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The progressive farmer and southern farm gazette. (Starkville, Miss.) 1910-1920, September 10, 1910, YOUNG FOLKS' SPECIAL., Image 10

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Two Strictly High-Class Registered
Bred to a 2140 pounds Price Winning Show Bull.
Immune to Texas fever. Price $100 00 each. Four
registered Berkshire Boars ready for service.
Four animals in their pedigree sold for average
of $160100. Price $35 00 each. Write for parti
culars We will tell you the whele truth and say
nothing to mislead you.
Teddy, - Alabama
m I IM'Tfc of National Reputation for size aad
bone. They are sired by 1,000 lb.
WMMMtfjf bears and are out of stretchy. pr« lific
sows. J. t. VISSERldG Box 10, Godfray, III.
of the very bsst breeding
L. H. Robertson, R 3, Booneville, Miss.
High Grade Southdown Rama For Sale
Ram Lambs, averag? weight of 10 head, 80 lbs.,
for $6 00 each.
For Sale—Six Boar Pigs 10 weeks old by that
great $1000 00 ahow and breeding baar Long
felew's BfVal Ho. 11274?, S'O.CO each, for
quiak delivery.
I. R. DAYTON, Kenton, Tenn.
Prize winnlr g Berk Aire Pigs for sale. Have
Six very fine Sows, will farrow August and Sep
tember. Send in your order and get choice. Satis
faction guaranteed or money refunded
H. B. FORD, - - Centerville, Miss.
Registered Hampshire Pigs and
Red Rust Proof Seed Oats
For Sale
Of as correct type and an well bred as money can
buy. Litters out of Rivals Dutch' ss 2d, by Aidor*
Premier 3d (The *1 325.00 row). Less Artful
Belle 11th. by Premier Victor, price for best *25 00
Other good ones *15.00 to *20.00. Sews and Gilts
dB bred to Master Duke 106843 or Las Master 2d
Price |66 00 to *100.00. Two year okl Masterpiece
■BJ&war, 1100.00
||j®ASH COLLINS, MI), - . Delhi, 1*.
Wessex pigs for sale
Prom High Class Registered Stock. Less Feed
More Gain than any Hog in the World. Pew Boar
Pigs. *10 00 up. New litters.
P. C. LOTTERH08, - Crystal Springs. Miss.
Bargain rnces!
heviot Sheep and Angora Goats and
Hacks for herd headers. Pairs arwl
rios at bargain prices. Berkshire Pi* fc
a good as grow.
H. C. Davidson. Prop.. . Obion. Tennessee
Bred Gilts all sold. Have several handsome lip
Ur* by three of the best Herd Boars In America
“uV" >b- w*i and up. Our 1909 winnings In
crudad State Championship and at Shreveport, La.
,, Fair. 9 herds, B states competing, surpassed
all others. Our correspondence is increasing enorm
ously. Inquirers please send 2c stamp for reulv
Shreveport, La.. or Couahatta, Ls.
>«(MsrM Uftlsk lertshm
**•«« lor sale by
Sslmkk, Term
lucky. Propci ty of Mr. ALLEN S. EIIELEN
Offers for sale at ■ eawonable prices typical Ken
tucky Saddle and fine Harness H rses Bred from
the most fashionable strains and our own founda
tion stoek, which includes the sensational Bohe
mian King and the choicest breed mares in Ken
tucky. Size, style and action. Correnpondense
notified. Write for literature. Heaviest w mm r
Kf * ate Fair. 1906. lWOf. 190R.
Precautions in Using the Arsenical Dip—Dipping 1 als and How
to Make Them.
By Tait Butler,
E DO NOT believe in hand ap
plications to cattle to eradi
cate ticks, but success is pos
sible by this method. Spraying is
little more satisfactory than hand
applications. For spraying and hand
applications, as already stated, oils
or an emulsion of these oils, have
usually been employed. We have
had no experience in*using the arsen
ical dip for hand application and
spraying, but have no doubt it will
be as effective as the oils or emul
sions and that it will be mach less
injurious to the cattle.
In using the arsenical dip, how
ever, there are certain dangers which
must be carefully avoided. It is the
best dip known, but any material
that will kill the ticks can not be
harmless and without danger when
~ ~ ,1 *T»1, ~ .4 „______ »
“•‘I'1 tj «• UVU . I nt I O U I V V»
two sorts, namely: the live stock on
the place or the men handling the
dip may be poisoned by the arsenic
under certain conditions. We sug
gest the following precautions or
1. Do not guess at the weight or
measures of the materials used.
2. Water all stock before dipping,
and watch them while dipping, to
prevent them drinking the dip. The
use of a little more tar than that gen
erally recommended may possibly
make the dip so disagreeable as to
keep the cattle from drinking it.
3. Avoid the possibility of absorb
ing arsenic through cuts or sores on
the hands when handling the dip and
remember 'flat inhaling the vapors
while making the dip may also prove
4. Do *ot allow the dip to run off
the cattle on to vegetation which may
be eaten at some subsequent time by
any live stock. Leave the cattle in
the dipping pen until the dip ceases
to run from them, and then place in
a hare lot until dry. Do not per
mit the dip to rirti from the cattle
and collect in little pools in depres
sions in the lot where the cattle
may drink it.
5. Do not drive the cattle rapidly
or long distances during hot weather
within several days after dipping.
0. Protect all vats containing the
arsenical dip when not in use, from
entrance by any live stock.
7. in disposing of the refuse dip,
when it becomes necessary to clean
out the vat, put it into a pit several
feet deep where there is no danger of
direct seepage into wells, springs or
streams which supply water for live
stock or man.
With these precautions and ordi
nary good judgment, the arsenical
dip is effective and safe.
Dipping Tanks.
Tli® chief obstacle in the way of
dipping cattle to eradicate the ticks
is the cost of the dipping vats or
Galvtiaized iron tanks are on the
market, but their cost and the cost
ol putting them in the ground makes
them about as expensive as concrete
tanks, and they are, of course, much
less durable. Any tank with reason
able ca-e will last as long as it is
necessary to dip to eradicate the
ticks, but if the expense of a tank is
to he incurred, it is desirable that it
last as long as | ossible in order that
it may be used for the dipping of
hogs, sheep, cattle* and other live
stock to free them of lice and other
external parasites, even after ticks
are eradicated.
Tanks have also been constructed
of wood, but, all things considered,
the concrete tank is most desirable
and of little, if any higher, cost than
the others. This is especially true
when sand and gravel are near at
hand. When neighborhood tanks are
built and the labor volunteered, the
materials for the vat may cost any
where from $35 to $50.
About 5 feet of liquid in the vat is
necessary, and the sides should be
18 inches to 2 feet higher, to pre
vent ioss by overflow and splashing
when the animal goes into the tank.
These sides may be continued several
feet high, for the purpose of prevent
ing splashing, by 1-inch plank over
lapping, so as to drain the material
hack into the vat. The bottom of the
vat should be about 18 inches wide
and 12 to 15 feet long. At the sur
face of the dip the vat may be 2
or 3 feet wide and 2 5 feet long. Thin
means that the sides flare outward
from the bottom and that there is an
incline where the cattle go in and
ctyne out. Where the cattle enter
the slope should be smooth, prefer
ably covered with smooth sheet iron,
and finder the surface of the liquid
at this end drop off steep, so as to
cause the animals to slide In and,
falling on their knees, go completely
under. As the animal scrambles to
his feet he should soon strike a more
gentle slope at the other end which
is rough, to enable him to walk out
of the tank with ease, Into the dripp
ing pen. From the dripping pen the
dip should drain directly back into
the vat. The floor of this dripping
pen should be concrete, or very
tight-fitting plank.
Any reader of The Progressive
#rmpr and Gazette who wishes to
build a dipping vat is advised to
write the IT. S. Department of Agri
culture. Washington. I). C., for spec
ifications and full instructions for
building different kinds of vats.
The American Jersey Cattle Club
and the Holstein-Frlesian Associa
tion have each appropriated HftO for
a post-graduate scholarship in some
agricultural college, these prizes to
be given to the students standing
first in the Judging of these breeds
at the National Dairy Show nt Chi
cago, October 20-29, 1910.
Wilaonvillw, Mia*.
Chas I.. Will, Proprietor
} to '£«"• • nice, smooth, well deveiop
«1 Pol an f China Hoar and Stw Pigs. *i tamiih.
°'l; "uf,h •trains as Great Chief T.ND.di
U- 8 Perfection. Some of them will
hold their own in any company.
Price* range from 112.80 u>f20 00. all registration
charger paid. Crated light, f. o. b Hermanvllle
Satisfaction guaranteed. Refer to Mississippi
Southern Bank Port Qlbaon. Mira , or Bank of
Hermanvil'a. Hermanvllle. Miss.
Reg. Berkshire Pigs
of Berkshire* consUU of the moat fash
ionable blood lines in America. Viz: defendants of
Masterpiece, Lord Premier. Star Masterpiece.
Premier I-on g fellow. Star Value, liarnn Duka ..0th
and others of eiiaal promlnance My motto la
not h w many, but how good." All plga ngis
bred and tranferredat my expense I have eight
“wr that will farrow between now and Nov 1st
Hg». I edurree and Price to suit most faalldLus
breeders. W. N N LFWIS. M D , Ffyytts. Mm
Poland Chinas ra'»ed.
Now ready b. shin. Every
ChT-f P* V® *.ter”1 Aie well represented by
Chief Perfection breeding.
W. 8. POPE. . - Verona. Mir..
The Cook Farms Will Hold Their First
Annual Sale
100 head Registered Saddle Mares, Colta and Fll
lie*. Janr.ets and Col's A number of Grand
Champions and Premium Winners in this sale.
This will be the grandest event of the kind ever
held in Kentucky Catalog now ready
J. F COOK * CO . - Lexington, Ky.
Two Thoroughbred Stallions For Sale
S and 4 years old. hays. Mark points. Sind hy
John R (ientry'e beautiful horse*
R. D HALL. Bo* 191, Florence Ala
I have ready to ship out now. two litters of Fancy
bred Berkshire Pigs whose grand at re Is Mae ter
piece 77000. E. N. BIGHAM. Psatstn. Mias.
If you ara going to boy hoc* buy food
boys, they are the cheapest. My bard
woo nine ribbons at the Oklahoma
State Fair 1909. 4 lef ef FWisep Issn
far sale. Writ* today.
J. R. 8PARK8, - Hu ter. Okie.
For Sale at Rosodale Farm
Three Poland China Brood Sows and one
S-month Gilt, also one 2-month old Boar
Pig. The bunch for $130.
N. K. Knox, Hope Villa, La.
•iwdat A ftymarM 9er*c. t*mj Md t. C. hp
Forul*. Subject loNfktnUoa. Prtraa reaaooabie
Large Berkshire*
Premier Ixmgfrlkrw lord Premier'* Rtrml and
Maaterpiera (train*. Young pig*, triad brood
now* and bn d and open gilt* far aaia. Oat a pig
by tha great l^oagfaliowa Rival 1177<7 tba preateet
*how and breeding bear of to-day.
Jackson Stock Farm,
Little Rock, - - Arkansas.
Kar Sal# Berkshire p>r* fnaa registered atrrk
110 OOaarb. r. O. B bent Kegl.tered Jerwey bulb,
batfer*. aad now* W rite ma.
HUGH CHIT7,.Stark villa, Mtaa.
5 May Pigs, a Sow* and 3 Roan by
Grand Champion of American Berk
shire Show.
3 May Boars bv Grand Champion of
seven Stale Fairs.
2 Feb Boar* and a Feb Gi ts by 800
ib. son of Baron Duke 50th.
1 April Gilts. 10 June Pigs. One bred
Union City, - Tenneisec.
Till Kentucky Jack Fare
u Om show, home for jacks.
M wr bread and raiaa the hkm
mammoOi Kantuck y jack*. am
aril you a flnt ciae. >ark ik la
** ' #nt rhnapt*r tk»n a
tMararspacttUtarcwk WrH,
to-day far prices cm jacks. >sa
A Ians lot to select frxaa.
Job. K. Wri*it, Junction Kjr.
Red Poll Cattle J*^*-"*- ima.M to
. . a . wk Yount kail a
MteeUd^/?. fThLtA **"• h*nl °f c«f»fun»
J. R. HRIIXJK. Manassr
or W. 8. TURNKR,
MnRownh Mrittowi Htock Farm,
*• r D U Oawfsrd .Ulsa
th. rholcMt ■ train* in America, with the inJi
» lualltle* that count In the ahow ring Hoar old
enough for eei-vica. IM*. „f both *ex«e u
Premier lT.EL700 ,b l'“‘rl Ik»r
a nf l1^4U ,!°° ?* I"rd »*»»'nW2S
, ‘ ^ 11 ■on of I»rd I rnminr and ^
choice *ow* of th* beet brood I n* I *Ir,M r*Tl^5
pleane any one wanting the beat M. nlVJou25
-nu, other, a. . would hare ot!r, do\’XS£
L. V. ItOHEKTS. Rt. J. Woodland. If toe.
Fair View Farm Berkshires
V . AUb**“ Kretaler. 02888 and Pair
View lord Premier. 11KM0 PU. — .TT *. ■
,by Ui*** inwet boar* and out of mw( uf inrovad
“w *n<Ilvlduallty at resemble
tor Price* and description*. Evers
thing guaranteed to be a. represented! *
B. B. MATTOX, - . Verona, M1m.

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