of Mrs. Emma Bell, wherein you
are defendant
Witness my signature, this the ?th
day of February, A. D., 1916, *
J. R. Loan, Chancery Clerk.
Citation Notice.
Stale of Mississippi
To Johnle Hill. Kansas City, Mo.
Y’ou are commanded to appear before
tbe Chancery Court of the County of
Oktibbeha In said State f. rules on the
second Monday of March A. 'J. 1919 to
defend the suit of I’attle Bill In said
Court wherein you tire defendant.
This the 14th day of February A. D.
J. K Loan,
Chancery clerk.
Bits of Byplay
By Luke McLoke
Copyright, 1015, tha Clnointuui
The Mystery.
"What Is tin' mystery connected with
that iniioli advertised mystery novel?”
i asked tho old fogy.
"Well.” replied the grouch, "after
reading It It seems to me that the mys
tery Is how the author ever found ft
Gaining Experience.
herd wisdom ni.iy come (o u mms
Who tolls from sun to sun,
But wo learn loss by lining than
Wo learn by being done.
The Wise Fool.
“A man should always try to keep
ahead of the game," observed the sago.
"Not always," corrected the fooU
"How about the man who goes hunt
Hero n nemo ndvloc, both trite and Bound,
That you should oft repent:
While love may moke the world go roun4
It won’t make both ends meet.
Paw Knows Everything.
Willie—Paw, what Is the liquor quest
I’aw—The liquor question, my son, Is
“What’ll you have?"
Oh, Hock!
"M y While la an impel," said
His maw of Willie Hood;
"The child insists that ho ho fed
Buell day on angel foudl”
Dear I,tike; A lady enmo Into my op
tleal office to have her eyes examined
last week. When she was leaving I
asked her name, and she told mo that
she was Mrs. Clara Seerlght of Jeffur
soutown, Ky.—.l. S. J„ Louisville.
"I’ll write a nice suite
Bong," said .Matt,
“And sing It In the
Key of F-lat." —lt. 8. T.
Is That Sol
As long as most of our women folk#
would rather stay home and play "This
little pig went to market” with the
baby’s toes Just to hear the baby laugU
than go out just to bear a siiffrngetto
talk there won’t be very much the mat
ter with this country.—Luke McLuko
In Cincinnati Enquirer.
And as long ns the majority of tha
men would rather slay at home and
help the mothers get the babies to
sleep and see that they are tucked in
cozy and warm than to go to some loaf
ing place down town and discuss tho
tariff and baseball, tho country will be
pretty sure to go along In the right
Channels for u long tbuo to eomo.—Wlls
mlngtou <O.) Journal-Uepubllcan.
John D. Helps John D.
bear Luke—Did you know that John
D. Helps Is tho manager of tho Stand
ard Oil company ut Juneau, AlaskaV—
W. C. J„ Juneuu.
Inm Cook won honors for the belt
jelly at the linllus fair.—Temple (Tex.)
Dear Luke—Does Tom Cutt of Hazel*
ton. I ml., get In?—Smltty.
Things to Worry About.
Wisconsin lends In the manufacture
of llmburger cheese.
Names Is Himes.
Miss Vera Shari) lives at Demon*
vllle. Ky.
Our Daily Special.
The longer you nurse babies and trou
bles the larger they grow.
Luke McLuka Says;
Never monkey with buzz saw and
never dispute the word of a 250 pound
woman when she announces that she
weighs 150 pounds.
We are all eager to give the devil his
due. Hut wo are not so considerate
with our creditors.
Tin* old fashioned man who used to
no known ns tin' hreadwlnm r now nas
n won v. lm | i known as the dough loser.
It Is ; o tide In give a girl a bad
snare after she bus been eating onions,
lint It is impossible to take her breath
a way.
A married man's Idea of an Weal
i. Ife would l e I lie one who would be
•e eve.’ '.'id lie told her when ho
: earned home at four bells In the morn*
if o girl emi t ’ami tha follow sho
ids tin i C.iMdi; f< r tin; fellow
idle oikef pin wants
The HP;’ babe Li pettlhj so steady
lid so safe that i!le time may com*
Hi it ft tiler will have to rely
■i Ike nlMut: •dale cs bis one Lest bet
It hurls a man nlmort as much to
car shi.es that me too small ns It
fits a woman to wear shoes that nro
too large.
V' f : i a n’t make a mini! bay bcllevo
n r they • ce plenty of good detec*
•'vps w’l'i lover Wore a pot Of false
f'teiT Up! I'.vi a If you did happen to
make an ern r always r-trember that
the biggest errors are mad* by the ox
i ierfs.
Pray for the tilings you would like
to hive, mid then Cos out and bustle
for the thl.’i-s yon have to have.
Ah old fr ■’ rued Won, : a pot* mad
all over whe- r' e ion ’s of a case In
which a wife is supporting a husband*

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