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VOL. 54
I Wall Paper I
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of Honor,
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Ten years the assessed value
of Oktibbeha County was not over
three million dollars. Today it is
approximately double that amount.
Teu years ago the slate tax levy
was six mills. Today it is nine
This means that the farmer who
paid a hundred dollar iuto the state
treasury in 1911 must pay from
three to four hundred iu 1921 And
when he looks about for the means
of paying his taxes the only pro -
duct of his farm that shows a mark
ed iucreuse over 1911 is the boll
The average citizen of IStarkvilie
is earning less clear mouey over
aud above his living expenses than
he did iu 1911, however much we
might like to sugar-coat the situ
ation, and is consequently lessable
to pay his city taxes thau he was
a decade ago. And yet, go an coins
pure assessments and levies for
yourself, aud see the appalling iu
crease you are facing iu municipal
The cost of groceries, dry goods
and neat ly all other oomodities are
on a gradual decrease. Even au/o •
mobiles and gasoline are taking u
downward slide to meet the lower
wage scale and the lessening earn
ing power of our people. But the
cost of government continues to rise
higher and higher. Assessments
ate radically raised for the sole
purpose of making room for new
bond issues, which, iu turn, call
for increased rates And so it goes?
We are about to reach a point in
our governmental affairs which an
individual sooner or latei reaches
when he lives cu live thousand
dollars a vear out of a three thous
and dollar salary.
These observations are not made
in a spirit of pessimism, nor do we
intend to intimate that our people
should be discouraged. ' But the
time has come when every citizen
should face the facts tquarely as
they exist and take a hand in a re
adjustment which cannot bo safely
postponed. The Times is of the
opinion that if a vertiablecatyclism
is to be avoided, every vestage of
waste and inefficiency must be elim
inated in our public'expenditures,
all costly improvements uhcndon
ed during the reconstruction period
through which we are passing, and
the best business brains to be
found among citizens brought to
bear upon the urgent and impera
tive task of inaugurating promptly
and effectually the most rigid bus*
iuess "feconomy in our govermeutu)
affairs—state, county and muuici
Their is a vast difference be
tween Henry Ford and the olhei
railroad magnates of the county.
Henry has taught them how to
reduce freight rates without re
duciug their uet incomes, but they
persistently refuse to he taught.
A New York broker, 99 years
old, points to bis great age 10
prove that eatmg too much is
just as bad as drinking too much.
He ought to be rich.
We hope, however, that Wash
ington conference will not pro
vide for it.terua.ionul degassing
That wiyild put our dear congress
out of business.
It would be wholly impracti
cable to attempt to adequately
punish every man who commits a
sin. There wouldn’t be euobgh
punishment to go around.
' The judge requires ft Witne.-s
to'takefan oath before ’ telling W
bu l be off a few
during the operation he geti it |n
the neck.
“liar k I hear tin* bugle sounded,
,’TU the signal tor the war.”
The big political factious in Mis
■sinsippi me clearing the decks,
ty-aining their guns and prepat ing
nit a bailie royal w hich will be
fought to a tints h in the senatorial
race with ex-Senator Vardanian
Ending the “Vardainatics” and
Hon. Hubert 1). Stephens, the
remnants of what once was the
democratic party in Mississippi.
H tiring litis contest, which
promises to he one of the livltesl
political struggles ever staged in
Mississippi, The Times will have a
‘war cot respondent” in the licit!
who will watch events closely atm
keep its readers posted by giving
them fair and impartial accounts
of the campaign us it progresses.
The first gun of the engage
incut Is to he fired at Jackson next
week which will start the conllici
in earnest, when the Varda unit
forces of the Stale will gather at
Jackson on September 29it fur a
grand rally and moustor batbecue.
The speaking will commence at
10 a. m. Adjournment for dinner
will he at 12 o’clock. It will be
gin again utter dinner at 2:.‘]o.
Ex Mayor Swcp J. Taylor wi'l
act us tuns er of ceremonies. In
addition to Senator Jus. K. Var
timau’s there will be speeches by u
large number of promiuout men of
the state. Among those speakers
already announced a e Govirnor
Lee M, Bussell, Congressman Uoss
A. Collins. lion. D. VV, Houston,
of Aberdeen; Pal Henry, ol Vicks
burg; VV. V. Voluer, of Vicks-
buK ; A. A. Cohn, ot Brookbay eu ;
Hugh V. Wall, ol Biookhav*tn;
S. VV, Mullens, of Hullv Spiings;
Judge L. M. Burch, of Jackson;
Alien McCauts, of Meridian;
Capt. A. B. Schauber, ol Lau
rel; VV. J. Pack, of ,Laurel;
J'ff Collins, ol Laurel; Senator
Hebron, of Lelaml; Jeff Bell, ol
Smith county ; Chas. L. Bushing,
of Biloxi; A. C. Anderson, ol Kip
ley, aud ex Gov Tncodore U, BT
Members of the general commit
tee having charge of Hie unange
meats are H, V- Watkins, v chair
u-au; Dabney Punish, Dr. VVillig
Waley, 'l. O Japp. Sr,. George
Duller, It. U lluidy, and Judge
Clayton Potter.
The rally will be held at Hie fail
grounds in Jackson, Mist., with
the speaking at me grandstand.
The barbecue will be served iu the
Agricultural bunding,
it is claimed by those who have
the affair !u charge that ten thous
and people at bast will attend The
rally, and brass bauds are be.uz
secured, Tlie barbecue dinner will
he a tremendous affair. It the
crowd comes up, to expectations
mure than 10,0(JU pounds of meat
will be necessary, and o.oKJO loaves
of bread with pickles, lemonade
and coffee will be prepared.
A good way to start business to
booming again in this country i,
for every mau to omi the sitings
to his mune, bags. There can Lft
no appreciable resumption of busi
ness without plenty of money in
circulation, aud tuoues can not
circulate while it is locked up.
And now that he has had his
own little private wUr in West
Virginia, Uncle Bam need no
longer be considered a back nnm*
her. Ue can strut along with tl 6
best of them.
The -wis'some rnaltlen dreams of
the tiiiffe whep sha • will mairv a
millionaire, and as a mature
woman'she longs tor the day when"
she will tto longer have to break,
tot bQk over wMbtub,
e Wedding 1
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more acceptable
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NO 4 p

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