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We keep on hand at all
times the choicest of Sug
ar, Coffee, Spices, in fact
everything in the Grocery
line and they are always
fresh when you get them
from us.
We understand that Mrs.
Adelle Critz has sold her beau
tiful home and land adjoining to
Mr. Will Sudd nth.
Mr. W. W. Carpenter, of Long
view, was in town on business
yesterday. Will is a prosper
ous saw mill man, and we wish
him great prosperity.
The popular Hand Bag can be
found at J. Q, Gunn's, in all the
latest shades and styles.
Hon K. ‘P. Washington, of
Trim Cane, was a visitor to
S tarkville Wed nesday.
Dr. S. W. Scales has entered
into active practice of Ins pro
fession. We wish for him a
most successful career, ol which
we have no doubt.
Mr. Henry Martin has pur
chased from Mr. Meek Henry,
Ivy Hut, together with seven
acres of land.
Prof. Johnston, and Messrs.
E. A. Buckner and F. Shrop
shire, of Longview were here
yesterday seeing after business.
Mr. H. P. Gunn, lale of Bem
mis, Tenn., has moved hero.
We are glad to have such citi
zens as Mr. Gunn.
Mr, Lee Howell has purchased
the Albert Moore home on North
Jackson street.
Rev. J. H. Zwingle was a
pleasant visitor lo our town last
Friday, and his many friends
were glad to greet him.
The latest thing in Ladies
Belts and Girdles, can be found
at Gunn's.
Col. S. Fried, spent Monday
in Ackerman. He experienced
no trouble about procuring a
permit to re-enter the city Mon
day night.
Mr. Ray Bell of Durant, the
popular rail road conductor,
came up Sunday night and is
spending the week with his
father’s family, Mr. J. G. Bell.
Mr. Glenn Hutchenson was
here Wednesday looking after
Blumenfeld & Fried have just
received in stock the largest,
finest and best selected line of
Ladies dress silks and waist
goods, skirts Embroideries,
Ribbons and Hosiery of the
latest and most fashionable
We were glad to meet in town
Monday, Rev, J. L. Dickens of
Starkville, who is in charge of
the Starkville Cumberland Pres
byterian church and who is also
pastor of the Cumberland church
here. Mr. Dickens is a very elo
quent preacher and a very com
panionable man.
—.a . .
for sale or exchange of
The Corner Drug Store,
starkville, - - - - MISS.
Editor Lovett, of the Maben
Press, was another distinguish
ed visitor of Maben here last
Monday. You may always put
it down that when the Editor is
here that there is some business
on hand.
Mr. Henry Crow of Bradley
was here Monday.
Mr. James Murphy, of Parker
Slough neighborhood, was a vis
itor to town Monday.
Mr. James Johnston, was here
transacting business Monday.
Mr. TANARUS, J. Mancill, a promi
nent. merchant of Maben was
here Monday on business.
Look out for a grand display
of Novelties in the new show
windows of Blumenfeld & Fried.
Hon. E. L. Sykes, of Aber
deen, was here Monday on busi
ness. He was looking well we
are glad to say. He had not
been here before for some time
before, having been sick for
quite awhile.
Mr. Bud Ford of Hassie, was
here Monday.
Mr. Marion Quinn paid Stark
ville a visit Monday,
Mr. A. R. Fondren was here
Ladies. Misses and Childrens
Shoes, and Hosiery, complete
assortment at Blumenfeld &
Mr. R. A. Steel, of Adaton,
was looking after business af
fairs Monday.
Mr. James Brooks of Self
Creek, was here Monday.
Mr. Wilson Ruffin, of Adaton
neighborhood, was here Mon
Messers. G. T. and R. P.
Turner, of Hickory Grove, had
business here and were present
Mr. C. B. Miller, of Trim
Cain, was transacting business
here Monday.
Mr. Cbas. Fondren, of Ennis
neighborhood, was here from
his section of the county Mon
Mr. Richard Upchurch, of
Bradley, was here last Monday.
Mr. John R. Hall, of Long
view neighborhood, was looking
after business here Monday.
Mr. J. H. McMinn, north of
Sturgis, was here last Monday.
Messrs. Joe and Bill McHand,
South of Sturgis, were here on
business, Monday.
Mr. J. R. Davis, of Trim Cain,
was here Monday transacting
Mr. Marion Murphy, of Cy
press neighborhood, was here
Extra fine line of Ladies Um
brellas at Biumenfield & Fried’s.
Mr. Jim Harris, of By-wy,
was in town Monday.
Mr. William Lumus, of Hick
ory Grove, was m town
day. *
Prof. C. Y. Scroggins, now of
Longview, was here last Mon
day in the interest of the High
school there. We congratulate
him and the community upon
having secured his services.
Lawyer Spencer Harrington,
Will Cook and Mr. Nicholds, of
Maben were here Monday on
Mr. W. G. Zwingle, the brill
iant young editor of Brooksville
Voice, was here last Monday on
business. - Wade is very popu
lar here in his old home and
every body was glad to see
That form tilting Pau de-soie
Girdle is at Gunns it? black and
white, navy, red and green.
Mr. Willis P. Fondren, one of
Oktibbeha’s most prosperous
farmers was transacting busi
ness here Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Cun
ningham are receiving congratu
lations from friends. It is a tine
boy and arrived last Sunday
Hon. F. A. Critz and Dr.
Brown of West Point, were dis
tinguished visitors here yester
day, professionally - engaged.
Judge Critz returned again to
Novelty Stock collars and
Turn overs just received at
Gunn’s. 100 styles to select
Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Robert, of
the A. & M. College, are in the
city, being called on account of
the serious illness of Mrs. Pete
Ware, who is a sister of Mrs.
Robert,—Columbus Commer
Mr. Juo. M. Montgomery, of
Osborne, was a visitor to Stark-'
ville Tuesday.
For Sale.
At John M. Slone Cotton Mills
without tics, GOO patterns second
hand bagging at 25 cents per
Mrs. Isaac Winston and her
son, Ike, from near Starkville,
arrived in the city Tuesday after
noon with Miss Olga Winston
who is suffering with appendici
tis. The young lady was car
ried to the Hospital aud an ex
amination was made, the Drs.
announcing that an operation
was necessary.-Col. Commercial.
Belts, Leather goods. Hair
ornaments, Ladies neck wear
and dry good Novelties, just in
at J. O. Gunn’s.
The many friends of Mr. John
m. Montgomery were glad to see
him upon the streets yesterday
after so long a time. He has
been in a precarious condition
for quite a while, aud all wish
to see him fully restored to his
former self.
Hon. JamesKincannon.
On Friday, September the
22nd., the spirit of this noble
man, Capt. James Kincaunou, at
his home at Verona, took its
everlasting llight to the God
who gave it. He was 77 years
old. He died from a carbuncle
on the back of his neck. Capt,
Kincannon was well and favora
bly known throughout the state.
He had filled many offices in the
course of life, of honor and trust
most efficiently, and with fideli
ty. He was a man of splendid
endowments, a sweet spirited
man and to know him was to
love him. He was a lovable and
charming character —his whole
nature was filled with the milk
of human kindness. Of his im
mediate family he leaves the
widow and 4 daughter, and three
sons, F. L. Kincannon, Circuit
Clerk, of Lee county and editor
of the Tupelo Journal; Hon. A.
A. Kincannon, President of the
I. I. & C., Columbus, and J. C.
Kincannon, Kail Road Commis
sioner, to mourn his untimely
loss. The many friends of the
deceased will be pained to know
of his death and truly sympa
thize with the dear relatives in
their bereavement, in which the
News joins.
Foy the best and purest can
dies go to
J. B. Perkins.
first and third Tuesdays of 'each month, beginning October
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Half the One-Way Rate, plus $2.00;
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H W. C.
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It is not necessary for ua to enter Into a trust
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“Sit Steady, Planters.”
Secretary Woods of the Mis
sissippi division of the Southern
Cotton Association received the
following telegram from Presi
dent Walter Clark: “To the
Farmers and Friends of Cotton
in Mississippi:
“The break in the cotton
market was due entirely to ma
nipulation. The bureau’s report
has been worked for all it is
worth by the well organized
bear forces. Do not be disturb
ed. The weak long interest was
easily routed by the pack of
bears* The bull crowd, with its
paper contracts, has been de
feated, and it is up to you to
maintain the prices. Do not
get/ rattled. Sit steady in the
boat. You obsolutely control
the situation, and any weaken
ing on your part at this time will
bring about a further decline.
Hold firm your strong position,
and the market will speedily re
act and the bear forces will be
compelled to seek cover. You
know that this is Hie shortest
crop we have raised for years.
Understand your position. Show
your manhood and demand the
price, and you will get it. If
you weakep. now, you will injure
yourselves, your neighbor and
ybur association. It is now or
Xo. 42 leaves (daily) 12:20 p.m
No. 44 leaves (daily) 6:25 p.m
No. 41 leaves (daily) 10:10 a.m
Xo. 43 leaves (daily) 4:25 p.m
General Manager, ST. LOUIS.
Geu’l I’ags'r Agent. Asu tOen lP*'r Agent.
St Francis Valley Lands.
Of Southeast Missouri and Northeast
Arkadsas, river bottom made soil, rich
as cream; for corn, wheat, oats, clover,
timothy, alfalfa, fruits and vegetables.
Yield big crops, no failures. Open
winters. Lands now cheap but advanc
ing, investigate this fall. Homeseekers
rates Sept, 19, Oct. 3 and 17, Nov. 7.
and 21.
Write for St. Francis Valiev booklet.
W. C. PEELER, Dist, P. A.,
Cotton Belt Route, Memphis, Tenn:
Southern Arkansas Lands.
Timbered, rolling, perfect drainage,
no swamps, good water. Grow' corn,
cottou, small grains, Cowpeas and be;
lieven to be the coming clover and al
falfa country —porous clay soil and clay
subsoil—the best lands in South-west.
Splendid stock country —10 months
Write for Southern Arkansas booklet
and Homeseekers’ rates September 19,
Oct. 3 and 17, Nov 7 and 21.
W. C. PEELER, Dist. P. A.,
Cotton Belt Route, Memphis, Tenn.
Your Fall Printing.
Should be ordered now, before
the rush. Look over your stock
of Stationery, Blanks, Gin Tick
ets, etc., and let us have your
order now. Don’t wait until you
actually peed the printed matter
and then place a rush order and
get nervous over it.
Starkvflle News.

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