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The Starkville News
C-. .. ..■■■■ ----- /
An Epitome of the Most Impor
tant Events at Home and
Abroad the Past Week.
A Uliapae at What CBrtH la Do
lav Together With a Carafali/
Digested aad Coadenard Compila
tion of Carreat Sew* Item*, Both
Domestic and Foreign.
The first session of the Fifty-ninth
congress closed its work with the going
out of the month of June. The session
will bear comparison with any of late
years in the amount of important leg
islation enacted. The appropriations
will approximate $900,000,000.
President Roosevelt of the ses
sion ol congress just closed, that it
has done more along the lines of “real
constructive statesmanship" than has
been accomplished at any other ses
sion with which he is familiar.
Speaker Cannon says: “In my judg
ment the work done and the legisla
tion enacted in the session just closed
exceeds in importance for the best
interests of the people, the work of
any session during my 30 years of pub
lic life.”
Lewis S. Clark, for eight years re
publican national committeeman for
Louisiana, died suddenly in New Or
leans of acute indigestion.
H. Me. K. Twombly. Jr., aged 18
years, only son of H. McK. Twombly,
the New York capitalist, was drowned
while bathing in Big Squam lake at
Holderness, N. H.
President Rosevelt has declined the
invitation of the Commercial Travel
ers’ Anti-Trust league to preside at a
reception it is to tender William J-.
Bryan, at Madison Square garden, New
York, August 19.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Longworth
ere in Paris, the guests of Ambassa
dor McCormick. Several interesting
functions in their honor were given
during their stay at the French cap
Attorney General Rogers of Ar
kansas has filed suits against several
ice companies in Little Rock under the
anti-trust law’, alleging a combination
to prevent competition.
The remains cf Mrs. James Tanner,
wife of the commander-in-chief of the
Grand Army of the Republic, who was
accidentally killed at Helena. Mont., af
ter funeral services in Washington,
W’ere interred in the National ceme
tery at Arlington, Va. Among the
floral tributes was a wreath from
President and Mrs. Roosevelt.
George W. Householder, who started
the first evening paper in Kansas City,
Mo., the Kansas City Evening Bul
letin, in 1868, died at his home in that
city, aged 81 years.
The United States cruiser Columbia
and the gunboats Mayflower and Ta
coma are to be stationed at various
ports in San Domingo where custom
houses with American collectors are
Guatemala and Salvador are making
overtures to the United States to act
as arbitrator of their troubles arising
from the alleged activity of Salvador
In support of the revolutionary move
ment in Guatemala.
The fall of the Russian ministry ap
pears to have been postponed on ac
count of the refusal of the constitu
tional democrats to participate in a
coalition cabinet. Premier GoremeHin
still asserts his anxiety to retire.
The prefect of police of Moscow has
ordered that striking building trades
employes be expelled from Moscow, and
Che city council has decreed that re
lief for the unemployed shall not be ex
tended to strikers.
Hon. Grover Cleveland is reported
ill at his home in Princeton, N. J., and
was obliged to cancel an engagement
to come west for a fishing trip in Wis
consin with James H. Eckels, former
comptroller of the currency.
Benjamin *F. Burd, aged 46 years,
member of the Burd & Fletcher Print
ing Cos., of Kansas City, Mo., and prom
inent in business affairs in that city,
committed suicide by shooting in his
private office. Financial and domestic
worries are, assigned as the cause.
The Belgian crew captured the grand
challenge cup in the Henley regatta in
England and the British oarsmen are
terribly disgruntled.
Abe Attell retains the featherweight
championship of America by getting
the decision in a vicious 20-round bat
tle at Los Angeles, Cal., with Frankie
Neil, before the Pacific Athletic club.
He landed six blorva to his opponent’s
The Crown Princess Frederick W!IV
lam of Germany celebrated the Fourth
of July by presenting her husband
with a son and the German empire
with an heir to tha throne. There
was great rejoicing, and a salute of 101
guns was fired in honor of the event
and half a million copies of the official
gazette anouncing It distributed gratis.
The prince will be christened Wilhelm
August 12.
Secretary of State Elihu Root, ac
companied by Mrs. Root, his son Ed
ward and his daughter. Miss Edith,
have started on the cruiser Charleston
for the trip to Brazil and other South
American republics.
Americans abroad, as is their wont,
celebrated Independence day. Recap*
tions and banquets were held at the
American embassies in London, Paris,
Vienna and Rome; the visiting Nor
wegian-Americans celebrated in Chris
tiana; the American colony and tour
ists did likewise in Copenhagen; the
Americans in Berlin got up a game of
baseball, and at Guayqull, Eucuador,
the foreign consulates hoisted flags
and a military band serenaded the
American consulate.
Harry Kendall Thaw, learning that
the women and boys confined in the
Tombs prison in New York had been
treated to ice cream and cake on the
Fourth of July, and that the men were
overlooked, promptly ordered a supply
of the delicacies for his fellow male
prisoners. It took 46 quarts of cream
and 30 dozen cakes to go round.
In a duel on horseback at Pittkin,
Col., George Campbell was shot and
killed by Frank Vader, a ranchman.
Vader says Campbell stole a horse
from him.
The “Welcome” arch at Denver. Col.,
erected opposite the union station at a
cost of $22,000, raised' by voluntary
contributions, which, on special occa
sions, will carry 1,800 electric lights,
was dedicated on the Fourth,
Prof. Henry A. Ward, of Chicago, a
well-known naturalist, w’as struck by
an automobile in Buffalo, N, Y., and
Admiral Rojestvensky, in an effort
to save the surviving members of his
staff and other officers who surren
dered the gunboat Bedovi to the Jap
anese, endeavored to shoulder tTIe en
tire blame at the court-martial, but the
court insisted upon taking evidence.
The London Times’ correspondent
at Tokio declares that the reports that
Japan is striving to oust British trade
and shipping from the far east by se
cret government grants and hostile tar
iffs are absolutely unfounded.
President Roosevelt delivered his
Fourth of July address at Oyster Bay
in a downpour of rain and he and his
auditors got a thorough wetting. There
was high jinks and fireworks at Saga
more Hill at night.
James Sloan, chief of the presi
dent’s secret service corps at Oyster
Bay. has been arrested charged with
assaulting Clarence Legendre, a New
York photographer, who insisted on
taking a snapshot of the president on
his arrival at Oyster Bay.
It is said that in the face of the ter
rible accident at Salisbury, England,
the people of that city displayed a
stolidity that would lead one to be
lieve that such disasters were of daily
R. S. Critchell, of Chicaco, one of
the more seriously injured in the Eng
lish railroad wreck, was at last ac
counts in such a critical condition, in
the hospital at Salisbury, that little
hope was entertained for his recov
The assessed value of the real and
personal estates in the city of New
York is placed at $6,305,794,185, an in
crease of $393,649,958 as compared
with the valuation a year ago.
Leonard Boat, his wife and six chil
dren were drowned while attempting
to ford the Animas river near Cedar
Hill, N. M., on their way to Durango,
Col., to attend a street carnival.
The United States delegates to the
Pan-American congress at Rio Janeiro
sailed from New York on the steam
er Byron. July 2.
The civil service commission an
nounces that an examination of candi
dates for meat inspectors under the
recently enacted law will be held July
21. Candidates need not be veteri
narians, but must be qualified to de
termine whether or not meat is sound,
wholesome and fit for human food.
The salary is SI,OOO a year to begin
Owen B. ‘Vyilliams, a section fore
man at Custer, Mont; drew the first
prize at the Crow reservation land
drawing at Billings, Mont. Three small
boys selected from the crowd did the
drawing from tne ■wheel.
At Mexicali, Mexico, near Imperial,
Cal., a large number of adobe build
ings have given way to the flood and
tumbled into New river, which at last
account! was steadily rising.
The orange season for the southern
California growers has been a pros
perous one. While the fruit has been
smaller the prices have been better,
and the total shewing when the sea
son ends, August first, is expected
to be ahead of last year.
Dominic C. O’Malley, one of the
owners of the New Orleans Item, who
was convncted of criminal libel and
sentenced to pay a fine of SSOO and to
serve eight months* imprisonment,
has been pardoned by Gov. Blanchard
of Louisiana, on account of ill health.
Mississippi College.
The report of President W. T. Low
rcy of Mississippi College formed an in
teresting feature of the Baptist State
convention in session at Vicksburg.
There were 300 pupils enrolled at the
college last year, and it was hoped that
the number would be increased to 400
next session. The income from rents
and other sources had been sufficient to
meet all running expenses. The pres
ent endowment of the college was SIOO,-
945.47, and of this amount $00,352.77
had been addedi to the fund during the
past five years.
The report stated that the Jennings
family of Water Valley, who had prom
ised $20,000 for a memorial hall to the
late Capt. Z. T. Jennings, had already
paid to the college SIO,OOO of this
amount and would pay the additional
SIO,OOO before the next year. The Gen
eral Educational Society having prom
ised the college $25,000 on the condition
that $75,000 be raised by the college
before the end of this year, approxi
mately $52,000 had already been sub
scribed for the college. The $20,000
given the college endowment fund by
Andrew Carnegie was a\go dependent
on the raising of this $75,000 by the col
The convention was asked to set aside
the coming November as college month,
when the collections would be taken up
in the various Baptist'churches of the
State for the benefit of the Baptist in
stitutions of learning.
Houston Branch Progress.
Track laying on the Houston branch
of the Mobile & Ohio has been completed
to Calhoun City, in Calhoun county. The
surfacing crew is now engaged in bal
lasting the truck between Vardanian and
Dernier, and just as soon as this work is
finished it is thought that trains will be
gin running between Okolona and Cal
houn City. At present the trains run to
Vardanian and back to Okolona the same
day. It is not definitely known what
course the road will take from Calhoun
City, but it is generally understood that
the management has no intention of
stopping the road in Calhoun county.
No Joint Debate.
The management of the Mississippi
Chautauqua seems to have made a mis
take in billing Gov. Vardanian and Rep
resentative John S. Williams to speak in
“joint discussion” at Gulfport on a cer
tain specified date. Neither one of these
distinguished gentlemen, it seems, had
made any arrangements for any joint
discussion, or, in fact, to speak at Gulf
port at all.
For Old Ladies* Home.
The Old Ladies’ Home Association of
Mississippi reports good headway with its
work of raising funds for the building of
the home in the western suburbs of Jack
son. About s<‘>,ooo is now in hand, and
within a short time the building commit
tee will have* plans and specifications
drawn and work commenced on the struc
Picnic and Barbecue.
A big barbecue r*nd picnic was giyen
by the Masons and Knights of Pythias at
Schlater, in Leflore county. Dinner was
served to several thousand people from
all over the county. Several speeches by
prominent lodgemen, two ball games and
other amusements helped to make the
large crowd enjoy. itseir.
State Insurance Company.
The incorporators of the Mississippi
Home Relief Association have applied for
and secured approval of their charter to
begin business in the town of Booneville,
in Prentiss county, the association being
formed for the purpose of writing life in
surance, the maximum policy to be
Reynolds Took Five Years.
New Reynolds, who was convicted at
Greenville of and sentenced
to ten years’'imprisonment, accepted a
reduction of the sentence to five years
and waived appeal.
U. C. V. Reunion.
The reunion of the old U. G. V. camp
of Benton county was celebrated at Ash
land, with a large crowd in attendance.
The welcome address was made by Hon.
W. A. McDonald.
$50,000 Fire.
Fire here destroyed the Ross building,
one of the largest stores and office build
ngs in Hattiesburg, entailing a loss of
$50,000, with insurance amounting to'
Big Timber Land Dhal.
Hawkins & Cos., of Hattiesburg, closed
a deal for 3,400 acres of timber land in
Lamar county, the amount being $127,-
Through the efforts of Vice-President
Washington, of the Cotton Association,
Starkville is to have a cotton warehouse
for the purpose of caring for cotton safe
ly and cheaply while being held for a fair
Nature Seemingly Had Neglected to
Fit Young Scotchman for Pro*
fession He Desired.
Not all men are fitted for all things.
The fact that an individual shines in
one profession is no proof that he
may adopt any career with'equal suc
cess. Rob, whose adventures are re
corded in Mr, Whitmarsh’s “The
World’s Rough Hand,” was a good
fellow, and doubtless played his part
In the world with credit to himself,
but he was not born to be a diver,
as his experiences show. One of the
greatest dangers in diving Is that of
The quality a diver needs more than
any other is presence of mind. * A
young Scotchman, six feet tall, by
the name of Rob, applied to me for
a position as diver. He had a sweet
heart at home, and, tempted by the
high wages, was anxious to learn the
business. One time, when work was
slack, I let him go down.
I told him minutely how to manage,
screwed on his face glass and sent
hfm under. I felt him land on the
bottom and signal that all was right.
Then he walked away from the boat,
paying out most of the line. After a
little he stopped. I imagined him
resting, and thought he was doing re
markably well.
All at once I noticed a dark blad
der-like object floating at some dis
tance from the boat. At first I
thought it was a turtle. Something
made me look at it more carefully,
and then I began to haul the line in.
The “turtle” was Rob. As he drew
nearer we could hear him screaming
his loudest inside the swollen dress.
I got him alongside, unscrewed the
escape-valve, and hauled him on deck.
All the time he was crying: “Let
me out!”
When Rob came to his senses, we
learned that he had become fright
ened lest his dress should burst, and
had screwed the escape-valve the
wrong way, keeping in the air instead
of letting it escape. He lost his pres
ence of mind altogether, and fell
down. The confined air accumulated
in the bulkiest part of the dress and
floated him.
The second attempt Rob made as
a diver nearly cost him his life. He
made the very same mistake with the
valve. Then, crazed by fear, he be
gan to unscrew his face glass. For
tunately for his sweetheart, he lost
consciousness before he got it off. He
was delirious for some hours after
we had hauled him up. We decided
he was not fit for a diver, and that
his road to fortune lay in some other
direction. —Youth’s Companion.
l ■
chapter 3~~*
y thi Doctor,
op w&m-'h
He Recovered His Artist.
It was at an afternoon party. Tht
hostess was anxious for a sensation,
and aesiring something other than the
orthodox thought reader and the
fraudulent palmist, engaged a troune
of performing fleas for the entertain
ment of her visitors. The party was
a great success. When it broke up a
loud wail rent the air. It was the
voice of the impresario frantic with
“What is it? Tell me, I implore
you/’ said the hostess.
“Ach, madam, I has lost von of my
fleas. Vere has it gone?”
“At that moment a lady wearing a
gray gown brushed past him.
“Ach, madam, pardon,” said the
manager, greatly relieved, lightly pick
ing something from her shoulder;
“vun of my artistes.”
One Blessing.
“Well,” said Morner, “poor old
Spowter has gone to that bourne
whence no traveler returns.”
“Yes,’ replied Grouch. “Thank
goodness, he can’t come back and leo
ture stout itl”
1 • ■
' '
. x-i-.'.' : -x*>.
.•A- yPSSSSo

Mr. Chas. L. Sauer, Grand Scribe.
Grand Encampment I. O O. F. of
♦Texas, and Assistant City Auditor,
writes from the City Hall, San Antonio,
“Nearly two ago I accepted a
position as secretary and treasurer
with one of the leading- dry. goods
establishments of Galveston, Tex.
“ The sudden change from a high and
dry altitude to sea level proved too
much for me and I became afflicted
wAth catarrh and cold in the head, and
general debility to such an extent as to
almost incapacitate me for attending
to my duties.
‘*l was Induced to try Peruna, and
after taking several bottles in small
doses I am pleased to say that / was
entirely restored to my normal condi
tlonand have ever since recommended
the use of Peruna to my friends.* *
Rouge—Face suicide.
Benedick —A penitent bachelor.
Courage—Marrying a second time.
Love —The banked fires of passion.
Divorce —The correction of an error
Altruism —Mowing your neighbor’s
Suspicion—Testing the engagement
ring on window glass.
Jealousy—A tribute to man’s vanity
that every wise woman pays.
Furious —A word expressing the
pleasure a girl experiences when she
Is kissed.
Conscience —The internal whisper
that says: “Don’t do it; you might
get caught.”
Widowhood —The only compensation
some women get out of marriage.—
Henry Thompson.
Water Wagon—A vehicle from which
a man frequently dismounts to boast
of the fine ride he’s having.
First of Grange Banks.
The opening of a bank with a cap
ital of $25,000 in Tioga, Pa., would
not, under ordinary circumstances,
constitute a notable event, but as the
bank is organized under the auspices
of the State Grange, is owned and man
aged by grangers, and is designed to
be he first of a series of grange banks,
its opening Is very interesting.
Sacrifice Made by Judge.
Justice Holmes, of the supreme
court, in order that he may preserve
his mind free from distractions of in
formation and misinformation that
would impair his efficiency and wis
dom as a jurist, does not allow him
self to read the newspapers.
Saves Its Cost in Time
Labor and Starch
Is Absolutely Uninjurious to the
finest fabrics, never causes discol
orations, makes the clothes snowy
white, and hy£ienically clean and
unlike ordinary laundry soaps,
keeps the hands soft and white.
Free Sample for top from pound carton 20-Mule-Team
Borax and dealer’s name, your name and address anC
5 eta. in stamps including Free a Souvenir Picture
7xU Inches in 10 colors. Address PACIFIC. COAbX

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