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Garden seed in bulk or papers
at Gill’s.
The mews, Home & Farm, and
Weekly Commercial-Appeal 51.50
per year, strictly cash in advance.
Low round trip rates via Mo
bile and Ohio Railroad to New
Orleans and Mobile. For all par
ticulars apply to your home
agent or write Jno. M. Beall M.
& O. R. R.
Blumenfeld *& Fried are show
ing a nice line of Boy’s and Gen
wemen’s clothing and over coats.
Those wishing more of Dr.
Marshall’s medicihe will address
him at his head-quarters, Wino-'
na. Miss.
We had the pleasure of a visit
Tuesday from Capt. J. B. Hudson
of Starkville, who visits old Mon
roe in the interest of the State
exhibits at St. Louis. He is an
indefatigable worker, and if the
exhibit is not a success, it will
not be his fault. —Aberdeen Ex
Mr. J. B. Hudson of Starkville,
special World’s Par Commission
er, was in the city several days
this week in the interest of stimu
lating a creditable exhibit of the
products and resources of this
county at the St. Louis Exposit
ion.—Aberdeen Weekly.
Buit's seeds, time tried, at
Miss Cal vine Jarnagan has re
turned from a month s stay in
Starkville. Miss Annie Shearer
accompanied her and will be her
truest for some time.
Mrs. W T , P. Minor has been
quite ill this week. Mrs. Mary
Minor Saunders, of Starkville, is
with her. —Noxubee press.
Mrs. Polly Saunders and Mr.
Boyd Smith departed by the way
of thelll. Cent., Monday for New
Orleans to attend Mardi Gras.
1000 bales first class Johnson
grass hay’ also 500 Dales bur mu
da hay.
W, D. Hartness & Cos
Put this in your pipe and smoke
it; it is better than tobacco You
may have the Home and Farm,
published twice a month, one of
the best agricultural papers pub
lished, and the Starkvllle
News, for one year for 81.50. If
you can't come personally, send
us BLSO and we will enter you on
dur list and send you both papers.
We have this special clubing val
ue or the benefit of the farmers.
Mr. Sills Alston was confined
to his home by sickness last week,
but we are glad to see him up
and about this week.
Mr. I. B. Henry, County Com
missioner for the World’s Pair,
is endeavoring to procure a fine
collection of preserves, canned
goods, dried fruits' etc. Also la
dies’ needle-work etc. If he gets
the ladies interested, and they
should be, his efforts will not be
in vain.
Buit seeds will protect you
from second planting—at Gill’s.
Mrs. Graves Davis, of Okolona,
arrived last Sunday and will re
main several days visiting her
mother, Mrs. Harvey.
Mr W. James Hamer is taking
in Mardi Gras at New Orleans this
week. *
The Daily States’ Carnival ed
ition of the 16th. inst. was a
most creditable effort. The
States is one of our most excel
lent exchanges and we extend
Water and Light Service.
water and Light Service are
due the first of each month pay
able in advance; if not paid on
or before the 10th. of the month
the service will be discontinued.
By order of the Mayor and Board
of Aldermen.
T.M. Cummings.
Senator Marcus A. Hannah
passed from the stage of action
at 6:40 o'clock Monday, P. m.
In the death of Senator Hannah
America lost one of her most
prominent and useful citizens.
to his ashes.
The following distinguished
attorneys, of West Point were in
Starkville last Monday on busi
ness: J. J. McClellen, J. G. Mill
saps, and A. F. Fox. Mrs. Pox
accompanied Col. Pox, and they
were the guests of Prof, and Mrs.
Jesse Pox.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. G. S.
Turner last Sunday, a sweet ba
by girl. Papa George is supreme
ly and inexpressibly happy.
Mother and babe are doing nice
The Atlanta Weekly Constitu
tion, the Sunny South and the
Starkville New r s, all three for
82.00. Will send to different ad
dresses. Subscribe now, dont de
Dr*. 1, G. Soxon, a highly es
teemed old friend, paid a most
pleasant visit to our law oftice,
over the post oftice, Monday ev
ening. We are always glad to
see the Doctor, for his presence
is always like sunshine.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weir are
rejoicing at the arrival of anew
baby girl last week. All are re
ceiving the cordial congratula
tions of numerous friends, in
which we unite.
Hon. J. W. Norment spent va
cation at home looking after his
farming and other interests He
returned Tuesday evening. Mr.
Norment is a hustler and a wide
awake representative.
The Grand bodies of Ma
sons are in session, commencing
the 16th inst. and including Fri
day, at Greenville. Gen. W. N.
Nash,the Master of Abert Lodge,
No. 86, here, is in attendance,
departed Tuesday evening.
Grandma Walker, (Mrs. Mary
Red us Walker.) of Aberdeen, at
tended the marriags of her grand
son, Mr. Dukemanier to Miss
Gillespie, and we can truely say,
as her numerous friends, that we
were real glad to meet her and
see her looking so well. Asa
young lady here, she was very
popular and was one of the bright
est students that ever graduated
at the Starkville Femrle Insti
tute, conducted by that great ed
ucator. the late lamented T. G.
Sellers, D. D.
Mr. Frank Oakley and little
son were in town Wednesday, on
We want a part of your job
work. If we can’t give satisfact
ion no charges.
Dr. Jean Ithoven, of Colum
bus, was here Tuesday and Wed
nesday and paid us a most agree
able visit. We are always glad to
meet the Doctor and do anything
to contribute to his pleasure.
City Taxes.
City Taxes are due. Call at the
City Hall and pay same and save
Respectfully, .
T. M. Cummings.
City Tax Collector. •
Assessor E. A. Buclfner and
Mr. Sol Myers, of Longview,
were in Starkville, Tuesday on
Gov. Vardanian's first pandon
was that of a negro—George
Brown, who was sent up from Co
piah County for “taking property
without criminal intent.” The
Governor claims that there is no
such crime mentioned in the stat
ute, hence the sentence was un
lawful. Those who have contend
ed that Vardanian is an enemy to
the negro race didn't know the
man-that’s all. He Is a friend to
justice - no matter whom it helps
or hurts. —Commonwealth,
The Gov. can be relied upon
that he will do what is right.
H.jT. Saunders, Jr, of Stark
vi lie, spent Sunday with his
cousin, Tom McMillan —Aber-
deen examiner.
The Button Factory will be
ready to make buttons soon after
March Ist. and wants hands. The
machinery being automatic will
be light work. We want 15 men 1o
saw buttons, 12 hands for facing
machines, men or Jboys. Want 4
girls over 12 years for the drilling
machines. 4 graders, ladle.. or
girls, two men for grinding ma
chines, 8 ladies to sew buttons un
cards at home. Saleries will range
from 75 cts. to $2.00 a day. Give
W. W. McDougle your i ame at
J. R. Young, Secty.
—Aberdeen Weekly.
An interesting enterprise and
valueble to the community.
Mr. W. A. Smith, of West
Point, was here Tuesday on h s
monthly visit. No more popular
and worthy a salesman ever hit
the road t han this prince of good
Hon. Josiah Patterson, of
Memphis, is dead- At the time
of his death he held position of
National Park commissioner.
Gen. Basil Duke, of Louisville,
Ky., has been appointed to sue
ceed him.
Fighting in dead earnest be
tween the Russians and Japan
is now on. Japan, from all re
ports seems favored. The pow
ers, it appears, are in sympathy
with Japan.
The Legislature adjourned last
Friday to last Wednesday in ol
der to give members an opportu
nity to visit the National Park at
Vicksburg last Saturday and
Mardi Gras, Natchez, and other
places Sunday, Monday, aim
Tuesday. Quite a number of the
Representatives spent Jhe time
profitably at their respective
homes. It seems that all busi
ness ought to be disposed of and
closed out.
Mrs. Forrist Hamlin, of West
Point, who has been visiting her
sister, Mrs. J. L. Martin, return
ed home Monday night.
Don’t forget in your zeal to
plant largely for cotton, to plant
enough corn, peas, potatoes and
other things to use at home and
some to dispose of. Make meat
and bread at home.
Mr. Bud Betts, near Bradley,
died Tuesday and was hurried
Wednesday. His wife was hur
ried yesterday a week ago, we
were informed. His sickness Was
of short duration.
It is said that Mr. John Bruce
will remove his saw mill to the
Cooke old mill place, in the near
future. It is one of the best lo
cations along this line of road,
whore he can ship in and out ma
Go to Lander & Cos. when you
want fine, fresh OYSTERS. He
sells the best at 10c per dozen or
3 dozen for 25c.
Mr. Meek Henry and family
have moved to Okolona where
Mr. Henry, lias a position with
tho M. & O. R. i i. We regret to
loose them, but what is our loss
is Okolona’s gain.
Dr. T. W. McKell was initiated’
into Pearl Lodge, No. 226, K& L
of Honor, last Tue.<day evening.
A class of 15 or more will be in
itialed in next month. Now is the
time to join and save initiation
fee—eqipvelent to being a char
ter member in that respect.
Miss Nellie Carpenter arrived
here Thursday and is tne pleas
ant visitor of her brother, Mr. H.
M. Carpenter. All of her old
friend wdl be delighted to meet
Black Smith Shop.
New Shop. Now Tools and
prepared to do new work and all
kinds o( repairing in my line, for
the cash.
Try me. Shop on Page lot,
between the brick office on the
corner and Doxsey s phining
mills. Jackson St,
John Murdock.
1 m 8 | 16 | 1904.
At the home of the bride’s fath
er, Capt. George Gillespie, Kov.
H. S’ Spraggius officiating, Mr.
Sidney Dukemaier. of Strong’s,
Monroe Cos., and Miss Lelia Gil
lespie, on Tuesday evening iast.
None but the close friends and
immediate relatives of the high
contracting parties were witness
es to tlie interesting event.
The bride and groom were the
recipients of beautiful,useful and
cost ly presents.
The new I v married couple de-
Slate of Mississippi i
' Lender and hv virtue of the authority vested in me as Sheriff and
<)kti Meha Countv. \ Tax Collector in and for said county (Section 3SII Code 1892) I will
on the first Monday the same being the 7th. day of March 1904, in front of llie Court
Bouse door in the citv of Si U\Ule. Miss, within the hours prescribed by law, proceed to
sell to the highest bidder for cash, the following described iands, lying and being in said
county, for taxes due thereon for the fiscal year 1903.
McD* Mo li/wain, Sheriff and Tax Collector,
- —d 2! 2|
1 | „ 5515=-Totl
name- ! DIVISION OF SECTION. IS T j B |S|jS =1? gjS|i Tax.
M. Rook u w 1-4 of n w 1-4 j 4 17- 12* 3:s 54] 34 SOj 144
Duels Sanders fr in n I-:.’ n 1-3 s w 1-4 s w 1-3 j 417 121 12. IS; 2S 20;. .S
G \V Walker Est. se 1-4 n e 2-4 a w 1-2 se, 1-4 i i ! 1
A it w 1-4 sw 1-4. i 5 IT 12 1 65 2 46|2 46, 60j 5 87
E. Barron isel-4sel-4 [IT 17 1- 48 | 721 37 ITT
!„ e 1-4 „ el-4 !20 17 12 24; 36! 31 201 1 11
Wnr & Robt Rogers!fr w 1-2 se 1 * i2l 17 12 84,126; 38, 30: 268
j. T. Montgrrncry 12 ttcros in s side n e 1-4 3o 14 j 25 1 * 12. 6 9; 27j -6j 62
Wm.it Robt Rogers!n 1-2 n Wl-4 n w 1-4 i2817 12 24 36 • 31; -0 ; 111
W L Lee w 1-4 se 1-4 se 1-4 j 31 17, 12 108 1 62; 77 40 389
Rebecca Harvey w 1-2 s w 1-4 \U 18 12 4s 72 37; 20 177
J. W. Taylor wl-2swl-4 18 18 12 48 72; 37! -0 1 ..
\V. T-Waftkius w 1-2 n w 1-4 j 4 I ‘- , | 12 48 ~2| 37! 20 177
Alex Davis is w 1-4 s w 1-4 i33 20 12, 36 <2j 34 -0 144
,j M Williams n w 1-4 n e 1-4 34 20 12)
Louis Yeateman w 1-2 s e 1-4 A e 1-2 3 17 13:1 50 225 87 40 502
F. Hugh Est. • w 1-2 s w 1-4 l7 13 48 72) 27 20 177
Geo Johns s 1-2 s w 1-4 & w 1-2 s w 1-4 sel-4 30 11, 13.2 40,3 601 10 40 iSO
EB2c K M Bell je 3-4 n 1-2 s 1-2 As w 1-4 s-w 1-4 If) 18 I3j 96 1 44j 74 40 354
F McGowan Jfr e 1-2 n w 1-4 23 18 13j 42 03 35j 2()| 160
John Brown juwl-4ne 1-4 7 19 13; 24 3bj 31; 20 111
Ozella Smith is e 1-4 n w 1-4 13 19
W K Rich ' c 3-4 n 1-2 33 20 13 540 8 10(1 60 ~0 lo 30
r L Clark !w 1-2 n w 1-4 & s 1-2 33 20 13 6 90 10.*) 2 23, 40 19 88
J J Horn ie 1-2 e 1-2 18 17 14 1 201 80 55; 20 375
Mack Barrv jeabin a lot in fr nl-3 n w 1-4 1 18 14; 60 90; 40 20 210
Geo Pearson fr s 1-2 n w 1-4 s e 1-4 & house 12 18 14 <0 901 40 20 2 10
Jas Lee Winn (fr n e 1-4 n w 1-4s e 1-4 a 2 ; ' .
• 1 cabins 12 18 14 j 3b .>4 34 *0 144
OC&wJ Seitz |w 1-2 sel-4 U 18 14:1 20 180 55 300 375
Henry Weaver hrsjw 1-2 n w 1-4 sel-4 afr e 1-2 ~
P j-2 sw 1-4- 1 19 14 90 100 i3, 40 •* oo
, e 1-2 n e l-4 n w 1-4 1- 19 14 60 90 65j 40 255
John Tuns n 1-2 n e 1-4 8 e 1-4 U 19 14 36 54 34 20 144
Carry HollinsUead fr in s e cor n,e 1-4 * house 2: 19 14 12 18 38 20 <4
John Gladney is 1-2 n w 1-4 s-w 1-4 / \f J? } •;
Dave Cannon house and lot in 11 19 1 ; > 30 4o | 33 - H 134
Walter Johnson fr s 1-2 s e 1-4 n e 1-4 a fr e 1-2 s ■
j el 20 19 15 198 2 97. 951 40 630
D M Tram me! je 1-2 n e 1-4 3( li j 15,1 44 ~ 161 61! ~o| 3 41
Robt Warren Jn e 1-4 s e 1-4 x 3c) 19j 15| 96 1 441 5o( 2o| 310
H Jj i
r* £ ♦
% ?! 51
Peter Curry Est. Residence. ,2 cabins * open field 19 1120 180 55 20 375
Will Gillespie capin and lot 2j JJ* 07 37 20 170
Miss, cotton seed M. cotton seed house . 4 90 135 48 . ) ~J3
W H Montgomery residence and lot 416 3!9 0013.a0 250 2U Lo.-O
B J Robertson house and lot 3*4 c li *•> oßj 3. -0 1- -0
Clara Tompson cabin and lot 3 16 3.1 -01 su •>■ ~0 - <■>
Claircy Williams cabiu and lot 5! 3o ( 4.) 3J -0
parted for Strong’s, their future
home, on the east bound train
taking with them best wishes
and congratulations of everybody
of the community.
Messrs. B.H.Strong, Williams,
Dr. Watson and Mrs. Dukemanier.
of Strong’s attended the Duke
manier Gillespie nuptials last
Lander & Cos. are selling the
best OYSTER at 75c per hund
I issue polices insuring against
loss by Fire, Wind, Lightening,
Cyclone and other casualities.
Policeis take effect from time of
application for and acceptance of
DON’T DELAY: make applica
tion for insurance now. for delay
is dangerous.
Geo. D. Hartness,
Fell Dead,
At his home last night, Mr. H.
W. Johnson who had only return
ed from Texas on the 7:-5 P M.
111. Cent, train, apparently in
good health. His home was only
one square from the depot. He
was dead in less than 10 minutes
after his arrival.
Surely it is a true saying that
‘‘ln the midst of life we are in
Time and space prevents a more
detaileb statement.
We appreciate a visit
from Mr. Chris Zvvingle, who is
at home on a vacation from the
Cumbev Ia n and University.

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