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T- IJrtre Oat Malaria
tod Build fp Thr PrvlMa
Tk- (hr Old S-andard OROVES TASTE-
T.Krs hill TONIC You know vrha! you
* o tukinc. thp formula 1* printed on
•v rr latp' *howlnr It Is QUININE and
IE ON lo ♦ ****>*# form Th# Qulnln* drive*
out the malaria, tha Iron builda up the
•7 it am Prlc* 6c.
June Advice.
Bishop Brintn), In an addn-Hs In
rji.ittanoojr.M, was giving: advice topros
p* • ■ t iv• bridegroom*.
‘ Whatever you do.” nld tho bishop,
•‘don’t spoil everything on your wed- i
ding tiny by tolling your wife what j
lino plos your mothor usod to make.
8wn!low tho bride's creation, even If j
you have to break tho rrust with a
ph du<* hammer. assure her It’s a culi
nary chef cl’oouvre. and then fake n
pill on ih** sly."
No Referencci.
J inoa—“Have you references from |
your former employer?” Typist— I
•w '■ no; I’m unfortunately married
to him."
Should Read Mrs. Monyh&n’g
Letter Published by
Her Permission.
Mitchell, Ind.—“ Lydia E. Pinkhsm’s
Vegetable Compound helped me so much
during the time I
jMrJsjL was lookingforward
to the coming of my
tflPnyE) I little one that lam
VJr 1 recommending it to
I otherexpectant
I | ‘ mothers. Before
Mr/lirv(V;r taking it, someday*
V XJivJLtti i I suffered with neu.
/ i raigi* so badly that
/\IWV;Vk t thought I could
Mmt/ XlfM I not live, but after
\mf/ 1 yftir* S. taking three bottle*
iy/; Va, - tof Lydia E. Pin k
\/jlI J ham’s Vegetable
fit A ' 1 \ Compound I was et>-
• lj\ tirely relieved of
/! neura 'F' a ’ I
ri IS A Vm?P* gained in strength
1/ 1 Jl 1 1\ |7p- and was able to go
• ) s around and do all
my housework. My baby when seven
months old weighed 19 pounds and 1 feel
better than I nave for a long time. I
never had anv medicine do me so
much good.”—Mrs. Pearl Moktban,
Mitchell Ind.
Good health during maternity is •
most important factor to both mother
and child, and many letters have been ,
received by the Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Cos., Lynn, Mass., telling of
healthreetoredduringthis trying period
by the use of Lydia L- i’mkhim i Vega
table Compound.
Practical Man.
“‘Helen’s Up* arc drifting dnst.'"
ip'.oted the literary person. “Now, |
that’s my Idea of a poetical line.”
“It Is rather pretty, I guess," said
|.-. Oawker, who hasn't a thought out
(de of business. “I'm glad you a*cn
f.mod It."
“Then you are a lover of poetry?” .
“No. but that quotation reminds me !
that I have an engagement In about
holf an hour with a chap who wants
to sell me the state rights to anew
type of street sprinkler. 1 believe
there's money in It.’’—Birmingham
Age-II -raid.
The Difficulty.
*T would like to take you apart, sir."
"You can't. I'm no human puzzle."
ifs toasted
you know how
much toasting im- . ■ w :. h: .
Buy yourself a pack- jpMC "
age of Lucky Strike fmlml
cigarettes. Notice the
OH Guaranteed by - •
Llf* I* full of uncertainties even
when we expect the worst.
Remorse la memory that has fer
Don’t Poison .Baby.
FORTY YE ARS ago almost every mother thought her child must h 7
PAREGORIO or laudanum lo make it leep. Those drugs will nrodixm
sUv-m and a FEW DROPS TOO MANY will produce tho BLEEP
PROM WHICH THERE LS NO WAKING. Manv arTtlie children who
have been killed or whose health has been ruined for life by paregoric, lauda
num and morphine, each of which is a narcotic product of opium. Druggists
are prohibited from selling either of the narcotics named to children at all, or
to anybody without labelling them “poison.” Tha definition of "narcotic"
is : "A mtdicine which rrlimrs pain and pmdueet sleep, but which in poison
out doses produces stupor, conut, convulsions and death." The taste and
smell of medicines containing opium are disguised, and sold under tho names
of “ Drops, ’ “ Cordials,” “ Soothing Syrups, etc. You should not permit any
medicine to be given to your children without vou or your physician know
of what it is composed. CASTORIA DOES NOT
CONTAIN NARCOTICS, if it bears the signature
of Chaa. n. Fletcher. f
Genuine C*>toria always bears the signature of /-ccccA^VC
Poverty , ring* many strong land
, lords,
OranoUtM Er.lHs, Sues, Inflsmed Eves
r over r.:*t.l ly R tnr Kj * 1i.i.,--.-,
On* trial proves its merit. ACT.
Its Effect.
"How did you like the moving pic
ture piny?"
*T thought it was reel nice."
When He Did IE
“From what you toll me. Sum. you
have been n busy man all your life?"
"Yes, sah; yes, sab.”
"You’ve done a great deal In your
tune and day Sain, I guess.”
"Yes, sah. Dat is Fse done a good
lot In mab day but It wur. in de boss's
Nothing gives quicker relief than
It is harmless, and nlso relieves
Nervous Headache quickly, and any
superficial Inflammation In a short
Try it for Mumps, Hay Fever, or any
If yon cannot buy It locally, send
for a Free Sample, and Agent’s terms,
or send 10c stamps for 2 2oc tabes.
Avoid imitations.
E. W. VACHER, Inc., New Orleans,
La. —Adv.
Profitable Trip.
An interesting and profitable trip
that every motorist should take but
very few think of Is a trip under the
car to see the condition of things
For 200 year* GOLD MEDAL Haar
lem Oil has enabled suffering human
ity to withstand attacks of kidney,
liver, bladder and stomach troubles
ana all diseases connected with the
urinary organs, and to build up and
restore to nealth organs weakened by
disease. These most important organs
must be watched, because they filter
and purify the blood: unless they do
their work you are doomed.
Weariness, sleeplessness, nerroue-
Bess, despondency, backache, stomach
trouble, pains in the loins and lower
abdomen, gravel, rheumatism, sciatica
and lumbago all warn you of trouble
jrith . your kidneys. GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem OJ Capsules are the remedy
Boußdle** enthusiasm Is Ihmiikl to
set a rebound sooner or Inter.
An undertaker's salesroom might aj>>
propria tety be termed a boxofflce.
After He Had Declined It?
hat moilt’ Latin a dead language,
pa;” “Oh. I guess somebody doctor
ed It.**—Cartoons Magazine.
It’s better to think of what you are
going to eat than to be unable to for
get what you have eaten.
w (ypiuLTlOTiis
Mi far M Tam. foe HtUKU. emus in rnmL
Aim flMfimml Tuk. AIAUDnjStoM.
Why Lose ftfir.s
• Itching;
Your Hair 1 I
All drotrt • Soap B.o!ntmootS *6O, Talcum %.
_6*mjaie —fh fre* of "Cetleara, Sat a B " °° ~' I
I It Cleans the Teeth. Disinfects the Mouth
| and Keeps the Bums Firm and Health/
IfegtjJß ~PAAk(ER-8 T
A toilet preparation of merit.
Uhßk Helpe to eradicate dandruff.
I iSjlk 1W _ Forßestoria* Color tid
r Baauty to Gray or Fadoci Hair.
you need. Take three or four every dir,
The healing oil soaks Into the cells and
Iming of the kidneys and drives out
the iioisnns. New life and health will
surely follow. When your normal vigor
has been restored continue treatment
for a while to keep yourself in concii*
tion and prevent a return of the dis
Don’t wait until yon are Incapable of
Start taking GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules today. Tour
druggist will cheerfully refund your
money if you are not satisfied with
results. But bo sure to get the origins!
imported GOLD MEDAL and accept no
aubstitutes. In three sizes. Sealed
packages. At all druj stored
Left to right: Col Waite Cj Johnson. athletic -director of the American expeditionary forces anti chairman of oie
Interallied games committee; General Pershjng. president Poincare of France, and French Minister of Marine L<y
gney inspecting the allied soldiers taking paft in the opening day’s ceremonies at Pershing stadium,'Joinvllle. Franpe,
near Paris. Every allied nation was represented at the opening of the great athletic field, which Is intended tolbe
a permanent monument to the American army in France. j>
Turn Rotterdam
Into Army Base
Dutch City Looks Like New York
Since Americans En
tered Area.
Is Now Supply Depot for United
States Army of Occupation in
Germany—Turned Into Bus
tling New World Port.
(In the Chicago Post.)
Rotterdam, Holland. — Rotterdam,
supply depot for the American army
of occupation in Germany, is "the
New York‘of the A. E. F.”
At Maashaveen, the left mouth of
the Rhine, on the outskirts of Rotter
dam. American soldiers erected their
barracks and at a wharf near by
American soldiers and sailors unload
the supplies for the American army of
occupation in Germany. Squat tug
boats, with their little Dutch house
hold aboaVd, puff up and down the
Rhine towing the long, narrow barges
built for the canals of this little
country, with their loads of supplies
for the Yanks who are keeping the
watch on the Rhine. And down the
Rhine come some of the lucky dough
boys whose time has expired and who
are starting for “God’s country."
Rotterdam Now Bustling Port,
In every direction in Rotterdam are
signs of a busy, bustling new world
port. Huge derricks and traveling
cranes, big grain elevators, long
strings of concrete and cast-iron
docks and wharves, networks of
tracks and here and there a shipyard
resounding with the clatter of machin
ery and tile “rat-tat-tat” of riveters
The shops are a wonder and a de
light. They are marvels of cleanli
ness and trim, neat, attractive tldf
ness. The grocefy stores are as
scrupulously clean and orderly us a
big operating room In an American
hospital and one has to look twice to
discover whether a grocery store is
Indeed a grocery or a first-class drug
But the thing above all that mokes
us cull Rotterdam the New York of
the A. E. F. is the fact that wherever
one walks In the uptown districts one
sees American articles for sale and
American apparatus and machinery in
use. For Instance, walk down Hoog
straat (which, by the way is not Hog
street, but High street). It Is the
Broadway of the New York of the*
A. K. F. On It are tobacco and cigar
shops that would put to shame the big
Jewelry stores of many American
cities; confectionery stores that are a
little bit of fairyland; bakeries and
groceries that fairly glisten with
nickel, brass and glass; clothing
East Adopts English
Elementary Schools of Near East
Make Study Compulsory
goon Will ' Displace French a the
Language of Diplomacy
and .Business.
Island*of Crete. —The English lan
,unge promises soon to displace French*
as the language of business and dlplo
-1 inney.
All through the Near East the Antf
io-Aiaerlcui-Influence has resulted In
thousands of elementary, schools Insti
tuting English ns a compulsory lan-
Even In the Mediterranean Isle,
the home of Premier Vpnizelus. Instruc--
lion In the English language has been,
arranged for.
American scientific- agriculturalists
are now completing a survey of the
soil possibilities of Crete In the same
'borough fashion in which they .s'ur
stores that look like one of the cor
ners of Forty-second and Broadway.
Walking along post those stores one
sees .popular brands of Araerlcon to
bacco and cigarettes; American phono
graphs. American sewing machines,
American chewing gum; one stops in
front; of a big music store and sees
displayed in Hie windows all the more
or leks late American songs and "Jazz”
and "rag” music.
There are dozens of American auto
mobiles bn the pretty drives and
American-' motorcycles "put-put” by
wlthttheir muffler cut out. Just as they
do irj America.
(favorite "Ham and” to Order.
Inja bale cafe or restaurant the
soldlpr orders the great American
fuvoiite—ham and eggs—from a wait
er who speaks good English and whoi
will [probably tell of the , cities in'
America where he has worked, and
the ‘Jguldeens” will be rung up on an
Araeficnn cash register and In half
the {places an American typewriter
will he found near the register. Rot
terdam has its “Great White Way”
Just ‘like old New York. In the
cabarets are mighty clever entertain
ers and slrls, who. can "rag” Just ns
well -as some Of the girls back home.
Th£ Dutch wax merry in a much
mortf - rbpWSRPiT' imitv-dlgnined way
than do the French and in a Rotter
dam cafe one does not have to run a
gantlet of alluring sirens as one does
in Paris.
A Rotterdam cafe or saloon is a
clean, orderly, always neat and trim
room that Is generally quiet. Back
of the bar the rosy-cheeked frnu or
frauleln works and pays no heed to
the men who come in. And Ihe men
Seek Colombia Mart
American Business Men Invading
Southern Republic.
Hope to Open Up Country That Has
Been Long Closed to Our
T rade.
Washington.—Advices from Bogota
sny American business men are In
vading Colombia for a commercial
campaign and are confident the pend
ing Colombian treaty will be ratified
by the United States.
By the proposed treaty Colombia Is
to be recompensed for the loss of I •an
num, The Colombian people felt hos
tility toward the United States for the
part It played, and for a long period
the Colombian field was particularly
closed to American business. With
the end of the European war, Euro
pean business men swarmed to Colom
American business men were not far
veyed the Greek mainland. Cretan
soil Is somewhat exhausted by ceil
tnrles of cultivation without replace
ment of soil food, hut with aa abun
dant source of water supply la the
mountains and availlhle fertilizer It
is believed much of It will respond to
proper treatment.
American farming machinery and
Up-to-date methods are needed, and
arrangements have been made to sys
tematically educate the farmers of
Greece and Its largest Island so that
they can Increase their yield of crops.
Maj. C. O. Hopkins of the Illinois
agricultural department, and Lieut.
C. J. Bouyoucos, a native Greek
educated In America and a former In
structor at Michigan Agricultural
College, are In charge of the agri
cultural survey of Greece anil Crete.
• About flvb thousand refugees from
Asia Sllnor are sheltered and fed on
(he Island of /Crete. These are dis
tributed In the large towns of Can-
r- - Li
Government to Take
Census of Game Birds^
Washington, D. C. —To gather
up-to-date and reliable Informa-;
tlon on the present condition of
game birds and animals in
Western States, as compared
with previous years, the United
States department of agriculf
lure, through Its bureau of hi of
logical survey,; has sent blank!
to thousands of hunters, and had
asked that they be filled ouf
with ns complete and definite
Information as possible.
Recently 1,000 of these blankf
were sent to a selected list of
hunters in all counties of Wash|
ington state. The information
which will he obtained from thi
replies, together with that sup?
plied by the .field
fives of the bureau, will giv|
reliable Information on the gamf
bird and animal population o 1
that state.
The bureau has already is
sued reports regarding mam
mals and birds, including th i
game species, of Wyoming, Net
Mexico and Colorado. Informa
tlon for reports Is now helnj;
collected In the states of Mon
tana, Arizona, Wisconsin am
* * f
• -H‘ r
who serve the customers _ look Ike
church-going bank bfii'ers’. '’The larger
saloons in Rotterdam are restaurants,
cafes, saloons, billiard rooms and
clubrooms combined. To it come the
men with their wives and children.
The little ones eat the tasty pastry
and .sip sirup; the wives drink beer
or tea and eat cake and gossip, and
the men play billiards or cards, write
letters or gather round the huge tiled
stoves to talk politics.
behind them. The Call chamber of
commerce, on the west coast, has re
ceived notice from the United States
food administration of a projected vis
it by a commission of business men
from here. The Americans are pre
pared to negotiate anew system of
business credits to meet the needs of
Colombian men.
This will be the beginning of anew
era in trade with South American
countries. It is said, for the chief com
plaints of the Latln-Amerlcans against
the methods of the United States con
cerns has been on credits and packing.
The ministry of agriculture and com
merce has Issued orders to give every
assistance to the Americans Itt-Jhe
handling of their samples by remitting
custom duties, and special trains will
be put at their disposal to visit vari
ous sections of the Interior. The party
will stop at the port of Buena Ventura,
where extensive Improvements are bo
ng made on plans submitted by Amer
lean engineers.
dle, Retlmno and Cnnen. and In the
small towns of the Interior. Amerl
can Red cross representatives have
n. o ' t le * e r> ’ f,l gees as well ns the
, , " n and military hospitals on the
Intm of l . CreU '- ** action to Investl
gntlng the conditions of the Greek
so t ory from German prison
Island " Ud * he toWnsper T lt “ °t the
The greatest needs of the Inhabl
” of t the is,a hd are an Institution
for the treatment of tuberculosis, med
icines and medical supplies, blankets
and staple foods.
White Chicken Hawks.
Lancaster, Pn.-A white chicken
hawk that’s anew one. But it’s a
reality, for Ira E. Melllnger Is exhlblt
mg six little fuzzy ones that are as
white ns snow. Melllnger found his
specimens in the lower end of the
county and secured them after fight
ing and killing a big rattlesnake which
was trying to find the nest. The hawks
are at Melllnger’s home’living on raw
Anger ounlshes Itselt. r
a -A * ’■ a

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