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|Ri£si#i;ppt |pme£
VOL. 52
Higher w-g-
Standards J\
Alligators, egrets,panthers,
moccasins, deer,' pelicans, the buz
zards of the Devil’s Garden, and, more
dreadful than any wild beasts, the out
laws of the Everglades—all these are
found in the new serial by Henry Oyen,
beginning next week in
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Country Gentle- novel, are publiihed first
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countrystories. Freeman for COUNTRY GENTLE-
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TRY GENTLEMAN— each issue —52 In the
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Gentleman. All of and begin "The Plun-
Zane Grey's popular derer” next week.
•, Phone Your Order To Me
Jos. B. Perkins
Starkvilie, Miss.
~ : ' • , .'V, - '
TkeCsastryGeatlsasa TkslsUss’Hisni—el TVsSalsriay lveaißfP.it
ilnra-II.M Iltans-ll.n . iibnw-II.M
illli.n. ' ,
United States Railroad Administration
Director General of Railroads
Vacation Faros
Eucurslon Tickets arc Now on Sale to Resorts in
the North, East, West and Southeast'
The Following Round Trip Fares are In Effect
AdUVILLE, N. C $ 28 68
lam named above do not include war tax.
I'tuket. are on sale daily until September 10th beer long limit nd penult of
•topuve s at ail intermediate points, For (urtber Information and fares to
oilier resorts, call on your local (luket agent, or address,
6. I*. A, Illinois Central By, U. P. A. Mobile A Ohio By,
Memphis, Tenn, St. Loots, U
Coffee is getting liigber, which
jie probably due to the high price
of ice in Greenland.
Bv no stretch of the imagination
can the Chicago Tribune class the
recent riot in that city as a “South
ern outrage,”
If their food supply could he
stopped the fighting between some
of the "little people” of Europe
would doubtless stop suddenly.
“ircuit Judges throughout the
State ore charging grand juries to
investigate all charges of profit
eering. In Epoh investigations the
grand juries will have the sympa
thy of all the people.
"When you have made your first
bonze in the kitchen, pour a littl®
in the sink,” advises the Joplin
Nows Herald. “If it, takes the en
amel off, it is ready to bottle.”
Kansas City Star.
Gen. Ross Collins went down in
defeat and came up smiling. He
went through *he campaign free
from factionalism and had no pro
fessional politicians backing him
He made the race on his own mer
its and his merts were manifest.
He came out of the fray a strong
er gubernatorial possibility than
he was when he entered,
John Rankin says that his paper,
The Tupelo New Era will not die
as his enemies predict, at the close
of the campaign, but that it will
be carrying on the goodjwork after
some-l-the said enemies at least
“passed into silent and pathetic
dust,” And John also threaten!
lo make thihgs warm when thr
next congressional election comes
The politician who goes about
the country attempting to stir up
strife between the races for political
purposes is an enemy to si cietv
and a dangerous firebrand. He is
worse tnan an anarchist and ought
to be in jail, Tnere is not the
least friction in Mississippi be
tween the races and is not likely to
be nnless some of these political
mimtebacks of the state bring it
There is not a white man in Miss
sissinpi who is not ready and will
ing at all times to maintain white
supremacy at any cost and should
this class of political agitators
precipitate trouble, the blood of
the negro will benpon their heads.
A course in Junior Farm Me
chanics to be put ou for the A &.M.
College. August 18-27, has soap
pealed to Director I, W, Hill of
Washington, in charge of Boys’
Club Work in the south, that he
declares in the Weekly .'lews Letter
of the Department of Agriculture
that be is planning to come down
and take the course himself.
| In the coarse of a careful and
I official analysis of the junior me-,
[chanics work, Mr. Hill declare-1 “I
think it.one of the most pra< t cal
'that I have ever seen given 10
[boys. The boys in our territory
need just such a course more than
anything else and it strikes me
that the time has come iu the his
toryofour agriculture that mute
atteutiou must be given eu im
proved farming implements. In
I the south especially, the fanner
has relied too much on hand labor.
If such a course as this is given in
the college, in the near future a
great many more imnruved imple
ments will be used.”
The Mississippi Junior Farm
Mechanics course u the first of its
kind ever pat ou In the United
A Min’s Prayer.
Teach ms that sixty minutes I
makes an hour, 16 ounces on*- j
pound, and 100 cents one dollar j
Help me to Bo live that I can lie I
down ut night with a clear consei
•ace, without n gun i.n ler my he>.l
aud unhamited by the faces of those
to |whom gl have brought pain
Grant Ij may earn my meal-tick I
on the square, aud that lu earning
it I may do unto others as T would
have them do unto me. Deafen
me to the jingle af tainted money
and to the rusile of unholy skirts.
Blind me to the faults of the other
fellow, but reveal to me my own
Guide me so that whenever I lo k
into the faces of my friends 1 will
have nothing to conceal.
Keep me young enough to laugh
with children, and sympathetic
enough to be considerate of ol J
age. And when comes the day of
darkened shades and the smell ot
flowers, the tread of soft footsteps
and the crunching of wheels in the
yard make the ceremony short aud
aud the epitaph simple - *
Some Chu{e in Conditions.
Eggs in 1895 were selling in the
markets at 10 cents adozm and
hogs for less than five cents a
pound. But, it is a far try back
to 1895. Aud jet, in 1895, or
tuereubuuts, "the purchasing pow
er of the almighty dollar” was do,-;
cussed aud cussed from Ocala, Fla< I
t j Lincoln, Neb t a million tramps
were trudging through the contry |!
Ooxey’s armies were 'Organised j |
populist turtles organized; and- j
mortgage laws asked fur by the fa •
mere aud a wail of woe came from
even where except Wall strset.
And now, with eggs fifty t->
sevety five cents a doseu, and bogs
23 cents on hoof, the farmer comes
to town in bis Packard or Ford as
suits his taste orders a two-doilar
Stake, etc., fur his dinner, sel s
bis forty-ceut cotton or $2 25
wheat, and forgets that there was
ever a Populist or Ocala platform,
or aCoxey’s army or ever a tramp
at the farmer’s buck door. And
the world “do move '’-—Greenville
Democrat Times.
The Cost of Living.
Politicians assert that the next
campaign must have an issue, a
claib with the parties, which w 111
cause the veers to lean to one side
or the other.
If an issue it warned it is easily
found. The Amereian people are,
almost without ixcepiion, pinched
to make ends meet. Regard ess of
salary prices continue to roost high
and deficits in the family pocket
book shows up month after mouth.
Thousands of wives have gone to
work, thousand of children are
Working in an effort to aid father
pay the bill. The bare necessities
ut life are too high, they must come
The political party that wants an
issue can make one. Attack the
high cost of liv.ug aud go through
Bt. Miliiel.—McGomb Enterprise,
Advice to AolomebiliiU,
Blowdown when passing a police*
in to, but at no other time
Don’t blow tbe horn. To blow
the horn stamps you as a gresh
and iyer and one who would rather
miss a pedestrian than rUu over
When yott get a nervous person
in the car with you cut out tbe ulu.
Her, push the throttle open to the
last notch and miss fifteen delivery
wagons by a hair’s breadth, which
shows the passenger that you have
got plenty of power and that you
we i derodoVtl driver.
To the Voters of Oktibbeha County;
Through thi medium I am ex*
pressing to you my sincere tippre
ciation fur your support in my re
elect ion for the important office of
0 uatv tupe intendeut of edu*
calm I shall ever feel grntful to
m.v many (nedds who took a • much
interest in my campaign lor re*
election, audio those who op
posed my •election 1 have but the
kindest feelings, My p dimes in
lh" tiuure shall be as they have
lieen in the past, to deal honestly
and q lardy in the performance of
my aur, , to have malice toward
none, and fair dealings to all
Now since you have proven by
your ballots that I am your cuoice
tor this office, I am asking a con*
UnuaUce ot jour hearty uoope
latiou in the school work ot our
uuutry. lu uraer mat this wore
he carrieU on to tUe Pest advanla^u
1 must have your help, and J nave
every leaeou to belSi,e that you
will give me this help.
And thanking you agiau for the
trust you have hone red me with, in
return for the honor I am going to
continue to give you the very best
service tbatlatn capable ot giving.
Cordially Yours,
Abe ut ful wedding took place at
the home of the bride Tuesday
morning at eleven o’clock, when
Miss limb Steele, of Adatou and
Mr. Hunter Arnold, ot this city
weie quietly married in tUeprseuce
of the family and a few intimate
friends, Uev. liu.ai.d Ei i<, ot
Oktoc, olfi -latiug. Miss Steele is
.. biauului i.n i accomplished young
lany and a taV„ri.e wilu nil who
know her, The groom it to be con
gratulated upon winning bar for a
bride, Mr. Arnold is the sou of
Mr. John Arnold of this city, and
is a rising voting business man ol
this stoiiun.
Mr and Mrs, Arnold left imme
diately alter the ceremony fur a
trip to Memphis and other cuius.
Upon then return, they will make
men home at Sessums.
On last Friday afternoon Mr.
and Mrs. H. H bonnet gave a
ao,t de.igutlul swimming party
and picnic at liarlh's pond. Sev
eral cars of young people motored
down from West Point and May*
ikw, ul-oMr. audMio. A. 11, Bulls
Uouert Lumpkin, Mr, and Mrs.
onow, and E N. Buutiu and family
were among the Jolly crowd.
Mr, utidMrs. J, O. Gunn are the
proud part ole of a tine boy, woo
made tala art ival on Sunday, the
lOth. iost, and has been christened
Joe White for Mrs. Gunn’s father.
Mr. and Mrs. Gunn are now in
Paragould, Ark- but will return
bone about the first of September,
During the electrical storm Fri
day eve. one o f Mrs. H. A. Lump
kin's chimney wc.s struck by light
ning. Considerable damage was
done to the chimney bat no one
was hurt
A crowd of young people enj iyed
a moonlight picnic Tuesday eveing
They went out in the contry in
autos, Mrs. Roberson accompanied
them us chaperone.
Mr and Mrs Dot A e’nlr, Mr. and
Mrs, Bum Steele, of Shuqnalak,
attended the marriage of lh**ir sis
ter Mist Hath Steele at Alaton,
Mlos Fannie Dell E-k:Ord left
Saturday fqr a mumb’s visit tc
Chicago. While there she will be
the |nt of Mrs. f aunis Brown,
No. 5I
"We Deliver the Goods 1 '
Fresh and New Stock
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Received m cat of celebrated Jtmn
irn and Flwale-s Flour also our if
•(Julck Fat ’ hog (el'll*.
Han't forget ihst we ban lie the
•clebriiled "Globe auto tires.
iWasliingtons S.
Miss LoU Walla-o is sp->ndlng ft
fortnight with relativesat Strongs.
Miss Diisv Henson of Okolnna,
l< visiting her sisiei, Mrs. VVi 1 15,
Mr?. Harold Major and lit,lie
daughter, Birdie May, are visiting
vliss Pansy Gunn S
Mrs. 15, J. Henson of okoloua.
Is visiting her daughter thli week
Mrs. Will E. Ward.
Mr. and Mrs, Norris Oaks, ot
Catupus are the happy parents of
a baby girl, which arrived Aug.
Ist, 1010
Mr. Len Gunn bus,strived at
Camp Shelby from over reis, he
and Mis. Gnnn are expected Imre
about Saturday. I /
Miss A lire Bonner celebrated her
13th birthday Wednesday by giv
ing several of her little friends
barbecue, at her beautiful country
nlrs. A. W Re and dde, Mrs, J, M,
UarrMion, Mrs. White, Miss Vir
ginia and John Harrison, raortored
over to Hdftoni this week to visit
Dr. Willie Harrison and family.
Mrs, G. G Snow, Miss Lillian
Christopher, Bvron and Mrs. E. N.
Bautin motored over to Artesia
and on to Brooksville last Wedne •
uuy, where they had a delightful
day mingling with old friends.
Miss Lillian Christopher who
has been spending the summer
with her aunt, Mrs. E. N, Bautin
and her cousin, Mrs. Annie Will
iams, has returned to her home in
Aitalla, Ala. She is very much
missed by her many friends.
’ • ’•
To Whom it May Concern.
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership of Montgomery Gro
cev Cos, located on the corner ot
•lack a 1 and Lumpkin Street, in the
city of Htarkvjiie, Oktibbeha
Counto, Mlssm-ippi, composed of
U. F. Montgomery and J.
E. Barrow. has ben die*
solved hv C F, Montgomery pur
chasing the interest of said J. E,
Harrow in said business.
This 12th day of August 1919.
Montgomery Grocery Cos.
By C. F Montgomery,
One light cow with dark streak
down back, dark on hips and front
knees. Some black in face, white
in flanks and.horns sawed off.
Liberal reward, Return to,
Mas H. A Martin
Starkville, Miss,
Hay Press For Sals.
I, H. 0. Moter HaV Press in
good condition. Only two yea s
service. Apply to,
J J. D. Gaston
Hfaikvilte, Miss,
U. F. U. i

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