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Williams* Pink Pills Make New
Blood and Strike Straight at the
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ailing, bloodless person.
“ lu the spring of 1903 I did my usual
house cleaning,” says Mrs. McGanu,
** and soon afterward I began to have the
most terrible headaches. My heart
would beat so irregularly that it was
riinful and there came a morning when
could not get up. My doctor said I had
anaemia and he was surprised that I had
continued to live iu the condition I was
in. I was confined to my bed for nearly
two months, the doctor coming every
day for the first few weeks, but 1 did
not improve to amount to anything.
“Altogether I was sick for nearly two
years. I was as weak as a rug, had
headaches, irregular heart boats, loss of
appetite, cramps in the limbs and was
unable to get a good night’s sleep. My
legs and feet wore so swollen that 1
feared they would burst.
“ One day, while I was wondering how
long I could live, feeling as I did, I re
ceived a booklet telling about Dr. Wil
liams' Pink Pills for Pale People. I
read it and told my husband to get me
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was gone I felt a change for the better.
I have taken about twelve boxes ami al
though I was as near the grave as I could
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beats regularly, my cheeks are pink and
I feel ten years younger. I feel that I
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recommended Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills
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For further information address the
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Those Girls.
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Mississippi Legislature.
Mr. Mounger introduced a concurrent
resolution amending section 159 of the
constitution of the State so that “by a
majority vote of the electors’’ of a
county the seat of government may be
changed from one part of the county
to another, provided the distance to be
moved be not greater than five miles
from the present or existing site.
Mr. Dunn introduced a bill to appro
priate money to pay deficit in mileage
and per diem of the trustees of univer
sities ami colleges.
The senate resolved Itself into a com
mittee of the whole for the purpose of
considering code chapters, and the chap
ter on revenue agent was taken np.
Section 4190, on powers of the revenue
agent, was amended so as to provide
for the authorities of counties, munici
palities or levee boards to summon wit
nesses in eases where property has es
caped taxation, and for the revenue
agent to co-operate in summoning the
The clause defining limitations was
changed so as to allow the revenue
agent to go back as far as 1896, but no
further, in the collection or investiga
tion of delinquent taxes in cases where
they have escaped the assessor.
Mr. McLean made an unsuccessful at
tempt to get an amendment inserted to
have the revenue agent put on a salary,
with four paid assistants. The majority
of the senate could not sec it that way
and voted the amendment down, it hav
ing received only two votes.
Chapter 45, on the subject of exempt
property or property not liable for
seizure to enforce a creditor’s claim, was
taken up and some few’ modifications
made. The most important of these
was in clause 10, subsection A, widen
reads that the wages of every laborer
or person working for wages, being the
head of a family, to the amount of .SIOO
shall be exempt from garnishment. Mr.
Dunn offered an amendment making it
read SSO per month and this was
Mr. Brandon offered an amendment to
section 1980, defining property not ex
empt from execution, which would pro
vide that the property not exempt when
the judgment is upon a forfeited bail
bond or from distress or attachment for
Mr. Heidelberg stated that such a pro
vision would bring about a radical de
parture from the present law and would
put debt for rent on the same footing
as for taxes.
Mr. Brandon subsequently withdrew
his amendment, but promised to offer it
later on when sonic other chapter is
The finance committee reported un
favorably on senate bill Xo. 12, to ap
propriate $500,000 for pensions to Con
federate veterans--that it do not pass.
The same committee reported unfavor
ably on the house bill appropriating
$2,500 a year to the Confederate Veter
ans’ Hospital at Vicksburg, but that a
substitute bill do pass.
Then came the county court bill with
the two reports, one being a favorable
majority report, and the other an un
favorable minority, presented by Mr.
Greaves. Mr. Kendrick suggested that
as the bill had been printed and the
senators were acquainted with its pro
visions, it would not be necessary to
read it through, but take it by sections.
Mr. Dunn thought as section 47 was
the heart of the bill, it would be well to
consider that first, and this was agreed
to and the section was read by the
clerk. . ..
Senator H. J. McLaurm was then
recognized and explained the features
and priciples of the measure. That
there is ample ground in Mississippi for
such a law he thoroughly and consci
entiously believed.
Eventually the matter having been
pretty well threshed out a vote was
reached. Mr. Dunn moving thatr the
bill be placed on its final passage, and
the bill failed by a vote of 14 to 17.
Senator Malcolm Franklin of the
Twenty-fifth submitted the report on all
three of the State colleges for the com
mittee on those institutions, which con
sumed some little time in the reading,
and Mr. Hightower, a minority report,
which required a still longer time.
After disposing of the reports and
sending them to the finance committee
the senate started on its Sandy Bayou
bill. Chairman Dunn sent up an
amendment to the house bill, which was
in effect that the passage of this bill
should not affect any valid contracts at
present in force for the year 1906. This',
of course, implied that should the Sandy
Bayou contract be found valid by the
Supreme Court the legislative enact
ment would not be retroactive. The bill,
as amended, passed by a vote of 31 to
Senator Farley then called up house
bill No. 1, appropriating $1,250,000 for
the years’ 1906 and 1907 each.
The finance committee had an amend
ment to offer, cutting down the amount
to $125,000 for each year, but this was
not agreeable to some of the senators,
who would rather have the appropria-'
tion for universities and colleges tl\an
take one cent from the common school
Under the unanimous consent rule,
Senator Boyd called up the bill pro
viding for a geological, topographical
and economic survey on lines similar
to and in conformity with the same
work as done by the United States gov
ernment. The bill was' passed.
The act to releive certain tax collect
ors in the State who were in 1899 com
pelled to pay intq the State treasury
money that was exacted of them under
a misapprehension of the State revenue
agent law r , was, on motion of Mr.
Weaver, taken up and after a brief
explanation by him, passed by unani
mous vote.
Under committee reports the following
were submitted:
Committee on liqour traffic. House
bill No. 158, making it unlawful to sell
intoxicants in newly created counties
until an exression has been obtained
by local vote. Title sufficient and bill
do pass. This committee reported ad
versely on a similar measure.
Committee on agriculture. House bill
No. 185, to protect horticulture by pro
hibiting the importation or sale of any
infected plants in the State, and ex
cluding crop pests. Title sufficient and
bill do pass.
Committee on judiciary. Chapters of
the code Nos. 84, 85 and 40, as amended,
together with senate concurrent resolu
tion, ready to be taken up by house.
Committee on humane and benevolent
institutions. Bill to create and maintain
an industrial and humane reform school
for the incarceration of criminal minors,
as amended, do pass.
Committee on manufactures. Report
adopting chapter No. 144 of the code
and recommending its adoption by the
The judiciary committee of the house
was uuthoribzed to tako up chapters
5 and 15 of the code, and endeavor to
remove certain obstacles which stand
between the upper and lower branches.
The house tacked amendments of minor
provisions on the chapter on appeals,
and the senate sent the chapter back,
refusing to concur. The house must
either yield all the material points, or
its judiciary committee must act as
mediator and endeavor to effect com
'The subject of immigration was
brought to the house under the reports
of committees, both agricultuaral and
appropriation committees having in
dorsed the Brown bill for the creation
of a department of agriculture and im
migration. As chairman of the appro
priation. Mr. Brown of Adams called
up the bill. He explained the purposes
of the new State department that was
to be created and set forth in plain lan
guage the benefits of the several amend
ments that had been acquiesced in by
the two committees.
Mudi opposition developed, and after
a considerable debate, final action on the
bill was postponed.
The bill to diminish the acceptable
"rounds for divorce in this State to a
minimum was reported on adversely by
the judiciary committee.
Cutting the original appropriation
from sdoo to $5400, the house passed the
bill reimbursing Lawyers Smith and
Tot tain for some prosecutions ordered
by (iov. Vardanian in Tate county.
The house passed the bill appropriat
ing $50,000 for the Vickstfurg monument,
the money to be expended by the newly
created Mississippi Vicksburg Park com
The Holly Springs experimental sta
tion appropriation passed, but it was not
without a hard contest, and one through
oit which Mr. Mahon of Marshall ac
quited himself with credit. The bill ap
propriates $17,000 for the carrying out
of this work during the next two year!*.
Mr. Ethridge introduced a bill pro
viding for “the better enforcement of
the laws of the State against
and unlawful combinations or control of
railroads and other common carriers of
the State, and appropriate money to
pay the expenses of same.”
The committee on local and private
legislation submitted an extended re
port, giving its approval to the following
measures: Authorizing Jackson county
to build shell roads; authorizing the
board of supervisors of Quitman county
to pay for certain stock killed by its
order; authorizing the payment for a
quantity of hay burned in transit near
the insane aayium; authorizing Chicka
saw county to spend a sum in inclosing
a Confederate cemetery; authorizing
Harrison county to pay for medicines
used in a smallpox epidemic and to re
store lost records. The following were
reported on in the negative: Authoriz
ing Tallahatchie county to allow hogs
to run wild; authorizing Panola county
to pay for certain repairs on public
buildings; authorizing Clay county to
spend SI,OOO on a monument; authoriz
ing the creation of the new county of
Jeff Davis.
The committee on universities and col
leges submitted both a minority and
majority reports in the matter of ap
propriations. The majority report dealt
rather liberally with the institutions
and recommended almos*t everything
asked fc~ in the regular reports to the
The committee which has had under
investigation the charges against Chan
cellor Fulton and the faculty of the Ox
ford Institute reported through its ma
jority. It exonerated the chancellor and
faculty, refuted the charges that had
been made by D. H. Chamberlain, and
stated that there was not just cause
for the action of investigation ever
ing taken. Chairman Maer, in making
this house report, said that the testi
mony was being printed, and that under
a probable minority report, the mat
ter might again be brought to the atten
tion of the house. Chancellor Fulton
had admitted to the committee that
he might have unintentionally wronged
Student Morris, but that it was
fully established that nothing but
simple error existed, and that this error
had been corrected at the earliest pos
sible moment. Morris had been before
the faculty and a difference in impression
of ihe action taken had caused the mis- ,
Mr. Ethridge sent in hi* resolution
demanding an investigation into the al
leged change in ownership of tlie Illinois
Central railroad. The resolution was re
ferred to the committee on railroads
through the consent of the author.
The Two Consciences.
“Dear rue! All we hear nowadays is
graft! Isn't it awful?” said (-he.
“Awful!” he repeated. “|’m not get
ting a cent of it!”—Detroit, Erie Dress.
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Don't Get Footsore! Get Foot-Ease.
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A. N.K.-F 2113

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