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Published Kviry Friday.
(KatablWied IRrtO)
Entered .Second CStM Matter al
Poit Office, Hturkvllle. Mien.
One Year—ln advance * 1 r '"
81* Mouth* —In advance
Three Months--In advance I"
Wm WARD, - ■ Editor and Manager
The Keel Mississippi Times line
made u special dubbing rale with
The Memphis Weekly Commercial
Appeal by which we will fnrni.h
both papers for one year *1 <- t'
subscription price of the two pa
pers heinir $2.00 The ( ommer-
Rial Appeal is one of the large*
and best papers in the South, anti
we hope to receive many new sub
seriptious on this offer: stil.To cash
for both papers. _
Mrs. T-I Ounn, ami Mis-: Del
Rives spent Sunday in Columbus
Mr, Howard Malm, of West I*. m
was a visiP r here Ucduasdiy
Mis >1 0 ( jmin, left last Fridat
to visit liet parents in Paiagonhi
The advance in price of pig iroi
is not surprising, considering the
Mrs R G Porter, returned Sat
urday from a visit to re'ativea i"
MisslliMtlah Hobo, of the Delta
is the guest, ot Miss Ella Rogers
Gunn, this week.
Russia lias one advantage ii.
those woman soldiers they can’t
run as fast as the men.
Their were a number of hoys
who came from Ackerman to at
tend the circus bore today
Mrs. S 0 String fellow, of St.
Louis arrived Saturday to vish
hetuulher, Mrs. George Smith
Mrs DA Saunders, mid daugh
ter Miss Louise, and Mrs. lie es,
are visiting Detroit Mich, this week.
Miss Eva Mae Hutu. Mrs. W L
Hasting aud Mrs. Archie Page
Were shoppers in Columbus Sat
The vegetarian is the only fellow
who doesu.t have a fit when lie
reads the quotaliouo in the meat
Mrs. II L Quinn, and Mrs
Dukeumuier, of West Point were
the guests of Mrs. B L Magruder
The country correspondent who
speaks ofa “Hying visit” will soon
have ample authority for using
the phra •*.
The bachelor may contend for
a right to his own opinion but the
married man knows it is a question
of courage, with him,
We'ie perfectly willing to make
it a meatless dav. and wheallcss
day, but darned if we don’t draw
the line at an eatless day.
It must bo very trying to the
brain to luyeut excused tor de
dining work. It's a perfectly new
conditions of affairs tor him.
Mr. Morris Uolitrovitch, lelt
Tuesday for Ah-xaudr.a, La. to
join the encampment. Ho will be
in the commissary department.
These are the days when the
dealer in iee aud coal gets all mix
ed up in an effort to determine
which product to push the hardest.
Tim food pirates have one con
solation, the food control,hill will
lessen their liability Under the in
come tax law and the excess pro*
(i measure,
Tff'L “ V WS
m -• r.
/f - v/ .
v', .'£lo -
1m disks / ' V " ) Src
•f “Rmam*'" i‘-icyiV li.-tr.'f llirnrM pteij
•re eljrht y*thn-e {'-U • r t *• /- 73, SIS. T3, If 16.78
ui> Tltyre H n Kf •' f.i.g . pv*ftlw unft by our
CClin Min T I < - C ■i- tu* of "Rnrra" Mcrclaa,
dr.nl’ ilTv u. 1 su— 7 ij w\H iuUruH-ft ytm. Also,
full pnrtlrtilnrn of dir • • e-*r' I nut elicit of any
•f fSiH'ii FUCK TRIAL.
Thii wonderful After *-i . .imke If ;!u Ksuftr ttM
Bloat populAC. mi; , ,
TlHf T I if' • Un>v.. Tiiwr Tatm. *W*-
I 1111. Jf L; I > t ' ill the tiewwl i<U
In Bicycle equip tit* Mutijn for
refitting your oln IT• 1/ 'CFS. Our new
Catalogue in the Hr - u V. n< t neeri • new
Bicycle tuw, or R t '.-lalugue la tell yom •
the price-* you h- ,
pArtlr-ilnr *t U • f Ihe country art
rid mi: "Unngcn " *> .v-t minium hn every
•Ale •’>! so nm v . y ttM lift ut to sett
Qunliiy'* Bic^v'.ts
HOTOHCYCI.f Vxlu, >u: nl**o gives (art*
•price to Ihene hm • • 't tufii generation ago
•re now hnyinir Id . ► i*,u . . :■• *1 rptullty nnd prices art
•Iwnya light.
ft WSiT£ US r’* >r ' . (unt r i c-t wi'.i I Hne yon the
biff catalogue ■. I . gtfilt r ..■ .h<! price*.
J. L. t*~ i CO. 4 . j m ILLINOIS
SCoden^BayoisLai 1 ‘J, 11
Excursicn farts v;- <i via
• ...riso; r
Firue fislii.ir.; salt water bathing; driv
ing and boating. lor further informa
‘ tion and descriptive pamphlet apply
to your Local Agent or write,
iS G. E. Allen, D. P. A., Jackion. Icon, oi
11. F. Jeers, Jr., Cca. Agt., Mobile, AU.
Sunny Brook Local*
From the Hayseed Mirror.
Fellow dreppad into our shanty
the other day and asked who is
boss of the household. Out- wife
told him.
• •
There are two things that .will
make a blind man see. One is a
well shaped leg, and other is an
other one.
• • •
We can't, for the life nf ns, nn
der<t'ind why prettv woman insist
on fl,rting with homely men when
there ere so many of us handsome
ones fl -ating around,
• • •
An unkind paragiap'ier assert*
that, the early milkman catchea a
glimpse of a woman’s t-ne com
plexion. All of us old m inded
ducks gei that—but, Lmd, we
dassent tell.
Mrs, W V Connell, of Birm
ingham spent, Friday night with
Mrs. Graves DiVis, eu route to
Abbott where she was called 'o
the bedside of her mother, Mts.
Natigli, who is critically ill.
Prosperity, it ie said, is cati-ing
a shortage of one dollar bills We
had noticed it, also a shortage of
two dollar bills, and five dollar
bills, and ten dollar bills, and
several other deunmiuotious.
It is refreshing to Lear of nt
least one Honest excuse for raising
prices. The oyster men have put
up rhe price of their fruit “be
cause olhet articles of load are
dealer. •'
-u •Vi**
The Beauty Setfet
Ladies desire that irre
siSlibie clnrm—a good
wr y.j complexion. Of course'
• I toey do not wish others
to know a beautifier
'sin has been used so they
f y buy a bottle of
Magnolia Balm
•nd uae accor J ng to airople dirptflon*. ImproYe
ment if notict-d at once. Sootlnrir, cooling and
twreahing. Hculi Sunburn, itopa 1 an. *
Tlnh, WhiU, /?■*!a-.?•<!.
75c. cl Drugfislc or by mat I ncf*-.
Sample (either color) for ?c. q teirp.
Uyon Mf. Cos . 40 South Fifth St.. Brooklyn, NA.
And Get Kich Raising
three-fourth of a bale
of Cotton to the acre
at from 20 to 30 cents
per pound
We hov£ for rale 900 acres, 7(H)
acres in cultivation tu<ia<ed on u
gravel road, well drained, p enty
of truant house--, and what will he
- tie of the tt-icf, plant *4ioa in die
deli a when full)’ ilpulnpvd , l lVje
S6O 00 per acre.
100 acres,l4o a min cultivation
hre.- and one half roles north of
Greenwood, on a good dirt road,
-ix room residence, three good ten
ant houses, one trbeiua w.-11,
tuoetly fre-h land. Good place
tor anyone who wishes a nice I nine
close in, Wpll drained anil will
milks a good crop ever) .'ear Puce
$75 00 per acre. EseT term*.
w* Feint, Mm, ;
Will to Work
Through all my achool day*, write*
a contribute’, whenever ,1 said, "I
can’t do It,” U got the familiar answer,
"Where theie’s a will there's a way.”
last week 1 got It again, this time from
P keen-eyed, earnest clergyman, the
esd of one of our large city missions.
He read behind my apathy the de
spondency of failure, and when I rose
with a dull "Thank you,” to his re
|ply that there was no position open
'to me. he said abruptly: “Sit down."
[Then he told me story after story of
men, today known and respected In the
business world, who were once “down
and out." This was the last; I will
tell It in his words:
■ “A man went to see a friend of mine,
also a clergyman. He wttated a Job.
ifie was pretty seedy—his shoes were
shabby, his collar soiled, his suit un
“ There’s no use trying, anyway,’
he declared with a twisted smile. ‘The
whole rotten world's nm by graft. “To
jeveryone that hath shall be given”—
you know the rest —"but from him that
hath not." Well, there’s always the
“The clergyman said nothing, bat
looked steadily at the apenker. The
man squirmed, fumbled with hla hat,
gazed at the floor, at the pictures, at
the window—anywhere except Into th
other man's eyea. He knew he had
whined like a coward.
“ 'My man,' aald the minister finally,
‘yoti'rc down on yonr luck. Yon feel
that your life la futile, that nobody
needs you. What you need la work,
not money. You've loafed; you've ac
quired the habit of loafing and kick*
lug. Now, If I give you something
to !o. will you do It? No matter hoei
sir,;; It may seem, will you do’ ItT*
'■ 'Yc-ea,' came the hesitating a*
“‘Ooodl Take that brick,* and In
pointed to one lying loose In the fire
place, 'nnd carry It all around Madison
square; then come back.*
"The man felt foolish ns he picked
up the brick. He felt more foolish
when the elevator hoy snickered; hut
he remembered that In his school days
he had never refused a challenge, and
he vowed he would sec It through.
Solemnly he crossed the park and
paced round the square, carrying
burden past grinning onlookers with
as much solicitude as If It had been
of gold Instead of common red clay.
When he returned his shoulders were
stralghter. He looked pleased with
himself, though somewhat sheepish,
"'Hello, so you’ve done It I Wall,
don’t you feel better?’
“He did —undeniably. He had not
one rent more In his pocket, but he had
forgotten that he was hungry In con
centrating upon the brick.
“All right ; nun here Is another Job,
Take these two dollars, go to a first
class coffee merchant's, buy all you
can of their best grade of coffee, ask
them for some small bags and string!,
nnd do It up Into quarter-pound pack
ages. On up to Park avenue, ring tha
basement doorbell of each house and
say to the servant who comes to tha
" 'Madam, I am Introducing a very
excellent brand of coffee. This Is a
sample package of a quarter of ■
pound. I should not sell It If 1 wart
' not convinced that It Is something yon
will be glad to try. If you do not Ilka
It I should never try to sell It to you
again'. Charge enough to make two
cents on each sale. Then go back and
bny some more.'" >
The narrator stopped and smiled
quizzically. "I don't know the rest of
♦he story. I like to think the man
made good; I like to think that ois
n prosperous salesman of high grade
coffees and tens today. But that's not
the point. Yon are a writer and y t
want a Job. Here Is a story for yon.
Use It or not, as you choose. I think
you, too, can make good. Good-day r
'—Youth's Companion.
Whale Not Fish.
Wholes and porpoise* are not flah.
According to a statement Issued by th#
bureau of flshcrlei, so far ns their flesh
la concerned
They are mnromnls. UU* cattle ana
•beep, and In texture,'appearance nnd
taste their meat la more like beef than
anything else.
The bureau of fisheries hna been de
roll*-, g much time to a study of the
matter and hna conducted n great deal
of correspondence upon the subject,
with the result that It now ndvxcatee
th* Use of wbnle, porpoise, dolphin
end "other cetaceans” as a substitute
for beef.
Marines Arc First,
Our soldier* of tho sen hart been
the first of our troops to adopt splin
ter-proof helmets. A new type of
chilled steel head protector has been
devised for the marine corps, and Its
membetvjlll be thn* equipped aa feat
as theorttef can be made np. Xbe Ma
rine corps le almost always first, says
the Boston Olobe. Other branches of
the service can follow or not mb they
eh>ose. Tht marines art usually fo
Shaft In Honor of Fronch Chevallar
■ reeled 139 Year* After Provlalon
Was Made for It
The memorial shaft In front of
King's chapel, Poston, has a history of
special Interest, says the Youth's Com
panion. It was erected In memory of
the Chevalier de Sulnt-Sauveur, who Is
hurled In the crypt of the chapel, but
It was not put up until 139 years after
the general court of Massachusetts
had passed the resolution providing for
It. The Chevalier de Snlut-Sauveur
was an officer In the French fleet that,
under command of Count d'Estalng,
arrived In Boston harbor In August,
1778. One evening when he wns ashore
he waa killed In a riot that took place
near a bakery established to provide
bread for tho sailors of the fleet.
The local authorities were much
alarmed lest his death should cause
bad feeling at n time when the friend
ship and aid of France were much de
sired. After his burial beneath King's
chnpel, the general court voted to erect
a monument to his memory. An In
scription wns prepared and a commit
tee wns named to attend to the matter
of ordering the stone. For some rea
son the committee neglected to do Its
duty—lt will be recalled that the war
of Independence wns nt Its height— l
and a century and a quarter passed
before students of history brought th*
matter before the general court. At
last, In 1916, through the efforts of the
Bostonian society, the general court
made the necessary appropriation and
In due time the monument was made
and put In place. The monument hear*
the French Inscription prepared In
1778, which recites In detail the story
of the yoqng officer's death.
Great Bird Impresses Watcher by
Great Skill With Which He Uie*
Hia Long bill In Water.
There Is nothing of more Interest
than following a Stream, either by boat
or on toot, and not the least among
the surprises coming to you—always
welcome surprises—ls the starting of
a great blue heron far ahead, the giant
bird being Interrupted while fishing In
some shallow water where the min
nows and tnddles congregate.
The herons all, and the great blues
particularly, are expert fishermen;
not, of course, with rod and line, hut
as glggcrs, the Implement being the
natural one of their long bills. It you
can make a long and successful sneak
ahead and spot one of these birds
through your field glass, or even with
sharp. Inng-dlstnnce eyes, the slender
creature standing like a statue and
quite ns motionless for many minutes
at a time or stalking slowly along,
rarely more than half-leg deep In the
water, to anew spot, and then see him
by a downward stroke of his long neck
and bill which hardly ever mlsse*
make a crack at a finny titbit, you
will be Impressed also with his skill,
Effective Weapon of Anelenta,
Among the simplest and yet one of
the most effective Inventions of an
cient times wns the javelin with a
point of soft Iron employed by Julius
Caesar In his Gallic wars. The Ro
man legionaries hurled these weapons
against the shields of their enemies.
The Iron head penetrated tho outer
covering of bulls’ hide, but flattened
against the hard wood or metal back
of the shield, and thus boonme hooked
to this protector. Tim shanks of the
dangling javelins so Impeded the move
ment of the barbarian soldiers that
they were forced ciilier to throw rwny
their shields and (Hit uncovered
against the Roman nr else s*np long
enough (a fatal delay in their ad
vnnee) to dlsincnmher themselves '-cun
this unique weapon •■•hteh may prop
erly he called ;V .nua-.:.\!.i , diun. ihe
progenitor of .-oft-ino-o, or dum
dum, build of tod iv.
Colonics Loyal to France.
J 'though S’. Lucia is under the Brit
ish I eg, the favorite language of the
..dm -anu Is French— either a fairly
pore i .cadi or an almost unintelligible
p .tois. in this Bt. Lucia Is only one
x .pie of a phenomenon that the
traveler meets all over the world the
tenacious spiritual hold of France upon
nil her ancient colonics. France lost
by fur the greater part of her empire
through military weakness, and even
that part which she holds todav she
does not govern with any conspicuous
efficiency. Either England or the
vnltqd States administer colonies In a
way far better for all concerned. But
while the old French colonies change
flags, they always remain loyal to the
trench tradition In language and In
sympathies. There are a dozen In
stances of thl* In th* West Indies, The
rrsnch-Cenodlnn furnish another.
New T*rma f Government
The term* Initiative and referendum
Ihd recall relate to certain proposed
changes la the form and ndmlnlstra.
1* “ PoPffioi- government. By the
tl tlntlve I* meant the right of a car
turn percentage of voters to originate
and prnpoe law* which tho icglsia
lure must either pas* or submit to the
peoplo for their ictloti. The reftran
dam mean* that certain law* pn..ed by
* h,M n °' h * -""''I *
until they have been submitted to a
popu'nr vot* and approved by th* p*o
pin. The recall mean* th* right of the
people by an adverse vole to end th*
term of any elective officer before the
WM elected. The*# principle* m ntf.
a?.* ,n ' , ,n
Simplicity Is not so simple a qnllt
as the word may seem to Imply, i t jjl
not attained by elimination of deslnj'
Life Is not simplified by becoming bar.
rcn. Simplicity means, not meager
ness, but singleness; the simplify),,,
not of the content of life, but of the
direction of life. It Is better known as
slnglemlndedness, the uncomplicated
directness of a life which moves to
ward a thoroughly determined end.
America’s Purloined Inventions.
“What shall we Invent?" Inquired
the eminent scientist.
“The first thing,” replied tho chair
man of the meeting, “la to Invent some
way of keepttig a secret.”
For Rent.
A nice cheap home for rent
on Lntnpkin St opposite good
boarding house.
Mrs. L D McDowell.
220 Washington St, \
Piano Tuning.
Mr W. H. Jackson of Meridian
will bo here every three iih-tiihe
and will be glad to Jo v<,ur inning
I g'adly refer you to } >onr music
teachers and sixty five, other sat
isfied customers in ihe citv
Staikville. Inqniie or leave oulerg
for I lining at Stillman’s, the store
of Quality and cxtremly low prices
to evcr\l (id\ on every ihing.
F"r Rent.
Two or inrun rooms in veurience
with family locateil ccnvenienily
0 business section, in pleasant
neighborhood. Terms very reason
'•lc Apply at, the Times office
f”r particulars.
Have opened a school of Teleg
raphy at ray residence. For pa- -
ticnlarg phone Mrs. E D Yaug.
Call phone 235
A pet Collie dog. disappeared
rom ray home Friday. A liberal
iaward will be paid for its recov
er .
Mrs. J W Pope
Starkville, Miss
Notice To The Public
This is to notll y the public lh at
1 will not, ha -espoiisible for anv
ihing cliurged to me or any debts
commoted by my family. I pay
cash tor everything I purchase cl
do not let people do my bo i g.
Signed, W. W A' ,
Sie- 1,,.-, ' isg.
* * * ■ *...
Girls Have "; If F.,;.
Bern fut Octtpj xion
ii.li A.'l-;uia tnl. i;oi' new ois
cove’, > imr. in,ik~ i md face look
t> younger 1 , „ur skin is dark,
mo,mi, ~.vMeil with freckles
■r bo m , just use a little Coco*
,lr ,j Wlmeuot; it’s made
- n i. conut oil and m perfectly
"U nless. A few days use will ’in*
cove your loo nS toil percent, The
wornoui skin comes oil evenly,
eavmg no evidence oi me treat
ng, the new healthy under skin
appearing as a lovely new com
>ib xiou
Just ask your druggist for an
mice of (Jocotoue Skin \V Uitencr,
aiul it he will not supply oil fend
wenty-tive eeots to ,(i Uoci.nut
Oo: Atlanta Uaj and in t wnli
send you a box 0 lelmu mail.
li yuuriiairia hard tu comb, is
Mnhy, nappy auu will never sud
.'lraigut, just use Uocpume Hair
Dte-snig and it win become
- O |„ u , {|J|j u
The latest best seller: "Tne
l-ay of the Barnyard Hen "
Peace in 24 hoar*.
f " r Suffer* who taka Mavr'i
Coin'llch 1,1 (ly imn’t nsg act your
Wir.i Aiiincnte Jiiiuthr minute
Wlut appcHrsio he only minor Stomach
■ o,teu bu *> inptoui* of
IntiJin U n O 1801 tb ® Stomach and
1 * St,,nt8 ’ Acute lodises
v J'r ,r "b Am,.., tntoxloHlon.
n, '" hikJ other (jHiiperou*
f ' nb ' J ' V l| vh the cofferer Ts not
Hot J" I '. f "° An idea I presertp-
Ivor .. quickly Stomuob.
Woml. e, i o lln '' l 'Tca'i'lu Is M-trV
h„ve i ! ,! Millions of peop
nu* : 1 ; 1 r '- , "ivil by It, One dose u til
,, v V," "1“ Wp you wayi'k
l>ns';^!£r rarMle by Gi “
We have hugrd of men being
' ,ie "point of •i.irfwi'*
lll,! Wriidto h. tpitnl Hey
" " r ‘° PfclUtU f] tor a
-Uve „and , Lt| )ob
pviui via rn*or.'’

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