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fa£t fimf|.
VOL. 65
' !n i '■l ■ I *-:.".:j. 'u r. :i i 1 l "i"',n *"' ■ '■■ " m - -- ■■■ m—
-111 11 1 i | I I 11 ii l THU i ii
White Rit j
Makes colored goods
I Harmless as water.
Colors n
, One package of White
in Rit will make one pound
of material WHITE.
i| 10c a Package.
i| “Nothing Over One Dollar”
I Starkvllle, M/ss,
——— —— —— M ——— 1
As Winter Approaches
Price of
Lay in your winter supply now. Don’t put it off
until tomorrow
Highest Grades Lowest Prices
c. r. STARK
Phone 17
jO' ' •
ullir €%U . N
Mr*, S. TV. Scilu *
Ladies and Childrens* Ready-to-wear
Millinery, Motions and Novelties
s> .*, • J m

* C. I*, liarrelt J
Week before last I requested
anybody that had a tried receipe
tor pickling or drying beef, that
they knew was good, to give it to
me and permit me to publish it
tor the benefit of others that might
have a yearling that thev wanted
to pickle or dry. Mrs, A. W.
Reynolds has kindly furnished me
a receipt that she got from Mr.
Reynold’s Mother. She baa pickl
ed a yearling every year with it,
and says that it is just fine. She
save that it is so good that she
has never been able to keep any of
it over about two months, but
thinks that it would keep perfectly
as long us you could keep the
brine from spoiling. lam going
to give the receipe just as she gave
it to me:
To 8 gallons of water add 1 at.
of Molasses, 6 lbs of brown sugar,
4 ounces of saltpeter. 9 lbs of salt,
2 tablespoonfuls of cloves, 2 table
spoonfuls of allspice, 2 tablespoons
fuls of whole black pepper. This
quantity is sngicient to pickle 2
quarters of beef. Place spices in
a thin cloth and add the mixture.
Let the mixture boil well and set
off and cool throughly,
Cut moat into four or five pound
pieces for convenience in cooking
and so that they may be placed in
the stone jars. Place the raw meat
in the jars and pour oyer it the
cooled mixture. The beef is ready'
for use in about two weeks
Wqyu cocking the meat, start it
in cold water and cook it until
bones slip. Remove all bones and
roll tightly in a cloth dampened
with cold water and placed under
a weight. When cold slice and
Mrs. Revnolds has tried that
several times and says that it is
fine and the rtceipe sounds good
and with her permission J am go
ing to add a few ideas of my own.
From mv general knowledge of
brine curing meat, I should say
that she has about enough mixture
made up to cover at least 200 lbs.
of beet and that all that is neces
sary is to have pleutj of brine to
cover tile meat. 1 am sure that
ene will> find that a clean barrel
will do equally us well as a jar pro
vided it is water tight, lam sure
that meant to tell you to
have a cover to just fit -the
inside of your jar or barrel, and
to put weights on it so as to hold
all of the meat under the mixture
She told me that in case the brine
got ropy or bloody that you should
take the meat out and wash it good
and out in fresh pickle. I sug
gested to her that ,it would prob
ably be alright to just boil the old
brine and skim it. lam sure that
she has suggested a delicious wav
of cooking and serving the beef,
but 1 do not think that she means
that is the only wav to cook and
serve it.
Next week 1 wid try and give
a receipe from a government bul
letin for pickling beef, but I will
say in advance that 1 doubt it be
ing as good or any better than the
one trom Mrs. Reynolds
e u
I did not have very many straw
berry plants booked but I took a
shot and ordered 50 ( '(J plants to
rune (’. 0. D. at once trom a re
liable plant breeder recommended
by-the Greenhouse people at the
College. I did not even write
for,Pvices Jjecause it wa& so late,
but feel sure that the prices will be
60c-BOc a hundred. I hope that a
lot ol folks will book enough ot
To Be Held in Oktibbeha and Choctaw
Counties on Saturday Not. 26.
The Election Commissioners of
this county have received a procla
mation from Governor Ruseell des
ignating Saturday, November 26th
as a day for holding an election
to fill the vacancy in the state sen
ate from the Twenty-third senato
rial district composed of Oktibbha
and Choctaw counties,
This being a general election,
and not a primary, it ’will be held
in both counties, and should there
he more than two candidates a
majority of the vetes cast will hot
be necessary, but the candidate
receiving a plurality vote will be
declarsd elected.
While Choctaw county votes in
this election, under an agreement
between the two counties only Ok
tibbeha will furnish candidates.
This Will Not Cost You a Cent.
If vour eves are giving you trou
ble, have your eyesight tested with
the new five-hundred-dollar optical
outfit at Wier Jewelerv Cos. There
is nothing disagreable or painful
in the process. Our Opthalmo
scope. Electrical Chart,etc., are of
the most modern make.
Mrs B. L Magnifier was the
charming hostess Friday afternoon
when her doors were thrown open
to the society goers of Starkville.
This delightful event was an “An
nounce Party” given in honor of
Miss Louise Saunders,a bride elect,
one of the most popular, vivacious
and attractive young ladies of this
Tanlae, the celebrated medicin u ,
is now sold bv K. K. & F. L.
these plants for home use before
they come in.
m m m
I took a chance again and con
tracted for 500 fruit trees last week
hut over half of them are already
contracted for aud you will have
to hurry if you get in on this order
The trees bought are trom-3 to 4
feet, June buds, and the peaches
will cost you 20c a tree, the apples
25c, aud the pears 45c each. I
think that this is nearly twice as
cheap as you can buy them your
self from a good reliable Nursery.
Our trees are from the Chase Nurs
ery Cos., Chase, Ala.
• • •
Last week I announced a ship
ment of a straight carload of speckl
ed peas from Mahen November 11
aud 12 at $1 50 a bushel. I am
prepared now to extend that offer [
to other varieties of stock peas as
well a the speckled peas as 1
old all others that come in loj
■ m
another buyer. I have been asked 1
if I would pay cash for peae to,
which I had to answer no, lam
shipping the peas cooperatelv andi
yon will have tp wait till J get the
money out of them 1 would think
that you would get the money in
about a week. Tfie maty. 1 shippeo
to cannot take them put of the de
pot ’til he pays for them, I will
sav by wav of assurance to timid
shippers that 1 have handled Joi
nt oeas, molasses and lespedeza
teed, both here and at Ackerman
and there has never been a mao
yet that I shipped for who did not
get what he wee promiicd.
I Paint Up j
I Buy Paint that Sticks !
I WE GUARANTEE Our paints to be of the the best
quality. possessing a degree of adhesiveness that assures it a I
long long life of ‘’sticking.” It wont scale off under the i
most adverse conditions. ™
In Dark Red, Green and Brown | s
I SI.OO and $1 2s a Gallon |
R. K. If. L. WER I
i I
I ■ j ; Draft Range vJith its
of Combustion insures <r?en baking on all sides, j
Everything comes out of the cK)en perfectly baked I
No disappointments for the housewife. The 1
husband is interested because of its one-third to
one-half fuel saving results. Cole’s Hot Blast Com
bustion burns all of the combustible fuel gases
(wasting notldng.) With fuel and food at its
E resent high price these are things that every)
usband and wife will find of interest in
Cole’s Dov?n Draft Range
This range is furnished in blue or gras enamel or
. < . plain black finish. Come in and let us tell you of
its many) valuable features and shovJ y)ou its
beautiful and sanitary) construction.
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