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The progressive farmer and southern farm gazette. (Starkville, Miss.) 1910-1920, November 19, 1910, Image 16

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Plowing from 14 to 16
inches deep and mak
ing a perfect seed-bed
at the same time.
You can do it in the hardest,
stickiest or driest soils at any
season, by using
HERE is just one letterout of scores that we
are constantly receiving from hard -headed,
practical farmers all over the United States:
“The direct return, which I have secured from the
use of this machine, is so great that I hesitate to put
it in figures, as it seems almost incredible, but I
might state that if any man who buys this machine,
secured one-tenth of the returns which I have
obtained, his machine will prove to be the best
investment he ever made.
“If I could not buy another Spalding Deep-Till
ing Machine 1 would not part with the one 1 have
for several times its co r.M
F. M. Baab, August 29, 1910.
Write today for our valuable free Booklet u 0
showing handsome illustrations of the Spalding
Tilling Machine in operation in many southern
states. Over 20 pages of letter s from practical farm
ers telling how it has increased their crops and im
proved their land. Write direct to
The Spalding
Tilling Machine Co.
Cleveland, Ohio
/ CI*«!fS!S,Mr W ^his cata^°gue i» waiting for you
/ mW Send for it; it’s free, new and interesting. You should
I /fining fit certainly know about the
/ ft Olds Gasoline Engine
• JV before you buy. It is simple, durable,
the most economical, has exclusive
_jffljr features absolutely
satisfactory engine. No
repair bills for one year.
Seager Engine Works
1045 Seager St., Lansing, Michigan
Boston Philadelphia Binghamton Omaha
Kansas City Minneapolis Los Angeles
For grinding ear corn, oats, rye,
and all email grains. This is one of
our leaders, is fully guaranteed and
will do all we claim for it.
In any kind or condition of grai,
Simple in construction and eaay to
operate. Write for catalog. All
styles. Sweep, Geared and Power
Mills. Horse Power, and Wood Saw,.
Bag 1ST Springfield, Okie.
Warranted to grind ear corn in
the fthuck. and kafir corn in the
bruah. Only mill mad#* that will
do this kind of work right. Will
1 also grind ahelled corn, wheat.
rye and other aroall grain.
This No. 104 Mill is Especially
Adapted te the Southern Fanners
ThUmill if* triple geared, haj»
fit eel sweep which will not
warp or break. Open* like a
watch. Platea grind coarse or
fine. We furniah free with each
mill a heavy wood frame upon
which the machine la mounted.
Write for our new descriptive
catalog. 24 styles and sixes.
THE FOOS MFC. CO., Box 227 Springfield. Ohio
Load 4000 lbsl1
* • *■»•’ work In •—•ay «.m Mm
The one unbreakable, low-down farm wason.
■Wonderful ateel wheel,(unllkeother»).all heiyhta
and tire width*. No rutting. Make* all farm hanl
Ins eaay. Book .hows why It'a the wason for yon
Let ua tend It free. ElectrtcWhMl Co.,Boi 59, Qulnct. IH.'
A Dixie Fca Heller
fnakes b f profits out of Cow
Fres. Hulls and deans with
out bursting the peas-inrr ease*
their value 10c per bushel.
Many have given entire satis
faction for over 10 vears. Il
lustrated catalog free ujv—»
•% *cqu«l. Write today Dtp* 24
Romo, Ga.
Pull Your Stumps 30 Days
I At Our
^ ^ ^ ^
fitiqponfoofl 9 nnitc stump and the stump Is hound to come.
'*•*“*■ O ICal9 Also pulls largest-sizcil green trees, hedge
Trlple-Povver—All-Steel rows, etc. Don't risk dangerous and costly
dynamite. It only shatters stump ana
Clear up your stumpy fields with the 3-year leaves roots in ground.
Guaranteed Hercules, now sold on 30 days’ ^^b
Free Trial. Test it on your place at our risk. n»l All.,, V
Pulls stumps out. roots and alL 400!! ^pGClal PTICC OIICP ”
stronger than any other puller made. Triple
power attachment means one-third greater We have a Rpecial prlco proposition to the
pull. The only stump puller guaranteed for first man wo sell to in no- sections. We
3 years. Only one with Double Safety are glad to make you n special price on the
Ratchets. Only one with all bearings and first Hercules sold in your community be
working parts turned, finished and machined, cause that will sell many more for us
reducing friction, increasing power, making and save advertising. Write us at once
it extremely light running. Hitch on to any to get this. .
Just write a postal for our special price—30 days’ Free Trial and all FREB BOORS
about the only All-Steel. Triple-Power Stump Puller—the Famous Hercules.
m Improved Farm Level l"ordk^m5
THIS LEVEL IS NO MAKESHIFT. The outfit Include* l evel.
Teleacopc wllh magnifying glmci enabling you «o read the
Target a quarter of a mile aw ay: Tripod. Graduated Rod. Target,
and Hwlromi TO page book —"Soil Sa!vallun"-g1vlng (he ere am
year* practical experience til TERRACING. UK AIMING, and IRRIGATING,
full mMrucliona on how lo u«e the Level. Simple My, Accuracy. I>urabHK>k
RANTEKD. I'aed and endoraed In every dale In the fnion. alto Canadaaad
co. Shlpjied on receipt of price *11.00; money back if not aattafled. Or. if pe^
vc willahlpC. O. I). Il'cOO and eaprvwa rhargeo, Buhlect to approval. bhlpptM
l Iba. It not on Bale in your town, order I rum neared ad 'ma.
-11 UrunawlcR lUdg. hiLW YORK. H. Y. I1M I'lnabL. bT. LOLIH. mS
E Planers and Matchers l
th«bwtpe!f contained. portable Pinner* and Matcher*. They I
arc light running, strong a d kimple. Will aurfaee, match I
flooring and '■riling, make moulding*. Will d.-eat 34 la. I
wide by 6 In. thick, and match 10 in. wide by } la. to 2 la. I
thick and make A tide moulding*. Capacity 20 to 40 lineal I
ft. per minute. W rk up your lumber and aave the profit. I
. We alto build Saw Mill*, and Saw Mill Machinery, Edgen, I
S*iig Saw*, etc. Write for Catalog No. HO 1
SALEM IRON WORKS. Wiatlon Saiem. N. C. |
(built on honor
*WHITH IIICKOKV* wagons represent positively the
highest wagon values money can buy. dollar (or dollar In
material, workmanship, durability, and satisfaction They
are sold under a guarantee which Is ns good and binding as ^
u bond orcourtoalh. In self-protection, get our catalog and
read this guarantee before you risa buying any other wagon.
Mite Hickorli
Lumber Is carefully selected and thoroughly season*!
Oar Iron is the best, and specially rolled lor us All parts 1
subject to heavy strain are cstra re inforced This
conscientious effort to make them KTKOM.I.it THAN
NKC.hSSAKY. together with the mechanic al skill of our
builders makes White Hickory Wagons last longer tinder
harder wear and tear, this any other mats. Ask your denier
to show the White Hickory. II he does not carry It
write us for illustrated catalog. Inlormalion and prices.
yl^ While Hickory Wagon Mffe. C«., Atlanta, Ga.
■ Grinds High-Grade Flours and 1
1 the Best Stock Feed K
J| Produce* cornmeal that i* seldom equalled I
m and never excelled; and highest grade rye. gra- I
j^fj ham and wholewheat flour. Also best for grind* [fLi
■ i ng chop feed, producing a smooth, nutritious jgJ
■ meal. Doesn't tear or burn the grain. A pay* H
■ ing investment for private or public grinding. jgjj
S Our mills have been sold in the South for H
H over forty years. Repairs almost unheard of. H
■ and practically no damage from wear. Intense- M
■ 1 y simple and easily cared for. No break down s ■
■ Genuine imported French Buhr millstones.no t ■
■ soft native stones, not iron grinders. Requires ■
■ little power. Low'first cost. Fully guaranteed. ■
\ 510 KlsiVfi Tninl Costs you nothing if ■
1 au ■■ I iOlit doesn't convince I
■ you. Write for trial plan and "Book on Mills" M
Sold by leading responsible machinery houses Jim
I Nordyke & Marmon Co. (Est. 1851) I
■ 1274 Morris Street Indianapolis, Indiana ■
1 America's Leading Flour Mill Builders |
^________ — _ **" """ "■ "■■■ I ■
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Veh!c e you want, mail your order to us and we will ship you a 1
Vehicle superior to one sold by the Dealer or Agent and will
IS7.4-9 guarantee a saving from !j>15.00 to $35.00 on your outfit. #53 SO
The Qualities Desired in a Vehicle You Will Find Most Highly Developed in a
Ti.;, u_i_ _ /
.* l uy 7rlc,n long mai1 routcs> and many other hard service tests in
which our Vehicles are being tried out every day. 3 *n
Every Genuine Golden Eagle Vehicle Bears Our Trade Mark.
Beware of Imitations
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