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The progressive farmer and southern farm gazette. (Starkville, Miss.) 1910-1920, August 06, 1910, Image 10

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From High Class Registered Stock. Less Feed,
More Gain than any Hog in the World. Few Boar
Pigs, $10 00 up. New litters.
F. C. LOTTERHOS, - Crystal Springs. Miss.
Best strain of registered Poland China Hogs,
bred gilts, and pigs for Bale- Prices made on ap
plication. J. H. M-ISS. Selmer, I enn.
From Registered Stock.
D. T. SIMPSON, Terry, Miss.
Registered Duroc Jerseys For Sale
One 1V4 year old boar, two sows and several pigs.
R. H. Jones, : Crystal Springs, Miss.
Bargain Prices!
Cheviot Sheep and Angora Groats and
Bucks for herd headers. Pairs and
trios at bargain prices. Berkshire Pigs
as good as grow.
H. C. Davidson. Prop., • Obion. Tennessee.
If yon are going to buy hogs buy good
bogs, they are the cheapest. My herd
won nine ribbons at the Oklahoma
Stats Fair 1909. A lot ot Fanen Boon
tor sola. Write today.
J. It. SPARKS, ■ Hunter, Okla.
Bred Gilt* all sold. Have several handsome tit
ters by three of the best Herd Boars ia America,
out of $00 lb. sows and ap. Our 1909 winnings In
cluded State Championship and at Shreveport. La.,
State Fair. 9 herds, 6 states competing, surpassed
all others. Our correspondence ia increasing enorm
ously. Inquirers please send 2c stamp for reply.
Shreveport. La.. or Cooshatta. La.
Of correct type and fashionable breeding.
Three Dec. Boars, by good son of Masteri leoe
77'00, price $35 00 each. One Masterpiece
Boar farrowed Aug 1908, price $100 00 Gilts
and sows bred to Master Duke 106843 or La
Mas er 2nd. p-tce $50.00 to $100.00. Under 8
mo*, old pigs $20.00. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Nash Collins, M. D., Delhi, Louisiana.
Ii|Wao4 Eagftft isrtsMr*
■*«* lor sale by
SlUIEK, Twin
The Kentucky Jack Farm
is the wholesale home for jacks,
as we brerd and raise the Mg
mammoth Kentucky jacks, and
sell you a first class jack 25 to
60 per cent, cheaper than a
dealer or speculator can. Writ*
to day for prices on jacks, jen
nets, and mnles. A large lot to select from.
Jos. E. Wright, Junction City, Ky.
100 Berkshire Pigs for Fall Sale. Bred from Sows
by Premier Longfellow, Masterpiece. Baron Duke
60th. Livingston Masterpiece, Lee’s Artful Premier
12th. Lee's Artful Belle ith.
Herd Boar, sired by Lord Premier's Rival and
his Grand Dam Duchess 279th. None but the
very best ever makes money for seller or buyer.
The long list of letters from satisfied customers
assure me that I am breeding the kind the trade
demands. Satisfaction guaranteed or money re
Tennessee Jacks and Stallions
J- T. GARNER, Grenada/ M tee.
tucky. Prop< i ty of Mr. ALLEN S. EDELEN
Offers for sale at reasonable prices typical K-n
tucky Sad lie and Fine Harness H rses Bred from
most fashionable strains and our own founda
tion stock, which includes ihe sensational Bohe
mian Kina and the choicest brood mares in Ken
!Ur*?L.S“5; !tyle a.nd action- Correspondence
solicited. Write for literature. Heaviest winner
Ky. State Fair. 1906. 1907, 190a.
DON’T WAIT for the State and
Federal Governments to hell)
you do something any intelli
gent man should have done five years
ago. Go to greasing the cattle every
two or three wreeks, providing you
will not (or think you can not) build
a new pasture by September 1st, or
won’t sell off those scrubs you nowr
have before August 15th or Septem
ber 1st, and do without cattle until
May 1st next year, or can’t take the
cattle out of the old pasture and put
them in some other field or stake
them out. Three parts of any sort of
heavy, non-irritating oil and one part
of kerosene will do, but crude petro
leum is cheapest and best.
We are convinced that the South
loses largely because of a disregard of
the best time for the farrowing of
the pigs. No pigs should be farrow
ed between June 1st and September
1st simply because they do better at
any other time. In our climate no
month ia too cold if the sow and pigs
have quarters that shelter from w lnd
and water.
Don’t breed that bunch of ewen to
a grade ram. He is not aa good, nor
will ho give as good returns on his
market value or cost as will a pure
bred ram. Kill the scrub sire the
users of scrub sires will kill them
The hogs should have ample shade
these hot days, but they do not have
to be supplied with water except for
drinking. If water may be supplied
for them to wallow in without form
ing a mud hole or cess pool we do
not object to it, but we would prefer
the hogs had no water to wallow in
than to lie in it all the time as they
are apt to learn to do in hot weather.
The mud hole may keep them free
from lice, but we prefer the dipping
vat for that purpose.
Dr. A. T. Peters, Director of the
Illinois Iliological Laboratory, saya
that mule-footed hoga are not, ns
often claimed, immune to cholera.
Dr. R. A. Craig, of Purdue PnivorsJty.
had already found out the aamo
thing. Indeed, the idea of finding
a breed or type of hoga immune to
cholera is «ne of thpse delightful
dreams that Is not at all likely to be
Usually He is Badly Cared for in the South—He Should Be Kep«
in a Lot by Himself, and His Feeding Should Hare Kaperial At
tention—Points to Observe for Best Kesults.
Tait Butler.
Either the best live stock
breeders, tho world oter, are
wrong, or the farmers of the
South are mistaken in their ideas
and methods of handling the males
kept on our farms. We are told by
Southern farmers that it is too ex
pensive to keep the boar in a lot by
himself. If our experience is worth
anything, to keep the boar i» a lot
by himself is the cheapest way to
keep him. If it costs more In feed
and care to keep him up by himself,
the results are more than enough
better to pay for the extra cost. But
with proper arrangements we do not
believe it costs more in feed or care
than to allow him to run with the
sows or in the general pasture, pro
viding we propose to keep tho boar
in proper breeding condition.
It will save feed for both sows and
boar If kept free from the excite
ment which always results when they
are run together. Moreover, the
boar is less likely to become vicious
or unruly or form the habit of break
ing down fences. But the chief ad
vantage of keeping the bonr by him
self is that he is kept in belter con
dition and his produce aro better,
and that the time the pigs aro to ar
rive is known and the sows are given
better care.
The sow is kept aU months for
her litter and each pig la wertk tak
ing some trouble to ear* The writer
raised 70 pigs out of 7* farrowed by
9 80W8 one spring, but ha was In the
farrowing pen when avery pig was
born. There should ha some one on
the farm whoso time is not too valu
able to give to such matters, but to
do this it must be known when the
sows are bred.
i be boar should have shelter from
" i°d and rain and shade to protect
him from the hot sun, but with these
ends served the cheaper and more
open the house the better. His lot
should bo of sufficient size to furnish
him room for exercise and either this
lot or another adjoining should fur
nish a part of his feed by growing
crops for grazing. Tho fence around
this lot should he such that he will i
never seriously think of going
through it, for every time ho get*
out it will require a better fence to
confine him afterward. It is useless
to ask the average Southern farmer
to set aside a lot for the boar and
keep him there, apart from all other
hogs, but it pays unless the best
hog raisers, even those who raise
hogs for pork only, are mistaken.
It is also useless to ask the average
man to refrain from using a boar
is one of the greatest breeding
boars in the world, be breeds the
show type that wins.
I have now a fancy lot of Hoar
Pigs sired by him. spring farrow,
and for orders received In Aug
ust, I will send the best of these at
120 00. Now is the time to order that
good pig you have thought so long
about 1 start Sept the 0th to the
State Fairs with the greatest lot of
show hogs I ev*r took out This is
why l make this offer to close out
a lot of these young boars.
Uon't wait to writ* me just send
me your check and :»*y send me
one of youi best Meddler pigs. You
will be so pleased with him you
will say this Is the best days work
of the year, do It now. Safe de
livery Guaranteed.
Breeder of Prlzt Winning Poland
China Haga.
(£DjtfK'3\* SSWf*
of tha v ery bout brooding.
L. H. Robertson, R3, Roonevillc, Miss.
S Durnc J«»cy I’lg*. and thay ara good on«a 1
Registered Jr may Cow to fraaben In Saiit.inh-,
One High Grade Jrreey Cow, franh.
HUGH CRIT7-..8tarkvilla Uig
Poland Chinas Ih* > *-*«* r»^
» VIBIIU Will IO* Now ,h|p
cme ran ba registered Are wall m>rraenl«J he
Chief Perfection breading. ^
W 8. POPE. - • Van.na.klUa
Offering Spring Pigs and bred Gilt*.
Pigs by I-oe'a Artful Premier 12th,
O. II. F. Sensation, Baron Premier
24 th., Artful Duke 3d, Romford
Duke of O. H. F. and Duke of (‘lover
dale, out of large nows of best breed
G. c. CLOYS.
Union City, - Tennessee.
From Price- winning rwgiaiemi Stork.
E. II. I.AMH, (VturtJand, MIm.
Red Poll Cattle ^T^Z£
and he*fera for aaie A large hard of riiefaUf
neMcted and »»l| (red cow a to aeiect fret. Ccaaa
and ae* them. Addrwae
J. B. BRIDGE. Manager,
or W. g. TURNER.
Mnitmtah Mr«doni Stork Farm,
R. V D I. . . Craeford. MIm.
of the choioeet etraina In America. with the Indl
vidualtitew that couat tn the ahew ring. Hoar aid
enough fur awrvicn Ptg. uf hath aegee ready to
ahip. hired l»y my 700 lb. Pearl (bar Charmer*
Premier HI) llwm. a wet of toad Premier Sad
a non uf 1.001 Premier tgvl. and out of
rhotre aowa uf tha Beet I weeding I am aura I raa
ploaM any one wanting the beat. My motto I* d«
unto other* aa I would hove other* do unto mt
I*. D ROBERTS. Rt. j. Woodland. Ml.a
Fair View Farm Berkshlres
Headed by Alabama Premier, asst" and r*Jr
VWw Lord Premier. Pig* rwtdy to ahip
by thawe great boar* and out of aowa of approved
blood 11nee and good individuality at naaaonabia
priree. Write for prime and dawcrlplluna. Every
thing guaranteed to be ae represented
H. E. MATTOX, - - Vrmn», MIm.
Ihava ready to »hlp out now. t wo litter* uf Fancy
heed Rrrkeblrw ptge whim graadalre la Ma.ter
plecw TiOrO. t ft HIGH AM. Poatwtec. Mtaa.
ymtauiT mriuwiu (Trocar* Hop.
I lew, lu i i«-gi ator.) for Horae* tab
“r- Poultry, elr lacatraC aatf
"**N •artg’t lam Charge SI lean Write
for illustrated catalogue. HtniaaM I
**• Cc . SIC Ho. Clark Ht.. Chicago.

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