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.. - 'm&fiOnSSas===== = r i
■Why ftsSEd
ti-g-tjfr # 1 f
By JAMES H. FIIEAH of Wiscdhnin, Si jce'-n nvscMt^?.
the Philippine islands their Tne 'jues
' A ti#n has been asked repeatedly by the Filipinos, and
|P| I of govonujjjmt, with different 'ihlerestg, ambitions,
tftyA / and
r ihe Philippines have 10.500,000 inliabitafilsjri'
y round numbers, hi ner cent of whom are classed as
wristians, will, „ ,A*. M*vr i by,
jycwls selected at popular/* el ions* b a 'p-.,pJ? ]>r cfrft^^frmi'
T fllj,< “ 10 r ' ll,l or "rite,
<’s I1( for, ‘ thc Pilgrim fiiUUijnUef'Ji, ftt*,Jfl.JtO<
*jj univer-ity at Manila in the sixteenth century was graduating the Fili-
J#no students in the arts and science*. A <cb,ifti-.mrfiUrTici
tytlay, without any compulsory attendance Jaws, carries its own armament
of the extent of its educational progress, which includes the Knglhfi Inn
ghaj'c in every school,
Isuig before America knew of the Philippines, and presumabw cen
turies before Spain occupied the {gland*, the much-advertised Fgorow were
anrpassing tin; world # in their knowledge and application of irrigatieji. In
the subprovjrme of Ifugao 12,000 miles of walls, 8 feet in height, long
♦tough to reach nearly halfway around the world, rise like giant steps
dip the sides of steep mountain canyons to a total height of 3,000 ject or
Worc—a colossal industrial and engineering accomplishment that, iji view
of comparative conditions, dwarfs our own vamped irrigation sejicmcs.
Modern hospitals, strictly enforced health regulations, a strong, prac
tically universal religious training, a law-abiding disposition on tlto part
of the people, together with thousands of native constabulary and efficient
police, all 'Contribute toward the nbseneejo* tp oheJience of law
tjpuud among
> (
1 "f*l> 1 , ‘.V <:,) ;■] I - ~~?dt=r
In ttitTtiprht oft h e ori 7C\s a r Crude ,
Marxism Wilts Into Absurdity.
CV /* ft C? '
Hy Pastng of tli’C I m A)rdor in Europe. **
JC 111 order to consistent, Marx had to deny the role of (he individual :
In history. the Wlursi values of nationally, he
was forced to reduce it to a zoological prejVl'iMi, Tte compelled himself
deny the drive and motive force of ideas, and he thus eliminated psy- j
•hology ns an independent factor from his system. He had to maintain 1
psychological elements only arose passively from the interplay of !
•coiiomic forces and that they had no determinative power in themselves, i
But in the light of the recent war a crude Marxism wilts into Absurd- 1
r lty. The universal proletariat were not rational enough to he eijonomic I
*ien in either the Benthamite or the Marxian sense. Purely psychological
forces, the drive of instinct to rally with the herd, the spur of sentiment,*
,thc regulation of habit, caused the proletariat to jeopardize thoir class in
• jcrests for the sake of plans against which they had long been in obstinate
Intellectual opposition. ■ j.
? indjvidunb.aiubitiou, too, swept awpy &> gud,.
iplaycd ife tb(i mftchof Ms. the war riiAnffl§ El,Am ’
forces or
abf all a man I ' a 1 ' ’
I. -c.rr.tiv:
Teachers Feel Security Is Essential
• V- ' to Thoir Most Eff ooth v rWftiir
" .IV. .5. :: - r . *.
‘ ~ 1 ■' — rTr: : '
Twichm- fed timt greater sfiduHty .iff flfolf positions fir tsstftttitfl to
gtheir ipost effective work. We Ho not. however,' seek to protect inoom-
Rietont j teachers—rather,.*we,dcsm! p£ iflcpjnpp-
j It is the eomjjttntjJpnHjir ll.4t._we m dL nte feel |
Eiaf tljc public at large®, K.Wl'fff'
Belief. Under existirff odnnititis,
•bitrary nnd autocratic school authorities; wlio disfaiss own
and far too often without ju^tificp^oQ,
N li'acbers demand that be; tried hjfo-*impariW boarfd
pbat tfu-y he permitted to haw counseTanTthat ftif-y tlieVglif
gto npijcal from the trial boards to the civil courts. ,
$ ' 1 ' he teacher is one of the strongest stabilizin/iqfluences we have,
w , b cannot utilize this influence if the competent teacher is not kept
_ .in the profession. Insecurity of tenure is driving many teachers out of
gibe profession. . v - .*•
|* -. > 'i|..f* , _, v ; ==s==feacass:rj
| ; The ffo Cfeirt AwpiMii RbsqpffM i
£| j Rights of Himself and of Others. * ;
S I - - ;; * ■■: • - ; 1 I■j i . i
By WALTER CAMP, National Security League.'' 1 '?
i 1; - ' >■■■'. ? m
- I’hc 100 per pent American is a'man for His own
' right* and the refitsotfiers, and will so
j only the courage but the strength to redress wrongs, and in whom self
■ consciousness is efficiently powerful to ’quagtift, which'
I * re pepcndfift Upon clean, strong bodies
He be!V'ts ; i^,edißt4ii,Ja)^tisni^u|j^||!tt l j
I He bclftve# in civil and religious liljjrty and 111 freedom of thought
■ and -pecch, but not the license which interferes with the rights of others.
! He possesses the chivalry that protects the weak and promotes venera
tion and IhvFThf parrots,;and the physical power that is needed to make
that chivalry effective. • ' '■ r ' ’' ' * ••
Hovhmk*chwiy usuUpeaka straight and, thu* conquers iyrvy, slandpr
He believes in and upholds the dignity of labor, and With it the edu
cation which makes democracy worth while and protective of the interest*
of all.
- Sipll
v, Jh £
•X*:, :J;
$ if. iMrf r
! -r.' •* "
4f‘ t-;
v - >• J V4Mi ■ ■•• JJ
no<^4fa&7'2 r 2?QrT OowiVin^
Here is a story which is retted JiAlh groat
! gusto throughout thp length bad Sfieadth.uf
I Green county, \Vi*cgi{Jfin: { * ■
Chris Rdth of Monroe is a mbnuftoffifer and
■ wholesaler of Amdtictin Swiss Aees&fa lie knows
the secrets of the from
Siiktie*tni to
, good cheese, adfnils it and and icsn’ti j care who
knows it. Some well-satisfied cusbiihers even
I went so far as t tf tell him his 4 median Swiss
! ekeesi mi 'ilMh£ Swiss cheese han Swiss
cheese. , jst|
Chris .hod a bright idea one i ay. file' derided
to find iet just how much belli r win jus Amer
ican S/emit cheese than the Swiss Swiss'rhhesd.
So he wrote to Switzerland and tjlrrrd the
Very best Swiss cheese that rbuld ;.if had.. ■:
In 'lue, time, the Swiss Swl.js ellipse arrived
in Monroe. Chris, all impaliiticc,fy\ade haste
to open the shipment. I ’oluntinou&hrafipingp
were removed one by one andlat lif t the very
best Siritpififaiss cheese was rfvealaS in all its ■
beauty. A-hd on it was stamped §U familiar
“Ghris. Roth, Monroe, Great Chimin, Wis..
u: s: I v ' *" T I V.
.: ’ j (
S4 EKOHE Oils vwns- written
1 some fifty persons were asked:
“Why are there bole* in a Swiss
Cheese?” A Mw of . them said it
was a profiteering; ' dodge to
I k^chejyt tho jnibllc. JMytltcrs, igd- :
7 W 1 tied imS 'didn't &ow;. while'
Lonnie volo£ tlie that td -
I punch a 1$ of holes? Sif axJJtShss •
mMld H(-$e a sjlWse|eßs i ,sort
* ' ■' of n procedure. F ■ .
—***-w*wjrse a great many people know that the
there for a very good reason; thafthey
are associated with good flavor. Without those
holes there would not be any Swiss£ ijbeese that
amounted to anything. Hut Amerieji), sgjeijgtjsts
have racked their brains for years trying to learn
how. to manufacture holes companUilb Vfr those'
ftv'*fWT 41 1 a tH-fmwiwt a-rWaou v Swl I i/eTta nth. -
’tmil , It
.wiis i *n?e fo.“" swuli hijjes', vest,
* 48IMiiSWl. produce
•!T a sixivt, were' as ‘
elusive as n fox. • ■, jS
t- TluusoieutUis vlsltol the givatc JJsVvlsfWihi'esfei *
producing file. United tStca, ..during
the year 1845, til Swiss''families hilt migrated .to
Slates with n vifcw 'to Munching the'
;ntjjii^isufl - e pf Swiss cheqse in fails country.
examined soieral ’ffncf
Imaw ■HjlrtjSin the hills o Gieeitjerfht.' l . Wls
■iirjlw.*® Ja|; here, In the 1 rst cmWlj killK nwuu:.
ufm , turt*(l‘ into'll miniature S viss clwle, .that' the
American Swlss-chcese ImUstry \4sj born! 5
But when these Swiss p iple ww j questioned
regarding their art they coal 1 tell lUlllng. From
a scientific standpoint they jno m [fi lalew whatsi
produced the holes In a Sifiss *tttan' did.
the writer of this article before Iff instigated
the matter. If the cheese was gofij, | they knew
that they had made It so by the \va|jwey handled ,J
the curd; if It was poor, life farmers knew that
they tind not fed the cows properlfc dint lq .tills
mufKffpiss region of the staff of wjftoiialu, under
laid' With limestone, they fecognMd WitlltlbWi*
similar to those in their owji natlvsLalps,oijid fof’
ijthirt reason faVornble to the mat&fdctero of a
jffalrJtntf qi 'felt* of product.
¥ TBei jjjuv sAntlsts went to Switzerland and
tried to wheedft the secret out of the
But even there in the Emmental. tljh lame of Jhe.
,3\Yjga islieese, the best-informed 'ffirhej .did not
R,tow he scientific principles invffifd. '‘in fact,
tio' <)ne In Switzerland knew. TANARUS worker' In
formed the scientists that he leaned the trade
from his father, and knew simply?fhjat If he did.-
!a* certain-Ibiog to some jtUlk . and
i placett tl><f. in a cellar a Swisg cheese w’lVuld 1
be pftdOccd fhht was considered to be' the best
cheese manufactured anywhere iifcjthe world.
R* ; .. j .FindO h Rfflht “pP"
F xtStidjitisti t%Mirned jto AinHica no better
Mirra $1 tt'tn If of r-Vere before. 3jut they would
ivFlrst of all ! hxtVhcted ;
! all the bactecln tpat couip be fMnd In an Im-'
| ported Swiss cheese. There wo# thousands of
1 different kinds of "hugs.'j I’sliff. a process of
! elimination they export audited \rtjh each' "btlg - * 1
In turn. Tills took some-twelve jJHrs! aftcm
It was all over.'XhevdiJsotlty ofßthe particular
“bug" that produced the hole cheese was
•till ntjdlsrtP*'#*^.?"yj
.•■•‘wffben _^lwiW..c(iin< s cted ,v Jk-lth the dairy
division, United States department of Agricu’l
ture, concluded that although the proper bacteria
hod been experimented with, a different medium
i f i ?. f : ' IT -
/ a,it
i i; yuiiijf ysHwMm WumZr^T*
I Pii m|
I will £Ji
4* * 4 > -|*i Ujfc $ a '-WS** ll I
A ■ Fii
PVi Ifflip*?!*
\ \ fe -C'-’ "ta - „„ ft
\\ fi
\-\lb t„j A jl f'I 1 lC*-" ;
~ .rt CfIJU
// VTV \ ,
? v/7\ \
J IT!./-A \' sfc Vs;
w i
*V AMI ■
■Br -I nlto >
■■ -;& .Urn
*'•' J * ; ' fp,< MMjW f
■ T rawy
; Li i fiu ii
■ 1 ♦ IQJff'"*rS'/i. n
, - v v. , v*'K^^K^MwtaJßratA|f ii.lv iii&iKw v*
■ - ■
‘a. .v <; A
: "Z:-.M- iI Jl -
should be usee),' Aiitf
pared' a., medium that sblnl them and tried a
■ vwiaip oue of the thqnsuoß of bacteria upon it,
. the mystery was solved., SR
Consider What this lEisravery moans to the
American people. Vjje .atoTtabituai consumers of
'tineJv-u. vast (juaqtity of, fcwtes etyfgsp as to tna|e,
necessary the importatloa&t 20,000,000 pbnntls''
6 1 It In a year. Why Bluotßl not that demand fee
met with houie-growu .few _yeura.
ago if i might have been bfieed flmt' nothing tens
comparablo to the in Switzerland.
But not so now. in. facbefcny Swiss cheese ex
perts have stated that thflSwiss cheese now be
ing nlflhrffac'tured at ClroffifiClly Pn. r qmler_|he_
the,..dairy! fiisionr
", tfie'fif
article, it “nbt .beUhv.. i
i /AJ . prefjejjt . SWf - polios Swiss'
• heeset-gro produced injMßs iijymajSh'i
. Itcgrettubly, Mo'muMV'or HB of nu’ft jfiV JjualßVS
lint with the application; IK the
,ed bybllw (JiJJvy .division,! iHtcb make It possible
to..control ]the factors ‘ iflßenclng ripening and
jlaVoi' it Is 'confidently fftm that the day is noT
(j\r.off wlieu all ot ( tbe Swiss cheese will
ne iif hlgn rtnd the supply will ls
•tßteqfiif to 'af least topsui t lie tastes, of Ameri
cans wild now .prefer .the .witbUp. w' ;.
■ Already two carloads' ]of American-made Swiss '
cheese have been cxp'or|eJJ >
right .into’ the cdulitl’j' vt|K<*rg
’tTife'hhV bSen the leading (EJliistry for more than'
HvV cefitifPlds; Thai Ms i'Kill Instance of curry
dngf coals to Newcastle.; *Hid the Swiss people
rare finding that the caofl for they te
sjirewd enough to pfreeJv'&hat'.nMc" tltgt Amer
ica end' hnuiufuctnre thfc
cheese, Slvlfzerland has aSjeal competitor in the
“Sn’rss'fii<?e r sh-'hin!dng; ind isSjy.
. Thc quuHty of S;WUiS>< from a commercial
uniformity of the hole.* ®eese that has a tiom-
J ber holes'6t r 00 iJRs at all is of Ntfetab*'-
grade.' Pltihpjes are the ifjlilt of the use of
grades, qf mjlk, improper mulling, or lack of out-"
• thirea. - Stodae -of these l<cts are overcome by'
/Wiojuge ef. certain kjnds! cSbacteria kept in pure
(^qjtor^, pfirtietilarly 'wlieZ the cheestf is gassy
or "biisziA'.’l 'the was
*ftrif ItiAde In the luboculort of the dairy division. '
‘ ■The holes at)d finvor irg Kiss cheese are ifewelr.
the use of anoilfe culture, an organism ,
also discovered by - the da&y division experts.
■ * The Secret ioFCßoquefort.
‘■''i'How consider division experts have v
accomplished with anothJScheese, the Uoqmifort
—a cheese that ’gVows the older It becomes.
Ij difficult to two rational hu
mrftr iKMbgs wvould fight jf; duel over a piece of
Maqnefqn .cheese, vet h'fiy family writings are
..quaint to that eitecr. H®ever, these lutftr-r.Gaiv;
Scarcely be'regarfbSf accurate bi
asnuich as the atithor; H them was a nimble
minded person more JfSgcd for hl Inventive
•tgeniusrv thi> ,loi; hlß' aßercuce to the truth.
. Uoimefort cheese, howe4B, has been known for
2b’ centuries, arid lining ■ th “kffig of
all cheese” during most of that,Time, it Is within
the realm qf posstliJlitM that ni>P\imj'*pfie'Wit‘g6V
eral (tools, have been fOoght
Plight finiJt after sufficle|it stayer a I wars,
have been waged. In Its!behalfw .* -.
• For'CHittttries Kqqueiort cheesg.basT)een made
. frqui sheep’s milk by-, iiiasanl.s'nf Franc*,
aryl rhyned In the'Tdmfyu#'Wiej Roquefort’
Within a fndlua of lOjl ijjjles (tf jhl)_qyefort,'
ri”*mim*M'hecp are .^^^jjbrposf'bt
milk oroanctlon. tb oni>,Ttt^.ii>ott^’,
rlod of lactation, sdnje ,o< thesevsheep produce
enough milk to s? much'-as 50 pound*, of
cheese. The thees
‘ It sflffill factories antf th**,-
■ sent to Roqnofert to He cureff W’the eaves. Sev
eral;' firms here located and consolidated control
the world s supply of Roquefort cheese.
’WH mmm\\
ibsKrtiilifc “(#H |l\\
ii_ /, | H p Tlrii |\
fcjl f
ffjt y3
f -iJ \ *±WUm I
g jjML. '~l [
t**- ML I
(id i
i®J \ I
J3^* T lifLfW IF
f - v §
j 1
;i f
cn% %£'.,
35 335! Tomkins cteesa ptj Mp 'Mg
transportation to a "cenTral pdlru for'''Coring
suggestive of an arrangement that might
? htff®tabte fto U)o clhtese.'hKlaptry' In pie Unit's!
; Stitjßps,; Tbe.cHeese eouiji 6(?”<a>rte<t'aid ripeinjfe
; gt fxfjiw, and mi®
ad w“l|f >i W our I,r |f
It is curious to note that the caves in Franw|
• (have .Ipam Wrmtjd Pjj:’'file slipping of the rocMJ
x* *CMfinbalou mountains. Amon
'them are subterranean grottoes and gallerljSt
through which currents of cool, moist air circulajCjjf
-■with great <aptd|itPr- iHMliv-thClMfih -flMpfr
■ sth^ms-throad^k^^>:viS9^^^4Mmlwl^
.fug in contact with the,rocks produce rapid ovap
/ oraQoli.ras a Ye!A!ltf
‘•'hfleri lowered wVdu’dhy'>ffeift<laVeg
have been enlarged and artificial refrlgCritti®
used for tlnr storing and wiring in
at even lwverem[>eratures. ,jj X
TJte secret fine lioquofatt' che*®
l>e sure, most propl e 5 nut:, ryu, iyTfil 11 g iI y 35
unfit for use. But in this case the niOfd is injt
liarhiful; and must>be present if good Uoqueftef
flavor is to be developed. For several years fin
dairy division endeavoring to deve|q|l
,J 9 the first place, it to seen#
t employees, SJbocess of manuA
• til'd. "If iulttiileiii,.ai>jiome people heliiA,
to sprinkle some green mold bn the curd in orpfr
to produce a .Hqquefort .cheese. In the wori.Af
, tl)0 dairy division, for a, king .Ume the mold fajp
td develop
develop iit alB Spe*d(Bi:aettflclal curing c.iflg-
Hbns had td-hhcatipfdife; Ai
ttfas not' "toi SCwo prn’.tgy
required a very' low temperature with high IB
ative humidity and considerable ventilation, A
>.' v ,rj h ,al s bQiy P wn Cave*. gj
However,' after‘years of experimental worlßa
special air-conditioning apparatus was perfectqy
an arrangement somewjjqj similar to that tttd
in silk mills —by means jpt which curing ciAl
tlons could'be sorfSred ilpd mutnpilned, and wftlt
wefe hi fncb-'yniitC-coidihttiible 4d: the natural Si
dltibns that prevailed in the caves of Uoquejtoit
America had .no., Roquefort caves. TheretorScit
was necessary to build something Just as j|fi£d.
And American scientists did it Moreover, gfhe
Frencli made Roquefort cheese from ,
During the past year, by the
ment mentioned, Rdoaefurt -C-hceaaJinqJteeu _ipde
commercially from- cow’s milk for the first time
in the Uhl ted States, and
la'<'omp<?fltloh, with the iulpotted' •|n fact,
some critics hhte declin'd ;Hie qow*g mtHfc cheese
to bo superiorlife‘injppt.lplj Ihif^prod
( The worst criticising of
'that has thus far been made fg -that the cßeese
iq too, yellow. With some commercial etperlence
with the cheese'ttK'vk-'lit-Wreny VenSvoio, believe
. that jf\ - the
, (actqjte.- will. tosfuyte* M cheese
more uniform.'arid pe'rWPfrt al#
a cow’s-milk Roquefort ''ift&Sse I^ wifi' heritflnb one
of the established varieties of cheese in the United
States, if not in tha world.

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