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£ast Zim§.
VOL. 50
A Hooiier From Indiana.
Mr. Park Daniel, County At'
torney of Rockville, Ind. and for
merly a citizen of this county is
visiting here this week looking
after his property interests. Mr.
Daniel is a large property owner
in Oktibbeha County, and while
away up in Ind. he placed his ear
to the ground and heard the rum
ble about heavy taxation in Miss
isaisppi and caught the next train
out of Rockville and come down to
sec about it. And all of his old
friends here were glad to see him,
Park Daniel came to Mississippi
from Ind twenty flvey years ago
and invested in tember lauds and
went into the saw mill business.
He was a lawyer by education and
possessing an intellect with person
ality and maguitism far above the
average he made many friends and
gained admires among all classes
as well as the masses.
Daring a political ampaign while
Daniel was absent at his old home
in Indiana, a spontaneous action
was taken by the citizens of the
county, who without his consent
or knowledge, announced him as
a uandiate to represent Eastern
Oktibbeha in the legislature, not
withstanding the fact that he was
an avowed republican and tbut his
nomuation. wnuh im-us uu elec
tion, could otny be accomplished
through a democratic primary.
And iu day tneieis strung beliet
that had tie u.ude the race he
would have been elected regardless
ut p.tzau predjudice; but on thi ß
propsmou, Mr. Dauiels positively
balked and refused to allow his
name to be placed upon tue tickets
While he is uu longer a citizen
of our county his interest here will
often call him back and his old
friends B Oktibbeha and Starkvilla
hail with delight every returning
W C T U Convention.
The thirty-fourth annual meet
ing of the Mississippi Woman’s
Christian Temperance Union,
opened in Columbus Moudav night
and continued throughout Wed
nesdav. This will be known as the
“war convention," as many prob
lems which face United States and
were belligerent nations up for
|The convention was presided over
bv the vice president, Mias Madge
Montgomery, of Starkville, Mrs.
0 E Stanley, of Boonville, the
president, having been prevented
bv illness from being present.
Starkville was will represented,
among these who attended Were
Miss Minnie Walker, Mrs. C E
Bautin Mrs A B Harrington,M-*s,
Will Hartness, Mrs. Helen Wood-
Ward, Mrs. J D lloliinshead, Mrs.
Lucv White, Miss Ruth Hartness,
Mrs. Bertha Scales, Mrs. J C
The Methodist Revival.
• • •
The revival at the Methodist
church, which opened ladtSnndav,
Is still in progress and will likely
Continue throughout next week.
Rev. W. M. Mclntosh, who is con
dueling the meeting is a preacher
cl great force and originality, and
large crowds are attending each
Wtvtoe sud are manifesting an a-
Wakening of spiritual fetvor.
Mr. and Mrs 1 Kata, and little
•on. of Starkville Were pleasant
duest of their parents, Mr-- add
Mrs. BF Sanders Sunday.—Mabeu
•* ■■'! ■ -
I)r, and M ta* J ’ Crumpton
i * as among the Starkvllleites who
, visiting (be Fir it Meridian.
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Wake Upl Bay a Bondi Do You Part.
Onlav another week remains in
which to subsciibe to the Second
Liberty Loan of 1917. At th
present rate Oktibbeha Countv is
going to fall woefullv abort
doing her duty. The verv exist
ence of the American Republic is
hanging in the balance and the
onlv means of salvation is the
floating of this Liberty Loin.
Strange as it mav seem the Liberty
Lnan is meeting with indifference
In this Countv. Oktibbeha wi'l
fall far down in the slackers class
unless von wake up and dig U P
some of those rusty dollars that
you have had salted down for all
these veurs. Lend them to vonr
Goverment a£ .good Interest aba
for * good purpose. U, vou don’t
Vou mav bhve to giva to the
Kaiser bv wav of indemnity. If
vou.liaveu’t enough Americanism
in you;to buvthese bonds from pat
riotic motives, then get scared and
buv them. The war has to be
financed, and Uncle Sam Is going
to finance It vou dou’t lend him
vonr raonev he will have to pav
nia bills through taxation. Aud
taxation means an Intolorable
burden on the present generation.
You are not only protecting your
goyerment butvou are protecting
yourself as Well when vou invest in
Libfrtv Bonds. • - " '
Go to vbur bank today and make
application for ill bond* you can
possiblv earry.
The following is a lisf- , ' ie
citixens of this conrtv who k* ve
responded to the call of theirtco nn ‘
try iD|thia grave crisis bv placing
some of thair means at the dispos
al of the, American Goverment.
This list is necessarily incomplete
as subscriptions are coming in
hourly. Add vour name to this
list without nelav.
Miss Annie Dell Eckford,
Arthur 1, Goodman, Lacv White,
R J Goodman, Mrs. J W Pop,
F L 11‘igau, trustee, R L Bowen,
J E Hides, C L Weston, Talking
Warrior Lumber Company, A B
Harrington. T B Carroll. J 8
Wallace, Misederomie Sage, T W
Woodward Jr; E C Thomas, Mrs
xvi A Saunders Miss Marv Ward,
Miss Marv Cololoogh, Mrs. D A
Mr. and Mrs. Myeis, are
visiting In the home of Mrs,
Myers parents Mr. and Mrs. R R
Bell this weak.
Miss Mack Muse, left Thnrday
(or Mobile, Ala. to spend the winter
with her sister, Mrs. John Alstin.
Mrs. Nannie Nanson, left Friday
for the delta where she visit
relatives and friends. • *•
Mr. L C Edwards, ,apd jittle
daughter Aiteen are vUltiog ia
Meridian this wgrt.
I The Liberty Bell s
| Messag
*" ’* ,hJ *‘ >'• ‘ 1. 1
•'■'• f v; •?
' b sf.i •.#!: -• •■• >—
1 (i-‘ ;>; Cl
** Mi ■ . >NOMiil.<M * ~mm *'*
Circuit Court Notes.
. "i
Houston A. Smith, of Sturgis,
formerly Justice of the Peace of
Beat Four, was arraigned before
Judge Carroll on Thursday, on the
oharge of embezzlement. There
were other c harges against him,
oye of forgery, The court at first
imposed a sentence of 10 years iu
the peuiteutiarv, it being agreed
|hat the other casss be nolle pros*
sed, Later he was brought before
the court and the sentence was
changed to five vears, and the oth*
er charges allowed to stand)
• • •
Judge Carroll delivered a verv
strong charge to the Grand Jurv,
Mouduv. After touching upon all
the required sUbjebts. he dwelt at
length upon the laws affecting the
sale and shipment °t wdiskev, and
delivered a splendid temperance
lecture, upon the evils of intent' l
peruncb and its evil effect on
the individual as well as
upon crime. He told the jury
that the consumer could still receive
a quint ot whiskev every two
weeks, as heretofore, blit urged
them to use diligence, and see that
the whiskev was legally used after
it is received.
Attorney Ouv ttenohet
was at his post ot duty this week,
prosecuting offenders with his usu
al vigor.. He making the dis
trict a splendid ’ officer,
• • •
Court adjourned veaterdaV id
re-conveue next Friday, when ser*
eral important cases are to be call*
The Uraud Jury, over whichjUt.
J. U, Thomas, ot Adatou. preside
ed as Foreman, adjourned Wed J
uesduy, having reported twenty
indictments- They report crime
on the decrease, and commend the
populace ot Oktibbeha on their
heartv allegiance to right living.
<lht RliD CROSS
The following is ail itemized
tiet ot the shipments ot bupnliti.j
sent out lust week by the Oktibbeha
tied Cross Chapter :
8 dozen pairs ol knitted socks
20 sweaters
U luiiiUei'B >
27 dozenpairs wristlets
7 dozen wash rags
1 dt zeu wipes .'•
4 d< Zen shits pajamad
2 o’zeu bed shirts
1 dozen pairs iff bed erickfc
I*2 dozen operating leggihgd
• 3 I>2 di zen operating grown
3d< zcn shouldei' wi aps
Giiizm hankeUhiit •
8 Int water bag roveid
9 I i.t i,h>l es
6 ‘mall pads
jTbis i* a tplebditi bl.oVvinn
nut il l's to be lo ped 11 at toilet a
w weeks another equally good
• I i| n ent may be trade.
There has been bhf small tee*
nonselp Ihe call issued soitie tllufe
•*o luf soli old (able and bed Wtiett
’■ • |(rid Lied, and ii
I’iiie ‘•'•duhlfl ih thr Ik ill
let should he
shipment. "'nWfj
Ai ew call in fot email p.
18 bj 20 indiee, made of eloing
feather proof licking, and flllid
with featbere. All who can are ur
•ed to contribute to this eallv
Hon, j>i A Saunders and C E
Thomae, of Starkville, were hue
ioeee vieitore heie la-t Friday.
Air. and Mrs. W T Norris, of
Stai k> ille, were pleasant vieitore
her Sunday. —Mabeu Preea
Mr. E Wilkereon, of tho Stark- <
/ille Pharmacy, attended the Faif
•t Meridian Tueeday, " - I
NO 9.

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