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Step Into Our New Fall Apparel Now I
OUR DISL'.AY of Women’s, Misses and Children’s New Fall Apparel is at its height and we are of. I
enng em ° y° u at most attractive prices in order to induce you to step into our NEW FALL APPAREL I
now instead of latter on Such an opportunity as this, especially at this time of the season is unusual so we I
: trongly urge you to make the most of it. reason, is unusual, so we ■
* i I
All women are preparing and choosing new things for m&h $ I
their season’s wardrobe and no one article receives as much I
tinctiye Millinery Stylei, is TT rj s , __ , I
known throughout this ter- W XlcLt S JNcW 1H Wftlftfl • I
Thiß “ eason ’ B showing is A popular feature of the new Waists for Fall is the ro call- I
la 'K<r aud more impess- ed "SuF Wsisr," in shades to match or blend with tha pre- I
iW f ive lh * n ever. The hats are ailing suit colors which include Bert Root, Porple Fog I
BW designed in a host of distinct- Taupe, Orev. Navy. Black, and Green. Jlelief is sometimes I
I iv and becoming creations; afforded from these sombre tones by dash* bright trimming |
e*i.-h one smartly tiimmed in an individual, striking man- sointilVing beads and lustrous silks nm |J ideries I
luor that once wins the approval of all correctly attired wo- Other models of Georgette. Oreoe do T lud Plaid and I
r l ' COO O* 1 S'ripeS.tiM, usedseparaielvo-lnoombJ will be pop. I
LiOme see Uur Present Display of nnr Our stocks were very oaefnlly at ,ind ien-ent I
■\T rjr verv oharmin nd exquisce tyke Wo’'direct vonr in- ■
INew flats. spection to these very choice values, ■
™“":±'s9.oo TO $ 10“ "•* “” a “• .1 N. M.M IM M I
$5.00T.57.50 T *"*' ..7M I
A creditable display of Trimmed and un-(* <** m & m W h.te p 'cab Naw and Bl’k Crepe de Chene at. .$4.00 teS S9 I
See tke "Sammy Hats” at $2.50 _ , I
"Kiddie” Hats in a beautiful array as well as the cap I WIIT bptClfliS flt Each I
and scarf sets. 1 H
The Farm Loan Association has
about 90 members at Sturgis and
It is distributing in that common
itv in the way of loans about #£oo
a! week Applications for
about $60,000 have already been
fled and Jabout $30,000 of this
has already been passed upon and
Mayor Bridges was a boy once
himself, and he knows what it
means to a boy or girl to have to
stay in a school room and recite
lessons while the circus is in town,
so he got bnsy with the school
trustees and had them'to make to
day a holiday that th children en
joy the circus, This was right.
Circus day is an event in a child's
life that they will remember with
pleasure after they are old men
and woman,
On October 9th, in the court
boose we are planning to have our
County exhibit. We desire that
every club member exhibit her
canned fruits and vegetables, the
sewing listed snd the poultry.
Begining at 10180 we shall have a
Director E R Lloyd will make
an address and Mias Bill, onr Dis
trict Agent will judge the exhibit
and will compare some commercial
products with the club goods. Let
iviry one bring ber ufaibil OB
October Bili to the Court house, it
will be safely cared for.
Fannie H Randle,
Cos. Home Dem Agent.
“Hail Columbus, Happy Land!”
The debris is and weed?, which
have been on the site where the
Chiles Hotel burned a few years
ago have been removed and the
lot cleaned. This make a great im
provement on Main Street and
suggests that a S3UOUO hotel would
look well in this place.
The Adaton School opened Mon
day with an attendance of about
40 pupils with Prof. J F Dabbs
principal and Prof. M B Kellum,
assestant. Dr T C Wier and Rev
John Park, pastor of the (Metho
dist Church were present and made
excellent talks. The session prom
ises to be a successful one.
Mrs. Harry Stoy, who ha* teen
visiting her parents, Mr. apd Mrs.
H. A. Belli, leaves to day for
Sbevesport to spend a week after
which she will join Mr Stoy in
San Antonia, Tex. be being at the
training camp.
Mr and Mrs. F H Powers, and
daughter Miss Adra visited Prof,
and Mrs. J H Woodard at West
Banker's Wife Grew Some Reel
Toma loci
The finest. tomatoes the writer of
this has seen in the state of Ore
gon came the other evening from
the garden of Mrs. and Mrs. A J
Moore, of north Twelfth street. 1
The three in a basket weighed
slightly more than one pound each,
and those come from one vine that
has produced more then forty of
similar size. Other tomato vines
in the same garden have produced
almost as prolifloally and the
garden as a whole has been the
wonder of manv visitors. Mrs.
Moore, to whom the banker gives
the credit for the excellence of the
garden, says that ten of her tomato
plants have produced twenty pound
of tomatoes each. Those tomatoes
are wundeifolly smooth and ronnd,
beautiful fruit of the vine, and
however great in size, palatable
to the last degree. Mrs. Moore
really tbiuke more of ber garden
than she dues of the wholelfamily
of eight or ten and ebe take* real
delight in showing Oregonu n
what a “southeneh” can do where
ebe triee a little wj*h tbe hoe and
the rake* —Corva}(is (Ore) Ga
Mrs Moon rend* the lines the
above clipping* and add* t ''
“We were told that .tomatoes
would opt mature especially tboM
of anv size. I have not seen finer
, in Mississippi than we Laye thlg
year we have also surprised the
native" with several yery fine
watenmllon. Oregon is all right
A number of the members of
Ridgelv lie bee Ira h Lodge 1 0 0 F.
of this city went over to West
Point Wednesday to assist in the
organization of a Itebekah Assem
bly in that city, Three autos con
vejed the part> consisting of Dr.
E M Ranck, ,1 0 Thomas. L H
Nickles, J H Nickles, Elgar
Bontin, Hal Kirby, Wm Ward,
Mrs. Edgar Buntln, Mrs, Kitty
Bneb, Mrs. Will Hamer, Mrs W
H Miller. Mrs. J A Kee, Miss.
Edlena Ware, and Mies Mable
About twenty charter mctnbert
were organized with the State
President Mr*. Hilda Smith, of
Enterori*', and Grand Secretary
Mre. Jodie Rnbnsh Mow,of Merid
lan,were present to direct the work
of organization and installing
officers, assisted by the above
named Bebekabs from (Starkville.
The perty thoroughly enjoyed the
evening and were (oyslly enter*
twined by their West Point brother!
and sitters.
We don’t object to the man with
a bobby, if be won’t insist on all
fail Wends riding with him.
Court Room, Starkville, Miss. Oct. 9. 1917
We desire that even Club member exhibit. Jud 'eg lor the . x'm it
will be selected from outside theeouulv. The following prims will be
offered to Club members on y:
Osnned Sliced Tomatoes—Pure Al
uminnm Paring Knlle. Turner A
Canned String Beans—Pure Alu
minum I’aring Ku.fe, 'Turner A Pierce.
Canned Beets—Pure Aluminum Par
| Knife—Wooden Spoon, Stillman A Co
| Canned Sliced Tomatoes—Paring
Knife, Turner A Pierce
Canned whole Okra—Wooden Spoon.
I Stillman AC).
I Canned Carrots—Wooden Spoon.
I Stillman A Cos.
I Canned English Peas.-Jar Filler.
I Stillman A Cos.
Canned Corn —Jar Filler, ctiilman
Nk Cos.
Canned Pear halved—Pure Aluminum
Paring Knife. Turner A Pierce.
Canned Blackberries—Jar Filler. Al- j
umlnum. Stillman ACo
J Canned Peaches halved—Pure Almu-
I Innm Paring Knife. Turner A Pierce.
Canned Figs—Jar Filler. Aluminum
Stillman A Cos.
Canned Soup Mix lure —Sieve for
| staining tomatoes. Stillman A Cos.
Canned Dixie Itellah Jar Flllr-Al
nintum. Stillman A Cos.
Canned Catsup—Sieve far straining
tomatoes. Stillman A Cos.
Best Collections of Canned Products—
Canning Madlme. Miss Powell
Pickle Sweet Peach—one Box Cloves
land Allspice —United Store Cos
I Pickled Geon Tomato— One Box White
Pepper and one of Black Pepper,
United Stores Cos,
Pickle Mustard—Cue Box mustard.
United Store Cos.
Pickle Cucumber-One JBox Bottle
Piokllug V iuegar. United Stores Cos.
Pickle Onion—One Bottle Price’s
Vanilla, United Store Cos.
I Preserves, Bl ickbcrry —Blanching
Basket. Stillman ACo
Preserves, Strawberry—Measuring
Cup. Stillman A Cos.
Preserves, Fig-Wooden Bowl. Still
man A Cos.
Preserves. Watermelon Klne— Dust
[Pan. Stillman A Cos.
Preserves, Gingered Pear—Pduto
I Slloer. Stillman a Cos.
Jam—Sliawberry Blanching Basket.
Stillman a Cos.
Jam Blackberry—Soup bone. City
Mariinildcs Citrus—One Pig Foot.
City Market.
Marm dade, Peach—One Pound San*
•age. City Market.
Marmalade, Fig-One Bottle Vinegar.
City Market.
Northern Dist of Mississippi
Sept 27 1917.
The following list of men, called
for military service by the Local
Board foi Oktibbeha County have
been duly passed upon by the
proper Local ami District Board
and are hereby certified as selected
for military service and not ex
empted or discharged.
Pornpie Plair Osborn Miss
Lensy Henry Mabeu Miss
D H Thomas Sturgis Mies
John Kincade IStarkville Miss
Robert Minor SessUms Miss
Sellers Nichols Crawford Miss
A Q Heflin Longview Miss
James Collins Starkviile Miss
W A Mcßride Maben Miss
Uobt Spencer Starkviile Miss
Robt Bishop Starkviile Miss
Loscins Sprnell Starkviile Miss
John Roberts Sessutus Miss
List of men ordered to report to
this Local Board for Military Duty!
Local Board for the County of
Oktibbeha State of Mississippi
Dale of posting October Ist 1917
•lames Gev
Tommy Young
Walter E Curtis
Emmet Burke
Charles brake
J D Bolden
Frank Carbenter
Wake Rich
Robt Carpenter
Tonny Bell
T 0 James, Chairman
M R I'ulghftw, Secretary
IJent Basket Tomatoes—Crepe <io
.Chine linn kerchief M. Block,
Host Basket Henna—Crepe d<< chine
| llnnkcrchtef. M. Block
1 Greatest variety of vegetable fr.nn
|oi •garden—Ladles' |1 UO Wall, U_
man Bros
I’ot Lifter. Plain White apron ami
Cap Two Linen Hankerehlcf to the
Ladles of the Home Demonstration
Club. Phil. Goodman.
Plain White work apron and cap.
Two trepe de chine hankerchief to the
girls. Phil Goodman.
| Work Dress of Tupelo Cotton $1 ,"i0
| tu tlto woman ot Urn Uome Dem Club.
I Hluiuenllehl & Fried
( Work Dress of Tupelo ootton. Fount
ain Pen to tbe Canning Club (Jlrls
IK K & F I, Wior
Laundry Lag- Veil, blarkvlle Willin.
ery Cos.
Night dress— Dresser Scarf Stamped.
Home iJetn Agent
Lrosaer Scarf Crocbet. Bag Stamped.
Uome Dem Agent
Cnp Towel Asbestos mat, Home Cent.
Table Cover. Six Skein Jfimh Floss.
Home Dem Ageut
Booklet. Aluminum Drinking Cup.
Home Dem Agent
Keeoid Book. Aluminum Driukl. g.
Cup Home Dem Agent
Best Pullet Poultry Keniedles -500.
H C Stiles
Best Cockerel Poultry Komediob—
50c UC Stiles.
Best trio of young ebieks oonsisinguf
cookerel. and two pullets—Poultry
Feed Jj.uu. Carpenter it Keud
Ucßt ami greatest number of yon.ig
stock produced tut shown tiy record
property attested—Merohsmllsti #a,uj,
Woodward Mer. Cos
Ucsi doten i'ggs(BrowD)MerchanUr-c
uOc Wood ward Mercantile Cos.
Best doaen market eggs (white)- *
Merchandise 60c. Woodward Mer
cantile Cos
Best kept poultry record—Merchan
dise |1 00. Kirk’s Drug Store
- Cookery
Best Booklet i’oultry, —ll.OO cath A
A Harrington
Loaf of Bread-Bair Bilk Hose W W
Scales & Cos
Best Cottage Cheese -II .00 cash A
0 Ervin
Home Conveniences
Homemade Kireless Cooker—Mer
chandise $1.60 Gill it Cos
Homemade Icnle s Kefrigerutor-
Merchaudlse 11-00 United Store Cos
Mr. Elmo Davis, is attending
Federal Court in Aberdeen Huh
Miss Mary Rosa Rainey, v;of
Mayhew, spent the w?ek end v. itb
Miss Martha Carpenter.
Thereis big demand fur sorghum.
Starkville and Hturgis are e.i Ij
paling 40c a gallon and advertis
ing fur car loud of it
Mrs. Wirt Caipenter, Mrs,
Ledyard Raymond and V Dses
Annie Dell and Alice Perkins
shopped in Columbus Saturday.
Mr. John Woodward received an
honorable discharge from the imny
on account of 111 health, and aim
ed home Friday. His friends hone
he will soon be restored to health.
Mrs. Howard Major and beanti
jiul little daugh’er, Birdie May. of
lEpley, Miss, are visiting at the
'homeof Mrs Major's father, Mr.
,J. O. Ounn on Louisville street,
Mm. Jessie Owen and Mule
daughter Bessie returned bora 9
Saturday from Florida, after an
extended visit to Mr. and Mrs
Paul Wells. Mrs. Wells and iu
fantson Paul Wells Jr. acoomp.im
ed them home and will be here
several months as Mr, Wells will
take a special course in Agric.iU
tare at A & M.
NO 7.

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