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ffl Haste and-Waste B
B Stop and think for a moment the B
fl next time you are about to buy soda 8
/rw\ //TA
Instead of hastily buying soda OT
B crackers that go to waste because 8
8 broken, soiled or soggy, buy 8
I Uneeda |
I Biscuit 1
8 in separate five-cent packages. Soda 8
crackers in large packages soon be- ™
i (jf) come broken, stale and unpalatable.
On the other hand, Uneeda Biscuit
8 in handy, moisture proof packages 8
8 are always fresh, clean, crisp and 8
TO whole—not one wasted. vS
(Never Sold in Bulk) Mm
Quo tall one baaed on cotton eold on epot
taow ordinary. .. . ... .. 1015-18
Ordinary.______ 17 *»
Loop ordinary .... I3S-IS
Low middling—.._.. 13 H
Middling..—__ 1< S
Oood middling....... 14 S
Middling lair... 15 i-ie
Fair. is :3-ie
Oood ordinary..—— — . ...... 13 3-16
Laow middling___—. IS V*
Middling_14 S
Oood middling...— 14 H
CORN IN BULHMPer Huebei No. t white
57. No. t mixed 55. No t rellow 674*.
IIRaN l*er t wv -tl.10
OATH Per Huebei—No > white. S7t*: No.
I mixed 35
HAY ParTon. In Halee-No « tl8 SOuttlD 50;
No t 130 50" 111 00: eboloe. toil 0t>" £1.50.
CORN MEAL bot-$S K5 to *1 80
Kl.ul’K. hard wneat, Kanaua patent 15.40 10
Chotoe-—-— 4 to 4S
Fair to good———-8 to S»«
Oxen—Fat-...———- IV* to 34*
Oxen—Common to fair——.. it* to |4*
Choioe. «V* R> 4
Fair to good. *H to 3V*
Old poor oowa. per head-18 00 to tU.oo
Hulle-•}* to 8
Stage .........___...._ IV* to 3 V*
Choice. 360 to 600 lbe. per lb. avg to St*
Choloe. 150 to 350 poundx. 3V* to 3*4*
Common, to fair........ It* to aV*
Choloe. 300 to 800 lbe., per lb....... 3V6 to 5
Fair to good, per head......16 00 to 8.00
Choloe.|40 00 to 60.00
Fair to good ....................... SO 00 to 35.00
Choloe.—.1*5 00 to 35 00
Common to (air........._........ 16.00 to 10.00
H 008
Corn fed. per lb.....—....-—8 to 8V4
Coro fed ptga. 8b to Mi lbe.. per lb. 8 to 8*
Mast fed. per lb.-... 6W to 7**
Good tat sheep, per lb... 4 to 6H
Common to (air. per bead-81.00 to too
Honduras, bead --— 3 to 5V»
straights..8V4 to 2*4
screenings... 1% to 8V4
No t aotunl sales nt--1H to 6
Japan, bead.—. *W to 814
straights.. 814 to M4
screenings... IH to 1%
No. t actual aalee at—.—.— SH to 314
Honduras (bbl. 108 lbs.).41 50 to 83 3t
actual sales at.— 3 10 to s. 34
Japan . 3i0 to 3.81
actual sales at. to
Rtoe bran, per ton-- 18 00 to 18 01
Rloe polish, per ton from mills... *6 00 to 87.«
Potatoes, per 180 lt>s., bulk, $1.50
@2; bag, [email protected] Sweets, South
ern, per bbl., $101.50; yams, $1
Onions, red, per bag, [email protected]; yel
low, $1.50 @1.62; white. 80 @ 90c.
per bushel crate. Cabbage, [email protected]
per bbl. Beets, [email protected] 100 bunch
es. CarrotB, washed, per bbl., $1.50
@1.75. Cauliflower, [email protected]
per bbl. for short-cut. Celery, 75c.
@$1.75 per crate. Cucumbers, $1
[email protected] per bbl. Chicory, [email protected]$l
per basket. Escarol, 50c. @$1 per
basket. Eggplant, [email protected] per bas
ket Lima beans, [email protected] per bas
ket. Lettuce, [email protected]$1.60 per bas
ket. Mushrooms, [email protected] per lb
Okra, [email protected]$1.50 per %-bushel bas
ket. Parsley, [email protected] per basket
Peppers, red, [email protected] per bbl.;
green, [email protected]$1.12. Peas, [email protected]
2.60 per %-bbl. basket. Pumpkins
[email protected] per bbl. Romalne, [email protected]<
per basket. String beans. 30c @$1 pei
basket. Squash, [email protected]|1 per bbl
Turnips, [email protected]|1 per bbl. for ruta
bagas. Tomatoes, 55 @ 65c. per box
Apples, [email protected] per bbl., with $3 a H
fair average. Pears, per bbl.: Bartlett j
$2; Seckel, [email protected]; Sheldon, $2.50
@4. Quinces, $2 @4 per bbl. Grapes, j
Del. [email protected] $1 per case; black, 10-lb I
basket, [email protected] Cranberries, $4.50 I
@ 6 per bbl. ’
Best creamery butter, 32c.; next |
grade 30% @ 31c.; held stock, 27 @
31c.; imitation creamery, [email protected];
factory, 23(g)24c.
Best Western eggs, [email protected] with a
good deal of stock at 30c. or even
less. Nearby eggs, 42c.
Wheat, No. 2 red, 98 %c.; year
ago, $1.26%c.
Corn, No. 2 mixed, 57c.; year ago,
69 %c.
Oats, No. 2 white, 37c.; year ago,
Mess pork, $21; year ago, $25.75.
Family beef, $19.50; year ago,
Proven easiest, most durable,
fastest sbeller made. 8 to It bushels
per hour. Working parts Malle
able, bearings Chilled. All broken
worn out or lost parts replaced
Fra*. If you can't buy the genu
Ine Black Hawk from your dealer
I will ship one
Freight Pre- <£025
paid for only
Vou need the Black HawkBhel- I
ter. Will lasta lifetime and do I
good work all the time. Instant- I
ly fastened to barrel, box or I
bln by 1 strong Clamps. Ask ■
for free book. Agts. wanted. ■
A.H. PATCH' Clarksville, Tens. ■
Idocrporated Established 1886 ■
Algo Makes Black Hawk Qrlst Mill. J j
Farms Wanted or Offered For Sale or Rent
In thia department we ihall publish offc rings
of all land wanted or offered for sale or for
rent. We do not extend our general advertls
Ing guarantee to this department, because
every purchaser should see land for himself
before buying, but no man is permitted to of
fer land for sale in this department until he
has first shown us satisfactory references as
to honesty and financial responsibility.
32) or 160 acres of farm l*nd for sale. Place
will make 1200 bushels corn and 75 bales cotton
this year- H* If cash, balance in two notes. Ad
dress P. O. Box 114, Tutwiler, Miss.
One thousand acre plantation situated in Clal
bo'ne County, on railroad, one and one-half miles
from town of one thousand population, good
schools and churches. 9 miles from Port Gibson,
county seat. The land is level and very fertile,
fine for grain or grasses and cotton, in fact any
thing A fine cattle or dairying proposition. Ha
ste-im gin, grist mill and saw mill, plenty tenant
houses, fine three-story tin root barn 125 ft by 40
ft., hay press, tread mill, fitted with latest im
P'ovement for unloaning hay. Lespedeza grows
wiki all over plantation, mule barn* cribs, hog
lots, etc Fine ten-room residence with hot and
cold water, bath rooms, etc., acetylene gas through
ou house In fact one of the best improvt d prop
erties in the county. Property belongs to lady
whose health does not permit of her lo king after
property, only reason for offering for rent or
sale. Will rent cheap or se>l and give terms For
further Information apply tn
Mississippi Delta Farms For *al»
All sizes, prices snd terms to suit. No use toil
your life away on poor lands where it takes all
you make to pay for fertilizer. Come to this Delta
country that the G< d above fit irhed and said it is
go< d. For further particulars, write
W. T. PITTS. - - - Indianola. Miss.
I have 1821 acres best farm land in the world.
Highl improved Will fell for 165.000 00 Will
take land rr impr ved property to amount $16,
000.00. C sh $25,000 ('0. Balance to suit pur
chaser For further particulars, wri’e
W. T. PITTS, • - - Indianola, Miss.
C1R nnn nn Will buv 525 acre highly improved
J ID UUU.UU Farm B_„t of land. Good
community. Mil'* riv r front on navigable stream
In midst of good hunting and good fishing coun
try Terms une h 1> c»sh, balance to suit pur
chaser. ‘■'or further particulars, see or write
W. T PITTS, ... Indianola. Miss.
Mississippi Delta Lands ForSaleorRent
that will grow bale cotton per acre, worth 25 fo
30 cents per pound. Come to see. or write,
W. T. Pitts, - Indianola, Mississippi.
Four Hundred aid Ninety acre Farm oi ly $20
an acre. This is a great bargain, and will only be
on market 30 days at th s price. Fi r fu ther par
ticulars, write. W. T PITTS, lidunola, Miss
Farm for Rent
One Hundred and Sixtv acre Hog ard Hay
• Farm for rent, witn tools and stock. Ahalfa
. lands for sale, $25 10 p< r acre.
u. S. PARKER, Coutopa, Ala.
This Announcement Is Important
and presents a wonderful and altogether un
usual opportunity.
It tells you how. for $25 an acre and up, you
can buy from the Washington & Chorta
Land Co. the most productive of all farm
lands in the Un ted States today in lots of 10
acres or more, and on payments as low as $5
a month. These lands are located near tel
low Pine, Washington Co., Ala. They are
lands from which two, three ard frequently
f ur crops are produced each year from the
same ground, under modern farming meth
ods ; where climate, rainfall and soil unite in
creating bountiful harvests; where Corn and
Cotton are raised to great advantage; where
Orcharding, General Farming, Market Gar
dening and Stock Raising is carried on suc
cessfully. where Poultry. Bees and Dairying
are nroductive of splendid results.and where
Pecans, Peanuts,etc., grow to profusion.
Two New Town Sites
offer an excellent investment opening
homes for winter or constant residence.
11 1 s
Editorial Alabama Baptist, Sept.
28, 1910.
Alabama farm lands are the State’s great
est asset- Long after tbe mines are exhaust
ed. the soil will yet produce those things
which are life's real necessities. These
lands are still cheap—ridiculously oheap—
and those who have the foresight to acquire
them now will realize a handsome advance
in a few years or leave them as a priceless
heritage to their children. The time is not
far removed when all lands capable of cul
tivation in this State will be worth a HUN
soil of the rich alluvial prairies and that
near the large centers of population will
command considerably more. THE TIME
TO BUY IS NOW, and there is no better
place in the world to make the investment
than right here in Alabama.
C. S. Government Helps
In addition to all the natural advantages of
these lands, settlers have also the help of the
United States Government. The Department
of Agriculture maintains at Fruitdale. Ala
bama—which is located in close proximity to
the Washington and Choctaw Lands—an ex
perimental station with salaried representa
tives in charge, whose business and pleasure
it is to advise and assist settlers along lines
that will be a material help to them in ob
taining the best results. Such assistance is a
great boon to settlers in a now district.
Other Facts Briefly Stated
THE SOIL. It is a sandy loam, and without
a peer in productiveness
CLIMA1E The climate is sublime. Situated
within 60 miles of the Gulf Coast, and at an
elevation of 800 feet above sea level, the gulf
breezes make it comparatively cool in summer,
while the gulf stream moderates the winters.
Out-of-door work goes on twelve months in
the year, and there Is never any snow.
RAINFALL. The average fall of rain Is 88
inches per year, every month having a share
There are no droughts and no irrigation is
HEALTH. Observation and reports fay the
United States Marine Hospital pronounces It
the only section of country absolutely free
from local disease*.
WaTER. Among 9.080 samples from all
parts of the country examined by the Univer
sity of Illinois, it proved to be the purest at
them all.
PEOPLE. This territory is being populated
by energetic, red-blooded white men from the
MARKETS. There ii an unlimited demand
for everything the grower hai to sell. Rail
roads run directly through the land and fast
trains carry the produce to States North and
South with low freight rates and quick am
NVR8BR T We are establishing a nursery,
consisting of 320 acres, in the midst of oar
biddings, which when completed sill be the
largest nursery In the South. Fran it we will
supply our settlers with all their nursery
ne» ds nt a big discount.
ORCHARDS. Our nursery department will
plant you a five-acre orchard and take care
of it tor five years if you wish. In many
other ways also we are prepared to be of ser
■ I- e to you Your success is our success, in a
men sure, and we will be glad to help you get
properly started
We want agents to sell our land in unoccu
pied territory. Write for terms. We have a
good piece of land and we want honest men to
sell it for us.
Send for Our Freo Booklet
If you were sure you could make 13,000
to #5.000 per veer from a farm in the Wash
ington & rhoctaw territory, would you be in
terested ? We print a 20 page bool lei that tells
all about this land at *25tn a-ie and up. and
gives many letters from people who know the
land, have tilled it, and who are doing well.
Send for this booklet; it is froe; a postal card
will bring it.
7003 Dims Bldg.. ST- LOUIS, MO.
Waehinoton & Ch-etaw Land f o.,
7<i< 3 Timet Building. St Louie, Mo.:
Without obligation on my part, please send
me jour free illustrated booklet telling all
about your lands.
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State .

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