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Starkville, M tss.
Published Every Friday.
Established ISBO
sb* the White Democratic Voter* of
Oktibbeha County.
1 hereby announce myself a candi
date for the State Senate to fill the un
expired terra of Hon. John Perkins,
and if elected you faithful,
honest service, G. ODIE DANIEL
Wamsley Studio
Damaged by Fire.

Fire broke out in the Wamsltv
Studio, upstairs over the Postoffioe
in the Walker building, early
Tuesday morning. The studio was
badly damaged, nearly all of the
instruments and stock being a
total loss. It was one of the finest
fitted up studios in Eastern Mis
sissippi. The fire was caused by a
defective e'ectric wire. The out~
fit was partly insured and Mr.
Wamsley will be fitted up to re
sume business early next week. Mr.
Wamslev requests ihe Times to
express his sincere thanks to the
Fire Departmet and others who
responded so promptly and made
such vigorous efforts to save his
N. C. Middleton
Dies Suddenly
Mr, Newt (J. Middleton, a form
er well Knowu citizen of this coun
ty, died suddenly Wednesday night
at his home in Greenville. Mr.
Middleton was at one time a prom
inent and well known citizen of
Oktibbeha countv and had large
farming interests near Starkville.
About eighteen years ago he moved
to Greenville where he had large
business lie was a
brother of Mrs. N. E Nason, of
'this citv and his many old friends
here will learn of his death with
deep regret.
Methodist Revival
The revival at the Methodist
Church is creating intense interest
in the community and is being
largelv attended. The morning
service are held at the church and
the evening services at the A, &
M College Chapel. Rev, Mr.
Knickerbocker is doing the preach'
ing and he is a pulpit orator ol
great force and holds thp interest
of bis congregation.
Red Cross Gives
$310,000 to Aid
‘Clean-Up’ Drive
An appropriation of $310,000 for
Red Croaa work In connection with tha
"■clean-up" campaign Instituted by tha
Government .to bring the claims of all
disabled service men who are entitled
to Federal aid before the proper gov
ernment bureau for action, has been
Made by the American Red Cross.
The Executive Committee of the
American Red Cross In making the
appropriation authorized the appropri
ation of $35,000 of this sum to the
American Legion to defray the ex
pense of the Legion representative*
assigned to the various districts of
the Veterans Bureau.
The remainder of the appropriating
eras authorized for apportionment
among the several Divisions of the
Red Cross for carrying on that part
of,the “clean-up” work that falls dl
irectly upon the Red Cross organization.
"Growth of Red Cross Life Saving
tCorps throughout the country con
tinued unabated during the last fiscal
pfyear, a summary of the year's
kchtevemeaits by that Red Cross Serv
ice shows!’ There are now ISO Corps
"with a total membership of more ttym
10,00 p members, of which 1,270 are
Sufficiently skilled in the work to act
'Ws examiners. Among the outstanding
Achievements of the Red Cross in this
field durlhg the last year was the or
(ggtflzatlon gt v the United States Naval
Academy, Anpapollv pf what is per
haps the .largest Ufa saving corps in
t m — v—v*—*—
Oktoc Locals
M iss Eva Self spent the week
end with her mother, lust week.
Miss Eva holds a prominent posi
tion in the Agricultural High
School at Lougview.
i A I
Mrs. G. 13 Kimble and children
have returned home from a pleas
ant visit to Mr. Kimble at Jackson,
Miss., while there attended the
Fair, and other attractions of the
Capitol City.
• a •
Mrs. John White and Misses
Mabel and Luev White were guests
of Mrs. Allison Eaudle on Wed
nesday last. Miss Mabel will soon
return to Washington. 1). C..
where she holds a responsible po
sition with the Treasury Depart
• m m
Misses Alice and Sallie Hollin
sbead, accompanied by Miss Sallie
Oakley, visited friends in Colum
bus last week and took iu the
Centennial festivities which thev
thoroughly enjoyed and pronounc
ed it a great success.
- • •
Quite a number from Oktoc at
tended the Centennial celebration
in Columbus. Amoug the numbers
were Mesdames R. L. Carpeuler,
H. C. Cuuuiugbam. Benton Gas
ton. Saunders Oakley, and J. A.
Ranule, Misses Ellen Carpenter,
Emma Holbert and Lelia Mae
Randle and Mesdames R L. Car
penter. Sander Oakley, auu Alli
son Randle.
• •
The Community Prayer meeting
met in the bomeot Mrs. Lillie Sell
on last Wednesday evening with a
gold attendance and much interest
This organization shows a tine
spirit of cooperation and unity in
the ''religious life” of the good
people of Oktoc.
a m m
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Gaston have
returned from Memphis, where
Mr. Gaston has been for surgical
treatment, and we are pleased to
say that his condition is very much
improved and his many friends
wish for hiuj a speedy restoration
to health.
• • •
The “W. M. U.” metat Retires
da church Tuesday afternoon at
U;3O. Quite an instructive pro
gram ou “Mission Literature”
was tendered under the splendid
leadership of our Superintendant,
Mrs. R. L. Carpenter.
• m m
The friends of Mr, JN. C. Jensen,
will be interested to know that he
“captured” seven prizes ou his
“honey display’’ at the State Fair.
Mr. Jensen is an up-to-date bee
specialist, and his flue honey is
attracting considerable attention
thruout the state.
m m •
Mr. A, J. Halbert and daughter,
Miss Emma, were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. J. D. Hollrnsbead this
week. Mr, Halbert is a polished
and iuterlectuai ge'ntlemeu of the
“old school”, and hisvisits alwats
afford interest to bis many friends.
Mrs. Beauchamp, Misses Ara
-*nd Annie Shurdeu spent Sunday
in Sturgis and attended tne all day
■tinging and a bountiful dinner ob
the ground.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Owen and
tittle daughter, Anuie Bertha,
motored to Durat Sunday and
spent the dav. Mrs. Owen’s moth
r, Mrs Dickens, returned home
with them for a visit.
Cole’* Hot Blait Heater* make a
big reduction in your coal bill—tee
U ir advertisement and guarantee.
For Fall Planting and Grow
ing in Doors
Paper White Narcissus, 65c dozen
Hyacinths, ailcolojs, ALOO dozen
Chinese Sacred Lillies, dozen
Or 20c each,
R. K< & F. '*
Supervisors lo Fix Road. School and
County Taxes.
To the Tux Payer:
The most important step in fix
ing your taxes will be taken -at the
next meeting of the Board of Su
pervisors, beginning Monday,
November 7th, 1921. Then the
Board "Will Fix the Annual Tax
Rates, for the County, for the
School Districts, and for the Road
Districts. In some counties, the
taxes imposed by the Supervisors,
last year, were six times as great
as the State tax. and most of the
State tax was returned to the conn
ties for the public schools and Cosn ■
federate pensions. Some counties
received more from the State than
the total State tax collected from
all the tax pavers in the county.
The development of our public
schools system and the construe
tion of good roads are desired py
all; yet'heseare largely Jrespousi
ble for,the increases made in tuxes
in recent years. You may verify
this for vourself bv comparing
your tax receipt tor last year with
that for ten yeais ago.
The Supervisors then determine
yvhether these expenses will be
curtailed too the present fiscal year.
Their decision, then determines
whether your taxes will be moreoi
less than last year.
The state Tax Commission,
By Ducan L. Thompson,tChrmn.
An Ordinance,
I'lic following ordinance was reduced
in writing and presented for considera
tion bv 1,. 11. Camp, who made a mo
tion that it be considered an adopted,
said motion being duly seconded by J D
An ordinance enlarging the boun
daries and municipal limits of the City
of StarkvilU*. Mississippi, and adding
thereto some certain adjacent uniucor
porated territory'.
lie it ordained by the Mayor and
Hoard of Aldermen of the City of Stark
ville, Mississippi;
SECTION I —That the present cor
porate limits of Hie City of Starkville
shall be enlargi and and extended by the
addition thereto of a eertain strip of
land beginning at the South East corner
of the said Municipality as now estab
lished and located and running thence
North 120 chains, tuence East 21 chains
and 31 links, thence South 120 chains,
thence West 20 chains and 31 links to
(lie point of beginning.
SECTION 2.—That the limits and
boundaries of the said City of Starkville
including such present addition pint!
enlargement thereof shall bo us follows,
10-wit: said Municipality shall begin
at a point GO chains North of the cen
ter of Main and Washington Streets at
the intersection thereof and running
tbonce East SO chains and 31 links to a
certain line one quarter of a mile West
of the East boundary line of Section 35,
Township 10, Uange If East, Oktibbeha
county, Stale of Mississippi, and runn
ing thence South 120 chains thence
West 149 chains and 31 links, thence
North 120 chains, and thence East 00
chains to the point of beginning.
SECTION 3—This ordinance shall tie
puhli-hed in the East Mississippi Times,
a newspaper published in and havirg a
general circulation in the City of Stark
ville, Mississippi, and shall become op
erative as provided by law.
The within and foregoing ordinance
was read ami considered by sections at a
public meeting of the May or and Hoard
of Aldermen of the City of Starkville,
Mississippi, and upon motion of E. H.
Camp that it be adopted, sain motion
being duly seconded by J I) Mallory, a
dual yea and nay vote was taken wuich
resulted us follows:
A H Harrington, yes
J U Mallory, yes
1. H Camp,—
li Cunningham, yes
Whereupon it was declared by the
Mayor to be adopted.
HA Ukattie, Mayor
T and Gunn, Clerk.
The State of Mississippi.
Uktibbeba Conn ty,
City of starkville
1, T J Gunn, Clerk of the City of
Starkville, Mississippi, certify that tin
within and foregoing ordinance was duly
passed and adopted b ' the Hoard of
Mayor and Alderman of the City <1
Starkville, Mississippi at a meeting id
said Boajid held at iheCity Hall on tin
4th day of October A. 10, 1021, and ha s
been duly entered on the Minutes ol
said meeting in Minute Hook 11, pages
330 and 331 of said Hoard,,
X J GUNN, Clerk
4t-Ocl 14
Election Notice. j
Nolle* is hereby given that {pursuant
to proclamation of the Oovernpr of Oct
20, 1021, to the election Commissioners
of Choctaw and Oktibbeha {counties,
there will be held a special ejection in
saljl counties on— >
SATURDAY, NOV. 28. J 1921
for the purpose of ailing the; vacacci
in the State
nation of Hon. dotn H. t’erkins.
Tb'S Ist day of November, tW2I:
wm. WARD.
y* “? U. l, Hannah
Ejection C jutipisslpners Oktibbeha Cos,
1111$* one eleven
B il cigarettes
7 her
Three Inseparables
One for mildnessyißGlNlA
One for mellowness, BURLEY
One For aroma, TURKISH
The finest tobaccos perfectly
aged and blended
%P a J T“' , ** d by Os /Q
I- *|{{ FIFTH AVE.
** Mil. r * KW YO * K CITY
L— B —„ |. J
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Sofidi by CORDON, Starkville, Miss f

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