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Sure Relief
Sure Relief
(St and 7'4 Packages.Everywhera
4avbQ A h
WARNING I Say “Bayer” when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name “Bayer” on tablets, you are
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians
over 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Accept only “Bayer” package which contains proper direction*.
Handy "Bayer** boxes of 12 tablet* —Alio bottle* of 24 and 100 —Druggiite.
Aspirin la the trade mark of Dajrer Mannfactnr* of if on oaoetlcael dealer of BallcjllcacW
for Coughs & Colds
[ trf H Iran all aiKov*
#Taenc* of a Canary or Goldflih In
tha Sickroom Invariably Hai
Beneficial Effect.
Next time you sit In a room, the
furnishings of which Include a bowl
W goldfish, consider bow much time
7<m spend watching the amull fish as
they gwlm slowly about or dart about
In pursuit of each other.
Probably you will conclude you
Nore Indulging the usual tendency of
the normal person to lie attracted to
moving objects. In sick persons and
convalescents this tendency Is more
pronounced, and In the aged and very
foung It is still more so.
That psychology of this attraction
(was given by Dr. Edward N. Leavy,
formerly veterinarian to tbo animals
In Central park zoo. Ha Is now con
nected with a Fifth avenue pet store.
“Hick persons lying In bed spend a
great deal of (line watching the gold-
Esb If an aquarium Is In their room,"
e aald. “It takes their minds off
their pains and aches and Is very ben
Canaries share with goldfish the
honor of being the chief animate en
tertainment to the sick.—New York
/ One Isn't troubled much by the laws
against violence If lie Isn't trouble
Bto the benefit I
r hy not take
lareful In protecting the
ged with a crime.
w of Common Sense and
itted an error only? Isn’t
use the benefit of the
s: If you don't know for j
fee is harming you, you )j
re harmed by the drug jj
ee, and that headaches, if
lood pressure are symp- jj
that the drug, caffeine, is |s
an too much Jolt. !jj
v, too, that some people [|!
aor coffee at bed-time, '
been harmed by tea and
i harmed, isn’t it well to
oubt on your side before
sasant certainty?
rout harm in Postum—a ||
:h in flavor, fully satisfy* j|
rink of thousands.
vlng yourself this benefit |jj
) test for ten days; then
f you don’t feel better and
it Postum wherever good
or served.
forms; Instant Postum (In tint)
r th* addition of boiling water,
of largor bulk, far thoaa wbs
11a tba maal la bolng ptapaiad)
for Health
a Reason”
Making Good an Old Boast.
A process has been discovered
whereby old leather'can be converted
Into gelatin. Such transformation of
fer* a ready way of utilizing many ar
tlctga after their value to every one
but the junk man appears to be gone.
Since head coverings are sometimes
made of leather, It would appear that
ut least the man confident that his
candidate will win In an election may
literally hack up his confidence with
the lime-honored promise that he will
eat his bat In the event that hU man
Skin Tortured Babies Sleep
Mothers Rest
After Cuticura
Sop 25c, Ointment 25 and SOc.Tilcsb 25c.
The Wrong Foot.
From a telegram recently received
by the district superintendent of an
Indian railway from a liftlnt station
master: “Coming on duty early In the
morning clad In my new and white uni
form I perceived a man seated on a
hoi In a nuked and aggressive manner.
Taking him to be an ordinary pas
senger, I proceeded to slap him, where
upon lie hastily arose, unlocked the
said box, clad himself in a policeman's
uniform he took thereout and arrested
me. The shoe is thus situated on the
erroneous peddle. I’lease arrange.”—
London Morning Post.
National Emblems.
The rose, England’s national flower,
was chosen ns the country’s symbol at
the close of the War of the Hoses.
The shamrock is firmly Imbedded in
Irish hearts because St. Patrick used
It to Illustrate one of his sermons.
The thistle was adopted us the na
tional emblem of Scotland because,
In the reign of Malcolm 11, a moat
filled with thistles saved a Scotch fort
ress from Danish invasion,
A Forgotten Art.
In New York's streets there may
be counted hundreds of signs that
read “Watchmaker.’’ Yet perhaps less
than a dozen of such concerns could
make a watch.
The crooked path Is longest.
From a cursory glance one gains the
impression that there Is little differ
■nee between this winter's evening
dresses and those of last year, hut let
me nt each season appear side by side
and last year's gown will seem de
cidedly old-fashioned, notes a Paris
astdon correspondent In the New
York Tribune.
In recent times the changes in fash
ions have been so slight and so grad
ual that we were scarcely conscious
of them. Innovations are brought
about gradually. This method Is In
finitely better than the old-time one
An Interesting Model of Black Chiffon
and Jet.
of causing nn upheaval which meant
forcing styles so startling that none
but the extremist adopted them.
We have been talking of longer lines
In dress for so long a time that the
subject seems a very old one. But the
lengthened lines we talked and wrote
about two years ago are short in com
parison with those of today. Last win
ter no dressmaker placed the waist
line us low down on the hips us It Is
now. Then there Is the skirt, the hem
of which almost touches the ground,
doing its part In producing a longer
and slimmer effect. These skirts are
better suited to evening dresses than
to any other costumes.
Loose Models for Uncorseted Figure.
French gowns arc of the long,
straight sort. This Is the type of
evening dress most in use. While there
are many models with tight bodices
and full skirts they are In the minor
ity. The appeal of the picturesque,
which the latter possess, Is not strong
enough to compete successfully with
Its long graceful skirt and its simple
bodice hanging loosely from the shoul
ders and blousing around the hips.
One reason why the evening dress
with tight-fitting bodice and full skirt
Is not eagerly accepted Is because It
is not suited to the uncorseted figure.
The loose, and in some cases rather
untidy appearing dress, Is In accord
with present-day fashions, keeping
pace ns It does with progress and with
the emancipation of women in dress
as In other lines. No woman wants to
return to Civil war times In her dress
any more than she wants to revert to
any phase of life peculiar to those
If we realized how closely dress Is
ami always has been connected with
history we would he more successful
with It and would desist from all at
tempts to march It Into any other than
the natural channels.
Decolletage Becomes More Modest.
Evening gowns, except for the most
formal occasions, are less decollete
this year. Some have draped skirts,
the foundation skirt being about seven
Inches from the floor, while the varl6us
ways of hanging panels, points and
drapery from the low waistline to sev
eral Inches below the skirt, give a
most fascinating line. .
In evening dresses Jenny features
flowing side panels which aye a con
tinuation of the sleeve. She intro
duces an Ingenious effect by arranging
the panel on one side of the dress so
that It falls from the front of the
sleeve and that on the other from the
back. She further accentuates this re
verse treatment by making the panels
of a contrasting material. Two wed
ding dresses from this maker, one In
white satin and another In silver lace,
show Interesting and novel trains
which are a continuation of panels.
Fabrics are sumptuous and colors
are brilliant. An abundance of sheer
silver tissue Is used for scarfs and
trains, ns well as tissues of gold and
silver shot with beautiful colors, no
tably red and violet hues.
Metal brocades, soft velvets and
satins and beautifully patterned silks
are used profusely. Several models
exploit lace In various ways. Drecoll
makes beautiful lace dresses of a very
stately type cut on the Italian Renais
sance lines. Especially lovely are those
combining silver and black lace.
Many dressmakers of Importance
still favor black, but the pendulum Is
swinging rapidly toward bright colors.
A number of white crepe dresses are
veiled with black laco. Frequently a
black and white dress, or the all black
or all white costume, has a girdle of
hiight-hued flowers placed about the
In evening toilettes the dress with
wrap to match Is Important. Velvet
gowns In high colors have matching
coats or capes. Japanese effects are
Introduced in several of the evening
dresses with accompanying wraps,
many of them worked out in black
and gold brocade.
Novelties of this season are the eve
ning dresses of duvetyn In high colors.
These should prove successfui for the
half-ceremonious restaurant or Infor
mal dinner dress.
Scarves of Sheer Metal Cloth.
A charming example of tli|| use of
sheer metal tissue with u bright color
Is a Madeleine et Madeleine model,
developed In sapphire blue and silver
limeade. The long scarf attached to
the shoulders and again to the wrists
by a novelty bracelet Is of a very
sheer silver cloth.
Brick red satin and sliver are strik
ingly combined In a Charlotte model.
The satin Is Interwoven with sliver
threads. An underskirt of diver lace
hangs several Inches longer than the
dress. A band of satin embroidered In
silver encircles the hips and extends
down the front. A ragged appearance
is given to the bottom by the silver
petticoat hanging below the skirt, the
embroidered hand longer than the pet
ticoat and panels at either side trail
ing on the floor.
Tolnsetlla reds, fuchsia no
tably mauves, are pleasingly combined'
with silver to make some of the best
of this winter's models. A mauve crepe
frock Is trimmed with clusters of sli
ver grapes.
Ornamented With Lace and Flowers.
Mine. Jenny created a decided sen
sation by her frocks in fuchsia color
ings shading from pinkish mauve to
(he deepest fuchsia blue. These are
of silk, trimmed with metal lace and
(lowers, each one having a matching
wrap of velvet with a big ruch collar
made of flowers. They nre charming
from the color standpoint.
A few brown and beige tones make
their appearance In the evening. Mar
tial et Armnnd have a model called
Alcrlbade developed In beige satin with
an apron tunic and scurf sleeves of
luce In matching shade. The tunic is
mounted In a novel way to a girdle
of brown velvet placed low on the hips
and Is arranged so that the dress may
he worn without the apron.
An Interesting model from Jean Pa
tou, culled Conchltu, Is developed in
a novelty printed silk. At the sides
are long panels of Ivory lace. Hows
of ivory insertion trim the lower half
Winsome Brick-Red Satin Interwoven
With Silver Threads.
of the skirt. At each side, heading
the lace panels, Is a huge artificial rose
of red silk.
Picturesque Shoe of Colonial Days.
It one Is of the picturesque type
and hus a taste for the picturesque In
dress. It Is difficult to reckon shoe
buckles among the non-essentials for
they are essential to the completion
of the most picturesque shoe that ever
has berm worn. The Colonial shoe
with Its huge buckle has returned. Ex
tremely effective are the large velvet
tongues In either brown or black that
serve as a support for buckles that
may be either square or oval. Fre
quently brown velvet tongues are used
on black shoes.
Hatpins have been absent from fash
ions for so long a time that It Is pleas
ing to see pin cushions on dressing
tables of fnshlonalUy dressed women
bristling with pins of Jade, Jet and
glistening stones. They may have long
dangling pendants or be In ring or
oval form to match earrings.
Jewelers have had their eyes on the
length of sleeves for the last year and
a half to ascertain whether or not the
bracelet will continue Us prosperous
way. Apparently the udvent of the
long sleeves has not had the effect on
the use of bracelets that was expected,
for although many .'eng sleeves are
worn the vogue for the bracelet Is nn
dlmlnlshed. Among the recent models
are bands of pearls clasped with
I snakes' heads In platinum studded
' with diamonds.
The Poet's Business,
The dnty of the poet le like onto
that of the naturalist; It Is to pnrtue
and capture those rare specimens of
thought that have hitherto escaped the
hunter’s net; Incase In crystal-clear
diction these captive beauties of na
ture; and offer them, 'mid the wlld
flowers of their native haunts, for the
admiration, reverence and love of all
Take Tablets Without Fear, If You
See the Safety “Bayer
If yon want the true, world-famous
Aspirin, as prescribed by physicians for
over twenty-one years, you must ask
for “Bayer Tablets of Aspirin.”
The "Bayer Cross” la stamped on
each tablet and appears on each pack
age for your protection against Imita
tions.—Advertisement /
Honest Paris.
A black satchel containing $55,000
In cash was found on the seat of a
Paris omnibus one morning recently,
writes a correspondent It had been
forgotten by a bank messenger, who
was greatly relieved to find that the
conductor of the omnibus had duly de
livered It to the lost property office,
where It lay among umbrellas and odd
gloves awaiting reclamation.
Important to Mother*
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for Infanta and chhdren, and see that It
Signature of (Cfrr
In Deo for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher’s Castoria
Easy to see through—the people who
make spectacles of themselves.
Cutlcura Comforts Baby’s Skin
When red, rougb and Itching, by hot
baths of Cutlcura Soap and touches of
Cutlcura Ointment. Also make use
now and then of that exquisitely scented
dusting powder. Cutlcura Talcum, one
of the Indispensable Cutlcura Toilet
It’s queer how anxious people are
to lend you money when you don’t
need it.
Those who know a great deal can
be depended on to be amiable enough
to tell It
Now Is the time to do things; by
and by Is the time to do nothing.
Take Yeast Vitamon A
Tablets To Clear
The Skin
Build Firm "Stay-There” Flesh—lncrease Energy.
If you want to quickly clean your akin and complexion, put aome firm healthy',
flesh on your bonea, increase your nerve force and power and look and feel 100
per cent, better, aimply try taking two of Maatin’a tiny yeast VITAMON Tablet*'
with each meal and watch the
results. Maatin’s VITAMON
Tablets contain highlyjconcentra
ted yeast-vitamines as well os A 1 ■ j
the two other still more impor- fi • V
taut vitamines (Fat soluble A A , J
and Water soluble C) and are at
now being used by thousands. 9HBBBS
They positively will not upset /:
the stomach or cause gas, but, / S••• .’ //
on the contrary, are a great aid V t-W ■ A
to digestion, to overcome oonsti- y' fg
pation and as a general eondi- y .*. •\fvjg
tionor of the whole system. Pirn- K •• • i/'.'lfg I
pies, boils and skin eruptions V ••yr. 1 . I) V
seem to vanish like magic, ths _^M r ~
complexion becomes fresh and
clear, the cheeks glow with ruddy IJ lfl
health, ths flesh becomes firm! AM aW Jft U
the eyes bright. Mas tin’s VITA* Mk gk
MON Tablets are positively Vk ek
guaranteed to give you new ' # Vk
health, energy and ambition and-
- your appearance. Do Of what use are fine features with an eilw
not accept imitations or subeti- mettled akin, flabby fleah, sunken cheeks,
tutes. You can get Mai tin’s pvuehe* undy the eyes er e carewern.sickly.
VITAMON Tabletl .bom any *-* V ““— .nmet dsn
good druggist.
Afe Positively Guaranteed
to Pol On Finn Fleshy
BAUpSittSaJt Cieer the Skin and Increase
Mimiciiitt ’llklMairta ..vtAS* Energy When Taken With
enuiNi TA6UT* Evsey Meal or Money Beck
Kidney, liver, bladder and uric add
troubles are most dangerous be
cause of their insidious attacks.
Heed the first warning they give
that they need attention by taking
The world’s standard remedy for these
disorders will often ward off these die*
eases and strengthen the body against
further attacks. Three sixes, all druggists.
leak fee the sew CaU Medal aa every baa
and accept as Imitatica
&*** D they Tire,ltch,
ro* g* Smart or Burn, If Sore,
VruievEWCC hriuted. Inflamed or
TIIUR LIU Granulated.useMurine
often. Soothes. Refreshes. Safe for
Infant or Adult. At all Druggists. Write for
Free Eye Book. Mwtae It* saaedr Ce..CUa*i
cm HDD
Mothers —Read This Letter
and Statement Which
Portland, Indiana.—“l was
with r regularity and conatip^j^P^a
oSTand she said bar
girls took Lydia £2.
Pinkham’s Vega
table Compound and
got well, so mother
said she guessed she
would letmetrylt II
is doing me good and
1 praise it highly.
You are welcome to
use this letter as a testimonial.”
Stella Newton, R. R. 8, Portland,
You should carefully guard
your daughter’s health. Advise her of
the danger which cornea from standing
around with cold or wot feet,f romlifting
heavy articles, or overworking. Do not
let her overstudy, . , .
If she complains of headache, pains In
back orlower limbs, or if you notice a
slowness of thought, nervousness or ir
ritability on the part of your daughter,
give her careful attention.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound is an excellent medicine for your
daughter to take, as it is especially
adopted to relieve just such symptoms.
Remember it contains nothing that can
injure andean be taken in iiaiety.
There’s no use In running U you’re
not on the right road.
in Z4-Houra j in 3 jDtuf
STANDARD remedy *eild over. Demand rod |M
k**rln# Mr. Hills port rail and signature
At AH Dmithtt—3o Cmit
Veer’s WctirX i ci]l
la Every Pnlx* of X'WiJ
BpJ Won’* Sorter *-50l ACGpt OO Subdltitut* I
H| U*Mhsm<MdrM Look for Natt* OO Buckltfl I
We can always see what constitute*
a square deal when our Interests ar*
not Involved.
1 * "T—SJ
For sores,
Ulsters, birrni, cwftr
and all skin irri
tations. r
Also taxnumeraUa'
toilet uses
•tataltnrt )i*w Yarfci

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