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VOL. 55
■PH* 1 *-—'
The West Point Times-Hernld
says-. They knocked the ’L” out
of the lawful whisky and took
what it left.
Mrs. Irvin Bradshaw, of Acker
man, spent several days here last
week visiting her sister, Mrs.
Elmer Lewis.
• • s
Train master Bettis, of the M
&O. Railroad, with headquarters
at Meridian, spent Saturday and
Sunday in.Starkville,
m • •
Misses Mildred and Elizabeth
Dennum. of the M. S. C. W.. spent
last Sunday with their grand
mother, Mrs. Laura Bridges.
• •
Mrs. A. W, Halbert of Starkville
is visiting in the city and is a
guest in the home of her sister,
Mrs. B. V. Halbert. —West Point
* ■
Mr. T. B. Beattie, of Green
wood, is spsndtng several da : s in
Starkville, visiting bis brother 1
Mayor Beattie, andlmingling with
old friends.
a • •
Supt. ot Education C. K. Scrog
gin and Prof. J. L. White, prmci
pal ot the Self Greek Consolidated
Schools, spent the first pari of the
week in Jackson,
fc- A m m
Mrs. MarvLeverette.of Shreves
port, La., spent several days here
last week visiting her father and
Mr, and Mrs. L, L. Lind
ermfi*. She returned home last
. . •• •
Hon. W. S. Vardaman, sheriff
of Leflore county, spent the first
part of the week here visiting Mrs.
Vardaman’s mother and sisters tt
the Martin home west of the city.
• • *
Mr.jEckford Pearson has been in
Meridian since last Friday, whe;e
he went to have an operation for
appendicitis performed. The op
eration was successful and he is
expected home this week
• • ■
Mrs. E. W. Stafford, Mrs. Chad
wick and their little daughters
from the A,& M, College, and Mrs.
Ramsey, nee Miss Louise Sauu
ders, of Starkville, were a charing
group of week-end shoppers in Cor
lumbus Saturday. Commercial

Hon, B. M, Walker, Jr., repre
sentative from the Eastern District
ot Oktibbeha county, spent Mon
day in Starkville and returned to
his post ot duty this week. Mr
Walker has made a splendid record
as a legislator and has faithfully
looked after the interest of Oktib
beha county.
• • 9
Willie Miller, seventeen year old
son of Mr. and Vlrs. W. Millet
of Trincare, was severely injured
last Thursday while engaged iu
game of base ball at the A. U, St,
at Pheba, where he is a student,
He was struck in the back and it
is thought that his spine and kid
neys are temporally injured.
■ m •
Mrs. Joe Porter Woodward res
turned last Saturday from Nash"
session of the .National
Mnueai Convention. Musicians ol
note from all of the countn
were in attendance, aniTthe ci‘i
■ens of Sasaville and 1 1hw -vanitm
organizations gave them a fine re
oepflonT M rtl - T. W, WtMWud,
Jr.,Was also to' attend this cofiven
tion; but was prevented from con ■
tinuipg the trip by an unfortunate
accident, in which her ankle was
broken, and Wan forced to return
Beginning Fri., March 31; Ending Sat., April 15
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Apparel. Our stocks were never more complete !|
witk new and dependakle merckandise than now.
Tke class of goods skown is always of standard
quality. However, you will note tke new prices
are far less tkan you kave keen asked to pay for
QUALITY merckandise elsewkere. Witk Easter |||
only two weeks olf we launck a jjj
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wear of high-class materials. Don’t fail to attend this
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sale price 89c 35c Curtain Screen 22c $2.00 Carhurtt’s Overalls ... .$ 1.59
One lot Black Taffeta $1.19 36-inch India Head 19C $17.7 quality Overalls $1.19 jll
One lot Crepe de Chene ~ $1.69 9-4 Peppered Sheeting 49c SI.OO value Bine Shirts, 79c
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- J
only mention a tew articles above. Our stock is too large to mention
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Quality IKE KATZ QuaUt *
%32l&%fihandise J. . “ I Jmm yn erc^ana f/ se
[L_ . . ;i \ . |. STARKVILLE, MISS; ’ i| J:■ .•> -•
| The farmers have lots to di in
this section in the wav of lavintr a
foundation for next year's living
Fences must le fixed, garden work
looked after, chicken ioipg to lie
made fur the spring broods; also
many other little odd jobs incident
to fanning that could have been
accomplished if it wer 9 not for our
disposition to postpone these things
until plowing time.
The flu struck our village a week
or two ago, hut most of the patients
are improving and getting up again.
The hens in this section are do
ing their duty nobly. 1 never saw
as many eggs'.broughl to tho stores
as at the present time. While the
prices are down, eggs bring in
ready money.
I have positive evidence that
spring is really with us 1 saw a
man in one of our storee buying
fishhooks the other day,
Longview must be a good busi
ness point, judging from the num
ber of drummers that visit us daily.
Longview is tho heat section in
all the country tor Louisiana cane
and sorghum, and our fanurs are
goiug to raise a big crop. Last
year's crop brought fancy prices at
first, but went down later. How
ever, taking it all in all, there is
good money in cane and sorghum,
I notice that you keep up pretty
well with the school news from
Longview iu your paper. Hut X
will snv just here that we are all
proud of our A, 11. 8., and it is
doing good work, Yon will no
doubt have an interesting program
to publish of the closing exercißJS
which will take place in June.
Bret Hart’s Peculiar Healhei.
When the immigraulion inspect
tor stalked the head man of a
tionpe of 12 Chinese immigrants
at Ellis islands he began.
•‘Hollo, John. You speakce
English t”
"Nicht versteh,” siad the head
"Where you Clrna bovs go tot"
the inspector persisted.
"You stay longtime; you washes
shirtee?" The inspector wanted
some line on their industrial appl
“Weiner echnilz! Hauerbraten,
Hie y.indt ein —”
Affairs were thus reaching a
crisis when the Herman interpreter
happened along.
lie ascertained that the dozen
Chinese who arrived on board the
New Amsterdam were members of
an acrobatic ttoupa coming to join
an American circnis foi the sum
mer. They had lived in Germany
since infancy and spoke nothing
bat the German language
County Agent Barrett salvaged
six dozen eggs from the car which
had been loaded with chickens tor
shipment from Htarkville Wednes-’
dav. Now Mr. Barrett wauls to
know who the eggs belong to,
Mr. J. O. Thomas attended the
Jersey cattle sale at the Humphries
Stock Farm at Durant Tuesday.
About SIO,OOO worth of cattle was
sold at Ibis sale.
Miss Elizabeth Hessurns and Mies
Clarice Turner, of the M. S.C W.,
spent Sunday at home with their
Miss Gladys Hensen, <>' Merid*
ian, spent last Sunday with her
sister, Mrs. Will E. Wad.
Mrs. Ike Lindermau is visit ng
Mrs. Leverett Lindermau at Jack*,
|ODi Teun.
NO i4

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